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  1. JFought

    Pokémon Searching for a Resolution [2023 One-Shot Contest]

    Summary: It’s been 700 years since Keldeo left the Swords of Justice, and their recent reunion did not go as he hoped. Still, acting as an adventurer for Liber’s Traveler’s Guild has always helped take his mind off of troubling thoughts. There was no reason why this request had to be any...
  2. ShinyMachoke

    Pokémon The Unlucky Egg

    First, some credits and clarity: This was originally written in 2014 and it takes place in the universe of the now-defunct deviantart group PMD: Unity. The setting of the desert town, Geoda, and the currency of star coins, belongs to the owner of that group, ChillySunDance. The character Lance...
  3. Yodakage Kira

    Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Frontier Justice

    In a world where humans have all disappeared for hundreds of years, Pokémon explore what humanity left behind on the frontiers while trying to figure out what happened. A lone human appears, unable to remember how he got there. Armed with a revolver and his wit, he has to figure out how to get...
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