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  1. MintyMimix

    Pokémon Just West of Paradise

    Heya Fobbie, lovely themed multishot you got here! This was a fun read all-around, and I thoroughly enjoy the premise of the MC trying to make sense of the strange logic going all around him that seem to somehow work in the others' favor. Let's dive right in. Chapter 1 Right off the bat, we...
  2. MintyMimix

    Reading Rookidee

    Name of fic- White Swan, Black Swan Link to fic- https://forums.thousandroads.net/threads/white-swan-black-swan.551/ # of Chapters you intend to read/Wordcount goal- At least 1!
  3. MintyMimix

    Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation

    Review Blitz time! HoC is by far one of the most daunting in length, but knowing what I do from your campaign experience, it’ll be a very much well-deserved epic in scope that necessitates that density — so let’s dive right in! I’ve read up to Chapter 4 by this point and a tiny bit of context...
  4. MintyMimix

    Pokémon What Life Has To Offer [2023 One-Shot Contest]

    How truly infinite the universe was! An endless expanse of cobalt and crimson forged the lands before Ena as her mind’s eye opened. A curious chirp escaped her maw, and her spiny, skeletal form reticulated as she looked up for the first time. Floating just above the ground composed of millions...
  5. MintyMimix

    Fourth Anniversary Drabble Bingo

    Middle column done! Thank you for the card Torchic!
  6. MintyMimix

    Pokémon MintyMimix's Drabble Collection

    Drabbles I make will be indexed here! The majority of these do not have a longer fanfic tied to them and are primarily intended for writing practice! I am okay with light constructive criticism, but please keep it to mechanics or narrative structure rather than to the concepts! Drabble...
  7. MintyMimix

    Truth or Dare Crossroads

    Roya let out a flat laugh of her own at Lurosa's snark. Even so, her eyes brightened at the mention of her occupation. "Really? What kinda science do ya look into? Well, 'sides, y'know..." She gestured a paw towards their surroundings. "Unless that's your main thing?" The Luxray had been more...
  8. MintyMimix

    Truth or Dare Crossroads

    "G-Good," Roya replied as she turned her away and gave the Espeon a full view of her rosy cheeks. "Glad that's settled then. I did the dare. Now—" Sparks flew out of the Luxray as she let out a mewl at the sudden change in appearance. Her frazzled tail stuck straight into the air as she...
  9. MintyMimix

    Pokémon Welcome to the World of Pokemon! (Drabble Collection/Bingo)

    Oh the imagery in this is so visceral, so palpable - just chef's kiss. The despair, the loss, the hopelessness fading into disbelief as his partners came to rescue him.... It tugged at my heart in the best ways possible. Absolutely love it! Hana's own struggle is heart-wrenching. Definitely...
  10. MintyMimix

    Truth or Dare Crossroads

    "I am not embarrassed!" Roya protested as her tail struck the ground as though it were a hammer. With a huff, she raised her neck up and said, "I just figured the one tryin' to goad me so much ought to put her money where her mouth is." On hers. The Luxray flashed her fang as declared, "Ya want...
  11. MintyMimix

    Truth or Dare Crossroads

    "Love?" Roya responded with a mmrph, "I mean, I guess I love my bro a lot, but I don't see what that has to do with—" One would have thought she had swallowed sand from how violent Roya's coughing fit lashed. "What in the—?!" She mewled as her mane and tail stood on end. Bouts of electricity...
  12. MintyMimix

    Truth or Dare Crossroads

    Roya snorted. "'Course I talk. I look like a feral to you?" She flashed her sharp yet pearly white fangs. "Not bad, not bad at all," she remarked as a smirk curled onto her lips. "Though I don't think showerin' in the tea was part of the dare. You do you, though." As the land shifted to...
  13. MintyMimix

    Truth or Dare Crossroads

    Roya and sleep were as much adversaries as they were close partners. No matter how wonderful and relaxing its loving embrace was, sleep always hit her upside the head when she least expected. That evening was no different. She let out a deep sigh as she realized she had involuntarily fallen...
  14. MintyMimix

    Pokémon Sind's Totally Tubular Bingo Prompt/Drabble/Scrapped Scene Thread

    This first prompt feels like college shenanigans all over again. I adore how animated everyone is, and the ending was the icing on the cake!
  15. MintyMimix

    Pokémon Yellow’s 2023 Drabble Bingo

    This was heart-wrenching; fitting that it's a rainy day where I live right now. Excellent stuff Yellow.
  16. MintyMimix

    Pokémon Garden Bingo in Suspicious Times (2023 anniversary bingo)

    I adore these! From the characterization to the unexpected twists of the first two, to the very detailed logistics and world building of the third. Super inspiring and great stuff!
  17. MintyMimix

    Fourth Anniversary Art Corpse

    I'd like to sign up! Let's see what horrors we can construct!
  18. MintyMimix

    Fourth Anniversary Drabble Bingo

    This is the first time I've done something like this, but I definitely want to get some good writing practice in! No theme preference!
  19. MintyMimix

    Fourth Anniversary Event Planning

    The only weekend I can't do is the 26th - 28th, but otherwise I should be available Friday evenings (EDT) or Saturdays all day! I can send out a WhenIsGood if that will help!
  20. MintyMimix

    Fourth Anniversary Event Planning

    I could potentially host an anniversary Jackbox evening, if there's interest!
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