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  1. Negrek

    Natural Cure Infirmary
    Threadmarks: [N7] Go back to sleep

    Nate woke up in the infirmary. Again? Had he left? He wasn't sure. The room was too bright, and he could feel the weight of the air with every breath he took, pressing down on straining lungs. How the fuck did he feel even worse now than he did before? Wasn't the whole point of this shitty...
  2. Negrek

    Natural Cure Infirmary
    Threadmarks: Goodnight

    Nate woke freezing, his head pounding, nausea backing up his throat every time he moved. And he needed to move, because even in his barely-conscious state,not sure where he was or why, he recognized that itching, tingling sensation. "What are you--?" he started, the words starting mushy but...
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