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The Most Ambitious Crossover


golden scars
them: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history
you: hold my beer

Mash your fic up with existing media to create a new and amazing crossover! examples from the discord chat:

canis: a fic where red dies and has the chance to try and make up for his acts as a ghost
Red Dead Redemption

adam: a young girl uses her newfound powers of flight to earn a living by delivering packages
Kuki's Delivery Service


Never not editing
Suicune and her chosen virgins, Chris and Una, go on an epic quest to Mt. Moon to destroy all the pokeballs.
Lord of the spRings

Chris Nakano falls into an abandoned well and befriends the creepy girl he finds there. He has to help her get home, or he'll die in 7 days.
The spRing

Chris (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) and manic pixie dream girl Una (played by Zoey Dechannel in a blonde wig) were friends until one day she was mysteriously teleported 500 years into the past. Now he has to try to move on.
500 Years of Spring