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  1. tomatorade

    Pokémon A Wonderful Leaf Boat [2023 One-Shot Contest]

    A Wonderful Leaf Boat If Latios were to close his eyes and rely entirely on maimed threads of memory, he would have nothing but smears of colour. Those greens for the grass beneath his once-paws. Grey, maybe blue, for the sky and one streak—one brilliant crystalline streak of blue—cutting...
  2. SparklingEspeon

    Pokémon Crashing Fate
    Threadmarks: Title, Info, and Chapter of Contents

    "Legends are positions, not people." By day, Ann works as Mew, the glorified secretary for Arceus and the other legends of the High Council. By night, she secretly breaks High Council code to enjoy earth sights with the lower legends. After she and her friend are kidnapped by Team Rocket, Ann...
  3. Adamhuarts

    Pokémon A Mew Me: Kuki's Tale
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Kuki's Tale Begins

    Feedback Preferences: Chapter One: Kuki's Tale Begins Kuki’s hair fluttered in the warm afternoon breeze. She stretched her arms with a yawn and leaned back against a large berry tree. A second gust threatened to knock her summer hat off just as she relaxed, and she quickly clamped it down to...
  4. Namohysip

    Pokémon The Godslayer

    Hey all! This was made for the Thousand Roads one-shot competition once, and now it's been edited to be even better. Hope you enjoy this divine comedy! I'll rate this one Everyone, with some fantasy and implied violence. The Godslayer With a hat, a grin, and ultimate power He challenged Our...
  5. Adamhuarts

    Pokémon A Mew Me: Kuki's Tale [DISCONTINUED]
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Hey guys, it's me again with yet another rebooted version of this story. Before we begin, I'd like to issue an apology to the people who reviewed the last version just before I discontinued it. However, this time will be different. I plan on this being the last time I reboot this story. It's...
  6. Adamhuarts

    Pokémon A Mew Me: Kuki's Tale [Discontinued]

    Hello everyone. I'm Adam, nice meeting you too. This is a story i had started sometime in 2018 and practically left for dead when I was both burned out creatively and written the story into a corner. However, things will be different this time! Last time i didn't have a solid grasp on where i...
  7. Chibi Pika

    Pokémon The Legendarian Chronicles
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The story of an inevitable war, the humans that tried to stop it, and all the reasons their failure was written into the universe itself. Hello everyone, and welcome to LC, a trainer fic that was first started on December 14, 2001. Yes, you read that right, this fic is twenty years old...
  8. NonAnalogue

    Pokémon Mew-child [complete!]

    MEW-CHILD Chapter 1: The Call She knew the legends, of course. There was, once upon a bygone time, a being born of the mystical Mew – not in the same way that Mew was said to be the ancestor of all Pokemon, and not in the same way that men playing God created the cloned Mewtwo. This being...
  9. Namohysip

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation

    Don't you hate it when your life is a lie? It started with getting stabbed. Later, mugged. Then, he forgets them both. Owen had lived a simple life with simple dreams, but an ancient conflict catches up with him, as does a forgotten past. With answers easily slipping away and chaos rising the...
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