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  1. K_S

    Introduce Your Characters!

    Complete! Teh crime kitty. (Basically the same cat across different worlds) Art courtesy of a blitz point submission courtesy of (name pending consult notes) Name: Persian (Avoria: ivory (feminine emphasis) in ittalian, but only called that in the Transversal and Roost stories) Age...
  2. K_S

    Introduce Your Characters!

    Name: beedrill (sakaki's) Age: unknown. Mature adult. Age suspended per pokeball tech and forest energy infusions. Species: beedrill, viridian forest stock. Gender: agender (identifies as it, per beedril biology/psychology but responds to they/them pronouns as well) Art won in a...
  3. K_S

    Introduce Your Characters!

    Name: Green Azule Character warnings, discussion of child abduction, abuse, and gaslighting, while not detailed these topics are talked about. Pronouns: Female, She/her
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