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  1. Umbramatic

    Original Wakeup Call

    Written in 2014, this is a prequel to one particular story idea of mine. It’s also pretty R-rated due to swearing and some sexual references and content – though the latter should make sense given who the story is about. Now let’s-a go: Wakeup Call Kyle Jacobson was doing his taxes. Again. He...
  2. Umbramatic

    Pokémon Just That One Petite Parable From Paldea

    It is time for the clash of titans, the most massive of meetings, the scene to end all scenes. Behold the almighty might of: Just That One Petite Parable From Paldea Geeta approached the door to Clavell's house. Striding over, she rang the doorbell with a decisive thrust of her finger...
  3. kyeugh

    Pokémon The Gardevoir's Wish
    Threadmarks: The Gardevoir's Wish

    The Gardevoir's Wish One-shot / 5.6k words / Rated T for language and mild crudeness - - - South of Fallarbor and about fifty miles east of Meteor Falls there is a clearing in the deepwild, and in that clearing stands a single inn several days’ hike from any other human habitation. The woods...
  4. DeliriousAbsol

    Pokémon Bringing it Home! (TR Christmas Mashup 2022)

    Okay! I've managed to finish 2022's Christmas Mash-up in good time! I had a lot of fun with this. I've tried to keep people's characters in-character, and I have to thank K.S once more for running a small role-play. It really helped me get a feel for characters without having to do a lot of...
  5. Theboxcatgamr

    Pokémon The great Krungler’s foods and services!

    It begins
  6. JFought

    Pokémon The Myriad Investigations of Detective Oscar [One-Shot Collection]
    Threadmarks: The Mystery of the Thrice Stolen Pearl

    Summary: The largest city in Liber is no stranger to crime. From random hooligans to organized crime syndicates, Capital is a city of mystery, danger, and intrigue. But none of that is a match for the unparalleled intellect and masterful detective work of the city’s very own Detective Oscar! I...
  7. NebulaDreams

    Pokémon Teleport-A-Loo (Two-Parter)
    Threadmarks: Part 1

    Hi, everyone! This is something I wrote as a departure from a lot of my typical fic fare. I've dabbled with romantic elements in the past (I've even written an urban fantasy romance novel that might come out some time this year), but this is the first Pokemon fic that exclusively focuses on...
  8. windskull

    Non-Pokémon Origin
    Threadmarks: Notes and Table of Contents

    Hitoshi Nakamura's life is about to get flipped on its head. While walking home from an average work day, he encounters an alien that gives him superpowers and grants him the title "Bravoman." And not a moment too soon, With villains beginning to rise in his sleepy hometown, he'll have to learn...
  9. Deltaaa

    Pokémon Vulpine Valentine

    (1/2) also old, second part will be finished with <details at end> In a cold, freezing den; an Alolan Vulpix yawned after she woke up from a hearty nap. What to Aria was a nap is for others a full-night’s rest. Sure, it was a rest from evening to morning, but that’d have to discount her prior...
  10. Starlight Aurate

    Pokémon The Best Boy

    Hi everyone! This is just a silly one-shot that I thought of one day and decided to write it. It's a simple man-and-his dog story, meant to be mostly comedic. It's a spin-off of my main fic, Drowning, but you can read this without having read Drowning. As long as you know that Team Magma...
  11. NebulaDreams

    Non-Pokémon The Gargoyle and the Dullahan (The House of the Dead)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 0 - A Pre-prelude

    Author's Note: The obvious question on your mind is ‘why the hell would anyone write a fanfic of The House of the Dead?’ As Ian Malcolm said, ‘Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.’ But I did it anyway. The reason I like...
  12. Namohysip

    Pokémon The Godslayer

    Hey all! This was made for the Thousand Roads one-shot competition once, and now it's been edited to be even better. Hope you enjoy this divine comedy! I'll rate this one Everyone, with some fantasy and implied violence. The Godslayer With a hat, a grin, and ultimate power He challenged Our...
  13. Tanuki

    Pokémon Better Left Unown

    Better Left Unown Legend has it that a wise man once said Mystery is inherent to myth. No one knew this man, who he was, what he did, or even if he was really a man to begin with. Recent scholarship suggests that "he" was in fact a woman who said a man said it so that people would listen to...
  14. Namohysip

    Pokémon The Great Dunsparce Apocalypse

    Hey everyone! This is actually an old fic from over a year ago, but I forgot to upload it here. It's a fun little story that I had made for April Fools, but it's appropriate to be read at any time of the year, really. So, without further ado... A potato farmer gets caught up in a battle between...
  15. Cresselia92

    Pokémon SWAP! [One-shot / Everyone] [Exempt from Blitz]

    Hello, everyone! Today, I’ve decided to bring forth my submission from one of Bulbaforums contests, with the main theme being “Missing Letters” and a wordcount limit of 10k words (sounds familiar, huh?). This is a simple PMD AU story about two Ninetales with opposite personalities who are both...
  16. The Walrein

    Pokémon The Butterfree Effect

    So, this was originally intended to be a 'short' in my Sword n' Shield Shorts collection, but it got a little out of hand... Also contains spoilers for Pokemon Sword/Shield, I guess. Thanks to Cresselia92 for the banner! The Butterfree Effect “Good morning, everyone!” Gloria said...
  17. Umbramatic

    Original Steam Over The Post-Apocalypse

    This is a story set in one of my original settings, the Midnightverse, a post-apocalyptic post-human fantasy isekai story starring a human from a "normal" world getting yeeted to there as a weird chimera, plus a native human descendant and her dog. It is also a homage to Steamed Hams that is...
  18. DeliriousAbsol

    Pokémon What? I'm a Pokemon!?

    Disclaimer - I do NOT own Pokemon or any of its characters! Firstly, I wrote this yonks ago, and I've toyed around with the first chapter immensely. What originally started out as a daft story about myself and my friends (and much-loved other fandom characters) being sucked into a PMD universe...
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