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  1. bluesidra

    One-Shot Contest 2023 Theme Poll + Judge Call

    I wondered what PoV means in the legendary pov context. 1st and 3rd limited is a given, 2nd probably also, but what about 3rd omni, when you have a narrator with its own personality that focuses on the leggy but knows everything about what's going on in the other characters' heads, too? Maybe a...
  2. bluesidra

    One-Shot Contest 2023 Theme Poll + Judge Call

    Hey! I’d like to judge this year, too!
  3. bluesidra

    Pokémon Hospice

    No update, just uploading my rad signature bc imgur is whack. Read chapter2 while you're here!
  4. bluesidra

    Pokémon Legend has it [PLA Gen Week 2023]

    ooooooh I'm in love. Can you give me a few more links? What's up with that tumblr event? I'm always open to do / share some pla worldbuilding. I love doing it, but I get often stuck and tumble over my own thoughts.
  5. bluesidra

    Pokémon Long Nights (2023 Prompt Bingo)

    Undercover Investigation :mewlulz: This is such an unexpected tonal clash, I love it. I already think that the setup of Batman and Robin is really goofy, and now to have cape-master Lance... it's great. Lance waiting in just the right locker, when it's not really evident how he could have even...
  6. bluesidra

    Pokémon Morsels of Heartwarming [2023 Drabble Bingo]

    When Creatures became Pokemon >Yeets this at son >"READ!" the rest of the night A God's Duty >Takes that out of the reach of son >"DON'T READ" Aaaaaa this is awesome! I'm so tempted to play conquest now, but I know I'll go down a rabbit hole of conflicting lore if I do. On a sadder(?) note...
  7. bluesidra

    Pokémon bric-à-brac [a flash fiction collection]

    What can I say other than 😭 I expected some daiya/tia bickering, and maybe a gira-reveal. But looks like over in unova, they are even more dysfunctional. They come across as less deified and more as servants, which is a cool interpretation. But that makes me wonder what the arguments between...
  8. bluesidra

    Fourth Anniversary Drabble Bingo

    Yes hello! I would love to participate! Can I have a bingo card with history themes?
  9. bluesidra

    Pokémon Tempered Skies

    Okay, I've read through the second chapter on AO3 now as well. Sadly, no quotes this time. Some thoughts: I like Whitney a lot! She is fun and showed a great amount of personality. The sentence about how she thinks Jasmine is cute but she would never admit it because she herself is the cutest...
  10. bluesidra

    Pokémon Pokémon Crossing: Fly Me to the Moon

    Hello! Finally got around to checking this out! Crossovers aren't my thing, so I kinda skipped around your fic a bit, but damn it is fun. The crossover part came actually somewhat natural. It's pretty much mainline pokemon, but what's usually humans are now animals. My brain can parse that...
  11. bluesidra

    Pokémon Tempered Skies

    Oh boy, a Johto fic? Lance and dragon types may be Pen's backyard, but it just so happens to neighbor mine too. So, Lance is our protagonist here. He's the kind of stiff I expect from Lance, but so far, he hadn't had much of a chance to show off his character. Other than respectful (towards...
  12. bluesidra

    Pokémon The Hero of Another Story

    Oh boy, blue rolls the "Abra kills Leon" fic... Nothing can go wrong here But jokes aside, beside the killing of an npc who is very near and dear to me, I really enjoyed this. What immediately struck me was how distinct your characters were. Establishing the dynamics between an entire team of...
  13. bluesidra

    Ultra Park (Entrance)

    Hello there, husband of the Horned One-- Wait, why is he suddenly hesitant again? I study his features and-- oh boy, I think this man seriously underestimates me. I reach out to return his handshake! As if I didn't know human's greeting rituals now. I'm an experienced human-guardian after all...
  14. bluesidra

    Ultra Park (Entrance)

    Okay, so I think my human --- WAIT, this woman understands me?!?!?!?! I stare at her for a moment in disbelief. How can this horned woman understand my language but my human cannot????? Okay, there seems to be something seriously amiss. Maybe I'm in some sort of alternate world? Maybe it's a...
  15. bluesidra

    Ultra Park (Entrance)

    ((switching to 1st person, it just feels more natural for my baby)) Just as I've regained my bearings here, I hear a high-pitched voice from behind me and --- whoa! Oh my god, the ground falls away. Heh. No, I'm too clever to let the ground deceive me. I know how getting picked up feels, but...
  16. bluesidra

    Ultra Park (Entrance)

    Out of a particularly small wormhole tumbles a togepi. She only barely catches herself to not fall over, and already has some choice words for this unfriendly wormhole on her lips, when she notices her surroundings. For a moment, she is stunned. So many thing she's never seen before... giant...
  17. bluesidra

    Cosmog's Multiverse Festival [Signups]

    Oh, this sounds interesting! One of the few times I catch a signup! Just a heads-up: last time I played on of those, I got social burnout rather quickly, so I can't promise that I can keep up with the pace until the very end. But I'll try my best! Name: Letty (short for Laeticia) Species...
  18. bluesidra

    Pokémon White Swan, Black Swan

    Like, this is a date that Clovis set up from start to finish. He made a conscious decision to choose this location (a place where everyone looks up to him) and this timeslot (right after a practise session, and when adorable little scraps with smoochums run around). They are moving on his home...
  19. bluesidra

    Blitz 2022: Prize Claim Thread

    Scrunched together those points... phew... Level of Prize (Forum Companion, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3): Level 2 Type of Prize (Art, Review, Beta, or Misc): Misc (Item Deep Dive) Preferred Method of Contact: Discord (Forum is okay too)
  20. bluesidra

    Non-Pokémon When the Bells Toll [Fallen London flash fiction collection]

    In flies a new batch! In which I arrive at Chizu's backstory.
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