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[Starr] Team Rocket HQ


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"What're you talking about?" Lexx said with a short breath, then a laugh that was quieter than the wind. "Ahh... I don't joke. It's all... just part of my little plan..."

The wisps played and faded in and out, never acknowledging Starr or Lexx the whole time, like they were ghosts. Lexx said nothing for a long while before, finally, some of that old light started to return. The sky cleared enough to faintly show the sun and the moon overhead. That link between Lexx and Starr returned, stronger, but manageable. After all that strain, all that pain, all that she had to endure... perhaps something came out of it.

Starr's Eternal Spirit awakened!
"You better not be holding back." - Once per battle, Starr can perform Blacklight Z-Burst without any penalties, consuming its normal use later. Valor is only added once.

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Clear moonlight shined down. A soft breeze rustled the wispy, hazy surrounding. Yeah, in a way it sort of was peaceful.

After some time, Lexx sat up next to her. His stripes were back to the usual yellow, and his weird, translucent body looked a lot more solid now.

"Not dead, then?" Starr asked, doing her best to sound indifferent.

Lexx cocked his head to the side. "Why, were you worried?"

Starr made an exaggerated sound of disgust. "Knew I should've left you in there."

"'Fraid you can't get rid of me that easily," Lexx said, folding his arms behind his head.

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