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  1. Shiny Phantump

    Gatekeepers Realm - Clink's World

    “I’m ready to go as soon as we can,” Gladion said, “The sooner this is over, the better.” And, of course, the soon he had his bag back, the sooner he could stop worrying.
  2. Shiny Phantump

    Gatekeepers Realm - Clink's World

    Gladion grimaced. “Then what can we do? Can Hoopa send us home from here once they recover? I’m not the only one who didn’t prepare for a long stay before getting whisked into the Maw. I can’t stay here.” “Thank you. I would be saying the same of-” Hazel blinked. “Wait. Evolving? I am not...
  3. Shiny Phantump

    Gatekeepers Realm - Clink's World

    Hazel managed to stick her landing. Her crest and tail changed from black to red, and after a moment of focusing, a cloud of steam rose of her. She was, if still raggedy-looking, at least now dry. The same could not be said of Gladion, who was soggy, frustrated, and had crash-landed curled on...
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