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Dragon Enthusiast
  1. flygon
  2. charizard
  3. milotic
  4. zoroark-soda
  5. sceptile
  6. marowak
  7. jirachi
Name: Star
Species: Mew
Appearance: Standard Mew
Personality: A little impish, not one for strict rules. Cheerful, defiant.
Story: Hands of Creation
Secret: Is afraid of being restrained.
Items: A picture of a Zygarde.
Pain: She's probably the more entertaining one to harm.


Name: Arceus (but Star refers to her as Barky)
Species: Arceus
Appearance: Standard Normal-type Arceus.
Personality: Strict, haughty, quite literally "holier than thou." Disciplined, principled.
Story: Hands of Creation
Secret: Will refuse to acknowledge how much he cares for Star.
Items: A small treasure bag containing a Rollcall Orb and a Protect Orb.
Pain: Probably just fine, but will not be as easily emotive about it.


Professional Mudkip Lover
  1. swampert
  2. chesnaught-apron
  3. lucario-mega
Name: Meggie
Species: Froslass(Human-turned Snorunt, but she evolved)
Appearance: Uh, froslass with a purse and a tiara
Personality: Jovial, kind. Likes to play with friends and go out. Sweet, doesn't enjoy hurting people, but will punch you if needed. Generally a nice person to be around.
Story: LoF
Secret: Once she worked with a human scientist scientist that had no ethics on his job.
Items: Tiara with a Never-Melt-Ice on it, treasure bag and a Escape Orb
Pain: Probably everything that won't burn her to death.


Pokémon Trainer
Name: Dusk
Species: Houndoom
Appearance: An ordinary Houndoom with a faded scar on his left hind-leg.
Personality: The polar opposite of the classic Houndoom stereotypes, Dusk is a gentle and kind guy who occasionally jokes that he's the 'anti-Houndoom'. While he will fight if need be, he dislikes combat and will try everything he can to avoid battling. He's a huge lover of exploration and history.
Items: Pit Fang, Joy Ribbon, Vulpix Tag
Pain: Eh, can't be much worse than what happens to him in canon anyway... seriously though, a decent amount of pain is fine, but not too much.

Shiny Phantump

Through Dream, I Travel
  1. sylveon
  2. absol-mega
  3. silvally-psychic
  4. ninetales-phantump
  5. cosmog
  6. gallade-phantump
  7. ceruledge-phantump
Looks like switching out Spirit is going to work, so here's my new character's stuff, for reference.

Name: Gladion Mohn
Species: Former Human, becoming a Type: Null
Appearance: Standard Type: Null. As a 'genderless' species, it shouldn't be possible to tell his gender without asking. (Save for any psychic stuff, I suppose.)

Personality: Generally cold and cynical when it comes to humans, but softer towards pokemon. Has some unresolved anger issues that he knows he really should work on. Generally not a fan of authority, and sympathetic to those in weaker postitions.

Story: Not yet published.
Secret: If anyone finds out that he and Lillie are twins, he'd really like them to assume they're fraternal twins. This is not actually the case, they're identical twins, with him being a trans man.
Pain: As you please. If you don't hurt him, I'll just do it myself.
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Gym Leader
  1. ho-oh
  2. sneasel-nyula
  3. rayquaza-cress
  4. celebi-shiny
Well! I suppose I could give it a go because Wynaut? I’ll start with just one to get the hang of it.

Name: Harvard

Species: Chimchar, former human

Appearance: He has brown fur instead of orange and two long tufts with white streaks at the sides of his ears. Also, he has a long tufts with white fur on his right side of his face.

Personality: Hotblooded, fearless, combative and very abrasive, but also tender, caring and loyal if you get to know him very well. He tends to be very protective toward younger creatures — human and Pokémon alike — and he is always ready to defend his family and closest acquaintances from threats and hostile characters. It’s very easy for him to grow impatient when people are dilly-dallying and procrastinating.

Story: The Meaning of Power, but he has yet to make his debut there.

Secret: His heart of gold. In Orre he knew people who were quick to prey on the more sensitive and “weaker” members of the community, which is why he keeps his more gentle side carefully under wraps by showing off his more aggressive personality.

Items: His yo-yo, a golden locket with a photo of his family (showing his parents and his two younger siblings), and a horseshoe belonging to his Mudsdale as a lucky charm.

Pain: He is used to all kinds of pain, as he gets himself very frequently in barehanded fights with criminals and thugs. Nothing fazes him anymore.


Gotta go back. Back to the past.
Residency hell
  1. silvally-dragon
  2. necrozma-ultra
  3. milotic
  4. zoroark-soda
  5. dreepy
  6. mewtwo-ambyssin
Since Mew is mutemewte and I don't want to step on Namo's toes too much, I'm-a swap them out.

Name: Shane
Species: Alolan Ninetales (base), Necrozma (Ultra Burst)
Appearance: Normal Shanetales Small.png Neutral Ultracrozma Small.png
: An absolute dork. Heavy tendency to put his footpaw in his mouth or not think before speaking. On the impulsive side. Tends to come up with crazy plans that can be successful, but will usually blow back in his face.
Story: PMD: Guiding Light
Secret: Had fused with the remnant of Dark Matter before entering the pokémon world.
Items: His Naturia Looplet, which lets him perform Z-Moves, and an Ultra Recon Squad badge.
Pain: 🤷‍♀️


Professional Mudkip Lover
  1. swampert
  2. chesnaught-apron
  3. lucario-mega
Name: Brian Williams
Species: Zoroark
Appearance: 2021-01-05-zoroark.png
Personality: Extroverted, a bit of a prankster, likes to have fun and meet new people. Is also a lover of machinery,
Story: Same as his brother
Items: Shock gauntlet, treasure bag
Pain: Yes.


Oh knee on
Here, silly
  1. zoroark
Name: Zack

Species: Luxray

Appearance: A tad larger and bulkier than the average Luxray, about up to Kora's shoulder so... around 5 foot when on all fours.

Personality: Laid back and nonchalant. Doesn't take anything seriously. Prefers to nap and rest more than anything, but isn't opposed to fun-having.

Story: Soon to be revealed in Ties of Fate, same as Kora and Lee

Item: None, can't think of one

Secret: Is still torn apart by accidentally abandoning his team on an island of ferals

Pain: As much as possible


Happy eevee
Name: Toby
Species: Buizel
Appearance: Visible in fic cover, intense polychromatic blue eyes.
Personality: Playful and jovial, loves to enjoy games with friends, or with a complete stranger, he doesn't care much. However, there will always be that connection that makes things more enjoyable with someone you know.
Story: Change of Heart
Items: Currently none
Pain: Nothing major or that couldn't be healed after a while.

Name: Hearts
Species: Quilava
Appearance:One eye blue as the night sky, one eye golden like the morning sun. The first reflects the light of the world while the second shines like a star on its own. His fur is extremely well groomed, and cared for on most of the surface.
Personality: Jokester and childish, or easygoing and calm, one never knows because his personality flips like a switch from a moment to another. While both sides of him share many traits, they have different ways of showing them.
Story: Change of Heart
Secrets: The actual reasons behind him having two souls.
Items: Silver bracelet with two names carved on its frame, but the metal is so worn out they are unreadable.
Pain: Regular injuries, upper limit is broken bones.


Cosmic Guardian
The Circle
  1. luxio
hoooooly crap I'm so late to this

Name: Antares

Species: Garchomp

Appearance: regular Garchomp, but he has a Z-shaped branding mark on his chest

Personality: an incredibly cocky bastard with a hero complex. Huge ego, too, but despite all this is actually very nice! May go off on tangents about "the Great Serpent" (aka Zygarde.)

Story: Tail of Time (though he's yet to actually appear in it as of me posting this... I am also working on a oneshot centering around him, so I'll edit this post with that when it is published.)

Secret: shockingly doesn't have any secrets! Unless you count him being ace/pan; he never opened up to anyone about it and believes he's unnatural for it. Oh, also, the fact that he's a Zygarde cultist-- actually the only one in his universe! He actually does host a Zygarde Core within his body, and he does get "intrusive thoughts" from it (think of the Marvel Comics character, Eddie Brock/Venom, and how that dynamic plays out. It's kind of like that.)

Items: none Does a (sentient) Zygarde Core count?

Pain: All of the emotional pain, and so much physical pain. 😈. Just don't kill him lol

(Something else that I'm not sure where to put):
He only looks like this when under extreme pressure or in life-threatening danger. During this state, he is partially taken control of by Zygarde, and thus may be more aggressive and chaotic than usual.

Blessed Antares Sprite.png
Blessed Antares (BW).png
There would be more to this than just a simple recolor (it should be more akin to an actual Garchomp/Zygarde fusion) but I don't have any concrete ideas for that yet.
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Bug Catcher
Name: Ryan Terwin
Species: Human turned Raichu
Appearance: Standard

Personality: By-the-book kind of person. He's not too fond of Pokemon since the Shift. Despite this, back on his homeworld, he took in an injured Pichu and raised it as best he could, while trying to protect his family in the process. With only his powers and de-escalation training, resolving conflicts is hard enough in another body...

Story: Shifted Earth

Secret: Gonna have to find that one out!

Items: Police baton, officer's cap

Pain: Worries about his family and the state of his homeworld. I still need to finish Shifted Earth.
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