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  1. MintyMimix

    Main Hall - Cotton Down Lounge

    Violet nodded her head along as she listened to the man's speech. "I am happy your Pokémon may rest unharmed," she began, pausing as her gaze drilled into his, "However, thou could hath asked any of us for aide in your escapade." She had wanted to say it was arrogant to assume that strength...
  2. MintyMimix

    Main Hall - Cotton Down Lounge

    "Hm? Oh, Steven, was it not? Good morrow," Violet replied, looking up at the man with a curious gaze. Were those bags underneath his eyes there yesterday? His expression was far more somber than in the caverns, and his posture was far less poised than before. She took a few more blinks as she...
  3. MintyMimix

    Main Hall - Cotton Down Lounge
    Threadmarks: Day 5: A Stone's Throw (Violet/Hazel & Steven)

    While there was a bit of a ruckus downstairs last night, the lack of messages on Hazel's phone and the loud music they heard on the first evening led Violet and Hazel to believe that it was just the other guests making some noise. They had even taken a moment to check the hallways downstairs...
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