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Your fanfics as r/relationships posts


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Just for fun, inspired by this tweet, sum up your stories in the form of a title (or multiple) in the style of the infamous r/relationships subreddit!

The Quest for the Legends:

My (11M) parents conspired with the local librarian to keep me from finding out about this legendary Pokémon (1000M?) that they didn't want me to see. I went to see it anyway, it killed me to recruit me on this quest to save the world, and meanwhile my parents have been made to forget they attended my funeral. Am I the asshole here?

I (11F) joined this group with this girl I really admire (12F), but I think she may have murdered someone (13M)?? What do I do??

I (1000M) just found out that my dad (2000X) lied to me my whole life about his best friend (??????M), who was like my role model but apparently he was actually destroying almost all life every 1000 years. It won't stop unless he and I both die. Am I the asshole for being mad at my dad for this???


I (37M) and some others created half-human half-Pokémon hybrid embryos in the name of medical science, which we were going to abort, but now we're being made to raise them. Kids are the last fucking thing I want. Help?


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I (6F) have a human friend (15F) who doesn't understand very basic things about the world. She gets mad when I try to train her and I think she might leave me for some other pokemon she's shown interest in. Is this worth the effort?

Or by the end of the story (v minor spoilers, just current planned final team ages and genders):
My (16F) pokemon (7F, 0.5F, 63M, 3M, 912(?)F(?), 21F are trying to unionize.
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Here's mine in the style of similarly drama-filled subreddit /r/AmITheAsshole:

I (52F) tried to keep my niece (18F) from going on a pokemon journey due to the danger, and she was almost immediately attacked by killer pokemon, cryptids, and terrifying immortal mystic trainers, but somehow I'm the asshole here?


The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
Rude Awakening

(Chapter 6 Spoilers):

I (BeginningOfTimeF) took my brothers (BeginningOfTimeM, BeginningOfTimeM) and a friend (SeveralMilleniaAtLeastM) to a video game universe for vacation, but some of the locals want to cause the apocalypse? Send help?

Heroes After All:

I (8M) am trying to make friends at school but literally no one likes me? Also I have no Pokemon and my superpowers keep exploding, which does not help.

(Chapter 6 spoilers):

I (1yearatmostbutmentallyabout8M) set off to escape from my abusive extended family but a Charizard tried to eat me. I escaped but where do I go now?

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
This thread is the best thing ever and all of these are cracking me up. Keep it up everyone. xD

And now, the best summary of LC you'll ever see:

I (14F) ran away from home without a training license and I'm planning to join a rebel team fighting Team Rocket run by this guy (18?M) that I met in the woods. Am I making a huge mistake?

I mean it, don't click unless you've read ahead on other sites. >:/
I (17F) just ran into my childhood best friends (14F, 16F) after five years, only they're working for the enemy and my boss/dad (45M) just ordered me to kill them or he's going to disown me. What do I do??
I (18M) recruited a bunch of children (12-14) to fight a war for me and half of them got killed. Am I the asshole here?


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Black Paint (r/choosingbeggars edition)

I (4M, though maybe about 17 in human years) am trying to make a buck for my trainer (15M) by doing caricatures, and then this scary lady pops up and asks me to draw her and her Jynx for free. Then she calls me the asshole and starts siccing her ice-type on me. What is my trainer supposed to live off of, exposure?

Outside the Frame

i (6M) met this coot girl on diancord, but shes a hooman and im a zango. she wants 2 come 2 meet mom so she can adopt me, but moms a mess atm. is this wierd???


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Okay I'm gonna give this a go...


I (19M) stumbled upon a secret government base while chasing golden ships, and stole some girl I found in a box. Now the government wants me dead. What do I do?