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Uncle Nanu's Ultra Beastly Word Crawl


Only the Lonely
Uncle Nanu's Ultra Beastly Word Crawl
This is just my life, isn't it? Thanks, Tapu Bulu.

Alola, the crossroads of dimensions, a haven for fallers both human and monstrous. After the onslaught unleashed by Necrozma, everyone had hoped for a bit of peace. Relatively speaking, an invasion of confused fanfic enthusiasts isn't much to worry about, though the fact that they're stranded on Ula'ula unfortunately makes them the Kahuna's problem. The best Nanu can hope for is that these unwanted guests manage to find their way home before a pack of ultra beasts comes sniffing after their energy signatures, using their powers of... writing and reading? Honestly, it would have been better to just stay in bed this morning.

This thread is a word crawl, a game that helps you get your word count up by breaking big tasks down into little pieces and giving you rewards along the way. This word crawl has been adapted to help you catch up on your reviews, too! You can use it purely for writing, purely for reviewing, or for a mix of both.

If you follow the crawl the whole way through, and assuming you write at an average of 30 words per minute for timed writing portions, when you get done you'll have written a cool 8,000 words or five reviews! A new chapter to the crawl will be posted each Monday in July--there will be five parts in total. In general the challenge will ramp up in difficulty over time, with later chapters having a higher word count total, but the sub-tasks they contain won't become much harder. The point is to break big tasks down into easy-to-complete steps, after all!

No sign-up is necessary--feel free to jump in and out as you like! If you miss a week, you can always go back to it later, and you can post your progress even if you didn't complete the challenge in full. One hundred words is better than zero words, both for your writing project and for the team challenges that will appear in later chapters of the game!

Feel free to post any questions you might have in the thread as well.

And with that, I'll hand it over to Nanu for your mission briefing.

"So you're one of the troublemakers who's decided to show up on my island, are you? Figures. If you're going to hang around here, you might as well make yourself useful. When there are fallers around, you can bet ultra beasts will follow, and there have been too many appearances of Ultra Wormholes lately for me to keep up with them myself. I need someone to keep them from causing too much trouble while I visit the Ruins of Abundance to ask for Tapu Bulu's help."

"I can't let you go off on a mission this dangerous without a pokémon to protect you. Normally I wouldn't even consider someone who wasn't a trainer already, but I understand you have experience with inter-dimensional problems."

"What do you say, then? Do you think you're capable of taking on an ultra beast?"

- Write 100 words


- Read one chapter of a chapterfic or a one-shot you'd like to review

to convince Nanu to give you a starter pokémon!
Once you're ready, check out your choices beneath the spoiler.

This meowth loves to nap in the grass. Easy-going and laid-back.

A hotheaded meowth with a fiery heart. I wouldn't get it angry if I were you.

Its heart is as big as the sea. The most gentle meowth in all of Ula'Ula.

Made your decision? Congratulations on your new pokémon!

"Great. Take care of that meowth, now. Sophocles called from Hokulani Observatory to report sightings of more ultra wormholes, but I haven't been able to get ahold of him since. Get up there and find out what's wrong."

The road up Mount Hokulani is long and winding, but fortunately the Exeggutor Express will take you straight to the top--if no one's gone and stolen the bus stop, that is.

- Write 200 words


- If you chose the laid-back meowth, spend two or more sentences talking about what you were expecting this story or chapter to be like and if it ended up matching your expectations. If you chose the hot-headed meowth, instead write two or more sentences about one thing you thought could have been improved in the story and why. And if you chose the gentle meowth, spend two or more sentences talking about your favorite character so far

while you meander over to the base of Mount Hokulani.
It's a pleasant walk, with plenty of opportunity for friendly battles along the way if you're feeling up for a fight. In fact, nothing seems out of the ordinary save for a brief glimmer of something high up in the sky. The Exeggutor Express arrives right on time, ready to take you to the top of Mount Hokulani.

- Write as many words as you can during the five-minute bus ride


- What did you like the best about what you just read? Write at least two sentences explaining what it was and why

while you wait to reach the top of Mount Hokulani.
Get out and admire the scenery at the top--you've earned it! Sophocles should be in the observatory right here.

But actually--not? The inside of the observatory is dark, scorch marks dotting walls and floor and the lobby strewn with fliers from an overturned rack. There's no one here but an outsized vikavolt, crackling with electricity and shedding a strange, fiery aura. Now that it's seen you, there's no hope of escape. You'll have to fight!

- If you chose the laid-back meowth, take as much time as you need to write until you reach the next multiple of five hundred words. If you chose the hotheaded meowth, charge ahead for 10 minutes and see how many words you can get. And if you chose the gentle meowth, simply write 250 words


- Find a sentence, paragraph, or other section of text that stood out to you while you were reading. Copy and paste it into your review, then write two to three sentences about why it caught your attention. You're done! Go ahead and post that review

to defeat Totem Vikavolt!

With the totem fled, you can explore the rest of the observatory. It turns out Sophocles and the rest of the scientists were hiding in a back room, barricaded as best they could manage.

"Oh? You managed to scare the totem off? Impressive. I've never seen it act like that before! I think I know why, though. All these Ultra Wormholes must have agitated it a bit. You say that Nanu sent you? Well, if it's the Wormhole sightings you want to know about, let me see if I can get them up on my screen. I can tell you right now, if you're hoping to contain the Ultra Beasts, you'll have your work cut out for you...

If you've made it this far, congratulations on completing the first chapter of the challenge! Check back in next week for the second chapter--and your first encounter with an Ultra Beast!​


Only the Lonely
Don't have much time to work on this today, since I need to be editing more than writing new stuff, but I can at least get this kicked off and get my starter pokemon!

Wrote 108 words, so:

Words this post - 108
Total words so far - 108

And for my starter...

I think I'll take the hotheaded meowth!


Bug Catcher
Gonna use RP tags/application writing for this, since there's a lot of that I need to get done anyways!

Wrote 138 words, so for my starter:

Picking the gentle Meowth!

Wrote 207 words to get to the base of Mount Hokulani.

Wrote 221 words in five minutes!

Wrote to 335 words-defeated Totem Vikavolt!

901 words so far.


Dragon Enthusiast
  1. charizard
"Well, this shouldn't be too hard. Just a hundred words..." Namo sighed, rubbing his forehead. Falling from the sky was pretty rough, but at least he landed on something soft. Even if the Snorlax wasn't too happy about it afterward. Thankfully, he still had his phone, even if it held no signal except to his usual writing interfaces, but thankfully, there was a computer nearby for him to do the actual writing!

It was a reasonable assumption, even if it sounded crazy. It happened when he wrote his first 100 words, and by some strange spark, someone appeared behind him.

"...Well, isn't this ironic."

Namo glanced back, blinking several times at the apparition of a green, canine Pokemon -- Zygarde Hecto. "Wh--oh! Hi! Hecto."

"Why are you in Alola?"

"I dunno. Why are you...?" He tried to shake his paw, but it passed right through.

"It seems that this time, I am the one who gets to watch," Hecto said with an amused, almost spiteful smile. "I'm much more comfortable in this position."

Namo snorted through his nose, but nodded. "Guess I deserved that one."

But his summoning was enough go convince Nanu that he, too, was at least worth training. After hearing the descriptions, it seemed pretty clear that Namo was most interested in...

"I think I'm more for the gentle one."

And then came the walk to the bus. Writing on a bus--that was always a really difficult one. And he already wrote so much before this strange mess began; perhaps a change of pace wouldn't hurt. But he could at least try.

His Meowth, whom he decided to name Milli, purred while she followed them up the road. On Namo's opposite side, Hecto walked formally, like a ghostly soldier. The Zygarde spoke first. "It seems that this Nanu individual has some idea on how to harness your kind's unique powers. What assignment do you have?"

"Well, I can write more, but since I'm walking right now, probably a bad idea, or I can talk a bit about my favorite character."

"Favorite? Of Kilo? Very well, I'm listening; who is your favorite?"

"Well, I guess for me, my favorite character to write is probably... I mean, I have so many. But I guess I'll have to settle on Zoroark Enet -- Owen and the others don't meet her for a while yet, at least for what people here would be familiar with, but she's very fun. She has a unique skillset because of her illusions, but she also has a unique perspective, since she had a feral upbringing."

"Mm, she can certainly be a handful."

"She's a lot smarter than she looks, too. Maybe that's just part of her natural ingenuity? I don't really know, but she's definitely among my favorites to get writing."

Once on the bus, Namo sighed. "Alright. Let's see if writing a bit more can give us a little boost, too. Wonder if Milli will feel anything...?"

Five minutes came and went--it felt so short! But Namo got what he wanted. "Alright, that's 344 words in five minutes."

Hecto's eyes flickered. "You wrote more than one word per second?"

"I mean, I usually do these sprints for an hour, and within them I can go in spurts. I just did some stream of consciousness writing; I'll probably trim it later, but I kinda liked these lines."

"Mrm. Well, at least you're prolific."

After the bus stopped and they took some time to admire the scenery--Namo remarked that he'd seen something similar back home, since Alola was very reminiscent of that place--he saw that there were a few others here, too. Were they all waiting? "Guess we should just go inside."

And then the Vikavolt showed up--and a big one at that. A brief sense of panic took Namo over, taking a hesitant step back. "S-so, did I ever mention that in Hawaii we don't get bugs this big? We have two-inch roaches, but not THIS!"

But Milli stepped forward protectively, growling.

"H-Hecto, can you help?"

"I am fully incorporeal."

"Oh. Right. Okay. I, uh--Milli! D-do the fighting! Hecto, can you help direct her? I'm gonna do some writing to give her a boost."

"Of course."

The battle raged on, with Hecto shouting orders, Millie following, and mysterious boosts coming from Namo with every sentence he wrote. While he went a bit over, he definitely wrote 250 words to assist in the fight, and the giant Vikavolt fled.

Namo sighed. "Good job, Milli."

She meowed triumphantly, licking at a relatively minor electric scorch on her fur.

"For a gentle one, she's quite the fighter," Hecto remarked.

"For the best, I say. Let's go see where the others are hiding."

Chapter 1 complete!

Total accomplishments: +981 words (I went over for a few of them)
+Some chatter about my favorite character to write.


Only the Lonely
waaaa, I need to catch up with this or I'm going to be behind going into the next part!

I love the sort of RP style you did there, Namo! Hecto deserves a break after all that excitement in the mafia. I'm sure Hecto much prefers watching to having to get his paws dirty. It was also cool to see how you interpreted the words you wrote affecting the story-world.

Also, two gentle meowths, huh? Interesting!

Wrote 236 words to get to the base of the mountain. Since I took the aggressive meowth, I had to write for 5 + 10 minutes, and I got 587 words from that. So overall for the first chapter I'm at 108 + 236 + 587 = 931

I think I have just a handful of paragraphs more to wrap up this scene. Not sure if I'll finish those off today

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
  1. custom/pikachu-chibi
  2. lugia
Alllrighty, time to get in on this! I wrote 283 words on Friday and also read a chapter of Mew-Child, so I'ma get me a starter from Nanu!

I'll take the laid-back Meowth!

Next up, walking to Mt Hokulani! While finishing up chapter 39 yesterday, I wrote 306 words.

Then after that, it's time for the bus ride! I skipped ahead to write an action scene in chapter 41 because those work best for my sprints. Five mins got me... 144 words. Which is honestly a lot for me. :T

I'll fight Totem Vikavolt later tonight!

EDIT: The fight is over! The next multiple of 500 on my current chapter would have been 3500, but I went up to 3808, for a total of 422 words written! Looking forward to the next mission!
Last edited:


Only the Lonely
Part Two - The Kartana Konundrum
Kartana Swarm HP: 6000/6000​

"It's just like Nanu said. Ultra Wormholes have been opening all over Ula'ula, and I've been tracking them from the observatory here. The largest was over Malie City, but another opened near here, and the largest one near Ula'ula meadow. Don't worry, you won't have to remember all that! I was working on a device to help you out when the totem appeared. Give me a minute to finish the configuration."

Sophocles fiddles with a boxy device, what looks like an ordinary walkie-talkie, for a couple of minutes. When he slides a switch on its side it lets out a burst of static and a couple of bleeps.

"There! The Ultra Reader is complete. If you take this with you, you'll be able to detect the presence of ultra beasts anywhere you go. It uses a combination of the infinity energy output by all pokémon and the ultra energy specific to ultra beasts to triangulate their location, and by indexing the waveforms produced it blah blah blah, blah blah..."

(Politely) read a one-shot or chapter from a story you've never reviewed before (100 points)


(Politely) sneak in 100 words

while you listen to Sophocles' technobabble.

Sophocles is still waffling on when he suddenly jumps back, something flashing through the air where he'd just been standing. The Ultra Radar in his hands has started bleeping madly, and though it's hard to see the pokémon flitting around the room, perhaps preparing for another strike, that alone more or less identifies it: kartana!

Your meowth leaps forward, ready to defend you once again!

- Write 150 words


- Write at least two sentences about what made you decide to pick this story to read (150 points)

to drive the kartana away!

It only takes a couple of swipes from Meowth's claws to send kartana on the run. It turns sideways and slips through the crack around the edge of a door, and by the time you dash into the next room, it's gone.

"So there was an ultra beast here all along, was there?" Sophocles says. "Maybe that's what made the totem so angry. You had better get going and try to find the others, then. Here--you'll need these beast balls. If the ultra beasts can't find their way home on their own, you'll have to capture them so we can send them back ourselves. Now, I've set up the Ultra Radar so you can use it to communicate with Nanu. He'll call you when he needs you. For now, do you want a tour of the observatory?"

It's only polite... But depending on your interest in astrophysics, you might begin to wish you had faked a sudden illness and escaped while you could.

- Write 250 words


- What was your favorite thing about what you read? What was your least favorite? Write at least two sentences explaining each (250 points)

while you endure Sophocles' enthusiasm.
He's going in depth about why the observatory is located on top of a mountain when the Ultra Radar finally chimes. It's Nanu on the line.

"I heard you defeated Totem Vikavolt and drove off one of the ultra beasts. I have to admit, that's better than I expected. You're going to need more help than a single meowth, though. I suggest you look for another pokémon or two before you try anything funny against another ultra beast."

It looks as though the Exeggutor Express isn't around right now anyway--might as well take advantage of the tall grass growing all along Mount Hokulani's road. What kind of pokémon will you encounter around here?

- Write for 5 minutes


- In five minutes, pick out as many quotes from the text as stood out to you (150 points)

while you scour the grass for wild pokémon!
How successful were you? Check out the table under the spoiler to discover what you caught!

Tier One1-2 quotes or fewer than 150 words
Tier Two3+ quotes or at least 150 words

It's been over 20 minutes, and there's still no sign of the Exeggutor Express. It looks like you have no choice but to walk back down to Malie City. Maybe it would have been more useful for Sophocles to have given you a Ride Pager instead...

- Write 200 words


- Comment on the quotes you selected. Why did you pick them? What made them stand out to you? (200 points)

while you trudge back down Mount Hokulani.

At the base of Mount Hokulani, it becomes clear why the Exeggutor Express isn't running--the bus stop has been completely destroyed, the sign sliced to bits! The Ultra Radar's going wild, too. There must be kartana around here somewhere!

You hardly need the Ultra Radar's help to spot the kartana causing trouble--bursts of grass and leaves mark where they go slicing across the route, several trainers have pokémon out to battle tiny darting shapes, and you can even hear them when they flit through the air nearby, emitting a kind of papery rustle that belies the sharpness of their blades.

- Write for 10 minutes


- What do you think the author was trying to communicate with this story? It could be a certain theme or piece of headcanon, or something like the relationship between two characters. How well did you think they got their message across? Write a paragraph explaining what you saw in this story and whether you thought it was effective. Go ahead and post your review. You're done with this one! (300 points)

while you try to round up the kartana!

You're able to capture several kartana with your stock of beast balls, but the rest scatter, and the Ultra Radar's frantic chirping rapidly declines--until it comes to life again with a burst of static and Nanu's voice: "Are you off the mountain? Good. Those kartana have shown up at the Malie library. The patrons are doing their best to defend the books, but you need to get over there and capture as many as you can before they disperse. Get moving!"

- Write to next multiple of 500 words (e.g. if you have 1201 so far, write until you hit 1500)


- Read another story or chapter. It can be from a fic you've reviewed before this time! (150 points)

while you race to the reach the library.

Sure enough, the air is full of more whizzing paper-thin figures, this time confronted with a few energy-spewing trained pokémon and terrified librarians trying to shift their collection out of sight while the ultra beasts are distracted. At the center of the chaos is a person who looks surprisingly familiar, albeit rather tan...

- Write 200 words


- What do you like best about this author's writing? It can be something specific to what you just read (e.g. a particular scene or plot twist) or a more general characteristic of their work, like how they develop their characters. Write at least two sentences about this. (200 points)

while you chase the kartana out of the library!

With more kartana resting safely in beast balls and the rest fled, the Alolan variant of Professor Oak strikes up a conversation with you. "Ah, alola! Nice to meet you. The name's Sampson Oak. We're all lucky Nanu managed to send you over here before the kartana did too much damage, aren't we?"

"It's funny they decided to attack this library here. Most ultra beasts want to return to their homes, and I can't imagine why they thought they'd find anything useful here. They did seem particularly interested in this book."

It's a thick hardback book with a dark blue cover, according to the title a book of poetry.

- Write for five minutes


- Do you have a least favorite character? Write at least two sentences about them and why you dislike them. If you don't have a least favorite, write two sentences about the characters in the story more generally. (150 points)

while you read the book!

The poems prove to be children's rhymes, mostly nonsensical or dreamlike in nature. As far as you're aware, pokémon don't read, so why the kartana would be interested in a book is a mystery to you as well. Perhaps Sampson is wrong about what they were there for?

"You've had quite a day, haven't you?" Sampson says, sounding rather chipper about it. "Why don't you take a bit of a break? If I know Nanu, he'll have something new to bother you about soon enough. Your pokémon could use a breather, too, I imagine. Why not heal them up and pay a visit to the Malie Garden while you have a chance?"

- Write 150 words


- What's something unique about this chapter or the way this author writes in general? Write at least two sentences about it. (150 points)

while you relax and enjoy the garden.
You deserve a bit of a break after chasing kartana all over the island.

Unfortunately, the ultra beasts aren't about to let you have any real peace. It isn't long before Nanu's back on your communicator again. The Kartana have gathered at the recycling plant just outside of town! Race out there to stop them before they cause serious damage!

It's the final showdown!

- Write 300 words


- What were you expecting when you went into this story or chapter, and did it turn out the way you thought it would? If not, did you find what actually happened satisfying or unsatisfying? If it did, did the author do a good job of pulling it off? Write a paragraph on this topic. Wrap up your review and post it. (300 points)

to strike back at the kartana swarm!
But even with your determined meowth and newly-caught friend, there's no way you can hope to defeat all these ultra beasts by yourself. Team up to defeat the kartana swarm!

Battle! Vs Kartana

Kartana Swarm - HP 6000

You fight the kartana swarm by writing words or completing reviewing goals. If you're writing, it's easy--each word you write knocks 1 HP off the kartana swarm's total! If you're reviewing, each challenge has a point value associated with it, and completing that challenge reduces the swarm's HP by that many points.

Everyone who posts in the thread contributes to reducing Kartana's HP--even if you can't complete all this week's challenges, every little bit helps! The group has until the next week's challenge post to defeat the kartana swarm. If you haven't done the first week's challenge yet and would like to start there, that's fine, too! Your words or reviews will count even if they're following last week's structure instead of this week's.


Bug Catcher
Wrote 108 words while listening to Sophocles babble.

Wrote 203 words to drive away the Kartana!

Wrote 268 more words while listening to more babble.

Wrote 301 words in five minutes, so I manage to catch...
Skarmory! I realize Ditto is more versatile, but also I love my metal knife bird child.

Wrote 219 words walking down the mountain...

Pausing here to note that I've got 1099 words for this week so far!


Wrote 543 words in 10 minutes to grab some Kartana!

Have 2543 words so far, so I need to write 447 to get to next multiple of 500. Wrote that many and got to the library!

Wrote 291 words chasing out the Kartana!

Wrote 313 words in five minutes while reading a good book.

Wrote 204 words while enjoying relaxation in the garden.

Wrote 300 words to wrap this up!

4108 words total, and 3207 for this week, depending on which one counts!
Last edited:


Only the Lonely
Whoooah, nice! You managed to take out over half the swarm by yourself!

Need to get cracking myself. Those kartana aren't going to fight themselves.

So far got in enough words to escape from Sophocles' lectures, and then 223 words while I searched for a wild pokémon. I think I'm going to go with elekid.

Words this post: 631
Words this week: 631

Team thus far:

Battle! Vs Kartana

Kartana Swarm - HP 2162

The kartana drift menacingly around the power plant, eddying in strange patterns like a flock of birds. Now and again one of their blades nicks an edge of the building, carving out a small hunk of concrete. Who are what they're waiting for isn't clear, and doesn't matter much when GrayGriffin charges into the fray. The kartana scatter before their skarmory and their meowth's playful swipes. Negrek arrives late to join the fight, and with beast balls flying and four pokémon pursuing the ultra beasts, the kartana swarm is soon thinned--maybe even halved.


Dragon Enthusiast
  1. charizard
Why was being polite such a struggle?

Still, he knew he had to get things done. So while Sophocles spoke, Namo found his eyes quietly drifting down to his phone; he was so absorbed in explaining himself that he probably didn't even realize that nobody had his attention anymore. Even Hecto's eyes were dim, and Milli had fallen asleep in a cozy little ball.

Still, Namo ended up reading Rude Awakening's first chapter in the meantime...

And then the Kartana appeared. "A-ah! W-wait, that's--actually a lot smaller than I thought it'd be."

"It's also as strong as it is small," Hecto warned. "Why weren't you writing?!"

"H-hey, I can't write when people are talking to me! I--" But it seemed that Milli was a lot stronger despite this. "Does reading also help...? Wait--that's it! Maybe drawing from other worlds' ideas can help me out here, too, not just me own..."

"Well--what made you pick that story, anyway?" Hecto said, desperate to get an additional boost for Milli.

"Well, I, uh--I actually knew about the premise for a while, and I don't really read crossovers all that often. I'm familiar with both Fire Emblem and Pokemon, so... you know. I got curious. That's pretty much the main thing, curiosity. I also got a hint of the author's humor, and I wanted to see if it was the same there."

A flash--white light boosted Milli's attack just enough to scare the Kartana away. Namo sighed. "I think I'm getting the hang of this. reading, too, huh? I'll keep that in mind..."

Sophocles went back to his exposition, and Namo suddenly realized that he, too, was part of a story. How in the world do people deal with being part of the exposition? Is it this painful for other RPG characters? I hope I can at least get a class upgrade...

Hecto, struggling to remain conscious, said, "Was the author's work any good? Did you have any favorite parts, or least favorite?"

"Yeah," Namo whispered back. "That's easy. My favorite part was how the gods of that world are. They're really zany and sorta normal, but they still have that unmeasured knowledge of a fundamental part of the universe. Space and time and whatever Giratina of that world's deal is. Oh, and Hoopa. I really liked that. And least favorite...? Well, it sort of glossed over a lot of details in its rush to get the story started. When you hit the ground running, you often stumble, I guess."

Namo's words gave them the strength to endure the deadliest onslaught of them all--Sophocles' exposition dialogue.

But they had to get stronger if they wanted to take down that Kartana. So now, it was time to get writing again... perhaps that would give them some good luck. Namo sat against the wall, hyperfocused on his typing. "Just give me five minutes."

And, five minutes later, Namo wrote 330 words. "Hopefully that'll give these Beast Balls a little boost, huh? Think it'll boost the catch rate?"

"We will have to see," Hecto said. "Don't forget to find another Pokemon to assist us. Considering the gravity of the situation, I imagine there will be no shortage of help if we ask."

"Can you help? I'm not, uh, fluent in feral." Namo glanced away.

"I'll do what I can."

And, after a brief attempt at trying to capture something to assist, Namo recruited Deci, who turned out to be...

a Ditto!

"No bus ride," Namo commented. "Guess I can just walk on back."

"Mrm, don't strain yourself, now," Hecto hummed.

"H-hey, look, I can walk! Just can't... run for very long."

"Human weakness fascinates me."

Along the way down, Namo wrote another 200 words in an effort to boost their power further, though once they got to the bottom, Namo switched to review and feedback mode to get further power--the swarm of Kartana wasn't something to be trifled with. "We need to take down that swarm before someone gets hurt!"

"Well, do what you can, then," Hecto said urgently. "What about--What did the work try to communicate?"

"Oh, perfect!" Namo said. "I don't really know!"

Hecto nearly dropped to the floor.

"I--I mean, it's only the first chapter, but I really think they're going to be alluding to the idea that even gods need breaks, maybe."

"We're certainly in agreement there."

"And perhaps that, even though they're like that, they can still get the job done? I'm not sure, since it's just starting, but I think there's a bit of headcanon in that the gods are very... well, mortal with how they behave, but responsible enough to actually do their jobs. I think the allusions made to what they do as embodiments, coupled with their silly behavior, really drove that home. It's probably one of the strongest points of the chapter--and I said as much in the review I gave them. Also makes me wonder if this will show when they're trying to disguise themselves in the Awakening world. If they're going to be weaker, for example. Could they cope with that? Yeah... This story can go in a lot of directions."

The Beast Balls glowed--Namo figured that was his cue to start tossing them. He hurled the first one, then the second, miraculously hitting two in the swarm before they scattered. "Oh, great--"

After being directed to where they had gone, Namo got to writing again, up to the next 500 words. In this case, with what word count he currently had on his doc, Namo ended up writing an additional 351 words. "Hopefully that's enough..."

"Perhaps an additional boost is warranted. Tell me more about that story. What did you like best about the writing?"

"Definitely the casual nature of it. The writing style is sort of conversational, at least when it's not rushing to get to the plot. I'm hoping that, now that they actually got into the story proper, it'll slow down and shed itself of that part of the plot. I mentioned before that the way the narrative works also helps to frame the characters as casual gods, and this applies here, too."

More rushing, more capturing, and then they ran into Professor Oak! "Wait, hang on, I think that's actually an Alolan Oak."

"...That's not funny," Hecto said.

"I tried."

"You failed."

Well, at least I wrote 241 words afterward."

"That's less than last time."

"It--it was a harder part of the scene!"

They settled down for research next; if they didn't know where the swarm was, then they'd have to at least prepare. Both in terms of knowledge and power, even if, technically, perhaps they were one and the same.

Without thinking, Namo talked more about Rude Awakening, this time about something Unique about the way the author writes, and the chapter. "It's sorta interesting how casual it can be. I mean, I know there's a trope about it--gods being casual, I mean--but I guess the way it was cobbled together made it feel unique, at least for me. The context behind it is what makes it funny, rather than looking at it entirely in a vacuum."

Milli bristled, letting out a low growl, followed by a hiss.

"W-wait, don't worry! There aren't any vacuums here!"

"That isn't the reason for the hiss." Hecto pointed a paw out a window, revealing where the swarm had gone.

"...Uh oh."

Immediately, they all scrambled out. There was no way they'd be able to take them all down if they tried it individually like before -- they'd have to be much more convincing to frighten them all to return home. "We'll need to have a single, powerful blast," Hecto said. "Do you think we'd be able to do something like that?"

"Well, we can definitely try," Namo glanced at his Pokeball that contained Deci. "Hey, are you watching this? I need your help, too! Once I send you out... transform into... s-something! And then, you and Milli need to do everything you can to blast those Kartana away! A-alright?"

"Truly the most charismatic Pokemon trainer."

"Listen! I'm not a trainer! I just write and read and have special powers because of it!"

"Well, as long as we're on the same page."

"Grr... one final boost. My expectations for the chapter, and what I actually got. So, going in, I was expecting it to sort of be a darker story since Fire Emblem itself, while filled with levity, is generally a more serious story. It always opens on the serious side. But here, it didn't really do that--it was actually almost entirely lighthearted, aside from references to the events at the end of Platinum from Dialga's perspective, poor guy. But I actually thought the author pulled that off really well. But like Fire Emblem, it's probably going to get darker. Hopefully that same charm can still shine through, though--that's what drew me in to begin with."

Deci's Pokeball glowed, and that was the best they were going to get. The swarm was closing in--two other trainers nearby were already in the fray. He'd stalled long enough. "Go! Attack...!???"

He really had to get used to being a trainer.


Final countup for me!

Round two:
Read a chapter - +100
Why I read it - +150
Favorite thing about it - +250
5-minute writing sprint - +330
More writing- +200
Author communication - +300
More writing - +351
Best of the author's writing - +200
Five minute sprint - +241
Unique about the author's style - +150
Expectations and results of what I read - +300

Round two total: +2572
Grand total: 3553


Only the Lonely
Awright, won't be able to complete the whole challenge this week around, but I wanted to at least do 500 or so more words! Walked back to Malie City (263) and ran around after some kartana in the library (494 words). And after that, I'm tapping out.

Words this post: 757
Words this week: 1388

Team thus far:

Battle! Vs Kartana

Kartana Swarm - KO!!

While GrayGriffin's attack weakened the swarm, and Negrek's pokémon continue to fight, Namohysip joins the fray with his meowth and newly-caught ditto. Their trainer may seem uncertain, but Milli and Deci know what to do. Milli chases down kartana, pouncing and leaping and seeming to be enjoying herself more than anything. Meawhile, Deci takes on the form of GrayGriffin's fierce skarmory and swoops down in its foes, the kartana's blades rebounding harmlessly from its metallic feathers. The trainers have to work fast with the beast balls, scooping up injured kartana before they can flutter away. In a matter of minutes, it's over: the swarm is simply no match for three trainers working together. The first ultra threat has been neutralized!

This week's challenge will be along later today, along with a new threat...


Only the Lonely
Part 3: The Calm Before the Celesteela
Celesteela HP: 5269/10000​

The kartana are defeated! With your hard work and the help of a few other trainers, the last of the kartana are rounded up and captured, soon to be released back into their natural habitat. The threat of the ultra beasts has been pushed back, at least temporarily, leaving only a pleasant, sunny day on Ula'ula Island. It's only a brief hike back to Malie City, and that means...

IT'S MALASADA TIME!! Reward yourself for your hard work with a big malasada and a gentle warm-up before your next mission begins in earnest.

- Write 100 words


- Read another chapter or one-shot. (100 points)

Of course, it's only a matter of time before someone needs your help again. Nanu's words come through faintly on the Ultra Radar, above a background crackling that suggests high winds. Perhaps there's a sandstorm out in Haina desert. "Some kind of book? That's what those kartana were so worked up about? I don't know anything about that. You should talk to Acerola. It's her father's library, and she knows it better than anyone. You should be able to find her up in Tapu Village."

Tapu village is around the back of the island, but at least it's a pleasant day for a walk.

- Write 200 words


- How did you like the pacing of this story or chapter? Did it grip you and pull you along, or were there any parts that felt slow or where your attention wandered? Write at least two sentences to answer this question. (200 points)

while you set off along Route 11.
Unfortunately, the trail soon turns more or less unwalkable--uncomfortably vertical and covered in loose, jagged rocks and scree. Evidently people don't do much commuting around this island, or they'd have paved this all or something. Right?

Fortunately, one of the locals sees you staring unhappily at the rocks and decides to take pity on you. "Lost, are you, trainer? Or has something happened to your ride? No matter. My mudsdale here would be happy to help you out."

You consider telling her you've never ridden a pokémon before, much less a powerful mudsdale uphill over rough terrain, but the mudsdale and its trainer both act as though this is the most natural thing in the world, like they couldn't imagine you'd ever refuse. Your doubts get louder once you're boosted up into the saddle and the ground suddenly seems much too far away, but the mudsdale's trainer doesn't give you a chance. "Good. Be sure to hang on tight, now. And don't worry, Mudsdale knows the way."

- Write 150 words


- What was your favorite aspect of this story or chapter? Write at least two sentences about it. (150 points)

while you ride the mudsdale to the top of Route 12.
To call it a bumpy ride would be an understatement--maybe there's a reason for that goofy-looking equipment the poké ride people make you wear after all. You can't totally feel your legs anymore, but you nevertheless thank the mudsdale before it trots off down the hillside again.

This is Tapu Village, then, and it's--honestly tiny. At least it shouldn't be hard to find Acerola in a place this small.

- Write 200 words


- Is there anything that you think could be improved about this story or chapter? Write at least two sentences about this; suggest a fix if you can think of one. (200 points)

while you search for Acerola.
Knocking on doors and talking with the odd passerby actually ends up sending you out of town and to a rather imposing white building just uphill. This is the Aether Foundation, apparently, a home for orphans, one of which runs up to you as soon as you come through the doors.

"Uncle Nanu sent you, didn't he? He told me you were coming! Oooh, what did you bring me? A book? A book!"

"Hmm, I don't remember seeing this one before. I'll see what I can find out about it. You go off and play now, shoo! Who knows when another one of those ultra beasts is going to show up? You might as well enjoy yourself while you can!"

And fast enough to give you whiplash, you're outside again. There isn't much to do in Tapu Village, but here on the wild side of Ula'ula there are pokémon all around. Why not try to find another companion for your team?

- Write for 10 minutes


- In 10 minutes, pick out as many quotes from the story that stood out to you as you can. (300 points)

while you chase down wild pokémon.
What did you catch? Check the spoiler below!

Tier OneFewer than five quotes or fewer than 300 words
Alolan RaticateAlolan Graveler
Tier TwoFive or more quotes or at least 300 words
Alolan VulpixAlolan Sandshrew

With another pokéball filled you wander on for a bit, until you come to a cape and are surprised to come across a man in a kimono gazing out across the water. Do you know him from somewhere...?

"Fancy meeting someone else in a lonely place like this," he says. "Chance is funny like that, isn't it? You look a bit bored. What do you say to a little game to pass the time?"

Grimsley's challenge is based on the pokémon you just caught.

- If you picked an Alolan-form pokémon: Write to the next multiple of 500 words or write one or two sentences about a mystery or unanswered question in this story or chapter (150 points)

- If you picked an evolved pokémon (but not an Alolan form): Write for 5 minutes or write one or two sentences about something you thought was unexpected in this story or chapter (150 points)

- If you picked a basic-stage pokémon (but not an Alolan form): Write 150 words or write one or two sentences about something you wanted to see more of in this story or chapter (150 points)

Fun diversions abound, but you had probably be checking back in with Acerola. Your ultra radar has been silent this entire time--what happened to that ultra wormhole that was supposed to have opened around here?

Back at the Aether House, Acerola's curled up with her pokémon on a squashy beanbag chair, your mysterious book open in front of her. "Back so soon? I'm not finished yet. Hmmm... I know! If you're going to be fighting ultra beasts, you're going to need a more powerful team than that! You should visit the old Thrifty Megamart--the ghosts will toughen you up no problem."

That's probably true, but most people would probably wish for a more welcoming training spot. The abandoned convenience store is full of unquiet shadows and ghosts who delight in nothing more than laying icy-cold spectral hands on the backs of innocent trainers' necks and then laughing at their startled reaction. Your team won't lack for opponents here.

- Write 250 words


- Comment on the quotes you selected. Why did you pick them? What made them stand out to you? After that, you're done! Go ahead and post your review. (250 points)

while you train your pokémon in the abandoned megamart.
After a half an hour or so of battle, something magical happens--one of your pokémon begins to glow!

You may evolve one of your pokémon.

After the dim and unsettling atmosphere of the abandoned store, the bright sun and brisk ocean breezes outside are a welcome relief. After a heal break, your pokémon can enjoy the weather, too. After all that battling, it'll be nice to simply enjoy your pokémon's company for a while--and for your newly-evolved teammate to try out their new abilities for a bit.

- Write to the next multiple of 500 words


- Did you find this story or chapter funny? Sad? Gripping? Spend at least two sentences on how this work made you feel. That's all for this one! Go ahead and post your review. (150 points)

while you play with your pokémon.

When you return to the Aether Foundation, Acerola at last seems to be done reading.

"Good timing! I'm ready to give up, ha ha ha. I don't recognize this book at all. I don't think it was ever supposed to be in our library! The real question is where it came from, and why the kartana were so interested in it. It doesn't look like anything special, just a bunch of poems. Aren't mysteries fun? Uncle Nanu doesn't like them, but I do!"

"Hmm, and what happened to the ultra wormhole that opened here earlier today? Something must have come through, right? More mysteries! I'm going to go investigate. You should, too! I'll get in touch with the other Trial Captains, and you--why don't you head up Mount Lanakila? The new Pokémon League is at the top, and that's where expert trainers gather. Maybe one of them has seen something in their travels that can help us figure this out."

It sounds like you're heading up another mountain! Fortunately, Mount Hokulani had a bus, and Mount Lanakila has an elevator. That can get you at least part of the way there.

- Write 100 words


- Annnd one more short story or chapter. You know how this goes! This time, pick something by an author you're already familiar with. (100 points)

while you ride the elevator up the mountain.

Of course, it would be too easy for you to simply coast all the way up the mountain, wouldn't it? The elevator stops with a lurch and a metallic scraping close enough that you can see the pokémon center's lights far overhead, but between here and there lies a considerable expanse of tall, dry winter grass, more elevators, and possibly a cave. The cold wind whips snow into your face and drives chill straight through your clothes.

It would have been really nice if Sophocles had given you a ride pager instead of your ultra radar, which hasn't even gone off since you fought the kartana earlier. Nothing else for it, then--face forward, head down, and up you go!

- Write 250 words


- If this is a chaptered work, did the story progress in the way you thought it would in this chapter? Write one to two sentences about this. What do you expect to happen next? Write one or two sentences about this as well. If this is a standalone work, is it similar to what the author usually writes, or was it a surprise? Write two to three sentences about this. (250 points)

while you climb Mount Lanakila.

The pokémon center beckons when you reach the mountain peak. In here, at last, it's warm and bright, and you can grab a Komala Coffee at the cafe to recover from your trip up the mountain. The barista even throws in a few poké beans for your team, gratis.

Acerola probably wanted you to talk with the elite trainers in the League building next door, but anybody who made it up the mountain has to be at least decent, right? No need to rush back out into the cold. You might as well ask around while you're here--mysterious book? Ultra beasts? Anyone?

- Write for five minutes


- What keeps you coming back to this story, or to this author's work in general? Write one to two sentences about it.

while you chat with other trainers in the pokémon center.
Nobody has any idea what you're talking about, but after a few minutes you're starting to feel much more energetic, maybe even ready to brave the cold again and continue your investigation elsewhere. Just when you're thinking of leaving, thought, your ultra radar actually beeps. It's not Nanu this time--Acerola's got your number, somehow.

"Come quick! Uncle Nanu's lost! I can't get him to pick up at all. I'm going in to find him, but I need somebody to protect Tapu Village while I'm gone. I need you to stay here and look out for that roaming ultra beast!"

It's true, you haven't heard from Nanu in a while, have you? Trying to raise him on the ultra radar gets you nothing but static. It's disappointing, after all the work you put in to get up here, to have to leave so soon, but what are you going to do? Ignore Acerola and let Tapu Village go undefended?

- Write 200 words


- For each major character in this story or chapter, write one to two sentences about what you think of them. (200 points)

as you race back down the mountain.
At the base of the last elevator, you're not far from Haina Desert. Even from here you can hear the commotion--the yells of pokémon, faint explosions as pokémon attacks connect. There's a battle in the village! And when you run off to investigate, you discover that Acerola's got more pressing concerns than forging into the desert. The way is blocked by a towering, steel-clad form: the ultra beast you've been looking for, celesteela!

- Write 300 words


- Are there any patterns or tendencies you've noticed with this author's writing? Did you see them showing up in this chapter or story, and in what ways? Write at least two sentences about this. Why did you choose to come back to this author's work for this challenge? Write a couple of sentences about that as well, and you're done! Go ahead and post your review.

to help Acerola defeat the celesteela!
The beast lets out a metallic groaning noise, one arm rising high and then coming down hard on Acerola's gengar. The trial captain's doing her best, but Celesteela hardly seems bothered by her efforts. It'll take more than one trainer to bring this monster down!

Battle! Vs Celesteela

Celesteela - HP 10000
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Bug Catcher
Forgot to record word counts for RP tags, so I'll start from here.

Wrote 118 words to eat a Masalda.

Got 201 words down walking along Route 11.

Wrote 169 words while riding Mudsdale, and I think I'll go to bed and take a break here.

Okay, I'm back, and after that break I wrote 285 words looking for Acerola.

Wrote 479 words in 10 minutes, so I'll catch...

Absol! One of my favorite Pokemon.

It's a basic-stage Pokemon, so I write 182 words for Grimsley's challenge.

Wrote 259 words while busting some ghosts-Alolan Meowth evolves into Alolan Persian!

Got 5801 words so far...wrote 205 more words to pass the next 500 mark!

Taking another break here!
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Chibi Pika

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  2. lugia
Ack, I never reported my writings for last week! Well, here's me catching up~

Wrote 323 words while listening to Sophocles and driving back the first Kartana!

Wrote 273 words while Sophocles gave us a tour of the observatory!

Wrote 154 words in five minutes to catch a Pokemon! I went with:

Wrote 240 words while walking back to Malie City.

Wrote 106 words in 10 minutes while rounding up Kartana! Didn't get very far, so I probably didn't catch very many, haha.

And then while running to the library, I got 191 words in! I guess my character got distracted in the library while everyone else was out fighting the Kartana swarm. :V I'll try to get more done for the imminent Celesteela threat!


Only the Lonely
Ahaha, totally understandable that you'd get lost in the library, so to speak.

Tonight I wanted to make sure I did at least 500 words... So I wrote up until I managed to find Acerola! Worked out to be 699 words. Let's knock that celesteela out!

Words this post: 699
Words this week: 699

Battle! Vs Celesteela

Celesteela - HP 7585/10000

GrayGriffin is the first to come out swinging again, their new absol and persian leading the charge at the fearsome ultra beast. The celesteela turns, flames pluming from its jets as it adjusts, and swings a ponderous arm at GrayGriffin's team. Meanwhile, Negrek jumps into battle on the beast's other side, her own meowth eager to attack. With Acerola's ghosts joining the fray, the celesteela's armor is getting scuffed and cracked, but it's far from being knocked out!


Bug Catcher
Okay, ready to continue.

Wrote 144 words riding up the elevator.

Wrote 280 words climbing Mount Lanakila.

Wrote 248 words in five minutes this time while chatting.

Pausing here because computer needs restarting.

Wrote 226 words hurrying back down the mountain.

And 353 words battling Celesteela!

That makes 1251 words this post, 7257 words so far!
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Only the Lonely
Didn't work on what I was supposed to be working on in this session, but I've had a busy weekend and made good progress on other things, so I figured I'd reward myself with something totally self-indulgent. Only managed to get 395 words during the sprint, which is absurd for me, but so be it. I'll catch an absol, too! Then wrote 150 words for Grimsley's game and 250 to evolve my elekid into electabuzz. Writing to the next multiple of 500 ends up taking me to 1065. So:

Words this post: 1065
Words this week: 1764

Team thus far:

Battle! Vs Celesteela

Celesteela - HP 5269/10000

GrayGriffin's pokémon join together to strike a powerful blow, sending the celesteela reeling back with a long metallic groan. Acerola is quick to capitalize on the opening, her ghosts pelting the utlra beast with blobs of shadowy energy. Negrek's newly-evolved electabuzz follows on with snaking coils of lightning, but the celesteela is righting itself, slowly, ready to go on the attack again--it's quite a bit tougher than the kartana faced earlier!


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  1. charizard
Throughout the entire trip and breaks and all the training, Namo did barely a thing besides send basic commands. No, he was too busy staring at his phone, and Hecto began to wonder if this was the usual trend when he lived his normal life, too.

Hecto stared at Namo, sparing a few glances at his newly evolved Persian, alongside his Absol and Ditto, the latter struggling to mimic the titanic Ultra Beast before them. The Zygarde apparition, meanwhile, stood nearby. "According to your usual talks about this world of humans," Hecto said, "you talk as if the world of Pokemon is one of fantasy and wonder. Yet here you are, staring at your phone, letting this wondrous world pass you by."

"The cool factor kinda wore off after the origami fight," Namo said dismissively. "It's really cool and all, and maybe if I have time I can relax more, but I've had malasadas at home--I literally live in this region's human counterpart--and I'm kinda focusing really hard on powering up my team with this writing power of mine."

"Oh, so no reading?" Hecto asked as a stray blast passed through his form.

"No, not this time. All writing. I've fallen behind, so I'm gonna use this time to, you know, get ahead, and probably get some big boosts here."

"Well, be careful. I doubt you would be able to take so much as a single hit from that Ultra Beast."

And so, Namo dedicated his time to writing as much as he could to augment his team's efforts at taking down the beast...

10 minute sprint: +487 words - Chose Absol
I evolve Meowth!
Up to the next 500 words: +463
(subtotal: 2000)
5 minutes: 297

Total: +3147

Grand total: 6700

Chibi Pika

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Heckin yeah malasada time!
Wrote 115 words while enjoying a snack!
Wrote 230 words while walking through Route 11!
Wrote 155 words on the back of the Mudsdale! It was a bit hard with the bumpiness, but I did my best!

Arrived at Tapu Village!
Wrote 259 words while searching for Acerola!
Wrote 334 words during 10 mins of wild Pokemon hunting!

I caught a Pokemon!
Alolan Vulpix!


Only the Lonely
Completed the Mount Lanakila section and wrote 212 words in 5 minutes! Brings me to...

Total this post: 1189
Total this week: 2953

Battle! Vs Celesteela

Celesteela - KO!

The battle against Celesteela's looking grim--even one last surge of attacks from Negrek's pokémon leave the ultra beast still upright, and GrayGriffin's team is completely exhausted. The ultra beast is beginning to push back, overwhelming Acerola's tired fighters and Negrek's flagging absol, when Namohysip arrives on the scene. Despite being buried in his phone, he directs his team to deal massive damage, powering them all up with an impressive run of words. With Persian and Absol leading the charge, Celesteela is at last driven back, its jets flickering and its flight growing erratic. And then, from nowhere, Chibi Pika appears, their alolan vulpix sealing the deal with a frigid blast of ice. With a final moan, Celesteela teeters, and then vanishes in a burst of energy as a beast ball hits home!
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