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Second Anniversary Mini Prompt Bingo


Pokémon Trainer
  1. espurr
  2. inkay
  3. woobat
Posted my writing here and bingo completed!

VanillitePrimal Kyogre
CombuskenWigglytuffMega Medicham
WailordFurretCrystal Onix


voted most likely to be edgy
the middle of nowhere
  1. custom/inkay-shirlee
First bingo prompt, A Perfect Apple!, completed! (Don't expect the other ones to be this nice... I spent about 4 hours too many on this.)



Hoenn around
Enough of this SchistTiger's EyeRock Hounds
Diamond in the RoughFool's GoldRolycoly
Fallen StarDeep StrataPetroglyphs
It's been a while since I played bingo, so I hope diagonals aren't cheating :whistle:

Two writing prompts and one art which I'll be posting here rather than starting their own thread. Let me know if the format is too obnoxious like this and I can edit.

Fallen Star

“Look, mama! A shooting star!”

Gently, the young mother pulled her child away from the window and into her lap. The Litleonid shower had been quiet so far tonight, but that was no reason to doubt her daughter, even if the sky was already dark again by the time she’d looked for herself.

“Did you make a wish?”

“I did!” the little girl exclaimed, blissfully unaware of the smudged nose-prints she’d left behind on the glass. “I wished for daddy to come home!”

For a brief moment, the mother paused. Then she wrapped her arms around her daughter. The girl wriggled, trying to press close to the window again, but the mother held her close for a little longer. “That’s a good wish,” she whispered, planting a soft kiss atop her daughter’s head. “A good wish.”

Her eyes drifted back toward the night sky, looking past the clouds that hid the infinite beyond. He was out there. Somewhere.

After the meteor incident, there had been a call for scientists, for brave adventurers, for people willing to travel into space to study the great unknown, to conduct the research to keep the planet safe.

Her husband had been one of the first to volunteer. It hadn’t been a surprise; he was a Birch, after all. Overeager adventure practically ran in their blood. That, and their first date had been to see the Litleonid meteor shower all those years ago. It had been a strange moment of calm they shared in the aftermath of what had very nearly been the end of things… He’d seen firsthand what man’s ignorance could bring upon the world. And he’d seen what otherworldly forces could save it.

So had she, but as he’d said to her the day he left for Mossdeep, she had other responsibilities. Namely their daughter, but also the region. Hoenn couldn’t very well send one of their Gym Leaders into space. Who would face all the eager challengers then?

So she’d stayed behind, tucked away in Littleroot with his family and hers, and their daughter, safe and sound. It wasn’t fair. But the day the sky had threatened to fall and she’d flown off on Rayquaza’s back, he must’ve felt the same way, too.

A small smile danced across her lips. It was his turn to be the hero.

In her lap, Bella squirmed her way out of the hug so she could look out the window again. May smoothed her daughter’s hair, letting her eyes drift back to the inky darkness outside. He’d be watching the shower from up there.

With a flash, a bright streak cut across the sky, and Bella let out a squeal.

“Mama, mama, did you see it?”

May’s heart fluttered. The same thrill when they’d watched the stars fall over Mossdeep that night, hand in hand.

“I did, sweetie.”

Bella craned her head until she was looking straight up from where she sat in her mother’s lap. Her blue eyes danced with anticipation. “Did you make a wish?”

May couldn’t help but laugh. Her daughter’s expression was exactly like Brendan’s had been that night. She would bet her old champion title he was smiling the same way now, watching the same meteors fall from his tiny space shuttle window.

“I did.”

Fools Gold

Presenting Pyrite the shiny Steelix


and lastly Rock Hounds (because who can resist a good double meaning!)

Roxanne was winded well before they made it to the crest of the ridge.

The heat wasn’t the problem; she was used to Hoenn’s subtropical climate. Maybe it was the time change. Or the fact that she hadn’t been on a serious hike in years, what with the school’s busy schedule and class prep for the next year over the summers. Yes, that’s the excuse she’d use when she made it to the top of the hill. The stitch in her side made its presence known, and she sucked in another labored breath. If she made it.

To her hiking partner’s credit, he held his tongue when she finally dragged herself over the last outcropping and deposited her pack on the ground with a thump. She followed shortly after, breathing hard. He smiled, pulled a fresh water bottle from his pack and placed it next to Roxanne’s side, and turned back to the trail guide he’d been consulting. Despite beating her to the summit by several minutes, he was perfectly content to give her as much time to rest as she needed. Roxanne closed her eyes and would have laughed if she still wasn’t catching her breath. That was the thing with being friends with Steven Stone. You never knew if you wanted to hug him or smack him at any given moment.

When finally she no longer felt like her heart was going to burst from her chest, Roxanne pulled herself together and joined Steven at the large rock in the middle of the clearing. He’d moved on from the trail guide and was now pouring over the map he’d brought with them. It was spread out over the top of the boulder, and Roxanne could see a plethora of handwritten notes from his last trip to Alola.

“So, not such a bad hike, right?” he said, laughter twinkling in his eyes.

Roxanne would have kicked him in the shins if she’d had any energy left. “Maybe for you and your legs that are seven miles long!”

This time Steven laughed out loud. “I’m sorry. I’m so used to hiking by myself. I’ll try to be more cognizant of my pace from now on.”

Twisting the cap back on the now-empty water bottle, Roxanne peeked over Steven’s shoulder at the edge of the cliff beyond. “It’s all right. Besides, someone said hiking up Ten Carat Hill instead of through it would be worth the trip, and I’d like to believe him.”

“It is, trust me,” Steven said with a smile. He folded the map back up and tucked it into the pocket of his vest. “Leave your stuff here and follow me, quietly.”

“Quietly?” asked Roxanne, not very quietly. “Are we going to scare the rocks off or something?”

But Steven ignored her and made his way to the overlook behind them. She followed, and when he motioned for her to kneel at his side, she did. They were shoulder to shoulder as they peeked over the top of the rocks and into the valley below.

Roxanne’s hands flew up to stifle a gasp. Below, a verdant valley of swaying grass and rocky steppes sprawled out before them, nestled within the arms of towering cavern walls, nearly sheer in some places. A gentle breeze rolled across the valley floor, sending waves through the reedy prairie grass.

“I never would have guessed this was here,” she whispered, eyes still wide at the sight, like finding an unhewn gem peeking out from a crack in a rock.

Steven smiled, keeping his voice low. “Only the locals know about this place. Farthest Hollow they call it. I thought you’d appreciate it after spending all day in the caves.”

“As much as I loved seeing the Carbink nest, and that subterranean lake, and those crystal formations—” Roxanne caught herself before she sighed with contentment, “I do appreciate this view very much. It’s beautiful. The strata here are incredible. There have to be at least thirty layers in that one cliff—”

Steven’s hand shot out, cutting her off. “Wait,” he said, slowly pointing at a patch of grass at the base of the cliff in question. “Look.”

Roxanne scowled at the interruption, but as she watched the rustling grass, her expression softened. It wasn’t the breeze moving the grass... Something white, bushy, and vaguely tail-shaped peeked out above the dry grass, the tip of a smaller one poking up beside it. She leaned in for a closer look.

“What… what is that?” she asked, but Steven shook his head with an excited grin, gesturing for her to be patient.

The bushy, white, tail-looking-thing shuffled through the grass a bit more, and the smaller one bobbed along beside it. Then it stopped at the edge of the tall grass, sweeping from side to side once… twice…

A snout emerged from the grass, then a head, and then the entire body of the most elegant pokemon Roxanne had ever seen.

It was wolf-like but smaller than a Mightyena and much more slender. Its lithe form was covered in sandy fur that blended almost seamlessly with the grass of the valley floor. A full white mane matched the fluffy white tail they had first glimpsed, but that was where the softness ended. Sharp blue eyes were set in its angular face, and its ears were tall and pointed, swiveling this way and that to pick up sounds in the breeze. Ringing its neck like a regal collar were four spikes of rock, their obsidian edges glinting in the sun. Roxanne couldn’t tear her eyes away.

And then the grass between its front paws rustled, and out popped the most adorable pokemon Roxanne had ever seen. The small pup sported the same fluffy tail and coloring as its mother, but its features were softer and rounder, like it hadn’t yet been chiseled and weathered by time and experience. An innocent tilt of its head sent its button ears flopping, showing off the glint of tiny obsidian pebbles beneath its shorter mane.

The puppy leaned down to sniff the ground and ended up tumbling head over heels in a squirming, wiggling puppy mass at its mom’s feet. Roxanne couldn't help letting out a squeak of delight. She clasped her hands over her mouth, but Steven’s grin told her he had already noticed.

“It’s a Lycanrock,” he explained, “and the pup is a Rockruff.”

“Lycan...rock?” Roxanne paused, and when she spoke again the excitement in her voice was palpable. “Rockruff?”

Steven nodded. “They’re rock types.”

Roxanne’s eyes lit up, and Steven backpedaled as best he could.

“I promised the locals we’d leave this family alone, but I do know of a breeder in Hau’oli City—”

In one swift motion, Roxanne was on her feet and striding back to their meeting point, shouldering her pack. “Well, what are we waiting for?”

Laughing, Steven ran a hand through his hair, bewilderment clear on his face. “So much for staying to enjoy the view. You’re going to beat me down the mountain, aren’t you?”

“Steven,” Roxanne began, pointing her index finger skyward like when she gave the students a lecture back at the school, “there’s a Rockruff puppy out there that can’t wait to meet its new trainer. What kind of person would want to keep them waiting?”

“Surely only the worst kind of person,” replied Steven, grin stretching wider at her mock seriousness.

“Then you understand why we have to go now.” Without waiting for a reply, she turned on her heel and hopped over a small outcropping, disappearing down the trailhead with a wave. “Last one to Hau’oli City owes the other dinner!”

Thanks so much to Negrek for putting on this fun event! I had such a gneiss time with my prompt fills.


Don’t underestimate seeds.
  1. custom/moka-mark
  2. solrock
@canisaries Holy shit the textures, though. You went ham on this and it turned out great.

@Panoramic_Vacuum I think making her a gym leader is a good fix! Love. And, obviously, tough and dinged-up steelix turned out so good!


Only the Lonely
Last batch of cards! Or I believe so, anyway--let me know if I missed you!


Ghosts! I quite like the type-specific bingo cards. It's fun to think more deeply about the different types.

Old Friend ReturnedSensu OricorioClinging Mist
Mt PyreSmiling WideDisembodied Hand
Unexplained ChillNighttime PranksDestiny Bond


Totally random is nooooo problem. Let's see what we have here.

Bouncing Off Walls1000 Grains of RiceMy Favorite Pokémon
Deep BlueTrying AgainThing in a Jar
Autumn LeaveFeather-LightToss the Dice


More cyberpunk PMD for you huh? That's a fun aesthetic. Hope you enjoy these prompts!

Pokémon CityNeon LightsElgyem Surveillance
Silicon LabyrinthAugmented SkillsThe Latest Gadget
Modern LegendHacker MetangEvil Corporation


Good times! I think anything you write on this topic is bound to be fun.

Sharing the BlameMost Outrageous PrankCrashing a Party
Playful RibbingSecret HandshakeRoad Trip!
The TroublemakerEarning a NicknameInside Joke

@Blackjack Gabbiani

Sinnoh it is! Lots of Sinnoh this year.

A New UniverseRelic BadgeGracidea Fields
Dr. Footstep's VerdictRotom's MischiefSunk in Nightmare
Ice-CrustedGreat MarshThe Reverse World


Gonna be real curious to see what you do with these! If I'm right about what setting you mean to use with them, you should have some interesting fills.

Breadcrumb TrailTaunting LightsPoisoned Fruit
The Stolen ChildOtherworldly ArchitectureHappily Ever After
Beauty of the CourtEnchanted WoodOtherworldly Procession


Contests are fun! Not enough contest-fic out there. Hope you enjoy these prompts.

Practicing the RoutineCheers and ApplauseLife on the Road
Partners TogetherTicket to the Big TimeRare Pokémon
Stage FrightA Challenger!Backstage Drama


Harbinger of Sunrise
Pokémon Square
  1. ninetales
What if you wanted to finish a prompt bingo but scope creep said: four fully painted pieces + drabble (I ended up having to reign myself in quite a bit and started over a few times, which is why this took so long, RIP. Thank god for the extension). Please enjoy!

Distant moon, so big and bright
Softest silver glowing through the night
High atop, the mountain gold
Sun unseen, the world is cold
Here I wait, and here I stand
Early morning northern hour hand
Studying, in solitude
Looking for, a hidden clue

Deep within the night, a ninetales stands above a frigid cliff side. Alone she inhabits the frozen wastes, wearing a headdress of sacred bamboo. There she waits for the fated dawn, when the ancestral vision gifted by the Moon and Stars will come to pass.
Drums of war ring through her ears as the ninetales watches the night face its sudden end. The Sun rising a crimson red, the eight-petaled flower made of Ancient weaponry blooming—its pistil fashioned from the remains of a notebook.
The ninetales shakes with uncertainty. Voice hoarse, she whispers, “Please, goddesses…don’t leave us.”​

No Amount of Work or Training
Can prepare them for their flaming End
But don't hold back my Child
They must die
Take hold of Strength divine
Shape the World to your Design
And release the Power you keep inside your Heart

The Sun walked over the pieces of his heart, scattered across his sanctuary, with a senseless indifference. Ever since that Ancient’s attempt to steal his heart, a new awareness had awoken within him; one that caused him to look upon the Moon and Stars with hatred. The skies were his and only his. The act of trickery and thievery done by the Ancients, Moon, and Stars embroiled him with a deep, blistering fury.
They will grovel. They will burn. They will pay.
With a bellowing roar, the Sun leapt towards the skies. His resolve hardened. A new dawn was coming.​

Before the winds so cold (Falling snow)
The world was shattered in the fragments of time (So soft and cold)
Before the autumn rains (Dying moon cast down so weak)
The coldness will again awake
Frozen lake, the dancing spirits
Calling me to join in the cosmic dream
The silence is tempting me now…

Two goddesses stood beneath the shadow of a great mountain, their new alliance solidified by the night skies; mirrored by a field of white lilies, moonflowers and roses. It was a beautiful sight.
The Moon gave a deep sigh of relief. It was over. The battle was won; the Sun had been locked away, putting an end to his rampage; and the scorched lands could finally heal. The Moon gave the Stars a reassuring glance as the two walked together, ready to ascend towards their permanent position in the skies.
For the very first time, there would be no sunrise.​

I could see that the world was crumbling
Nothing is ever as it seems
Tried to run but my feet were frozen
Tried to scream but there was no sound
In my head voices echoing
Girl you should know better by now
Long ago, Far away?
In the mist of yesterday

She refused to look at the shadows, out towards the distance, or from the corner of her eye. However such precautions were in vain, for she was always aware of It.
It prowled the edges of her daydreams, observing her, waiting. For when day became night and the buildings into trees, the fun truly began. Such was the game they played. The rules were simple; It would fashion her dreams into its domain, a beautiful nightmare, and she would run. She would always win but It was not discouraged. It was patient and It would only need to win once.​


  1. custom/slowpoke-hgss
Everyone's artwork is looking amazing!

They're pretty rough around the edges, but my writing bingo is completed here. Huge thanks to @Negrek for coming up with all of these bingo cards; they were really creative and fun!

Ghosts in StaticFresh Winter MorningForgotten Temple
Haunted MansionSecret SocietyUnfeeling Genius
Slumbering Under SnowWorld-ending PlanTruth in Legend

Blackjack Gabbiani

Merely a collector
  1. shaymin

Blackjack Gabbiani

Merely a collector
  1. shaymin

Blackjack Gabbiani

Merely a collector
  1. shaymin

Can it be? Can it really be? Do I hear the ringing of a DOUBLE BINGO 'pon the breeze? "Rotom's Mischief" and "Ice-Crusted" are FILLED BABY


Ace Trainer
  1. ho-oh

Totally random is nooooo problem. Let's see what we have here.

Bouncing Off Walls1000 Grains of RiceMy Favorite Pokémon
Deep BlueTrying AgainThing in a Jar
Autumn LeaveFeather-LightToss the Dice

Completed my art bingo!

1. My Favorite Pokémon

A Northern Wind. A purified city. A child got his dream.


2. Trying Again

Rival: someone who tests your limits, or an obstacle you've got to surpass no matter what?


3. Autumn Leaves

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. A buck that leaves all seasons behind him.



onion witch
  1. farfetchd-galar
Lots of iconic moments in Pokéworld history. Let's see what you make of these!
Firing the Ultimate WeaponThe First Golett AwakensAn Ultra Wormhole Opens...
A young man, callow and foolish in innocence, came to own a sword.We sealed that Pokémon away, alone in the dark. We feared it.The New Boss is Giovanni
Rayquaza Grants a WishBrass Tower's BurningN Crowned King
bingo! went straight down the middle.


the world's scariest violinist
  1. custom/skiddo-steplively
Breadcrumb TrailTaunting LightsPoisoned Fruit
The Stolen ChildOtherworldly ArchitectureHappily Ever After
Beauty of the CourtEnchanted WoodOtherworldly Procession

Long drives where I couldn't really concentrate in preparation for events I'm not super excited about be damned, give me skiddo postbit frens.


Only the Lonely
Okay, time's up on the official bingo event period! I want to give a big shout-out to everyone who created something for this event, and especially to everyone who managed to score a bingo:

@Blackjack Gabbiani @Cresselia92 @Equitial @Flyg0n @Homestar! @IFBench @Inkedust @kintsugi @kyeugh @Nubushi @Panoramic_Vacuum @Phoenixsong @Raggy @Seren @Shiny Phantump @unrepentantAuthor @The Walrein

There were some amazing short stories and pieces of artwork created for this event--if you haven't already, definitely take a few minutes to check them out! I've added all the fills I could find to the first post of this thread to make them easy to find; if I missed any, please let me know!

If you scored a bingo, please head over to the second anniversary event thread to claim your companion, and congratulations again to everyone who participated!

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
somewhere in spacetime
  1. custom/pikachu-chibi
  2. lugia
I know I'm late but I wanted to post mine anyway

In Human Lands

A settlement on the edge of the sea, far from the wilds. A lively market where locals and travelers, humans and Pokémon, mingle amidst the shops and stalls.

The sweet scent of baked goods lures a guest. Two pastries vanish with the plink of too many coins on the counter. A child catches a glimmer of red as the door opens by itself. Down the alley, away from passersby, out of sight. A quiet moment to enjoy a sweet prize made by human hands. Then red and blue wings chase each other through the streets, in plain view yet unseen.

Evading Capture

Blistering speed carried the north wind across the land as surely as it always did. The pursuers? Long since left behind. None could hope to match the wind’s speed and grace. That had always been true, and always would be. What reason was there to believe that would ever change?

So let them try! The howling wind bared its challenge to all. Let he who thinks he can pin the wind to the ground be the first to try! It was surely impossible!

The wind howled loud enough to quiet the thoughts of when its speed would no longer be enough.

Friends and Rivals

Sky and sea. Opposites and equals. Separate domains. And yet, there were times when one might tread upon the other.

A rolling tempest brought a downpour so thick the sky was underwater. To fly would be to swim. The storm’s ferocity consumed the night until the light of dawn swept the clouds apart. Warming sun bathed the waters below, calming the restless waves. Prismatic colors painted on a canvas of air and water above, marking the culprit.

So the sky thought it might erase the sea’s handiwork? No matter.

The sea burst from its domain to meet the sky’s challenge.
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