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Thousand Roads Tarot


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  1. ho-oh
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  4. celebi-shiny
I've finished my Judgment card!



All shall be well
  1. arceus-beta
  2. arceus
  3. arceus-shiny
Hello, I've finished my assignment. Sorry for being late and only showing up now.



  1. sableye
With massive thanks to Inkedust for re-sizing and applying the template for me, here is my submission for The Hermit.

Unnecessary background info: Features my sableye OC, Diamond, in a remote cave, in his mega form and doing some reflecting on himself... and seeing something he's surprised to see in his reflection. (Not technically canon but I am highly considering adding this to my fic somewhere.)

I wanted to make the normal and mega forms different shades of purple (despite the fact that they're really canonically... not), and then tried my hand at shading both of those. Honestly hated how the colors on the mega turned out originally, but after coming back to it I'm rather pleased. Wish I could have figured out some way to blend it better somehow, especially on the straight, 'obvious' parts (IE mega's stomach), but otherwise I'm happy with it.

Also caves and backgrounds suck and I am never drawing anything on a time deadline again in my life.


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Gensokyo, Past and Present ~ Flower Land
  1. nosepass-bluwiikoon
Here is my card: The Devil!


The Devil is not necessarily a bad and evil person, but one who has become trapped in their vices and indulgences, to the point of sometimes even forsaking their friends and family. It is possible for them to change and break their habits, but they must be willing to make that first step, and to face the consequences of their actions.

Thank u Inke for helping me with the card template :quag: ❤️
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  7. mewtwo
  8. zeraora
Very proud to have completed these cards, with credit to the wonderful and talented @Chibi Pika, who assisted me on the King of Wands and with whom The Chariot was an equal collaboration. Thank you so much for all your help, I loved working on these together with you. ❤️ Thanks also to @Dragonfree, whose encouragement, suggested fixes, and gentle coaxing of me into art VCs were likewise indispensable. Love you both.

Some quick thoughts on card meanings:

The Chariot is a card about striding forward directly towards victory, with great control, willpower, and/or competitive skill. The charioteer is generally in front of a dark and a pale beast of some kind under their control, and often in front of a walled city with a river. Of course I had to do Wes with his iconic bike, and 'vees in front of Phenac!

The King of Wands is a card about adventuring with an intent to do good on behalf of others, often making decisions for others, and also is associated with fire, transformation, and heroism. A lion is often depicted with the King. Naturally, Jesse Stranger was a perfect fit~


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Chibi Pika

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  5. incineroar-starr
It's been a load of fun following everyone's progress on this project! Since I missed the initial signup, I decided to work on my own card on the side~

The Death card signals that one major phase in your life is ending, and a new one is going to start. You just need to close one door, so the new one will open. The past needs to be placed behind you, so you can focus your energy on what is ahead of you. The old version of you needs to ‘die’ to allow the new you to be created.



Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work, and to our volunteers who took on some last-minute cards in order to ensure we finished with a full set of Major Arcana!

First up, there are two last cards that I've added to frames: first is The Empress by Sinderella, and the second is The Moon by Torchic W. Pip, filling in for another artist!



And with that, we round out our set of cards, and our Tarot event is complete!

...or at least, the creation part is! I thought it would be a shame for us to have produced such a lovely set of cards that would have only a brief moment in the sun. So with that in mind, I'll be hosting some Tarot readings using this deck over Discord VC. This is a fanfic-themed deck, so it's ideal for silly questions about your story: what should your protagonist's first pokémon be? How should you close out this tournament arc? Which of your eight story ideas should you devote your attention to? The cards will tell all! Scheduling will be done in the Tarot discussion thread on the community Discord.

If you aren't able to make the VC, don't use Discord, or otherwise aren't interested in that event, don't worry! I'll make the tool used to create Tarot spreads available after our VC session so it's easy for anyone to draw from this deck if they're in search of guidance.

(The final deck may have one more card as well; my assignment changed quite late in the game when the backup card I was working on turned out to no longer be needed, and I haven't finished my new one yet. Perhaps an Easter egg for the reading event!)
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  12. skiddo-obs
One little extra card just for the heck of it! This won't be included in the above, but it was neat to play around with and there were no cups suit cards yet, so:



Thanks to everyone who joined one of our Tarot reading VCs! I had a lot of fun with them, and I think the cards provided a lot of solid advice... and some horrifying advice, too, but that's just fickle fate for you, I guess. I enjoyed getting to revisit some of the wonderful art people put together for this event. I think we ended up with a very pretty deck. Here's what all the cards look like laid out together!


And if you'd like to play around with drawing from the deck yourself, the little application we used for the Tarot VCs will remain available to use: https://thousandroads.net/stuff/tr_tarot/tr_tarot.html

I enjoyed our first art event a lot, and I look forward to seeing what we'll put together next year!
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