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original trainer

  1. aer

    Pokémon Spun so Sugar Sweet (Mischief and Malice Oneshot)

    Look back into your memory for me: Cotton candy, strands of sugar pulled lighter than air, grains hot and thready from being pressed into heated metal machinery. Like fairytales settling into life as they whirled around a paper cone. Your eyes sparkled about as meaningfully as the excited babble...
  2. Akeira146

    Pokémon In Destiny & Fate: Omen's Child
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Prologue

    Summary: The universe has an order. When Fate shuffles its cards, Destiny always comes to play. Garnet Stone was the child to Pokémon League Champions— a current and a former, that is. All her life, she was overshadowed by the fame and success that was never hers. As she sets out on a journey...
  3. AceTrainerWesley

    Pokémon Abandoned

    This story contains tones of depression, and, as per the title, abandonment. If any of these bothers you, proceed with caution. This story is set in the same world as Midnight Hollow Pokémon School. Please check it out! This story a part of Short Stories involving Wesley. If you would like to...
  4. AceTrainerWesley

    Pokémon Worthy

    This story contains strong language, mild violence and topics of mind control. If any of these bothers you, proceed with caution. This story is set in the same world as Midnight Hollow Pokémon School. Please check it out! This story a part of Short Stories involving Wesley. If you would like to...
  5. kibigo

    Pokémon To Be A… Pokémon Challenger!
    Threadmarks: Episode 01 – Quit Blipbugging Me!

    To Be A… Pokémon Challenger! Summary Cashmere Lane aims to win the Wedgehurst Tournament and gain an endorsement for the Galar Gym Challenge. Red Dunn finds herself somehow joining along for the ride. An original pokémon journey, set 7¾ years after the events of Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield...
  6. Dragonfree

    Pokémon The Quest for the Legends
    Threadmarks: Introduction / Prologue

    Welcome to The Quest for the Legends, an original trainer fanfic that I originally started in 2002 when I was twelve, started rewriting from scratch in 2004, and then completed in 2018, exactly sixteen years after it started. I have plans to do a proper rewrite of this story. This is not that...
  7. WildBoots

    Pokémon Ballast (One-shot)
    Threadmarks: Ballast

    Summary: “Saint Bonapisa’s good luck for trainers,” Cass told me once. Maybe she should’ve kept some of that luck for herself. The drifblim was still following me, but if Lake Valor was what Cass wanted, then I’d find a way to get her there. Content warning: off-screen death, a funeral...
  8. Homestar!

    Pokémon The Loser
    Threadmarks: Ch. 1: Scotty Doesn't Know

    Synopsis: Sometimes, people do drastic things to make changes in their life. For Mike, who has been struggling with obesity since he was a child, that change was training. He sets off for Unova and hopes that a life of hiking, fighting, and roughing it will finally let him realize his dream...
  9. WildBoots

    Pokémon Continental Divides
    Threadmarks: Summary Page

    Summary: “You could make a difference if you really wanted to.” Natalie and Mark quickly find themselves on opposite sides of a deadly turf war, and more than their own lives are at stake. Rating: T+ language, alcohol & tobacco, implied (off-screen) sex, and violence. It’s also very much a...
  10. Alira

    Pokémon Pokemon Sword: Reflections From The Past To The Future
    Threadmarks: Chapter one: Calling

    Protagonists: Alira Shinka(OC) Hop Preceding Oneshots: Pokemon Sword: Reflections of the past(oneshot) Brief summary: (Note: This is a rewrite/AU version of the Post Game story with various small edits of the main story that will be mentioned at points or made into oneshots. The summary has...
  11. lukatales

    Pokémon Welcome to Alcot: Series

    hello! so this is my first shot at writing fic and im hoping it goes well! the idea of this came from a pokemon ttrpg setting I made, but I didn't have time to devote to making it an actual campaign. i still wanted to share the story though! so i got the idea to turn it into a fanfiction! the...
  12. Chibi Pika

    Pokémon The Legendarian Chronicles
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The story of an inevitable war, the humans that tried to stop it, and all the reasons their failure was written into the universe itself. Hello everyone, and welcome to LC, a trainer fic that was first started on December 14, 2001. Yes, you read that right, this fic is twenty years old...
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