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  1. IFBench

    Pokémon Culture Thundershock

    Hello, and welcome to Culture Thundershock, a drabble collection! This is a series of drabbles about a PMD world and a mainline Pokemon world that have established contact and a way between them. This idea has been tossing in my head for quite a while now, and now's a good a time as any to...
  2. Shiny Phantump

    Pokémon A Halfway Home For Dimensionally-Troubled Former Humans
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    A Halfway Home For Dimensionally-Troubled Former Humans A PMD anthology originally written for the 2023 anni prompt bingo, though I would enjoy fleshing it out some more later! Common content warnings for body dysphoria, gender dysphoria, and this world having a human-negative society...
  3. FauxFox

    Pokémon Forgotten Topaz
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Storm

    Chapter One: The Storm I didn’t know why I was running, and I hardly knew where I was. All I knew was that I couldn’t stop. I had to keep the package safe. I didn’t know what was in the package or where it needed to go, though I had played with the idea of opening it a few times. The only...
  4. IFBench

    Pokémon Day of Heroes
    Threadmarks: Day of Heroes

    Day of Heroes Team Seedlings Base, 2019 It was the first Day of Heroes since the World-Savers' Council had formed, and they were all celebrating it together, just outside the base of their eldest members on the Air Continent. The Day of Heroes was a holiday dedicated to honoring the heroes of...
  5. unrepentantAuthor

    Pokémon Stable, Predictable, Safe [PMD Oneshot]
    Threadmarks: Stable, Predictable, Safe

    This was my entry to the 'Mischief and Malice' oneshot contest, a villain POV piece featuring a character from the Heartache continuity. No background knowledge ought to be strictly necessary. My interview for the contest can be found here. Humans summoned from another world to take on pokémon...
  6. Pen

    Pokémon redundancies [oneshot]

    redundancies o. The Guildmaster’s fond of saying that it’s never one mistake that kills you. To hear her talk, it’s nothing more or less than your entire life that does it. Who you are and what you’re like, a series of choices that knock and collide until they bring you to the final point...
  7. GumPlum

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Extra Fiction
    Threadmarks: Summary

    Occasionally, there are distant stories that are left out of history, tiny fragments that don't matter... But that does not mean they don't shine on their own, and this is their space to do just that. A compilation of loose one shots related to the characters and world of Pokémon Mystery...
  8. Sonic Ramon

    Pokémon P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Liberators of Fate Fan Oneshot)

    Disclaimer: As the title suggest, this is a fan oneshot of the PMD fanfic, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Liberators of Fate by Navarchu. All characters written in this oneshot belongs to Navarchu with the exception of the following: Vennel, Lars, Cecian, Horus, Zephyr, and Phantom. This oneshot will...
  9. Truebrush

    Pokémon PMD: Crux of the Self
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Not-Food

    Cover illustration by DO9Bessa "A college dropout wakes as a salandit, and struggles to find their role in a world that already has its hero." Content warning for gender dysphoria Honest critique is welcome Chapter 1: Not-Food The sound of rain pattering against a tent. Memories? Mine...
  10. GumPlum

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Free Fiction

    A human finds himself suddenly transported to a new world filled with all kinds of monsters, and worst of all, turned into one of them. His union with wary and unlikely companions destabilizes an already chaotic world, but through it all, they will live together, seeking a free and happy life…...
  11. love

    Pokémon Firefly Music

    Firefly Music A reclusive musician pushes papers at the local guild branch, reluctant to plunge into missions—until a spirited vulpix sets his heart alight. Lighthearted PMD friendship/romance oneshot featuring a unique fictional instrument. I think it would be nice to improve at writing...
  12. Pen

    Pokémon No Quarter

    No Quarter A decade or so before the world goes screaming to hell in a handbasket, an evening in Nina’s Saloon. This fic was written as a prize for @unrepentantAuthor for Review Blitz. . . Outside of harvest season, when half the world seemed to roll through Frontier Town, Nina’s Saloon...
  13. IFBench

    Pokémon In Tandem

    Humans are complex creatures. A story of a Tropius who becomes a trainer in Paldea, and the friends she makes on the Internet. A spinoff to my main Pokemon story, Eternal Shadows. Art by Gravemind I would like to request that any reviews aren't too harsh, if that's ok. I also prefer reviews...
  14. IFBench

    Pokémon I Think I Bricked My PMD Darkness Cartridge
    Threadmarks: Help, anyone?

    HEY SO WHAT THE FUCK???? Has anyone else encountered this, or is it just me? This is completely bizarre, and I can't find anything about it online. I was playing my copy of PMD Explorers of Darkness. It's one of my favorite games, and this run I decided to go with Meowth and Totodile. Things...
  15. love

    Animals in PMD stories

    Since I often put animals in PMD stories, I felt it worth thinking of some ways to actually justify that choice from a worldbuilding perspective (from a personal perspective, the justification is that I think animals are cool). So I wrote up some possibilities. I don't think these possibilities...
  16. Venia Silente

    Pokémon Beyond Today [PMD] [OS]

    Per popular request, I'm crossposting one of my award-winning one-shots to this community since it's admittedly been stuck at PC and AO3 for a while. As such, for your consideration: "Beyond Today", also my first foray into the world of PMD writing. This was originally posted in 2018 for...
  17. StolenMadWolf

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Guardians of Balance
    Threadmarks: Index, Prologue and Chapter I

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the properties that will be mentioned or explored in this story. They are all owned by individuals with alot more clout then I do. I do not make, nor intend to make any money off this story. It is a fanfic that is for fun and to get myself out there, and not for...
  18. IFBench

    Pokémon Then, Then, and Now
    Threadmarks: Open and Enclosed

    Open and Enclosed Prelude Beach You gripped onto the Pokeball, and threw it. It impacted the Oshawott, and soon, a puff of steam escaped from the ball. For some reason, you were pretty sure Pokeballs weren’t supposed to do that. “Great!” Laventon cheered from a bush. “I’ve never seen someone...
  19. ShinyMachoke

    Pokémon Fight and Flight

    AO3 link NOTE: this was originally written in 2012. It takes place in the world of PMD-Explorers, a now defunct group on deviant art. I'll try and make familiarity with the group not required to read and enjoy the story. Seeing as this is a 10 year old fic, it needed a lot of editing. My...
  20. ShinyMachoke

    Pokémon House of Marble (one-shot, PMD-ish)

    Note: This short story was originally written in 2015. It takes place in Tabira, the setting for a pmd-like group I used to help run, "Tales of Tabira". Familiarity with the setting isn't required. The story just so happens to be Valentine's themed, imagine that! “Well. We’re here.” Marble...
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