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  1. Sinderella

    Pokémon Storm Surge (One-Shot)

    A huge storm's rolling in, and Guzma has challenged Odette to surf some of the oncoming waves with him, as is Alola "tradition." However, he's taking a while to get ready, and she's losing her nerve. She doesn't want to let him down. Truthfully, she'd rather impress him somehow. *** Storm...
  2. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon Final Gambit
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    What if there was no intrepid young hero to save the day? In a reality where all that is left is to stare down the maw of death as Kyogre threatens to drown the world, the League and its trainers turn to desperate measures in Hoenn's final hours. Final Gambit Chapter 1 The rain is...
  3. OrionTheAbsol

    Pokémon Stray

    * Author's Note: The story is currently undergoing a significant rewrite. I prefer you don't read this current draft, as I'm trying to address the major issues with the story. But if your time permits, you're welcome to proceed anyway. Genre: War (Action/Adventure), Horror, Tragedy, Slice...
  4. CinderArts

    Pokémon Whispers of a Dying Flame

    This story contains swearing, moments of alcohol usage, lots of angst, and some other things I may have to add in the future. If any of these things bothers you, please proceed with caution. Cover for this fanfiction is currently unavaialble. Will upload it once I get one! I'm still new to...
  5. Torchic W. Pip

    Pokémon (Complete) But How Will It Be: A Drabble Collection

    A Facadeverse fic You may know this story from Bulbagarden, or maybe you know it on AO3. I'm posting it here, as well, for those who don't know it there and for further validation. Also the forum format lends well to reviews. Ok, so maybe they go over the word limit of a drabble sometimes, but...
  6. BossCar

    Pokémon Identity

    Identity Rated: M Genres: Romance, Friendship, Trauma, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Humor, Slice of Life, and Angst. Chapter 1: The Wheels of Fate Angel City's a metropolis of dreams, a metropolis that attracts many who wish for stardom and are determined to achieve it. Unfortunately, such...
  7. BossCar

    Pokémon The Price of War

    With his hands in the pockets of his black leather pants, a scowling Valen saunters through a busy sidewalk in downtown Angel City. As he passes rows of towering skyscrapers, Valen’s expression is one of cold indifference, unnerving any passerby who happens to look into the dead gaze of his dark...
  8. Nubushi

    Pokémon Only the Truth (two shot)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Only the Truth

    Summary: Rosa is frozen in an ice crystal during Team Plasma's attack on Opelucid City. This was not part of Colress's plan, and he is determined to fix the situation—but in doing so, he forced to come to terms with feelings he would rather have kept hidden. Sequence of two related one-shots...
  9. Nikita Dracovish

    Pokémon Dismay (AU, Ash's companions, Semi-OC, Meta)

    tl;dr: About a meta, angsty LiveJournal fusion of Misty/May/Dawn/Serena who feels like she’s blown her shot at being really famous and getting it on with Ash. Waaah. You know that one coworker who can't stop talking about how she used to have it better decades ago, despite a steady job and a...
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