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  1. Phoenixsong

    Blaze Caverns

    Definitely not Heatran, though it was at least a relief—Charizard hadn't even realized he was nervous until he felt some of the tension leave his wings—to see someone he recognized. He smiled at Aggron and let his tail relax. "Normally I'd rather be outside, yes, but we're looking for someone...
  2. Phoenixsong

    Blaze Caverns

    Whatever the cause of Charizard's sense of urgency, it had at least found them a pretty decent candidate; the smack to the tailbone might even turn out to be worthwhile at this rate. The tunnels bored their way deeper and deeper into the mountain, thankfully with no zubat in sight. Not that it...
  3. Phoenixsong

    Blaze Caverns
    Threadmarks: Day 8: Blue/Charizard, Steven/Aggron, and Heatran - We Didn't Start the Fire (But With Any Luck We'll Punch It)

    Charizard only seemed antsier as they took off yet again and resumed their spiral flight around the mountainside. Blue couldn't blame the guy; he wasn't feeling much more optimistic himself. Three cave mouths they'd checked so far this morning, and three times they'd come up with jack, zilch...
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