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All-Purpose Fakemon Discussion and Development Thread


Chimera Blasphemy
Hey! How much do you like Pokémon? So much that you've found yourself making up new ones because the 800+ already in existence aren't enough for you? Well hey, same here! This thread goes out to everyone who makes or enjoys fanmade Pokémon. Whether you make new evolutions or forms for older Pokémon, Pokémon of completely new types, anything in-between, or you just want to talk about the fakemon in your favorite fangame, this should be the place for you.

I'll get the ball rolling with some creations of my own, a pair of puffin Pokémon!

Puffbill, the Puffin Pokémon
Evolves into Puffrost at level 29
Physical Appearance: Puffbill resembles a juvenile Atlantic puffin with a more upright stance. Its feathers are primarily navy blue in color, save for its underbelly and the wispy plume atop its head, both of which are white like snow. Puffbill's beak and webbed feet are both soot-grey, and its bright orange eyes glow with a youthful enthusiasm.
Height: 1’/0.3m
Weight: 3.3 lbs/1.5 kg
Ability: Crag Climber (This Pokémon takes reduced damage from Rock-type moves and Stealth Rock)
Pokedex Entry: “Puffbill dive into the sea to scoop up unsuspecting Wishiwashi. When endangered, Puffbill cough up clouds of mist to disorient their attackers.”
Base Stats:
  • HP: 55
  • Atk: 40
  • Def: 60
  • SpA: 65
  • SpD: 35
  • Spe: 55
  • BST: 310
Notable Moves: Gust, Mist, Frost Breath
Puffrost, the Puffin Pokémon
Evolves from Puffbill at level 29
Physical Appearance: Puffrost has the appearance of an adult Atlantic puffin, and it carries itself with a sterner air than its younger counterpart. Its coat has changed to a cerulean shade of blue, and though its chest feathers remain white, the crest atop its head has grown fuller and developed alternating white-and-blue stripes. Its feet and beak are now a tangerine orange, though the beak is tipped with a solid cyan frost, just as its wings are.
Height: 2’07”/0.8m
Weight: 24.3 lbs/11 kg
Ability: Crag Climber (This Pokémon takes reduced damage from Rock-type moves and Stealth Rock)
Pokedex Entry: “Smaller Puffbill follow behind the flock’s strongest Puffrost in a single-file line. Every morning, this Pokémon flies to the top of the cliff it nests on to spread an obscuring mist.”
Base Stats:
  • HP: 70
  • Attack: 55
  • Defense: 100
  • Sp. Attack: 95
  • Sp. Defense: 75
  • Speed: 95
  • Total: 490
Notable Moves: Haze, Blizzard, Hail

Feel free to share your own fakemon or provide feedback if you'd like!


Hitmonchan Defense Squad
Fyeah, I love making Fakemon concepts. Hope you don't mind me stealing your template.

Baroqto, the Pigment Pokémon (name subject to change)
No evolution
Physical Appearance: Nothing set in stone and hadn't actually been designed yet, but I'm picturing a simplified cephalopod of some sort, maybe based on a cuttlefish. Each of its tentacles shoots out a different colored ink. It is an artistic Pokemon like Smeargle, and has a gregarious but shy nature, so it doesn't look threatening. I could see it having the habit of painting the shells of other underwater Pokemon. Its shiny would be inverted colors.
Height: dunno, probably small
Weight: not too heavy either
Ability: Color Change
Pokedex Entry: “This shy Pokemon is rarely seen, but evidence of its territory can be observed by its habit of painting rocks, the walls of undersea grottos, and even the shells of other Pokemon.”
Base Stats:

  • HP: 50
  • Atk: 75
  • Def: 65
  • SpA: 75
  • SpD: 65
  • Spe: 120
  • BST: 450
Notable Moves: Sketch, Camouflage, Haze


I Like Cats
I like making Fakemon... a lot @_@ I haven't drawn a new one for a while (kicks work) but I've gotten most of the way through a regional pokedex that features in my fanfic Gods and Demons.

The first of Gaiien’s starter pokemon, the grass-type Sylpup and its evolutions. Sylpup and the other starters are distributed by a number of pokemon professors around the region, but due to their competitive availability many trainers obtain their first pokemon as a rescue from a pokemon center, or from a trader or breeder. Borfang is a useful companion due to its ability to fly with two trainers and their gear, but it is valued by criminal gangs for the same reason and its ability to fly silently at night.

Sylpup –> (lv. 20) Timbark –> (lv. 36) Borfang

#001 Sylpup
Conifer Pokemon
A friendly pokemon that loves to play. It spends several hours a day in the sun, sleeping and drawing nourishment.
Learnset: Tackle, Growl, Absorb, Bite, Vine Whip, Odor Sleuth

#002 Timbark
Conifer Pokemon
A fast and agile pokemon, it loves to run and chase flying-type pokemon. Its wings are still growing.
Learnset: Razor Leaf, Poison Fang, Crunch, Roar, Howl, Root Grasp

#003 Borfang
Conifer Pokemon
It has a long life and it grows continuously, shedding bark and needles. It can fly at great speeds and carry heavy loads.
Base Stats: (70/105/85/65/85/120) 530
Ability: Overgrow / Hidden: Sap Sipper
Learnset: Slash, Needle Arm, Dragon Jaw, Aerial Ace, Dive Bomb, Wood Hammer, Outrage

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
*aurorus noise*
All right, time to stop screwing around and actually post in this thread. :V

These aren't all of my fakemon, just the ones that are mentioned or otherwise relevant to my fics.

Kwazai (male)
Brooding Pokémon
Type: psychic/dark
Average height: 8’1’’
Average weight: 294 lbs.
Evolution: wobbuffet (male) + eclipse stone -> kwazai (male)
Ability: shadow tag
Appearance: A large quadruped with elongated waist, neck, limbs, and tail. Legs end in featureless pods; arms end in large, four-fingered hands. The tail ends in a bulb ringed by four psychic sense organs resembling eyes. The head is saurian, with a long, fleshy crest extending back over the neck, and jaws filled with sharp teeth. Maintains the wobbuffet color scheme: sky blue apart from the black tail. Shiny form is fuchsia rather than blue.

Kwazai (female)
Empath Pokémon
Type: psychic
Average height: 6’10’’
Average weight: 118 lbs.
Evolution: wobbuffet (female) + eclipse stone -> kwazai (female)
Ability: synchronize
Appearance: A tall, four-armed biped with elongated limbs and waist. Legs end in featureless pods; arms end in large, four-fingered hands. The tail splits into four branches partway up its length, each of which bears a large, psychic sense organ resembling an eye. The head is humanoid, with a pointed crest extending up and backward from the back of the skull, and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Maintains the wobbuffet color scheme: sky blue apart from the black tail. Shiny form is fuchsia rather than blue.

Warrior Pokémon
Type: dragon/fighting
Average height: 5'11’’
Average weight: 216 lbs.
Evolution: none
Ability: pure power
Appearance: A bipedal, humanoid dragon. The hands and feet are clawed and have five digits each. Spiky, red-and-black fins run along the length of the neck, back, and tail, arms, and legs. Most of the body is forest green, while the throat, chest, stomach, and eyes are yellow. Shiny form replaces the green with bright yellow/orange, the yellow with acid green, and the red with cobalt blue.

Guardian Pokémon
Type: rock/dragon
Average length: 14'10’’
Average weight: 1,654 lbs.
Evolution: none; revived from crest fossil
Ability: diamond scale (doubles defense)
Appearance: A stocky, wingless, ceratopian dragon. Quadrupedal, with four stubby toes to each foot. The tail is short and the head is large, with five wide, flat horns protruding from the frill at the back of the skull. The mouth is beaklike and the eyes are tiny, luminous, and bloodred. The body is a brilliant emerald green, with lemon yellow, diamond-shaped osteoderms running along the sides. Shiny form is deep ochre, with osteoderms of such a pale yellow that they’re nearly white, and the eyes glow sky blue.

Centaur Pokémon
Type: fighting
Average height: 3'4"
Average weight: 70 lbs.
Evolution: aurcent + lv. 20 (if attack is less than speed) -> aurrow; + lv. 20 (if attack and speed are equal) -> aurrade; +lv. 20 (if attack is greater than speed) -> aurrail
Ability: moxie, rivalry, quick feet (hidden)
Appearance: A small centaur with golden fur covering the lower body and tail and beige fur covering the upper body. The hooves are black. The ears are pointed and the eyes are brown and somewhat large. There is no visible nose. The tail is short, and the hands have three fingers each. Shiny form is cobalt blue, with a lighter blue upper body.

Bow Pokémon
Type: fighting/steel
Average height: 6'3"
Average weight: 492 lbs.
Evolution: aurcent + lv. 20 (if attack is less than speed) = aurrow
Ability: battle armor, light metal (hidden)
Appearance: A centaur covered in gold-covered armor. The skin between the plates is gray. The “helmet” has a single bladelike protrusion extending backward from the top of the head, with hinged plates covering the mouth most of the time. The eyes are bright blue, and the hooves are black. The tail is a horse’s tail, covered in long, golden hair. The bow, when summoned, is made of silver light. Shiny aurrow are cobalt blue, with red eyes. Heavily based on these recurring enemies from the original Phantasy Star tetralogy.

Blade Pokémon
Type: fighting/steel
Average height: 6'2"
Average weight: 505 lbs
Evolution: aurcent + lv. 20 (if attack and speed are equal) -> aurrade
Ability: battle armor, light metal (hidden)
Appearance: A centaur covered in gold-colored armor. What skin can be seen between the plates is gray. The “helmet” has two bladelike protrusions at the sides that stick out in a V-shape and hinged plates that cover the mouth most of the time. The hooves are black and the eyes are bright green. The tail is like a horse’s and covered in long, golden hair. The sword, when summoned, is made of silver light. Shiny form has cobalt blue armor and purple eyes. Heavily based on these recurring enemies from the original Phantasy Star tetralogy.

Flail Pokémon
Type: fighting/steel
Average height: 6'0"
Average weight: 511 lbs.
Evolution: aurcent + lv. 20 (if attack is greater than speed) -> aurrail
Ability: battle armor, light metal (hidden)
Appearance: A centaur covered in gold-colored armor. The skin visible between the plates is gray. The “helmet” has three bladelike protrusions: one short one sticking up at the top, two longer ones sticking out to either side. Hinged plates cover the mouth at nearly all times. The hooves are black and the eyes are bright yellow. The tail is like a horse’s, with long, golden hair. The flail, when summoned, is made of silver light. Shiny form has cobalt blue armor and pink eyes. Heavily based on these recurring enemies from the original Phantasy Star tetralogy.

Wandering Pokémon
Type: normal/ghost
Average height: 5'0"
Average weight: 99 lbs.
Evolution: none
Ability: healer, triage, scrappy (hidden)
Appearance: A lanky, red-furred biped with a hairless, opossum-like tail. The face is also hairless and resembles a long-snouted skull. A stringy black mane grows from a long, low-slung neck. The fingers are spindly and the feet are rodentlike. The eyes are bright yellow. Shiny mercirance are blue with a bit more of a greenish tint to their eyes.

Wood Sprite Pokémon
Type: grass/fairy
Average height: 2'1"
Average weight: 35 lbs.
Evolution: sylvaery + level up (while holding a dire thorn) -> mystorne
Ability: pixilate
Appearance: A small, two-armed biped with limbs that end in three wispy, vinelike tendrils each. There is a small, white blossom sprouting from the center of the forehead, with a row of tiny green thorns lining the brows, shins, and forearms. The skin has a barklike texture and an olive green complexion, and the eyes are lime green and luminous. Shiny form has a purple blossom and pink eyes.

Dryad Pokémon
Type: grass/fairy
Average height: 4'10"
Average weight: 80 lbs.
Evolution: sylvaery + level up (while holding a dire thorn) -> mystorne
Ability: poison power (takes no damage and attack stat rises one stage when hit by a damaging poison-type attack)
Appearance: A four-armed biped with branchlike limbs. The hands and feet end in three twiglike claws each. Green thorns line the brows, forearms, and shins, and there are three horns sprouting from the forehead. A spray of countless, tiny white flowers grows from the back of the head, somewhat resembling hair. The skin is barklike and olive green. The eyes are large, lime green, and luminous. Shiny form has purple “hair” and pink eyes.

Black Ice Pokémon
Type: ice/poison
Average length: 15'9"
Average weight: 460 lbs.
Evolution: snorunt (Rannian ancestry) + level up (while holding a dire thorn) -> cryonide
Ability: poison point, moody (hidden)
Appearance: A largely serpentlike pokémon with a two-armed, humanoid upper body. There are three horns on the head, as well as two pairs of long blades on the back, curved spikes on the chest, and small barbs along the length of the tail. The typical ice-crushing teeth are accompanied by fanged, venomous mandibles at the sides of the mouth. Each hand ends in six oversized claws. The ice armor is black; the exposed skin, dark gray; the eyes, a luminous yellow. Shiny form has midnight blue skin under black armor, and the eyes glow orange.

Undoing Pokémon
Type: typeless
Average height: 6'9"
Average weight: 0.3 lbs.
Evolution: none; formed via a permanent corruption of a pokémon that knows transform
Ability: antitype (all the user’s damaging attacks have a x2 multiplier regardless of the target’s types; all damaging attacks suffered by the user have a x2 multiplier regardless of the attack's type and the attacker’s types)
Appearance: A vaguely humanoid specter made of gray, lightless “fire”. The hands have four long, thin fingers each. The body tapers off into a ghost-tail; there are no legs. The eyes are blank white. The face is otherwise featureless. The “flames” rise higher on the head and shoulders, especially the former. Shiny form is white, with black eyes.


I Like Cats
oxhaust line.png

Gaiien’s fire-type starter has surprised many a young trainer with its transformation upon evolving. It has a ferocious appearance but it is gentle with its trainer. In the past, steel-type pokemon were rarer and had less steel content, but the advent of modern industry has made them more common. Old woodcuts suggest that Oxhaust had a different appearance prior to the industrial age.

Volcalf –> (lv. 20) Burnox –> (lv. 36) Oxhaust

Fire Calf Pokemon
A kind pokemon with a friendly demeanor, the new calves are often seen prancing and using their new fire attacks.
Learnset: Tackle, Ember, Smokescreen, Horn Attack, Smog

Fire Ox Pokemon
A bulky pokemon with a lot of power, it doesn’t always know its own strength. Its horns can punch through tough steel.
Learnset: Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Double Kick, Revenge, Flamethrower, Firefield

Furnace Pokemon
When it gets fired up, its body gives off thick smoke. It uses its heavy armor to withstand attacks up close.
Base Stats: (90/105/120/75/75/65) 530
Ability: Blaze / Hidden: Flash Fire
Learnset: Flare Blitz, Meteor Mash, Iron Head, Hammer Arm, Haze, Megahorn, Bullet Punch, Heavy Slam, Pyrocumulus, Counter

Trivia: Oxhaust was Fire/Fighting before Nintendo did that to death 8D Changing the line to Fire/Steel was one of my first changes to the reboot. Oxhaust still learns a number of fighting-type moves.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime


Type: Electric
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 149 lbs
Base Stats: 75/85/60/75/80/110
Abilities: Motor Drive / Speed Boost
Notable Moves: Thunderbolt, Air Slash, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Tail Glow, Baton Pass
Pokedex Entry: It flaps its wings to generate electricity, which it stores in its tail. It channels the stored energy into its legs to run faster.

Let's start things off with my favorite fakemon design! This one came about when I was lamenting the fact that there aren't enough deinonychosaur Pokemon, so I went ahead and made my own. It's designed to be a specially-oriented speed boosting baton passer, since there weren't any of those in the metagame at the time. The stats are low because Tail Glow is broken lol.

[And, as I pretty much never shut up about, it was featured in Pokemon Uranium]


Biomechanical Abomination
My initial plan was to post the starters of the Miato region first, but I want to do some new art for them and that just didn't fly yet. So I may as well throw in this line, which is one of my favorites.


Yes, the medieval herbal guide styling was intentional here.

Alraunum is a pure Grass-type that evolves to either Mandrebus (Grass/Dark) or Belladonyx (Grass/Ghost) at level 30, depending on gender. Alraunum itself (55/50/60/50/60/45 with Immunity, Rattled or Soundproof) is a fairly common sight in the forested areas of Miato. They're curious little creatures, and alongside a few Grass and grass-adjacent moves (such as Growth) they have access to some sound moves (like Supersonic, Screech and Hyper Voice) as a nod to their nightshade-mandrake sort of nature. Not much to write home about in terms of utility - but first-stage, pure Grass-types very rarely are.

Mandrebus (110/110/85/50/65/60 with Poison Heal, Regenerator or Harvest) is a relatively high-HP quasi-tank designed to take punishment and recover its energy through a combination of its abilities and moves such as Leech Seed, Horn Leech, Ingrain and even Moonlight - while inflicting physical damage with a collection of Normal, Dark and Grass moves (as well as Earthquake and Rock Slide via TMs, in case a fire type decides to look at it funny). While it typically lumbers around, hunched over, it can rear up and stand bipedal to a rather impressive height - both as an intimidating threat display and as a prelude to a body slam or a wood hammer attack.

Belladonyx (70/60/65/100/65/120 with Drain Shock, Cursed Body or Infiltrator), on the other hand, is a wispier, faster special attacker utilizing Ghost and Grass moves with access to various "debuff" moves leaning on alluring and enchanting its foes. The Drain Shock ability of some Belladonyx is unique to Miato and has a 20% chance at inflicting paralysis on an opponent when using a move that absorbs the opponent's HP, at the cost of making that particular move count as a move that makes contact even if it doesn't normally.


I Like Cats

Gaiien’s water starter Seakitt and its evolutions make for boon companions due to their ability to purify and produce water and their excellent surfing abilities. Tibyss’ spines are flexible and can flatten to allow a riding trainer, or be raised high to intimidate a challenger.

Seakitt –> (lv. 20) Suiline –> (lv. 36) Tibyss

Ottercat Pokemon
A mischievous pokemon whose high intelligence often gets it into trouble. The crystals on its body contain bioluminescent bacteria.
Learnset: Bubble, Water Gun, Scratch

Regal Pokemon
A snooty pokemon that can often be found lounging on beaches. It is excessively proud of its crown.
Learnset: Slash, Bubblebeam, Bite, Roar, Aqua Ring

Regal Pokemon
They have been seen at great depths beneath the ocean. The high pressure is a workout for their bodies and water attacks.
Base Stats: (80/80/80/100/100/90) 530
Ability: Torrent / Hidden: Water Absorb
Learnset: Ice Fang, Surf, Ice Beam, Whirlpool, Mist, Deep Darkness, Hydro Pump, Blizzard

Matt's starter was a Seakitt in my fanfic Gods and Demons.


I Like Cats

A shy pokemon that will often inflict status and flee rather than fight, they have a capricious attitude that can be difficult for new trainers.
Sparkat –> (lv. 25) Raigar
Spark Pokemon
It collects electrical energy from storms and static. If it’s overcharged, it can release a spark from its antennae.
Learnset: Thundershock, Growl, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Thief, Double Team
Jester Pokemon
It loves to pull pranks and joke around, but its sense of humor is lost on other pokemon.
Base Stats: (70/100/80/60/70/100) 480
Ability: Prankster / Hidden: Quick Feet
Learnset: Slash, Spark, Thunderbolt, Thunder Fang, Poison Fang, Chime, Switcheroo, Hone Claws, Night Slash, Clown Around, Copycat, Encore

Moriko has a Raigar, Tarahn, in my fanfic Gods and Demons.


I Like Cats

The basic normal-types of Gaiien, the Clawbit line are fast, albeit somewhat fragile physical fighters that make a solid addition to beginner teams. Wartinger grow large enough to fly with a trainer.

Clawbit --> (lv. 18) Warhare --> (lv. 30) Wartinger

Hare Pokémon
They are a common sight all over Gaiien. They use their red ears and light-colored tail to signal one another at a distance.
Learnset: Scratch, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang, Sand Attack

Hare Pokémon
They use their broad claws to dig burrows and fight enemies. Wild warhare have dull claws, but they take on a razor edge with a trainer.
Learnset: Slash, Super Fang, Dig, Double Kick, Rototiller, Hone Claws

Oddity Pokémon
A ferocious pokémon with huge, sharp teeth, it was long considered a hazard for questants and adventurers.
Base Stats: (65/85/65/45/65/100) 425
Ability: Run Away/Sharp Ears / Hidden: Scrappy
Learnset: Agility, Moonlight, Wing Attack, Air Slash, Whirlwind


I Like Cats

Earchick → (lv. 25) Turfowl

#013 - Earchick (earth + chick)
Burrowing Pokemon
It typically lives in old Duspine burrows but can dig its own. It is shy and will often flee rather than fight, but if cornered it will put up a considerable resistance.
Learnset: Tackle, Sand Attack, Peck, Mud-Slap, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, Dig

#014 - Turfowl (turf + owl)
Burrowing Pokémon
Its wings have been modified for digging, and it can travel almost as fast underground as it can in the air.
Base Stats: 55/80/80/55/75/75 (420)
Ability: Sand Rush/Lightning Rod/[Sand Stream]
Learnset: Tailwind, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, Drill Run, Razor Wing, Quill Storm, Steel Wing, Rototiller, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Sand Wave, Sand Shell, Sandstorm


I Like Cats

Pilosite → (lv. 10) Chrystalis → (lv. 20) Papiliris

#017 - Pilosite (pilose + parasite)
Glass Pokémon
It is covered with nearly-invisible stinging hairs. There are many unpleasant folk remedies for easing the pain, but just don't touch it!
Learnset: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Nettles

#018 - Chrystalis (crystal + chrysalis)
Glass Pokémon
Mature Pilosite find a hiding place and cover themselves in a sticky silk that hardens into jagged crystals. The final form emerges after eight weeks.
Learnset: Harden, Protect, Swift

#019 - Papiliris (papillon + iris)
Glass Pokémon
Their wings are made of millions of tiny crystals that give vibrant color or transparency depending on alignment.
Base Stats: 60/50/70/75/70/75 (400)
Ability: Compound Eyes/[Refraction (Reduces super-effective damage)]
Learnset: Gust, Silver Wind, Signal Beam, Glass Needle, Crystal Glow, Diamond Dust, Crystal Bell, Quiver Dance, Airdrop, Air Slash, Bug Buzz, Mirror Move, Prismatic Lens