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  1. Negrek

    Main Hall - Cotton Down Lounge

    Odette and Wes' investigation had clearly gone much better than Nate's own, given how they'd blown out of the room they'd been searching like they were expecting Xavian to show up any minute. Or, hell, maybe they hadn't found anything except a sign that Xavian's party was going to head home and...
  2. Negrek

    Main Hall - Cotton Down Lounge

    Well, okay, so apparently everyone else felt like they wanted to get into whatever was going on with Odette. Nate hunched his shoulders and scowled. Wasn't like he didn't care, he was just trying to not make things weird... whatever. And when Odette and Odile went on to explain about the...
  3. Negrek

    Main Hall - Cotton Down Lounge

    The walk over to the lounge was uneventful, save that the girl with the espeon had decided to come along for the ride. Nate wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that; with a job like this, more people meant more trouble. But whatever. They could probably stick her on lookout duty or something...
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