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  1. zoru22

    Xenofiction, Thoughts, Approaches, Styles, Worldbuilding, Etc
    Threadmarks: Xenofiction Introduction

    For a kind of mind-teaser or provocative on this topic, consider this picture of a mantis wearing a sweater and sewing: https://www.deviantart.com/barukurii/art/Sewing-Mantis-466376276 This is the essence of xenofic, in visual form. I'm currently hyperfocusing on Xenofiction, if you can't...
  2. zoru22

    Pokémon Firebird
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Shiver

    A certain villainous group has stolen an egg from a Moltres nest. This is the story of that bird. This is Xenofiction. Rated T+ Reviews: just leave me a like/tell me if you enjoyed it or not, leave a kudos. I just want to know you read it or enjoyed it, no need to spend a long time writing...
  3. kintsugi

    Pokémon turing incomplete [oneshot]
    Threadmarks: turing incomplete

    This is a flashfic written for @slamdunkrai's Blitz prize! The prompt was "Genesect POV". content warnings: none traditional. discusses personhood/depersoning crit pref: anything goes turing incomplete You awaken fully conscious and aware of who and where you are. They must've decided it...
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