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So ('mon) banks are shutting down in 2023


Pokémon Trainer
Yeah not the best news. But some warning is better then no warning... Which means from what I am garnering trading ect from old to new games or just between games is going to be problematic to impossible depending on your situation.

On second read seems like theyre forcibly funneling everyone to HOME by cutting off the e.shop.... But bank sorta will be on? Just not functional?

Which works how?

(Trying to wrap brain around how logistics will work -will provide links about that later when I find them- made more difficult because I dont own a switch 'mon game besides snap...)

So... Solutions... Plans... Grumbles... Heres the spot for it i guess.
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Venia Silente

For your ills, I prescribe a cat.
> solutions

[chuckles in PHBank, PKSM]

Home is intended more to be a depositary across games than a transfer tool, considring that starting with G8 there's not even any assurance that *any species* of Pokémon you might have is transferable to a newer game. As such, there is no point in tying the Pokémon you have to Nintendo's account system or in trying to migrate older Pokémon to G8-onwards games, since you have no way to know in advance that they won't be stuck there forever, and no way to pull them back from the online box to their original store. It's a fancy way to keep your Pokémon under ransom, plain and simple.

But yeah, the way onward for Pokémon of older games is to just continue with PHBank or PKSM, just because newer games come out doesn't mean the older games can't be replayed. And if the homebrew scene can work up a Bank for the Switch (something of which I'm quite out of the loop about), chances are the storage format is not going to be compatible with previous generations without manual edit anyway.


Pokémon Trainer
Sorry about the confusion. Update the title. My bad.

Yeah not r.I. banks just 'mon ones.

Honestly I just use bank to pop things into my sun moon games for monotype nonnative nuzlockes. Still I know some people on the competative scene who like to do nostalgic themed stuff like at local events at used game stores ect (harder w covid but still a thing even now here) and this is going to make it harder for them...

Also since nintendo isn't offering compatability for all mon in thier present line up of games and theyre talking about a new system and theyd have to publish something huge to cover all the gens on the switch and or the new upcoming system I am having a hard time desciding if this is a greed play (after all HOME costs so much more and does so much less) or a malicious one.
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