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  1. Venia Silente

    Pokémon Tastes Anew [two-shot]
    Threadmarks: 1/2

    Hello my readers, it's been a while. How about some writing featuring canon characters now? Also food, because why not. Here I bring to you some bits of worldbuilding and a bit of writing some canon characters. This will be a two-parter but let's start with Part Numero Uno. Enjoy! Tastes...
  2. kintsugi

    Pokémon motivating objects [oneshot]

    Eleven months after beginning her pokémon journey in Nuvema Town, Bianca published her first research paper under Professor Juniper. Four years later, the Pokémon League asks her to defend it. ※ motivating objects ※ Incoming call: Dad Accept | Decline Bianca stares at the pop-up for a...
  3. kintsugi

    Pokémon krookodile tears [threeshot]

    “When the world was younger than you are now, a great tragedy befell the desert, and the krookodile wept. Listen and learn, child, from the Two who warred for the Dragonmother’s heart.” // It’s easier to excuse when it could never happen to you. first gift: the seeds second gift: the flame...
  4. kintsugi

    Pokémon sample size
    Threadmarks: n=30

    In which the Heroes of Truth and Ideals realize it's rather silly that the fate of Unova would be settled over a single battle, and come to the only logical conclusion. Hilda's hand twitched on the return mechanism of the pokeball. On her first pass, she didn't even push it down all the way...
  5. Ambyssin

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Path of Valor
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Welcome to the world of... pokémon? When a dreepy princess, two classmates, and their servants are sucked into an alien world ruled by a tyrannical deoxys, they kickstart a disastrous chain of events stretching further than they can possibly imagine. Can they unravel the mysteries at their...
  6. kintsugi

    Pokémon the envy of eden

    "Pokémon never tell lies," N said outside of Mistralton, days before he summoned the ancient dragon and changed the world. Unova disagrees—pokémon, they claim, are just as capable of telling lies as humans—but one thing is clear: what pokémon do tell is a different story altogether. this is a...
  7. kintsugi

    Pokémon nnaturally

    content warnings: language nmn {You would do that for them?} asks the dragon, fixing him with blue eyes that have seen eternity. {You, a human, would do that for us?} “I would. I’m not one of them,” N lies, confidently. The dragon of truth nods impassively . For a split second, N wonders if...
  8. Cresselia92

    Pokémon Anachronism
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Wavering Emotions

    Two royals from different eras and with opposing ideologies, both at just one step from accomplishing their ultimate goals. However, when destiny has its say on the matter, their determination and beliefs are pushed to the very limit. This is how a warlord and a king met each other. A crossover...
  9. Umbramatic

    Pokémon Green and White

    Well, this is something a bit special. Namely, this a rewrite of where my whole "Yangverse" shared universe project recursively began, so it's simultaneousl;y the oldest story in the project but also not too old (this rewrite was posted in 2017). It's basically where a lot of stuff regarding...
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