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  1. surskitty

    Pokémon Broken Things

    What a good oricorio. I like that Kekoa tried just using his words. See, Kekoa? Pokémon know things. Try not to die, Cuicatl!
  2. surskitty

    Pokémon Broken Things

    Pixie's not wrong. She's always right, but she's extra right here.
  3. surskitty

    Pokémon Broken Things

    The fantasy sequence kind of went over my head, ehehe. Gen's insistence of deadnaming is :( Girl, no. I'm kind of fascinated by the starmie lie detection. Interesting concept, fun (well, awful, but fun for me) implementation. Sorry about your realisation of homosexuality, Gen! Cuicatl does...
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