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Unrepentent Giovanni and Rocket fan
Name: beedrill (sakaki's)

Age: unknown. Mature adult. Age suspended per pokeball tech and forest energy infusions.

Species: beedrill, viridian forest stock.

Gender: agender (identifies as it, per beedril biology/psychology but responds to they/them pronouns as well)


Art won in a contest a bit back work courtesy of Canisaries

Distinctive traits:

Standard beedril size and build. Has willingly tolerated the mutilation of one of its armblades, ground down almost to the vemon line quick to make the edges expell poison and made jagged allow him a sawing tool. These alterations allow beedril access to advanced venom attacks (ex:venom shock) despite being deleveled. When itthe blade breaks off it will regrow normal shape size unless altered again.

Beedril sports a magnet charm to promote sensitovoty and chanel electricity in its string shot making it Gio's bird killer via speed and electroweb.

Beedril is Giovanni's starter from the manga. Its listed as a professional battle mon and the Rocket bosses official starter when it acts as a gym leader.

It's forcably deleveled and deevolved to a weedle per the wraith of the manga verse legends and droped in a distorted "ultra moon" backdrop. Its obscenely unhappy with the present setting and poison jabs at random bushes and plant types in practice for skewering a specific psychic/grass legend.


Besides being salty about its present circumstances and hating anything that has clorophil, beedril is a rather chill mon. It likes to fly, eat, eat, and fly, and take long naps in warm places. It fights for sport and lands on people it likes. Mimicing bee clumping activities without the honey making and smothering. It took a ton of training but Gio got the mon to settle for hanging off peoples back like a living backpack, or mosying into an open backpack if it looks promising. Beedril prevented other gangs from mugging and stealing from Gio during his trainership and has reaquired that habit for the new journey thet find themselves in now. Unfortunatly as a bug type most dont take the sudden snuggle dive bomb well and beedril is very familiar with getting swatted off.

Fond of head pats, attenna twiddling, and others sharpening its arm blades. Camping for the night is free reign to get all those afectionate activities tackled... More then once... And if it gets bored it makes art out of its string shot and environment.

Beedril, since it is seperated from its hive has adjusted by making the mon of Gio's team into replacements as well as Gio its new hive head/queen bee. Most of gios brute force mon are either worker bees or guard bees and Silvers little more than a grub/unbladed newly spawned weedle.

The loss of the hives grub at the talons of HATEBURNFIREBIRD (ho-oh) has set a seething hatred for all flying types and beedril personaly stole the magnet to better prepare for a second encounter with that legend. It also spends a lot of time encouraging pretty females in Gio's orbit to spend time with him hoping another grub will be spawned.

Gios very aware of the bugs primal matchmaking attempts and usually warns female coworkers and paramors to ignore all gifts of honey, flowers, or severed bits of mon left at thier abodes/desks/walking routes.. It isnt him and beedril will not stop and is getting more agressive as gios not getting any younger and a hive cant function without squirms.

History aka how did he join Gio's team:

When Giovanni was a child around six or seven he was forcibly enrolled in the Kanto Bugcatchers by a madam who didn't want a little boy underfoot.

Bugcatching is basically a mix match of boy scouts and a survivor training and its normal for anyone anticipating on going on a pokemon journey. Its not normal for someone to send thier kid multiple times to the same classes but then the Madam was rather adament that Giovanni not be near her.
Giovanni bored and able to recite the lessons backwards wandered off. On his misadventure Giovanni tripped on a log he encountered his first mon.. Nearly squishing the small squirm of a Weedle that shrilled up at the big footed thing to watch where he was going.

Flumoxed... Because no one had ever told him hearing a mon speaking was a thing Giovanni took the Weedle back to his camp.

Happy to accept a higher perch (gios head) as an appology, a free ride, and a steady supply of snacks and shoes to maim, weedle descided to stick around. Gio was hesitant to have such a weak mon attached to him... Until It's instinctual hate of the madam caused it to gum the woman's mouth during one of her venemous rants at Giovanni. After that they were inseperatable.

"I'm sure he's a nice bug-type... Creature..."

To the girls tepid defense the darkhaired boy huffed.

"No, it's an avericious little b-" flicking a glance at Lillie, Giovanni hummed, cuting himself off. "Black hole who'd of ate your fluff ball, you, then gone flying off looking for seconds."

Gio introducing beedril to Lillie Aether.

The kindest way to put it, and it was stretching kindness to breaking, was that Sakaki’s starter was of a sharing mind.

It decided that if it was up, everyone lost their right to sleep in. Very much not a morning pidgy, and likely only survived to evolve to a Bee’ by sleeping in late and not getting eaten like the rest of its nest to fulfill the cliché, the bug resented getting up early. Much less this early.

And if it was a person there would have been banging pots and pans and screaming.

Not having the right limbs, or vocal cords, the bug let its resentment about its trainers' choices be known with loud buzzes.

Lillies pov: on the danger of wakinh sleeping beedrils, "body of proof"

A chittered squeal from behind stopped him from closing the door. The Rocket turned, watched, braced on the door frame, as a weedle bunched its way across the bed towards him. The creature's myopic eyes were wide in wild shock.

Giovanni Sakaki stared at the beast, even as, with a whine, it reared and waved its suckers at him so madly it knocked itself over with a soft cry.


The weedle screamed at him, near Screeching, small limbs twisting it from prone to standing once more. Trainer and 'mon stared at each other, and after a long moment, Giovanni limped back into the room. Not daring to kneel, he'd not be able to get back up if he did, Giovanni stretched his arm out in an old invitation. Understanding the bug scrunched, poison-tipped tail wagging in an old tell, before uncoiling and pulling a small hop from bed to the trainer's wrist.

Giovanni meeting an unevolved beedril. "Transversal"

Beedril is present in Transversal and Body of proof
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Unrepentent Giovanni and Rocket fan

Teh crime kitty. (Basically the same cat across different worlds)

Art courtesy of a blitz point submission courtesy of (name pending consult notes)


Name: Persian (Avoria: ivory (feminine emphasis) in ittalian, but only called that in the Transversal and Roost stories)

Age: unknown.

Per tech and forest energy infusions mangaverse Persian is age locked into adulthood.

Per cutting edge medicine and health regimines despite being a senior cat animeverse Persian acts and is as healthy as a mature adult cat. But the feline is nearing the end of his life and is aware of it.

Physical Description:
Persian (from trans, roost, and two paths, is a ragamuffin mongrel persian) Basically with puffs of fur around his paws, larger then standard size (more couger sized then canonical masstif size) and a higher perchance attaching to people and drapping over prone persons for forced snuggling. Not quite a body slam... But this cat going limp on a person as affection is a guarentee to losing feeling in all your limbs.

Persian, having a rough history, has a newtork of scars running up and down thier back. Thier thick coat of fur hides it but a firm stroke can give any questing hand quite the history lesson as to how much damage a thick coat can hide. Having taken a cross chop to the face in thier masters defense, persian has a deformation on thier snout that makes thier whiskers grow in askew. One ear is torn, the tip ripped off, from a different attack. And most strikingly persian has an occular mutation that makes its eyes a near translucent crystal blue. In bad lighting the uneducated may assume the feline is blind until pointedly proven wrong.

SPECIAL NOTE: In Transversal and Roost (my manga aus) Persian is a female. In Two paths, Picking and Choosing, Guilty and the Innocent, and Dodging consequences, (my anime aus) Persian is a male.

The personality, despite gender, is basically the same with some minor differences in that the anime verse cat is silly with friends amd family, and takes breaks away from his trainer to "tom around". The manga verse cat is overtly affectionate and less silly with ones she likes... and takes leaves to have kittens... Which she makes Gio distribute (usually to starting trainers from Viridian that Oak wont sponser). Unless they are on "buisness" errands, if that happens she'll abandon the litter to stay by gio.

Sakaki's persian, manga verse history:
Irony of irony sakaki's cat is a rescue. As in a rescue from poachers. Persian had been gathered up alone with wild chowder outside of viridian, the felines were slated to be slaugtered for thier organically occuring unkantoian long fur. Sakaki, brash and much younger, and having camped nearby was rudly awoken by the catnapping in progress was not a happy kid. He interfered part because the chowder had invaded his camp and the matriarch had swarmed him under a deluge of kittens. Playing with the baby meowths had probably been the most fun he'd had in years. Also the unprofessional gal to wake him and kakuna up early set gios teeth on edge.

After realizing it wasnt a Rocket related pouching he set kakuna to shoot out the get away cars tired with a poison sting. Then, unable to find a rock made kakuna harden and used the bug to break down the lock on the truck and bust the chowder out.

After the cats left, paying tribute in what they picked up or affectionate headbutts, Persian was left. She stayed, part in gratitude, part oit of sheer amusement that something so rash and harmless looking had managed such a feat... Then doubly drawn in in realizing the young thief could hear her talk and was willing to talk back.

Sakaki's persian, anime verse, history and personality:
Caught by a novice researcher Professor Oak, the meowth in question looked like it got dragged backwards through a briar patch. Having dropped the pokeballs meant to be distributed right before unveling, the battered meowths pokeball got mixed in the mess of safer mon. A caterpie, pikachu(yes, that pikachu), and pidgy starter.... So when young trainer sakaki had bad run after bad run with the regular starters and just tossed the last ball on a whim to reveil the obviously abused feline... Oak suspected all hell was going to break lose, stepped between the young boy and the spitting cat expcting to be mauled... But they clicked. Something about the timid child and weary cat came together and a partnership was born...

It wouldn't be until years later that Oak found evidence that it went beyond mere clicking. That Giovannis father was as abusive as the cats previous trainer had been... That he found proof that Giovanni, a minor, used less than savory contacts to hunt meowths old trainer down to pay pain for pain. That both boy and cat and all the other mon and people around the young Sakaki were being groomed and culled and tested against a terrible template that would become the foundation of the next generation of Team Rocket...

By the time all the evidence was in place it was far too late to save anyone. And there were times, hints, (and later, horribly government sanctioned proofs) that the cat had been used as an acceasory to theft, break ins, murder..

The feline scaled up from acomplance to person of interest in many police and mob deaths. Giovannis father being one of the first to die under those white satin paws. Key members of a rocket splinter apocolypse cult being some of the last.

Cat and man are equally villianois, equally corrupt, and both utterly unrepentemt. To mon and persons he doesnt like Persian is a smug, autocratic bully. To those who worm into his graces (or rarer still giovannis) he can be sweet, motherhenish, and a snuggle demon.

He has a habbit of stealing gios clothes. Flitxhing fedoras and old rocket uniforms to make a nest in out of the way places... Which he'll happily switch out for the bed and any human occupied furniture at the drop of a hat.


Cooly in contempt of giovannis legit and under the table associates Persian finds most people and 'mon boring and is dismissive. (Unless a hunting mood strikes then all the fluttering and squeaks are  interesting. ) Those who surprise her or best her in combat may earn one head pat or chin tickle. Two if shes feeling generous or theyre kitten young.

On a more serious note of the dex holders, Persian dispises Red, Gold, and Blue (more for thier yowling at her trainer than anything). Oak and Mask of ice are on the top of her hit list. She has permitted Crystal and Yellow one head pat for services rendered to the kanto region. And adores Green.. As in pouncing and listening to her squeal as shes tossed about the room under the cats paws. Green's elevated to friendly scritch territory for helping feed Giovannis kitten, Silver, but only one scritch per day. Further service might elevate her to two... Or a full belly rub rights... Only time will tell and only if Green tones doen sassing at her trainer.

The vet is satan incarnet and despite extoling the virtues of aranging a hit for the bastard Persian's master is unswayed in keeping the man alive for reasons unknown.

The only difference between anime and manga verse is the male kitties relations with Oak, Delia, and Ash.

Oak is veiwed as a savior for rescuing him from thier ex trainer and thus adored... Though the classy cat cauaes problems for the man out a teasing sort of affection

Delia (gios ex) is adored and gotten into fully belly rub teeritory years ago and gio wanting nothing to do with the woman is gios problem.

Ash katchem was initially hated for giving up mid match. Time and misadventure warmed the boy up in the cats estimation and he has earned head scritch privleges. The rocky relationship between the child and Rocket is slowing the affectionate ketchup supplying boy's ascentoin into belly rub territory. But Persian wont challenge this status quo until Giovanni gets his head out of his ass and grows up a but. Persians taking no sides because the human drama is messy.


And her train of thought is interrupted by a blur of white on the edge of her vision one thump and frictionless skid across the warm wood floor and Green finds herself pinned under a huge rag’ breed Persian. Her face is bracketed by widespread paws, claws clicking millimeters from her throat and face, and the cat’s stupid heavy hind paw has one leg pinned and another on her stomach. It’s only a mercy that it’s putting most of its weight on the forepaws, scarring the wood by her face, rather than breaking her ribs.

Despite the… consideration… Green’s left winded, near smothering under the thick longish hairs as the thing looms over her. The thing's almost as long-haired as a pyroar, and at her pathetic moan it looks down at her. The cat’s whiskers twitched up, making the baring of fangs a bit of a smirk, a familiar smirk. And it pisses Green off even if she can’t quite place where she’s seen that sort of look before.

An attempt to call for help ends with a paw raising up, settling over her about the mouth, it’s there then gone. The smothering is only a second long, barely any pressure, but Green’s gasping at the end of it. But Green gets it. No yelling.

And isn’t it scary that this thing’s that smart, that experienced….

Well, Green’s no pushover and doesn’t need help. She’s about to draw her knife, risk a stab into the thing’s ribs to get it off and get Nido out when the cat looks up. And it’s purring gets a bit louder, almost in greeting, then it’s looking down at her, blue eyes squinted up in amusement, one paw scratching an inroad to her face, but not quite touching. The claws cradling her cheek, near prickling close.

“Hi kitty, nice kitty, purr purr purr…”

She’s babbling, hoping the cat won’t notice that Green’s pulling her arm to the side to better twist out her knife…

Footfalls, bare, no shoes. No open door either, so clearly the pretty ladies “company” wasn’t this four-legged killer. Which meant this wasn’t a guard ‘mon, or rather her guard ‘mon. Oh joy, a variable Green couldn’t see. Literally, couldn’t see. Her world was those eyes, and a sea of fur, claws cradling her cutting close, and a voice.

“What the Hell are you doing here?”

A damned familiar, voice.

“You’ve got to be kidding-“

And the cat’s hissing in her face, and Green shrinks back into herself, it’s more a squirm, and she swallows resentment, mollifying her tone.

“I mean, Hi Mr. Sakaki.”

With a chuff the cat relaxes, understanding the tone if not the words and eases out of its hostility. Then the black-tipped ear twitches up from their previous plastered to the head pose as a calloused hand twiddles said ear. The feline is leaning into the man besides it, rumbling up a storm. Besides the cat, looking down at the cat's catch, cup of steaming something in hand, Giovanni looks... bored.

Like there were kids pinned under his killer cat every morning when he was out visiting friends… or whatever adults did at sleepovers.

Green, Persian and Gio. "Roost"

Giovanni frowned down at the phone besides him that was now ringing so fiercely it hopped up and down upon the rock he'd set it on.


Persian went into a crouch, determined that this time the device that had stolen his trainers time for hours on end would meet its end. Catching the tell-tale swish of his Persian's tail and the murderous not to his hiss, Giovanni snatched the phone from the ground saving it from certain death. With a “meroow” the normal type admitted defeat, for the time being. There would be other times, other opportunities to kill the hated "cell phone".

Persian vs cell phones "two paths"​
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Lion Apologist
The Goof Realm
Name: Shank DeVay

Age: 16

Species: Human

Gender: nonbinary


Shank is a goofy goober who wants nothing more than to be a criminal with their friends. they love primere balls, the beach, and silly pokemon nicknames.

art by me :)
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Junior Trainer
  1. koraidon-apex
  2. miraidon-ultimate
I'm answering this for the two main characters of Timeslip because it looks like a lot of fun.

- What is their name, species, gender and age?
Doctor Romero Turo, human male, 31 years old at the start of the story. (I've nicknamed him "Futuro" for convenience when talking about him with other Turo/Sada writers)

- What do they look like? (You may post images!)
Like, well... Professor Turo from Scarlet and Violet, kinda.
At 31, he would look a bit younger from his official artwork, and keeps his beard mostly shaved with just a little stubble (so he looks more similar to the in game model, pretty much lol).
Extremely skinny, almost emaciated, he gets out of breath pretty easily and his physical strength is almost nonexistent.

That's because compared to present-time people, he uses his muscle so little they would pretty much look atrophied, since I imagined that future technology and living in micro-gravity environments made life even more sedentary than current one.

He's pretty pale and often sports heavy bags under his eyes from spending so much time staring at screens in the dark.

Are they for the Pokémon fandom, some other fandom or are they fully original?

Pokémon fandom

What kind of setting do they live in (trainerverse/PMD/real world/other)?

AU Version of Scarlet and Violet

Where are they from? Where do they live now?
Slight spoilers about his background

He was born and lived the first four years of his life on the Moon. He had to learn how to walk under normal gravity at 4 years old, and that's the reason he can't seem to walk three steps without tripping. (Growing up in micro-gravity permanently screwed up his sense of balance. Does it make sense? No idea, I know it's a temporary effect apparently but I liked the idea too much to let it go)

Right now he lives in Paldea... First in year 4800 or so, then in the 21th century once he gets stuck there.

What is their occupation and/or are they a student?

In his time, he was a researcher studying the relatively new field of time travelling, hoping to get clearance to time travel into the future. He got hired because he's also an expert programmer of Artificial Pokémon, like the future Porygon that handles the time machine.

In 21st century Paldea, he has to reinvent himself as a Pokémon Professor interested in mechanical Pokémon and "the unique fauna of Area Zero"

What kind of personality do they have?

So I took the little things we know about them and tried to built both Sada and Turo's characters from there, showing different traits in both a positive and negative light and giving them different aspects of it to make them distinct from each other.

Stuff like "Extremely focused on their objective" can be portrayed in both an admirable (you don't give up easily) or negative (you get obsessed with it so much you lose sight of anything else) light, and that's kind of what I want to show and explore with them.

Like shown in his animations and concept art, Turo is the most logical and calculating of the two. He will think ten words and say only three carefully chosen ones, keeping the rest to himself.
One big part of his personality once he's stuck in 21th century Paldea is developing a bit of a superiority complex regarding "present people" so to speak.

He initially looks at people from the 21st century the same way as we would look at people in the Middle Ages pretty much, which can lead to him acting a bit condescending and honestly coming off as quite a prick lol. Complaining about technology and wearing the image of the guy "obsessed with the future" becomes a bit of a coping mechanism for him.

This leads to him being massively frustrated (at first) and quietly resigned (later on) at being stuck in such a "primitive" time... But it definitely fuels his desire to research Area Zero and find a way back home the more time passes... Or at least find something that comes close to it.
(There's also another aspect to it but that would be spoilers)

When he isn't into "laser-focused to the point of tunnel vision" mode, he's actually kind of shy. Awkward, definitely an introvert.

What are their main relationships, e.g. family, friends, romantic partners, enemies, "it's complicated"?

Does "I accidentally landed in the Paleolithic, fell in love with a native girl there and now we're both stuck in a time different from our own" count as "it's complicated "?

Do they have a certain kind of worldview?

I could quote a certain famous quote of their canon version and explain the reasoning this version of Turo gives to it... But it would be spoilers.

What stories of yours does this character feature in, if any?



What is their name, species, gender and age?

Sada... Just Sada at first, because her people don't use surnames. She decides to make "Sada" her surname and go by the name of "Alba Sada" once she's stuck in present-time Paldea. Human, female, around 27 at the start of the story (not that she would know)
Also nicknamed "Pasada" for convenience when talking about the character.

What do they look like? (You may post images!)
Like canon Sada with some tweaks. First thing that's different is her hair, much much longer than the canon version (reaches her waist) and has some wooden beads in it (my version of the weird rock triangle thingies she has in her hair, how do those things stay up lol). Second most noticeable feature are her hands that look definitely roughed up and covered in blisters and scars from working with stone tools. She has a couple more scars here and there on her body, and a pretty muscular physique compared to the average.

Are they for the Pokémon fandom, some other fandom or are they fully original?


What kind of setting do they live in (trainerverse/PMD/real world/other)?

AU Version of Scarlet and Violet

Where are they from? Where do they live now?
She used to live in prehistoric Kalos, in a hunter gatherer tribe that moved continuously between different temporary villages.

She lives in 21th century Paldea after getting stuck there along with Turo

What is their occupation and/or are they a student?

... Does "hunter-gatherer count"?

She had to reinvent herself as a Pokémon Professor interested in how Pokémon changed during the ages.

What kind of personality do they have?

See Turo's note for the initial premise.

Sada is definitely the extrovert of the pair. Coming from a time that had nothing left her eager to learn about everything that civilization accomplished, but that also left her somewhat... Lost.

In her time, everything was a mistery she was happily spending her life investigating. In the 21th century, she both finds it incredible how much more there is to research and discover about the world, but it also leaves her feeling like... Some of the "magic" and mystery of the world definitely got lost along the way. She also has difficulty acclimating to certain aspects of modern society: doesn't do well with big crowds, and hates massive cities and prefers to stay isolated on her own (or even better out in the wild).

The fact that also so much time has passed between her age and modern times leaves her feeling alienated. There's barely any trace that her entire culture, language, and society even existed, and she has to watch people misinterpret the few remains that did made it to this time, knowing that no one would believe her if she tried to explain how things actually were.

She feels frustrated about it but in a different way from Turo.

This does make her pretty determined on becoming an accomplished Professor so people <em>will</em> have to listen to her.

What are their main relationships, e.g. family, friends, romantic partners, enemies, "it's complicated"?

See Turo's answer lol.
Ironically, the only other person alive who can completely understand what she's feeling and what she's going through is Turo himself. This little aspect is actually what the entire AU revolves around: in this situation, for each of them the other one is the only other person they can completely, fully trust.

In Sada's case in particular, Turo is the only one who has actually experienced a little bit of her culture, seen how they lived, and knows at least a tiny bit of her language. The consequence of this will have a certain impact on canon events.

What are their goals and motivations?

Sada is actually less desperate on "going home" compared to Turo, because she's well aware that she objectively has it much better here. She does miss home and her family tremendously though, so her objective is a bit more in line with canon Sada... Showing how the past (and Pokemon from it) was truly like and preserve as much of her time as she can.

What stories of yours does this character feature in, if any?

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