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Silly Christmas Special - Now Closed!


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OC submissions are now closed! Thanks everyone! Keep an eye open for when I post this! I'll link it in a new post in this thread, too ;)

Hey everyone.

I've posted this in the Discord, but everyone might not be there. So it seemed a good idea to post here too.

I'm wanting to write a silly Christmas one-shot, and thought it would be fun if people suggested their own OCs for it. Existing or new. There are just a few rules:

- Pokecentric only. So no human characters please. (I don't enjoy writing humans. Human-turned-pokemon, however, is fine.)
- No 'nightmare fuel'. So no hydreigon line, houndoom line, or impidimp line. I can't stand them, sorry ^^;
- Just your everyday common garden Pokemon. No legends. (Pseudo legends are fine)
- A little bit of personality description is necessary if they're not characters I'm familiar with already!
- You can submit a maximum of TWO OCs. But please note both might not get picked depending on number of submissions.

If I'm overloaded with requests, some characters may not make the cut - or be given minor roles. Please bare this in mind! I tend to write one-shots between 5-10k words, so characters need to be given the chance to shine. (There is a chance it may end up longer than that if I get carried away!)
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Hello, great idea! I'd like to submit Curio the Lucario and Shine the Luxray from The Curious and the Shiny! I hope you'll have fun writing them! I know you've read a part of it, but in case you need a description, then feel free to ask!

EDIT: I thought I'd add a description anyway just in case.

Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal Luxray, except with a missing right eye. He also sometimes wears a red collar around his neck with a teardrop pendant on it.
Personality: A determined, but depressed Luxray, who struggles with feelings of self-hatred as well as trauma from his repressed memories, leading him to rely on his trainer Tony for emotional support. He is nevertheless adamant to find out more about his past and reconnect with those he left behind while also trying to fix himself. He has a love for all book-related things as well as teaching language skills to other Pokemon. He can be quite prickly and doesn't get on well with younger Pokemon.

Name: Curio
Gender: Female
Appearance: A Lucario with a left metal arm of unknown origin, who also has a scar across the left side of her face. She carries a messenger bag with her that is loaded with the goods she found on her soul-searching journey before she met Shine. Her eyes are green, which is atypical for a Lucario.
Personality: Brash, full of energy and can be quite abrasive, but also very loyal to those she cares about. She prides herself on her independence and does not take well to authority figures like trainers or otherwise, and will fight tooth and nail to assert herself as a free Mon. Underneath the tough exterior, she hides some baggage about her shared past with Shine, but won't admit what she went through. Aside from that, she loves making figurines from scrap metal and gets along well with young Pokemon and human children.
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What a fun idea! I'll go ahead and put one in (PMD-verse):

Name: Skitty
Gender: Female
Appearance: as an ordinary skitty; wears a red scarf with a dark blue "X" on it, and rescue team badge
Personality: Pragmatic and level-headed, Skitty prefers to attack a dungeon through careful planning and meticulous preparation. She does her best to be a mentor for younger guild members, and will often team up with particularly lost or timid ones until they're ready to go off and form their own rescue teams. While she can be warm and generous towards those she's particularly fond of, she often comes off as businesslike, with a tendency towards sarcasm when she gets annoyed.

Hope you have fun writing this! I look forward to seeing how all the different characters interact.


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Name: Pixie
Gender: Female
Appearance: An alolan vulpix with 6.5 tails. Perhaps the most gorgeous being on any earth.
Personality: Pretty narcissistic. She is the strongest, prettiest, and smartest because all vulpix are and she is annoyed by anyone who claims otherwise. Is known to screm when she doesn't get what she wants. Like cold. Cold would be nice. Not terribly bright and easily manipulated. Has a deep seated hatred of all things eevee.


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Name: Nip
Gender: Male
Appearence: off-colored sneasel with a nick in his ear and a slightly-tattered ear feather. (My icon is a more visual reference)
Personality: Fairly serious with an occasional hint of sarcasm. Typically, he tries to remain calm, but he can be a bit of a grump and has a bad habit of being a tad paranoid and anxious, and of making rash decisions.


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I think if that's the case, I'll be submitting Owen in his Charmander form!

Name: Owen
Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal Charmander, with a bag around his shoulder for his travels and so on. He technically has a little birthmark-like collection of scales on his back, but it's not something you notice very easily.
Personality: In case you aren't familiar, early Owen (as seen at the beginning of HoC), is an optimistic and go-getting Pokemon. While his memory problems do cloud his mood, he doesn't let it get to him externally. A bit sensitive about the fact that he's a Charmander, and claims to be a late-evolver. If offered a battle, he won't refuse, as fighting is fun to him, albeit a guilty pleasure.

The Walrein

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If it's not too late, I'd like to submit Espeon from Some Average Days In A Pokemon Daycare, mostly to see how she'll interact with Pixie:

Name: Espeon
Gender: Female
Appearance: Slightly smaller than your average Espeon, possibly due to evolving earlier than usual. Otherwise looks fairly normal. She's not super-obsessed with grooming but puts in some effort to keep her fur clean.
Personality: Although cheerful and outgoing most of the time, Espeon is prone to sudden changes of mood, and she has a (poorly concealed) streak of insecurity over the fact that she's only been able to learn a single move so far. She's fairly self-centered, and usually doesn't think much about anyone else outside of sometimes worrying about whether they like her or not. Although she can often be air-headed, Espeon has a genuine sense of curiosity and can sometimes realize when she needs to learn more about a particular subject.
Other Notes: As mentioned, Espeon only knows a single move, covet. Since she only evolved recently, she doesn't know how to use any psychic powers yet.