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Pokémon Lethal

Chapter 1: Life, Chosen And Taken


Cosmic Guardian
The Circle
  1. luxio
this fic will be entirely just me being as edgy as I want to be. I’ll have a few other fics like that, but this is the first. enjoy.

gore, death, a lot of misanthropy/nihilism

Rain smothered the concrete, drowned the flickering streetlamps, and battered any unfortunate souls who were out in the storm.

Human and Pokémon alike scurried to and fro across the sidewalks, trying in vain to find some respite from the relentless downpour.

For prey, it was hell on the senses, nature’s assault to punish those who were foolish enough to be outside.

For a predator, it was paradise, an opportunity that came often, a chance to be cloaked by nature itself.

On this particular occasion, one such predator was stalking his prey, high amongst the rooftops, away from prying eyes and cameras.

An Absol leapt from building to building, keeping himself low, so that the fur on his stomach brushed against the rough concrete and steel.

He peeked his head over the ledge, and quickly spotted his target scurrying away, away from other humans, away from safety.

A nearby fire escape proved most useful, as the Absol gracefully bounded downwards, careful not to make too much noise, rickety as this structure was.

Once his paws were on solid, wet ground, he set off at a measured trot. He would appear to be nothing more than a stray, perhaps looking for food or shelter.

A perfect disguise, and one most easy to slip into and out of.

He followed his target from a distance, never getting too close, and never straying too far.

Neon-laden streets gave way to dingy, secluded alleyways and side roads, buildings of glass and metal degrading into those of brick and wood.

He knew there would be no cameras around here, for the natural order dictated that crime be rampant, and killers ran wild through these dark, lifeless streets.

Killers like himself.

There was no need for subtlety anymore, for screams would not be heard, and for those who did, they would not care.

Such was the way of humans. Caring not for anyone or anything else.

He closed the distance with his target, before he lunged.

Claws sliced open the delicate flesh at the back of the man’s legs, just above the feet.

The human shouted and collapsed, immobilized, as he bled out onto the sidewalk.

The Absol, with some effort, managed to flip the man around so that he was on his back, staring up at his imminent death.

He savored the look of fear, the way the pupils dilated within wide eyes, the trembling of the lip…

Fangs sank deep into the man’s throat and yanked, pulling the muscle and flesh off.

The Absol dropped the lump of flesh on the road, before turning and tearing open the man’s stomach.

He was hungry, and he wasn’t about to let an opportunity like this pass.

♤ ♤ ♤

After he’d had his fill, he’d found an alley nestled in between two buildings and rested there for the night. Any humans who went past wouldn’t question his presence; wild Pokémon were plentiful around the area, and indeed, even within the space he’d found, there was a Vibrava and Timburr.

None of them interacted with each other, constantly giving side-eyes, as if wary of attacks. They were right, and smart, to be cautious. Hospitality to those one didn’t know only meant death.

Eventually, they all fell into an uneasy sleep, and silently parted ways when the sun rose, neither knowing nor caring whether any of them would cross paths again.

As the Absol walked down still-slick roads, and through the busy streets, he took some time to glance around every now and then.

It was as he’d expected for humanity. Nothing but hatred and corruption.

Two humans tussled on the ground as onlookers laughed and recorded it. Across the street, a man kicked a Lillipup away for simply walking by him. There was a uniformed officer nearby, idly watching all of this happen. He made no effort to stop any of it.

The Absol snarled. If this was how humanity treated each other, and the world, then there would be no sorrow when they were all dead.

He passed by a storefront, with a display case of multiple televisions stacked atop one another.

“We have an incoming report that millionaire Richard Ancharo has been found dead. Earlier this morning—”

The Absol had stopped to look at the televisions as the news report played out. A surge of satisfaction swelled within him. His target’s death would hopefully have an effect on others, and they would all stop ruining the world—

His train of thought trailed off as he noticed a few people glaring at him. For what? He was just minding his business. Ah, well, he supposed his kind wasn’t so common around this area, and… well, a stray Pokémon watching the news wasn’t entirely common either.

Out of spite, and nothing else, he turned his attention back to the news.

“—baffling officials. Again, the fatal attack is under investigation, and we’ll have another report ready when officials have found a suspect.”

And that was that. Now they were talking about gas prices and other meaningless things.

But… something stuck with him.


Deadly. Disastrous.

Words to describe him, and what he would soon do for the sake of the world— and, also, for his hatred of humanity.

Wild Pokémon typically didn’t adopt names— there was simply no use for them. Those that did, however, only reserved the right to earn a name once they felt they were worthy of one— or if they simply happened upon one by circumstance. Or… far more mundane, but names could be given by friends or family, usually upon request.

This Absol had never considered having a name, for he figured it would serve him no good. But now… he had an idea.

He could be known as Fatal, and his name would be unknown to the humans, but strike fear and awe into any Pokémon who heard it.

Yes, that would be his name. From this moment forth, he would be known as Fatal.

He surged with pride as he mentally repeated his name over and over again, rolling it around as though he were tasting a delectable piece of human flesh.

It was perfect.

He needed to return with this information as soon as possible.

So he turned and quickly set off down streets and narrow paths, past the bustling city, past the dingy alleys, and down a secluded wooded road.

His paws crunched the well-trodden earth beneath him as gnarled trees loomed over him like demons ready to drag him to hell.

No humans ever came down this road, he knew that much. Apparently, it had been closed-off many, many years ago, when a human had killed many others in the area.

The area was deemed “too dangerous” for human life, and was thus barred from the public eye.

That didn’t stop Pokémon from living in the area, of course.

Fatal slunk around trees, and finally spotted his destination in the distance.

The abandoned farmhouse that he called home awaited him, as it always did. The rotting, twisted wood exterior, and cobweb-covered, dusty windows portrayed an air of disuse.

That wasn’t entirely true, of course.

He slipped through a small hole in the side of the farmhouse, and was greeted with the familiar sight of the well-kept hideout.

Soft lighting filled the room, casting light on the many stolen items that decorated the place: a television, a desk with a computer, chairs, and other furniture.

Fatal strode over to a Rhyperior.

“Hello. I have good news to report. I would appreciate if you gathered everyone else.”

The Rhyperior nodded. “On it.”

He left, and Fatal had nothing else to do except wait.

It was only a matter of seconds before two more Pokémon emerged: a Scyther— who Fatal knew was named Shiv— and a Tinkaton. Rhyperior trailed them from behind, clearly eager to hear whatever Fatal had to say.

Once they were all in a rough circle, Fatal spoke up.

“You all will be pleased to hear that Ancharo is dead.”

They were indeed pleased; Shiv and the Rhyperior nodded, while the Tinkaton whooped loudly, which was thankfully muffled slightly by the mask he wore.

Fatal waited a moment more before continuing. “This is only somewhat related, but while I was returning, I happened upon a news report, and the language used in it intrigued me.” He paused briefly. “I have decided upon a name for myself. From now on, I shall be known as Fatal.”

Rhyperior blinked. “Oh, nice one! Definitely suits you.”

Shiv folded her arms. “Heh, s’about time you joined the name club.”

The Tinkaton could only offer an enthusiastic clap. “Hell yeah!”

Fatal couldn’t help but crack a tiny smile at the positive reception. “Thank you all for accepting this. That was all for now.”

Tinkaton held up a hand. “That’s great, really, but I’m curious… what are you going to do now? You said Ancharo was your only target, and, well, none of us have anyone else to go after, so…?”

Fatal smirked. This was the perfect opportunity. He’d thought about this while he’d walked through the city, and once he said it, there would be no turning back.

Not like there ever was.

If he could really, truly, do this, he would cripple humanity, and they would struggle to ever recover from it. It would be the opening salvo of a new war, a war for Pokémon freedom.

“I’m going to take down the League.”


  1. metapod-shiny
Killer read. (; You had me at "misanthropy". Also, always love & appreciate a narrative that starts out with a unique word like "rain".

The story felt very fitting for an absol main character. This story feels like it could be partially responsible for Absol's pokedex entries. The piece's title - "Lethal" - had me asking a couple questions before and after I read the story. First, I wondered why the title wasn't "Fatal" after I learned Absol's chosen name. This excerpt is relevant to Absol's name:


Deadly. Disastrous.

Words to describe him, and what he would soon do for the sake of the world— and, also, for his hatred of humanity.

Fatal, Deadly, Disasterous. Lethal. So many words to describe our fair absol. I just found this to be an interesting bit of writing, and like there is some more story here between the lines.

Also, I thought the narrator starting at such a ruthless place was a great hook.

There was no need for subtlety anymore, for screams would not be heard, and for those who did, they would not care.

Such was the way of humans. Caring not for anyone or anything else.

...Good point, Absol. The graphic detail of the kill was cool. Especially when you learn who the human is later.

The next scene's detail with the Vibrava and Timburr, the way they deal with each other, very interesting.

Hospitality to those one didn’t know only meant death.

The way pokemon are to each other here make me wonder - is it because of the humans that the pokemon are also dangerous?

....neither knowing nor caring whether any of them would cross paths again.

kay now i want Absol to meet Vibrava or Timburr again one day.

When we find out who Absol killed, and Absol's hope that it will have an effect on other humans, that was extremely cathartic. Of course, if any human was to be hunted and murdered, one would hope it to be a rich cis man.

He surged with pride as he mentally repeated his name over and over again, rolling it around as though he were tasting a delectable piece of human flesh.

love it, tbh. great piece of writing that feels very real.

he/him tinkaton THANK!!!! and I love how you don't make the character "come out" or anything, his pronouns are just casually mentioned. THANK.

Not like there ever was.

Okay I read this as "Like no one ever was" and that would work so well as Fatal's motto hahahaha

in all seriousness, i love where the fic ends. wonderful. such a hopeful note.

the characters and writing were interesting and shamelessly honest. the pacing was never boring or confusing. an indulgent, fun read. thank you for writing.


Unrepentent Giovanni and Rocket fan
Blitz review
Chapter 1

Well two guesses as to which slot the narriator views themself as in the circle of life amd the second doesn't count.

Love how absol is quite the master of his chosen terrain. Roads and streets arent his main source of access... But the less thought of avenues like a fire escape systems and roof tops. I imagine he'd be a nightmare of a parkor expert in a high speed chase.

His "predator status" is less physic and more playing on the psychological expectations of being mistaken as helpless and insignificant. Which actually (and ironically) nudges him out of the more nature friendly predator catagory and snugly fits him in the anti social slot as he's using social construct and expectation (and breaking them) to get his ends met... Even with the take out as it were this is definitly quite the amoral character who kmows right and wrong and makes his choices. All while mssing the evidence that his world view isnt absolute. After all why why would humans have cameras, police, and security measures if they were totally apathetic. Also why would the absol have to hide his actions if humans were so savage and indifferent theyd ignore an assault if it wasnt directed at them personally.

So theres flaws in absols world view and examples that even he is pointedly missing.

Kinda clips the wings of his "i'm better than you" loftiness doesn't it?

Regardless flaws and all you made a wonderful build up to his misanthropy.

So absol's got genocide on the mind, or at least idealizes it. I gotta wonder how the homicidal doombringer could manage it honestly. Several kills here and there might be shrugged off as wild animal attacks, but if he works too fast and often eventually somones gunna notice.

His mental process as he picks the name fatal felt very fitting.

So we're meeting reds last life as an absol. Nice... I'm curious about the establishment of the hide out and others who shovs working alongside. Are they ex-trainers mon, wild random critters, Ev/iv experiment rejects? Regardless it'll be interesting how they take on the league of all things.
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