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  1. IFBench

    Gatekeepers Realm - Clink's World

    Gen yelped as the last shard of glass was pulled out of him. That stung so, so much. He was in agony, he was terrified. He just wanted to go home and forget about all of this. More than anything, though...he was ashamed of himself. "I...I'm s-sorry...I failed...I c-couldn't distract Orzo for...
  2. IFBench

    Gatekeepers Realm - Clink's World

    Gen was curled up in a patch of grass, whimpering. He'd almost died. He was right next to the Golden King, and his life was in extreme danger. The shards of glass sticking out of him did little to ease his worries. Coleane frowned as she plucked the glass out of her partner, wincing with each...
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