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  1. Bluwiikoon

    Pokémon Despite Everything (one-shot)
    Threadmarks: Thread? Mark!

    Content Warnings: Depictions of anxiety, loss, grief, mentions of abuse, and mentions of deadnaming. A kind of sequel/epilogue to my Mewtwo short in Legendaries of the Present World. Enjoy! Fidgeting with and turning the small, lettered tile in his hand, Mewtwo sighed. The word-composing...
  2. Oculus049

    Pokémon You are a Leafeon

    You are a leafeon. The warm spring breeze trickles over your cream-colored fur and tickles your tall leafy ears. You push your oak brown paws into the cool dirt below as you try to find a comfortable place to lie down. Tufts of grass cushion you as you finally find the perfect spot. The familiar...
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