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Pokémon To: A Friend


Pikachu Enthusiast
Rhyme City
Happy Valentine's! The closest thing I have to one's a picture on my phone, so here's a poem I wrote for an RP about a certain ball of darkness.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Spoilers
To: A Friend

There once was a ball,
A big purple ball,
A big purple ball who hated it all.

She hated the trees,
and hated the breeze,
Hated all creatures and all of their fleas.

And so, she plotted:
Leave the world rotted,
One Tree destroyed would have her wound clotted.

Then came a team
Defying her dream.
With their "heroes' hearts," they made their own scheme.

It came to a fight
Between dark and light.
Neither could see how the other was right.

She'd been so alone;
Their friends were all stone:
Neither could ever the other disown.

She was no villain,
Merely a fill in
For all of the lost, all the broken within.

Her plan met an end
No bard would commend
When some young pokémon called her a friend.​


Dreaming of Spring
The first poem on the forums! It's awesome to see one posted here. Well, I still haven't played Super, so I can only assume this is about Dark Matter and don't know to what extent the events mentioned here mirror the ones in the game, although what you've described here sounds like a classic PMD plot. I like the kind of rolling, almost Seussian rhyme and rhythm here, and you did a good job of picking nice rhymes and keeping the beat throughout. I think my favorite line in this is "hated all of the creatures and all of their fleas," which is kind of a fun hyperbole and also gives me that Seuss vibe. On the other hand, "neither could ever the other disown" is hard for me to follow, even after having read it a couple times.

This is a fun little poem. Thanks for sharing!