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  1. Pen

    Pokémon Starfall [Oneshot]

    Summary: “It’s a big one, Kabiyo. The biggest in centuries. Our chance, if we’re bold enough to take it.” Sometimes, a god dies. . . . Starfall Farmer Tenlo squinted down the dirt road. The sun was setting flamewards, but looking waterwise he saw a flash of orange, growing brighter. The...
  2. kintsugi

    Pokémon risk you [oneshot]
    Threadmarks: risk you

    Rei did it all right: he and Pikachu stopped Gengar, defeated the legendary pokemon that stood in their way, and saved the world from the falling star. So why is he waking up in the woods again? --- written for Bulbagarden's "right character, wrong genre" oneshot contest. note for future...
  3. Tanuki

    Pokémon What Happened to the ERP?
    Threadmarks: How did this blight of an idea take hold—and how does it continue to affect us today?

    What Happened to the ERP? Few movements have ever achieved the ERP's, or Egg Redistribution Project's (not to be confused with the Egg Redistribution Party, a pejorative term for yellow politicians and political parties). None have ever garnered so much support despite its beyond radical...
  4. LukerGamerz

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Double-Edged
    Threadmarks: Masterpost

    Gathered by the machinations of an unknown force, humans and pokémon find their fates aligning beyond expectation. Among them are Mathew Walker, an engineer hanging by a thread, Joey Johdaile, an amnesiac, the odd Jermy Shock, and Meowth, a troubled outcast. An uphill battle that will put their...
  5. Caliburn

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Between Twilight and Daybreak
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Episode 1: The Edge of Dawn I woke from my dreamless sleep to a roaring chorus of rain, pounding rhythmically all around me as I shivered by myself. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know something was amiss. Cold, damp, drafty, basically the exact opposite of how I expect my bedroom to be in...
  6. Shadow of Antioch

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rebirth

    The primeval Lords have fallen. The new Gods are powerless to stave off the Empire's collapse. Amidst a wave of devastating portal storms, and with barbarian invaders threatening to turn its ancient lands into ash, a Charmeleon with no recollection of his past is hurled into a scheme far...
  7. Tanuki

    Pokémon Better Left Unown

    Better Left Unown Legend has it that a wise man once said Mystery is inherent to myth. No one knew this man, who he was, what he did, or even if he was really a man to begin with. Recent scholarship suggests that "he" was in fact a woman who said a man said it so that people would listen to...
  8. windskull

    Pokémon Lost to Retellings [Oneshot]

    Hi all! This was my entry into the Thousand Road's 2020 writing contest. I'm excited to finally share it! This fic is loosely tied to my main fic, Places We Call Home, but can be enjoyed on its own. It's had some tweaks from the original entry, but nothing major. With that said... Content...
  9. OldschoolJohto

    Pokémon Incubation

    Summary: We have few facts about this place, all strange: the edges of the cave system are expanding, and no one who has entered has returned. But a creeping vine always moves towards the light. "You're changing too, aren't you." Word count: 7,579 (one-shot) Rating: G There are a couple of...
  10. windskull

    Pokémon Stained Paws

    When a storm catches a litten and his zigzagoon partner out in the wilderness during a rescue mission, they're forced to make camp and wait it out. There, they have a little discussion about the litten's past. *** So, this was a writing prompt response I did for a discord I'm in and was meant...
  11. Pen

    Pokémon The Tessellation Solution (Oneshot)

    Summary: A veteran explorer visits an uncanny town on the edge of a Labyrinth. Disclaimer: My knowledge of PMD is drawn from the two games I played a long time ago and osmosis. Creative liberties have been taken. The Tessellation Solution The road to Thickenwood was not well worn, and Iwa...
  12. Cresselia92

    Pokémon SWAP! [One-shot / Everyone]

    Hello, everyone! Today, I’ve decided to bring forth my submission from one of Bulbaforums contests, with the main theme being “Missing Letters” and a wordcount limit of 10k words (sounds familiar, huh?). This is a simple PMD AU story about two Ninetales with opposite personalities who are both...
  13. zion of arcadia

    Pokémon Rigged from the Start

    a/n: So I wrote this for a PMD prompt back in January, but I debated for a long time if I wanted to publish it. It's off-the-cuff, tangential, unbetaed, partly based on an old concept which makes it muddled, and my frame of mind wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows at the time of writing. But I...
  14. canisaries

    Pokémon Pletora's Story
    Threadmarks: Author's Notes & Part One

    Hello again, all! I have another story to post. So back in 2018, I had gotten inspired by several PMD (more or less, we know the deal with that term) works, either through reading them or just hearing about them and the creative stories they tell, and I wanted to try my own hand at one. The...
  15. zion of arcadia

    Pokémon Gifts of the Mountain

    Submission for Small PMD Writer's Union October prompt: General: "Look. I know this may be hard to believe, but I'm on your side." Specific: A routine trip to buy dungeon supplies goes horribly wrong. a/n: This oneshot was based on a concept I wrote a few years back but tweaked to better...
  16. windskull

    Pokémon Places We Call Home

    Places We Call Home Haru is more than happy to live the slow life of a hard-working bidoof. But when a strange, injured sneasel from far-off lands throws Theran Village into disarray, she finds her life flipped upside-down dealing with pokemon with morals far different than her own, and with...