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Forum Guidelines

Respect your fellow forum members.

Ultimately, the forum guidelines all boil down to respect. The section below spells out some specific behaviors that are considered unacceptable on the board, but as long as you remember that there's another person on the other side of the screen and show them a bit of basic human decency, you'll do just fine.

Do treat your fellow members with kindness and understanding.

Do attempt to make posts that actively improve the community, whether silly or serious.

Do have an excellent time.

And do report content that you believe violates the forum guidelines. Do contact a staff member if someone on the forums is making you feel uncomfortable for any reason. If you're having a problem with a moderator, contact an admin. And, if you need to contact the staff but can't access your forum account for whatever reason, please reach out using the board's contact form.

In most cases you will receive a warning if you violate one of the board guidelines. Repeated offenses will result in an infraction or ban. All warnings, infractions, and bans are at staff discretion. The guidelines below are only that, guidelines, and if you manage to invent some way to be horrible without actually explicitly breaking any of them, you'll still be getting the boot.

If you have any questions about the guidelines, feel free to post in Help and Suggestions or contact a staff member.

It takes more than just staff to build an excellent community. Help us make Thousand Roads a place where everyone can feel safe and welcomed.

Forum Guidelines

Do not insult, harass, threaten, or otherwise abuse your fellow members. Disagreement is fine, but be mindful that you keep it respectful--personal attacks are not welcome here. If another member has made it clear that they want you to leave them alone, do not continue trying to engage them, even if you really really disagree with their opinion. If you're offended by another member's post or otherwise find it inappropriate, report it to the staff--do not wade in and start a fight over it yourself.

Do not post content that disparages a culture or identity. Whether there are members of a group in the community or not, joking about, mocking, threatening, or otherwise posting negative content about a group of people is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. Remember that our user base is diverse, including members of marginalized identities, and do your best to make this a welcoming community for them.

Do not post disturbing, offensive, or not-safe-for-work content. In general, the atmosphere of the forums should be PG-13. A bit of cursing is fine, but slurs or offensive language directed an individual or particular group of people is not, whether or not they're members of the forums. Trolling will not be tolerated.

Do not post others' content without permission. If reposting content someone else made (e.g. a piece of fanart you really like), provide credit to the creator. Attempting to pass someone else's work off as your own is considered plagiarism and a severe offense.

Do not post solely to advertise. Do not use the forums to sell anything or solicit other members for money. It's fine to link to your Youtube, Tumblr, forum, or other web site in your signature. You can also post links to other sites, even your own work on external sites, if it's relevant to the discussion, but posting "Check out my Youtube channel!!!" regardless of what's going on in the thread is not okay. The forums are likewise not the place to ask for commissions or advertise the mugs you sell on Etsy. You can link to a commission web site or online store in your signature, but advertising your Ko-Fi or fanart commisions in your fic thread, for example, is not permitted.

Do not make irrelevant posts. Your posts should somehow be related to the topic being discussed in a thread. If you want to discuss something different, make a new topic!

Finally, for extra fun, familiarize yourself with the board's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, brought to you by Xenforo itself.

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