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Story Index


Looking for something new to read and not interested in clicking thread titles until you find something you like? Thousand Roads' story index has you covered! It provides additional information about the stories hosted here, including summaries, genres, content warnings, and more, so you can easily find something that appeals to you.

If you're an author, you can add your story to the sheet yourself! It's editable by anyone. (Just don't abuse that privilege.)

Most of the fields in the index should be self-explanatory, but here are some guidelines for those that might not be immediately obvious:

Tags: You already have fields to describe the genre(s) and character(s) present in your story, as well as space for a summary, but sometimes there's additional information you want to convey that doesn't feel like it fits anywhere else. For example, if your story contains a fanmade region or fakemon, you might include those as tags so people interested in them could find it. If there are major themes in your story that don't really fit elsewhere, like "philosphy" or "politics," maybe, this would be a good place to put it. If your story has AU elements like an alternate history, pokémon in the real world, or genderbending, they'd also work well as tags. This section is intentionally left as a freeform so people can tailor it to their story's needs. When in doubt, take a look at what other people have been using as tags!

Warnings: This field is intended to tip people off to elements in your story that might put them off so they don't get an unpleasant surprise when they start reading. Alternatively, some people seek out explorations of dark or controversial topics in stories, and looking at the warnings can help them find stories they'd actively like to read. Some common warnings call out violence; blood/gore; character death; sexual themes; drug use or abuse; bullying, harassment, or assault; mental illness; and self-harm, suicide or suicidal ideation.

If you encounter problems with the index or have questions about how it works, feel free to post in this thread!


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Hi everyone!

I know staff is working on a proper Thousand Roads Fic List! I'm looking forward to that, too! :grin:

In the meantime, I created a really basic sheet listing the TR fics posted by start of Review Blitz 2 (2020).
Sorry if it's not particularly user-friendly or perhaps helpful 😅
But if it helps someone get a sense of what fic to read next, then that'll be worth it for me!

[Google Sheet] TR unofficial Fic List - (as of Review Blitz 2020 start)

The sheet is a simple list of TR fics, as of the start time of Review Blitz 2 (2020) (circa 2020-12-13 UTC 0500 hours), with author and links, with some inessential indices, some threadmark count/wordcounts where available, and some simple notes (such as fic type: one-shot, a few ratings, PMD-designation (already obvious), and some other scattered notes, including a very few cw's).


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Hi again, everyone!

Back with the next version of (unofficial! and provisional) TR FicList, this time more explicitly for Review Blitz 2 (2020), week 3 theme!

Disclaimer: this is an unofficial list not endorsed by the Review Blitz host, kintsugi.

It's still incomplete on exactly the ones that take effort to suss out, but might as well share when it's still week 3 (3 days into it). Might not complete it.
44 out of 254 fics are listed as "TBD", and they're basically the longer ones. (I did this in ascending order and by the end, I just wanted to get this version out.)

Sharing as Google Sheet (and as MS Excel on discord)
(Unofficial!) TR FicList Review Blitz 2 (2020) week 3 theme - (WIP)
Link to Discord (channel fic-discussion) - Excel sheet

Otherwise, you can see a legend to the side.
- [Blue] Available [details] - means all posts are available for week 3 theme.
- [White] Sealed - means that all posts before week 3 all already have been reviewed at least twice.
- [Green] >Available [chapters]; [sealed chapters; other details] - means these chapters are available for theme, and other chapters already have at least 2 reviews.
- [Orange] TBD/etc - means special cases of fic format.
- [Lime green] TBD - means long fic with involved work, to be done / WIP. wanted to share first before it's all too late.

- As with the previous FicList, I included and added some more readily available comments, such as content warnings, one-shot or chapter-structure, "PMD", universe, etc.

This was done manually, and it was planned for a while, but I didn't get to finish by start of week 3, and now it's already 3 days into the week.
If you were one of the very few people I asked a question to, you know why now. Mostly I just tried to search up quotes and other context clues if the chapters reviewed in a post weren't explicit.

Still sharing, because I think this week's theme is fantastic. Show some love to the posts that haven't got so many published reviews yet on site!

Additionally, one optional rec is to sort the Fanfiction list by order of First Message, if you want to see a more stable ordering while fics are being reviewed left and right : D


you can see where early on I actually did follow through on a long-fic and list out the reviewers and chapters reviewed (except some unknown for two)
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