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What Pokémon would you be in the PMD-verse?


A cat that writes stories.
Friends of mine insist that I'd be an espeon. It's a cat, it's loyal and protective, intelligent, capable of prescience and empathy. The Ultra Sun/Moon Dex entries sealed it:

Ultra Sun: Although it originally had no powers at all, people say its precognitive faculties were awakened by its need to protect itself.
Ultra Moon: Psychic power builds up in the orb on its forehead as it bathes in the sunshine. Espeon is not good at battling at night.

I spend a lot of time fixated on future events due to traumatic experiences I've had, and I need plenty of sunlight to keep my wellbeing up due to wintertime seasonal affective disorder. Feels appropriate.

I like to think I'd be a variant of some kind, like a tabby or something. The aesthetic doesn't match up terribly well!

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
*aurorus noise*
I want to say a bug of some kind. I'm thinking spinarak, most likely, since 1.) spider! :D and 2.) they have to do a lot of waiting around for Just the Right Moment (or for prey, in their case) to arrive before they can properly do their thing.

(Fwiw, in what woefully little time I've actually spent with any of the games, it's pretty much always given me chikorita [and I think totodile, once].)
Okay, you know what? Scratch this. I wouldn't be spinarak. I'd be a dottler.

They're bug/psychic-type, which is about as fitting for me as it gets.

They spend their time hiding in their shells, watching the world and preparing for a possible, but not inevitable, evolution.

They're mid-stage, not what they were but not all they could be.

They look like absolute dorks.

I'd be a dottler.


Reviewing 'til I drop~
What kind of Pokemon, huh?

If I go by what I want to be, I'd totally want to be a Zoroark, because the illusion abilities are insane. Why wouldn't I want that? I could pull any pranks I wanted on peeps all I want hehehehe. Plus they're super floofy

Buuuuut, if I was forced to conform to choices by personality, I'd probably be a Slaking ability-wise, lol. Can absolutely pump out a chapter in a week when provided with the proper motivation... Then proceed to slack off for twice that amount of time XD