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  1. Nekodatta

    Pokémon What the Gods Gave Me

    I remember already reading this chapter so now it's my occasion to review it. It's extremely interesting, we get a sudden POV change to an already existing Latios, and this already tells me that there can be more than one legendary of any kind. From his mannerism something tells me he's not...
  2. Nekodatta

    Pokémon What the Gods Gave Me

    I'm here for the Catnip review! - Chapter 3 - This chapter was incredibly interesting with Atlas trying to explain psychic powers to Aeimlou, both as a concept in itself and how they work in the fic but especially because they've being explained by someone who's used to them. I also didn't...
  3. Nekodatta

    Pokémon What the Gods Gave Me

    This story stood out to me because of the premise and even just by the first chapter I can already tell I'm going to love it. You captured Aeimlou reactions at his sudden transformation so vividly. His mind suddenly being assaulted with new feelings from his body, of actually feeling more...
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