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contest entry

  1. Sinderella

    Pokémon Of Mon's First Disobedience [2023 One-Shot Contest]
    Threadmarks: Table of Contents

    Synopsis: Venira is a seraph, a formless Pokemon in "training" to become a legendary. However, her time spent under her creator, Father Arceus, has not been grand. As she slowly learns more about the concept of "emotions," she's come to understand that she wants more for herself. When she...
  2. canisaries

    Pokémon 109 (2023 Contest Oneshot)
    Threadmarks: 109

    Hello everyone! The results of the 2023 Oneshots Contest are finally out, so I can post my little entry, too. I wrote it in just two days (iirc) because I couldn't come up with anything for the Legendary POV prompt before that, and even now it's questionable since I wrote about Spiritomb and...
  3. canisaries

    Pokémon Into Light (2022 Contest Oneshot)

    Hey all! This was my entry for the Thousand Roads 2022 Oneshot Contest, Mischief and Malice, where the theme was "Villain POV". To my great delight, I ended up in third place, making this the first TR contest that I've officially placed in! Keeping in mind how many talented authors were taking...
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