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  1. kyeugh

    Pokémon Big Fish
    Threadmarks: Big Fish

    Big Fish One-shot / 3.7k words / Rated G - - - “I’m dreadfully sorry about this again, darling,” Wallace insisted. “Wallace, I already said it’s okay,” Steven’s voice emanated from the phone. “I have work I need to do anyway. It’s not a big deal, I promise. We can just meet up next weekend.”...
  2. lisianthus

    Pokémon there's just something in the air up here (a lisia hurt heal fic)
    Threadmarks: foreword+cws and etc!

    hii, this is my second fic i'll be posting here. this one's a little different from what i like to write in that it's, not 100% fluff. it's not dark exactly either, basically a hurt heal. but like in life, there's always a happy ending, so please don't worry about that! premise: multiple...
  3. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon For all the Beauty in the World

    A little belated Valentine's Day ficclet for two of my favorite characters, and to break back into the world of fanfiction after a many, many, many year hiatus. Posting to TR on this fic's sixth anniversary. Thank you for reading. Feedback is always welcome. For all the Beauty in the World...
  4. Panoramic_Vacuum

    Pokémon Final Gambit
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    What if there was no intrepid young hero to save the day? In a reality where all that is left is to stare down the maw of death as Kyogre threatens to drown the world, the League and its trainers turn to desperate measures in Hoenn's final hours. Final Gambit Chapter 1 The rain is...
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