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Two New Moderators! Again!


Event Horizon
As the community continues to grow, our staff team will need to get larger in order to keep up with increased levels of activity. With that in mind, please join me in congratulating Seren and SparklingEspeon on joining the moderation team! They'll be helping to keep the conversation running smoothly when not taking part in the usual behind-the-scenes road maintenance. Many thanks to Seren and Espy for their help, and I hope that you enjoy your time on the staff team!


A cat that writes stories.
  1. custom/purrloin-salem
  2. custom/sneasel-dusk
  3. custom/luz-companion
  4. custom/brisa-companion
  5. custom/meowth-laura
  6. custom/delphox-jesse
I'm very late to this but congrats to you both, I'm sure you'll do brilliantly~
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