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This Thread Title Is Too Long: Absurdly long light-novel titles for your fanfics?


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In one of the PMD servers, we had a Discord discussion about long anime and light novel titles, particularly those in the isekai genre. One of the standout titles is something along the lines of: 'WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?'

(and yes, that is real, look it up)

So, this got me brainstorming, and out of boredom, I came up with this forum thread idea since I'm partly procrastinating from writing and need a bright spot in rewrite hell. So, in the same vein as @Negrek's Over-the-Top Anime Titles for Your Fic!!, rename your fanfic titles and possibly chapters if you want. I'll start with my fanfic The Curious and The Shiny:

I'm a Luxray That Can Read, And For Some Reason I'm Stalking This Fullmetal Lucario Because She Can Tell Me About My Memories, But Also Because A Lonely Lion Needs A Friend At Some Point, You Know


Ooh this looks fun. I think I'll try.

Title: I Woke Up In A Village In The Middle of Nowhere, And Now I Have To Blend In Before The Pokémon Hunting Me Find Out Where I Am

Prologue: The Story Begins!! Chased By Evil Pokémon?!?

1 - On A Dungeon Trip With the Village Troublemaker? Welcome to Serenity Village!
2 - Detention with Watchog?!? The Dazzling Debut of the Dashing Wanderer!!!
3 - Language Class!! A Dare From the Village Bully!!
4 - Stuck in a Dungeon With A Monster!! Secret of the Red Gemstones?!
5 - A Trip to the Air Continent! The Attack of the Spooky House??
6 - Exam Days??? The Village Bullies Strike Back!!
7 - Cutting Class? Tricky's Startling Confession!
8 - A Dungeon Test! Vs the Village Bullies!
9 - The End of Part One??


Don’t underestimate seeds.
First and foremost I need you to know I used this as icebreaker fuel for the kids at the library and asked them to make up anime titles for their lives. My favorite one was “The Pages Between the Books.” Oh em gee. And the title I offered up for myself was “What, none of these kids are mine?! I love them all the same.”

So cheers for that. Much title. Very yay.

Now fic titles!

Spring = Why is This Painfully Introverted Boy Taking on the Indigo Conference? His New 500-Year-Old Friend is Confused Too.

Continental Divides = Quick, Before the World is Destroyed by Corporate Greed!
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Iona Attempts to Complete Gym Challenge With an Annoying Piplup and a Darkrai that Drags her into All of the Problems; Meanwhile, Kenya Freaks Out When Chespin Starts Talking and is also Dragged into All of the Problems; And Guy from Unova Ignores Them Both as He Fails to Solve All of the Problems

And the separate Volumes:
(Major Tale of Legends spoilers ahead)
Iona Begins Her Nightmarish Task of Being Dragged Into All of the Problems, Kenya Attempts to Help Solve All of the Problems; But Guy from Unova Ends Up Doing Everything Anyway and a Pair of Malamar Prove Themselves to be Evil

Chapter 1 - Iona Talks to a Professor Named Finnar, Gets A Piplup. She Bikes Away and It's the Middle of the Night
Chapter 2 - Iona Runs into a Stranger on the Way to the Next Town and Fails to Catch a Kirlia Due to the Stranger and the Stranger's Name is Kenya
Chapter 3 - A Weird Creature with Nightmare Powers Puts Iona to Sleep and Gives Her Terrible Nightmares when All He Wants is Help
Chapter 4 - Kenya Meets Cresselia Through Telepathy and Challenges Iona to a Battle because Iona is Acting Crazy-ish Due to Darkrai's Control
Chapter 5 - Guy from Unova Rides on Rayquaza to Watch a Battle While His Tepig Makes Bad Jokes and They Spend the Whole Time Arguing
Chapter 6 - Darkrai Drags Iona into All of the Problems for the Very First Time and She Listens to Legends Talk About Useless Stuff Until Malamar Come and Mind Control All of the Legends
Chapter 7 - Kenya Tries to Help Guy from Unova Stop Evil Malamar but is Captured by Hypnotized Diancie and Proceeds to be Mind-Controlled Herself
Chapter 8 - Guy from Unova Commands Chespin and Tepig in a Battle Against Very Evil Malamar who are Being Commanded By Iona and Tepig Evolves
Chapter 9 - Iona Talks to a Retire Trainsr that Darkrai Once Knew and Gets an Egg that Still Won't be Hatched by the End of Volume II
Chapter 10 - Guy from Unova Helps Finnar Make a Z-Crystal, Gets His Elgyem Back, and Acquires a Baby Turtwig
Chapter 11 - Kenya Has Her Pokémon Beat Up a Shuckle and a Larvesta as She Tries to Get Her First Gym Badge
Chapter 12 - Iona Gets Attacked By Way Too Many Ultra Beasts and Is Dragged into All of the Problems Yet Again; She also Gets Dragged into Another Dimension or Whatever Ultra Space is
Chapter 13 - Guy from Unova Tries to Solve All of the Problems but the Ultra Beasts Get Away and There's a Ruined Bike
Chapter 14 - Guy from Unova Goes to Ultra Space and Fights Three Mind-Controlled Legends, Including an Attackless Darkrai
Chapter 15 - Guy from Unova is Proven Incapable of Solving All of the Problems as His Pignite and Rayquaza are Mind-Controlled by a Familiar Pair of Evil Malamar
Chapter 16 - Guy from Unova Gets Possibly-Meaningless Advice from Finnar and Rides Her Xerneas to... Somewhere? Maybe? To Get Help?
The Sky Becomes a Giant Ultra Wormhole, Iona Finds Herself the Only Main Character Without Any Evolved Pokémon, Guy from Unova Continues Trying- And Failing- to Solve All of the Problems, Kenya Does Very Little Except Make a Possibly-Bad Decision and Help Battle Faba

Chapter 17 - Guy from Unova Meets Champion That He's Never Heard of, Also Known as Calem, Who Agrees to Help Stop the Ultra Beasts
Chapter 18 - Guy from Unova and Champion He's Never Heard of Battle Ultra Beasts and Guy from Unova Still Fails to Solve All of the Problems
Chapter 19 - The Sky Glows and Kenya Appears For the First Time Since Chapter Eleven; She Proceeds to Do Nearly Nothing
Chapter 20 - Weird, Ultra Beast Catching Pokéballs Designed by Finnar's Assistant Actually Don't Blow Up Upon Being Thrown, Contrary to What the Kalos Champion Says
Chapter 21 - Very Meaningless Extra Chapter That Serves the Purpose of Comfirming That There Was, In Fact, Time Betwern the Above Chapter and thr Below Chapter
Chapter 22 - Guy from Unova Runs Out of Magic Purple Pokéballs and Nearly Gets Mind-Controlled but Doesn't Because Kenya Brought Her Quilladin
Chapter 23 - Iona Waits For the Right Time to Get Her Revenge on an Idiot Scientist by Entering a Battle of Kenya and Guy from Unova Against Idiot Scientist's Four Pokémon
Chapter 24 - Guy from Unova, Kenya, and Iona Argue About What Punishment Faba Should Receive; Guy from Unova's Elgyem Points Out That Iona Should Logically Not Be Thinking Properly
(Chapter beyond this point are not posted)

Chapter 25 - All of the Problems are Seemingly Solved for the Moment; Kenya Makes a Decision That May Be a Mistake
Chapter 26 - Guy from Unova Battles a Yamask Who Has a Name That He's Heard Before and Does Not Seem Happy About
Chaptef 27 - Faba Gets Tried By Cerberaet; Tries to Have Malamar Hypnotize Everyone- Mysterious Person With a Sylveon Stops Him


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the middle of nowhere
Seiren: You'd Think I'd Have Some Political Reason to Destroy This Pop Star's Career But I Just Want My Son to Hug Me Again
Hunter, Haunted: I'm Trying To Take A Break From Killing But This Damn Ghost Is Making It Very Hard
Vivarium: How Dare You Put Me in Gay Baby Jail
HIM/Whelp: This Hot Guy Is Telling Me To Kill And Eat People And I Mean I'm Not Gonna Say No to Those Abs

may come back later for more~

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Inquietum Est Cor Nostrum
Route 123
Oooh these arer so fun to read!

Drowning: A young woman with a team of four Water-type Pokemon are with Team Aqua but when she is kidnapped by Team Magma and learns Team Aqua wants to drown the world she tries to back out but things only get progressively worse from there

Keeping Friends: A highschool girl meets a shy new boy at her school and tries to get him to hang with her friends but they're all creeped out by him so she goes to his house alone and finds out he's possessed by an ancient evil spirit

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
The Legendarian Chronicles - I Just Wanted to Go on a Pokémon Journey but Now Me and All My Friends are Child Soldiers and Also One of Them Is Trying to Kill Me Probably

LC Book 2 - I Finally Got to Go on That Pokémon Journey but It Was Interrupted by an Angry Goose Telling Me That My Trauma Makes Me Qualified to Be Hired as Their Bodyguard so I'd Better Add That to My Resumé I Guess


Ace Trainer
I'll pitch in with other ones now that I've written more:

Out of Hand - I Just Wanna Stay In Circhester But My Employer Is An Asshole, And I Have to Stop Myself From Giving Him A Quadruple-Layered Knuckle Sandwich!

The Inalienable Dreamless - That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Human, And Then A Charmeleon, And Then A Banette! And Wow, Who's This Creepy Hypno?!


Bug Catcher
This sounds fun!! I'll give it a shot.

Legendary Adventures: Young Man With A Plan Embarks On A Journey To Catch A God But Discovers He Can't Control Everything And Ends Up With A Zubat Who Forces Him To Learn The Value Of Friendship


*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
Dunno how catchy these are but here goes!

The End: Rekindled - Life Was Just Survival, But We Found a New Pokemon Type and Now We're Out to Stop the War

System:Reboot - Space Pirates, a Living Computer, Robots, and an Alien Invasion. And Also Scarves.

The Mainframe Saga - An Alien Broke Free From an Asylum and Now Life is a Whole Lot Different

Starlight Aurate

Inquietum Est Cor Nostrum
Route 123
I'll add another:

Carraig na Coinnle: My boss sent my Grumpig and I out in the middle of a snowstorm to get some medicine and I somehow wound up in this huge creepy weird ice castle! It's filled with pretty lights--wait, what's that thing?!

Under a Bed of Clover: I had a bad run-in with Team Rocket and an Arcanine a few years ago and now my Raticate won't talk to me anymore and it feels like nothing will ever get better