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  1. SparklingEspeon

    Pokémon Crashing Fate
    Threadmarks: Title, Info, and Chapter of Contents

    "Legends are positions, not people." By day, Ann works as Mew, the glorified secretary for Arceus and the other legends of the High Council. By night, she secretly breaks High Council code to enjoy earth sights with the lower legends. After she and her friend are kidnapped by Team Rocket, Ann...
  2. canisaries

    Pokémon Dragony
    Threadmarks: Author's Notes, Parts One & Two

    Hey all, Canis here! Some months earlier, I posted a three-part story named Attack of the 50-Foot Brent and mentioned it was a spinoff to a story named Dragony. Well, this is that Dragony! And if you liked 50-Foot Brent, chances are you'll like this one as well. Dragony was the second PMD...
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