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rescue team

  1. IFBench

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Eternal Shadows
    Threadmarks: Summary and Info

    Every story has at least two sides. A human named Gen wakes up as an Oshawott, retaining all his memories. After meeting a Chikorita and a Charmander, he makes a hasty decision, and lies that he is an amnesiac and not a human. As he journeys with the two, he ensnares himself in his own web of...
  2. Tanuki

    Pokémon What Happened to the ERP?
    Threadmarks: How did this blight of an idea take hold—and how does it continue to affect us today?

    What Happened to the ERP? Few movements have ever achieved the ERP's, or Egg Redistribution Project's (not to be confused with the Egg Redistribution Party, a pejorative term for yellow politicians and political parties). None have ever garnered so much support despite its beyond radical...
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