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  1. Ambyssin

    Pokémon Restarting (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: One-shot

    This is an old one-shot that was written in late 2017 for a contest on Serebii focusing on platonic relationships. If you're reading this for the blitz, please know that I don't consider this representative of my current writing abilities. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! XxX I stumble through...
  2. Shiny Phantump

    Pokémon Dark-Clothed Small Human
    Threadmarks: Oneshot

    Dark-Clothed Small Human: I am trapped. Alone. My siblings are gone. They were put into ice. We did not do what they wanted us to, so now they want to freeze us. I am the last one they need to freeze. Once the machine is ready, I will be frozen… indefinitely. Indefinitely is an odd word. I...
  3. Sinderella

    Pokémon Gladion's Friendship Hijinks (Anniversary Bingo Thread)

    Hi! Welcome to my bingo thread! Thanks for stopping by! Instead of doing multiple standalone one-shots or drabbles, this is going to be a short, yet multi-chaptered fic centered around my problem boys, Gladion, Guzma, and Hau. Each chapter will revolve around a single cell from my chart here...
  4. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Pokémon In Vino Veritas
    Threadmarks: In Vino Veritas

    A wedding present from her husband may be Lusamine's last grip on reality You had gotten the wine on your honeymoon. The hills of Kalos were only a memory, but your husband had said that he wasn't looking at them anyway. Why would he, he said, if you were there? He built a shelf just for it...
  5. Cresselia92

    Pokémon The Meaning of Power

    Two teenagers from another dimension looking for their father. A teenager hunting his father from another dimension. Somehow, they join forces to oppose a newly formed Team Cipher, fighting new and more powerful Shadow Pokémon and threatening Ultra Beasts. A new adventure for three renowned...
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