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Review Exchange Thread!


Ace Trainer
  1. luxray
Hi, I've discussed it before in the Discord chat, but now it's official. Welcome to the Review Exchange thread, a space for us to post descriptions of our fics that are already up on Thousand Roads, what we're looking for in terms of feedback, and what kind of fics we'd like to read in return. The aim of this is to get people to open up a discussion with other people who have advertised on the thread, either through the DMs on the forum or through Discord, and hopefully, it can lead to more reciprocal engagement that isn't based on an event.

There are similar threads to this already, like Catnip Circle and the Review Tag, which also revolve around reciprocal feedback. However, Catnip is a fast-paced review game that only happens every so often, and the Review Tag can sometimes take over a month for someone to reply to a fic there, so it relies on a chain of reviews that's easy to break. So I think the Review Exchange could provide an alternative that isn't time-sensitive or contingent on completing one review in order to progress the tag game. For works in progress or fics that need touch-ups before posting to TR, please refer to the Beta Reader Directory.

I took inspiration from these threads as well as the r/fanfiction Discord server's review exchange channel. I'll provide a template below to give an idea of how these requests should be formatted, but anyway, if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Happy posting!

(Both of these fields are meant to be submitted together, but I've just separated them to break up the paragraphs)

Fic information:
(K, T, M)
Content warnings: (if applicable, for violence, sex references, heavy themes, etc.)
Word count/chapters on offer: (this can cover how long your fics are, as well as how much you'd be willing to read of another person's work)
What feedback I'm looking for: (feedback on specific areas such as SPaG or characterization, and/or what level of critical feedback you'd be willing to receive)
Link: (mostly within TR since the purpose of this thread is geared towards internal community engagement, but this is also negotiable between users)

Feedback information:
What feedback I can offer: (what sort of feedback you specialise in giving, such as focusing on line by line reactions or making detailed reviews with tangents)
Preferred types of fics: (mostly applicable to Pokemon since there are a lot of sub-genres within the fandom such as trainerfic, PMD, etc., as well as preferences for how lighthearted/heavy you like your fics to be, but this can also apply to fics from other fandoms/original works)
Preferred method of contact: (Thousand Roads, Discord, email, etc.)
Availability: (this can be edited to reflect whether or not you're currently available to accept exchange requests)
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Don’t underestimate seeds.
  1. custom/moka-mark
  2. solrock
Availability: Currently unavailable! (As of May 2021)

⭐ Fic on Offer ⭐

: Continental Divides
“You could make a difference if you really wanted to.”
Natalie and Mark quickly find themselves on opposite sides of a deadly turf war, and more than their own lives are at stake.
Rating: T
Content warnings: language, alcohol & tobacco, implied (off-screen) sex, and violence. It’s also very much a story about politics and civil unrest. The thread lists out specific warnings per chapter. The blood is minimal enough that most people will not even flinch at it, and I could probably get an edited version to people who are especially sensitive to blood/the occult if you wanted to participate.
And if you'd really, really prefer something more lighthearted, you could read Spring instead (though CD would be my preference).
Word count/chapters on offer: The entire fic so far is 85k+. Chapters 1-7 run 3.5-5k words, and later chapters run 7-10k. When I'm available, I'm down to either go chapter for chapter, or I'd be down to draw you a thing for every 7 chapters read. (I have 14 chapters up, so you could do that twice.).
What feedback I'm looking for: Literally anything. I love fixing errors, I love when people gush, and I love debating politics. Hit me with whatever.

⭐ Feedback Information ⭐

What feedback I can offer: My reviews typically look like this and this. I try to give overall thoughts at the top and then more specific line-by-line feedback in a spoiler at the bottom, including things I liked, grammar corrections, and questions.
Preferred types of fics: I'm most interested in reading and reviewing for people who actively want to improve as writers and who are excited about applying any crit they receive to their future drafts. I prefer trainer fic, but I've definitely read and reviewed a fair amount of PMD, too.
Preferred method of contact: I'll see a Discord PM fastest, but you can ping me anywhere my name is WildBoots.
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Pokemon Paradise
  1. custom/chikorita-saltriv
  2. custom/bench-gen
(Art by djhaka)
Title: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Eternal Shadows
Summary: A human named Gen wakes up as an Oshawott, retaining all his memories. After meeting a Chikorita and a Charmander, he makes a hasty decision, and lies that he is an amnesiac and not a human. As he journeys with the two, he ensnares himself in his own web of lies as he tries to find a way back home. All the while, Pokemon go missing, turning up in strange places, surrounded by shadowy auras.
Rating: T
Content warnings: Anxiety, panic attacks, very minor blood.
Word count/chapters on offer: 9 chapters currently, totaling up to about 30K words so far. I'm fine with pretty much anything up to that amount.
What feedback I'm looking for: I would like to request that any reviews aren't too harsh, if that's ok. I also prefer reviews on the story and characters rather than just the prose and grammar, but I'll still accept feedback on those. Line-by-line reactions are perfectly fine, though, and greatly appreciated! Also I absolutely LOVE speculation. Any of that is vastly appreciated.
Link: Here!

Feedback Information

What feedback I can offer:
I tend to give line by line reactions, with general thoughts at the end. Sometimes, though, I just go over the whole thing at once. I'm not very good at being extremely critical, though, so sorry if that's what you were looking for.
Preferred types of fics: I prefer PMD, though I also like a fair few mainline fics, too! The only things I'll really object to are really romance-heavy things, or stories with extremely dark and hopeless settings.
Preferred method of contact: Either a TR message or a Discord message is fine!
Availability: I'm almost always available!
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The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
Title: Heroes After All
Rating: T
Content warnings: Voilence, some gore i might tone down, there's probably going to be loose allusions to sexual topics down the line
Word count/chapters on offer: 10 chapters, two optional bonus chapters if you like forum events and Fire Emblem, all averaging 2k words each
What feedback I'm looking for: Feel free to give suggestions on anything but the prose but also PLEASE try to emphasize the positives. This fic is my baby and my passion project and harsh criticisms of it get me down so if you do have anything negative to say try to keep it as a side dish at worst if you can. I do, however, try to keep any crit I do get in mind for r e v i s o n s.
Link: https://forums.thousandroads.net/index.php?threads/heroes-after-all.46/

Feedback information:
What feedback I can offer:
I specialize in friendly gushy reviews! If you want critique of plot and character stuff I can do that too it just takes turning on a different side of my brain. I'm not good at spelling and grammar checks sorry
Preferred types of fics: Only caveat here is I can get reluctant to read PMD fics because the PMD concept doesn't do it for me for several reasons but if you really want me to review your PMD fic I will probably bite and probably enjoy your take on it anyway. Other than that I read whatever.
Availability: I'm usually pretty free except on Saturdays! Feel free to hit me up on Saturdays too, I just likely won't be able to READ then.
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Pokémon Trainer
Fic information:

Title: Transversal crossing the back of legends


Special notes: set in the manga verse, does move to the game verse eventually though.

In seeking healing for a Legend wrought curse the Boss of Team Rocket tries to strike a deal with a different Legend for clemency. Things don't go according to plan when Celebi demands Giovanni's son, Silver, get involved as "penance" for Giovanni's many sins.

Refusing to let the Silver get hurt, the Rocket repudiates the healing and fights back. Trying to break out of the deal even if it means his death. But Legends are called such for a reason, and they would not be swayed by a rebellion pulled so late in the game.

The battle's conclusion was never in any doubt.

The collective Olympus 'mon built an alternate world, one of recollection plumbed from their minds by Celebi, mired with whim and fancy from Jirachi's wishes, and bound to a path of routes, for paths were the Tao Duo's lifeblood. In this world, they would be healed and both would be made to pay a penance.

In one alternate when and where Giovanni wakes, in a body that is his yet not quite right. The Rocket discovers himself locked in the body of an adolescent too soft to have ever been him, his team is culled down to one lone weedle, and both man and 'mon retain their memories. Of a battle lost, a Legend defied, and the knowledge that they were here for a reason, even if they were unaware of what that reason was in full.

Once the Rocket got his bearings, this never-neverland Alola would never know what hit it...

As for Silver, he woke younger and sickened and scared. He recalls the Mask and running, and he comes too in a moving van, in a world where everyone thinks he's Bran-bran, the day of the start of this other boy's journey.

But Silver doesn't want to go. He's not this bran-person, and no one seems to hear him when he says that. He wants Green, and Green's house because she'd promised to share since Mask took his away, and while he is on the topic of wants... He needs Sneasel because someone's taken her.

And that isn't allowed, she's his 'mon, and he'd never, ever share her with anyone.

Suffice to say neither recipients of the Legend's blessing are staying on the Legend set tracks in the slightest.

Rating: Teen, any chapters that skirt close to mature will be marked and summaries of their contents offered on request.

Content warnings: the first three chapters have the main character dying/at death's door and there is some gore for it. Mainly vomiting. Blood. There are scenes of wanton hunting and poaching in later chapters, a few bits of profanity here and there, but all chapters affected by GORE, and HUNTING/VIOLENCE will be marked.

Word count/chapters on offer: Ummm long... about ten pages plus per chapter single-spaced thirteen font.

What feedback I'm looking for:
SPECIAL NOTE: If you could hold off on any review activity until... say April 5th 2021?

I'm running everything through Grammarly and I desperately need outsider feedback to know if it's working as I can't seem to see many issues on my own. Regardless I need about a week to get those chapters run through the program and to sort them.

Beyond basic maintenance issues, I'm concerned with flow, characterization, and if the premise makes sense as I am trying a lot of new things here all at once and am pretty worried about everything overall.


Transversal, Forum Version
Transversal, ao3 version

Feedback information:
What feedback I can offer: I tend to do line by line as time permits (usually 1-3 per month). I can do say... ten pages max in that style for either a story or chapter. If there's a section you want me to do specifically you can PM it to me. As for what I can do, near everything at least at a basic level. What grammar rules I feel ok talking about I will bring up, I can break down dialogue, setting, descriptors/scene building (the last two are self-taught specialties of mine), speculation/feelings blurbs tend to go under the analysis at reviews end.

That or if you don't want things torn into I can offer a reaction paragraph at the end of everything.

Preferred types of fics:

I will read anything and everything barring explicit carnal pieces... I'm not a fan of PMD but I will look at them upon request, I favor trainer stories of unusual slants, Team centric stories(and yes I am a Team Rocket fan), I prefer the Manga over the game'verses but am fluent enough with both to not have to use bulbapedia all the time.

I've not played sword/shield.

Preferred method of contact: Thousand Roads PM/DM system
Availability: while spastic on my online present/interactions I usually have a few days a week I can do review work.
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Yodakage Kira

A man with a golden gun
Title: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Frontier Justice

Summary: In a world where humans have all disappeared for hundreds of years, Pokémon explore what humanity left behind on the frontiers while trying to figure out what happened. A lone human appears, unable to remember how he got there. Armed with a revolver and his wit, he has to figure out how to get back home while making sure the world he's in doesn't fall apart.

Rating: T

Content warnings: (violence, blood, swearing)

Word count/chapters on offer: Currently there are 11 chapters with about 47k words.

What feedback I'm looking for: I'm looking for feedback on the story thus far, and how the elements I've introduced blend with the worldbuilding. And if you're able, some feedback on my characters would do wonders.

Link: Here it is!

Feedback information:

What feedback I can offer: I love covering characters and worldbuilding, with maybe some structure critique if I feel its necessary. I like to go in depth with it all.

Preferred types of fics: I prefer PMD fics, but I will be willing to read a trainerfic if its primarily on OC's.

Preferred method of contact: DM me either on this website, or on discord, my username is Yodakage Kira#1438

Availability: I'm currently available
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Artsy Whimsical Nerd
  1. suicune
  2. umbreon
Well, hello, there! It’s about time for me to plug my info here.

✨Fic information:✨
Title: Of Sand and Shadows
Summary: Desperate to escape the lawless region of Orre, an ex-criminal named Wes tries to leave both the desert and his past behind for good. Things don’t go according to plan, however, and soon he is caught in the middle of a war raging from the shadows, fighting to save the very region he was trying to forsake.
Rating: T
Content warnings: Mild language, violence, and depictions of death and abuse.
Word count/chapters on offer: 90k and counting. I am happy to review fics of any length! We can do chapter by chapter or by word count—whatever you prefer!
What feedback I'm looking for: Feel free to go HAM on any grammar or spelling errors you see! If you see anything that would be a quick and simple fix, please let me know! As for larger things like characterizations, plot beats, and pacing, please save this kind of feedback only for the most recent chapters. I’ve spent a lot of time editing the early chapters and don’t plan to make any drastic changes any more!
Link: Here!

✨Feedback information:✨
What feedback I can offer: Any kind! I’m happy to be an entertained and gushing audience, or to be a detailed critic. Whatever feedback you’re looking for, I can give.
Preferred types of fics: Mostly trainerfic, but I’m very open to any type. I’m not a huge fan of anything extremely dark, gory, or heavy, though.
Preferred method of contact: Discord first, TR second
Availability: Not currently available for exchanges, but I will be soon!
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*Crazy Absol Noises*
Behind a laptop, most likely with tea
  1. mawile
Sure, I'll join in!

Fic information:​
Title: The End: Rekindled
Summary: In a world ruled by a wicked hydreigon, the pokemon have been split into groups: Outcasts, Heretics and Darkness. Two Outcasts - a meowstic called Cleo and her small dedenne companion Spark - stumble upon an odd discovery. Something that gives the Outcasts a little hope. Hope that the Darkness will one day be defeated, and pokemon can live in peace once more.But this discovery comes at a cost. It sends two of Hydreigon's best assassins after them. What unfolds next is a roller-coaster of events that throw our heroes right into the epic battle between good and evil.
Rating: T
Content warnings: Blood, violence and death (this is a war). Some chapters/side stories have specific content warnings not listed here to avoid spoilers but these will be made clear. I'm also squeamish myself, so I try not to over-describe.
Word count/chapters on offer: Ongoing story of epic length. It will cap out at over 70 chapters with at least five back-stories. The original was 70 chapters.
What feedback I'm looking for: Mainly story and plot progression, while pointing out embarrassing typos and grammar such as the wrong 'there' and 'your' which are so easy to miss. (Some things aren't typos! Please remember I'm British and we have different spellings for some words!) Story flow, character development, world building. General story discussion is very much loved. And if you're a Christian (or interested!) I'd love to see if you can spot the metaphors!
Please try to avoid being overly critical as I'm sensitive, but I can handle criticism if it's done well. I take on board what people say for revisions and future chapters. This re-write has taken a LOT of past criticism on board and I am loving writing it! =D
If you do get into my story and want to continue reading it, I am also happy to continue your story and just... discuss away! XD
Link: Right here!

Feedback information:
What feedback I can offer: Character development, plot (ahhh plot!), and I can point out typos and grammar errors as best I can.
Preferred types of fics: PMD/Pokecentric is preferred. I'm open to most things, but I won't touch occult, horror and excessive gore themes. Please query this if you think your story might fall under this category as it might not.
Preferred method of contact: TR and Discord.
Availability: I'm available most of the time at the moment. Feel free to ask, it'll break up my day! =D


Junior Trainer
It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I tried crossposting my fic here but it got hectic. In addition to revisions, I was already like 20 chapters in.

Title: Reaching for My Future
Rating: M
Content warnings: Past abuse, past violence, and suicide’s brought up.
Word count/chapters on offer: Work count is over 133k atm. Chapter length varies.
What feedback I'm looking for: Anything really, whether I need to re-word something or if you really liked a certain scene. I would really like to know how good my descriptive writing is.
Link: The up-to-date’s one on A03, but we can work something out if need be. https://archiveofourown.org/works/27177500

I'll be posting it again here, but I've got 26 chapters to post. With drafts, it goes up to 33.

Feedback information: I could potentially give advice on world building and writing battles.
Preferred types of fics: Anything really. I probably would put trainer fics first, but I can read PMD fics and others.
Preferred method of contact: Discord
Availability: I should be available, but I do have some school related things to do.
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Angry Female Protag
In Guzma's Closet
  1. custom/sylveon-shiny
  2. gothitelle
I'm always up for a review exchange!

Title: White Swan, Black Swan
Summary: Odette Cinq-Mars had it all--a promising career in the arts, and a solid Pokemon team to boot. However, a traumatic encounter with a colleague snuffed out her flame, leaving her lost and unsure of what she is to make of herself. But, a chance meeting with an old classmate leads her down a rabbit hole--one that uncovers a sinister Team with an even more sinister agenda...all seemingly centered around her.
Fluctuates between T+ and M.
Content warnings: Strong Language, Violence, Gore, Implications of Sexual Assault, Talk of Death, Talk of Pokemon Death, Occult Happenings, Drug Use
Word count/chapters on offer: Average chapter count is ~4k words. The longest one right now caps at 9k LOL. Right now, there is only a prologue and 3 chapters. She short.
What feedback I'm looking for: Tear it apart. I am looking for feedback on the first chapter because it was entirely rewritten, and some general thoughts of how it reads after the events of the prologue. Other than that specific thing, tell me all your thoughts. And PLEASE call out spelling and format issues because lord knows I miss them all the time.
Link: White Swan, Black Swan

Feedback information:
What feedback I can offer: I can focus on whatever you want me to focus on. If you don't give me any sort of direction, I usually cover everything ranging from technical things to plot, characterization, pacing, etc.
Preferred types of fics: I'll read pretty much anything, but I prefer trainerfics over PMD fics. I absolutely love the dark stuff, so if you need a review on your darker stories, I'm your gal. But, I love my fluff and happy stuff just as much. Throw it all at me.
Preferred method of contact: Discord, but you can DM me here too!
Availability: Shoot me a DM and I'll let you know, because it varies day to day!


Mew specialist
  1. custom/mew-adam
  2. custom/celebi-shiny
  3. custom/roserade-adam
Fic information:
Title: Kuki's Tale.

Kuki lived most of her life as a human under Mew's care. She always saw herself as an ordinary girl until one thing led to another and she became a pokemon just like Mew. Now as a mew herself, a world of possibilities open up for Kuki and so began a tale full of mystery and miraculous misadventures with Kuki and Mew!

Rating: T rating.

Content warnings: Mild dark themes.

Word count/chapters on offer: Two chapters spanning 10k words currently.

What feedback I'm looking for: I'm generally open to most kinds of feedback which include typo and grammar feedbacks, etc. I'm most interested in feedback regarding the narrative, which areas I'm doing good at and also which areas could use some improvements.


Feedback information:
What feedback I can offer: I mostly give general overview style feedbacks mostly talking about plot beats, characterizations, pacing and so on, but I'm able to go further in depth on request. I'm not good at typo and grammar related feedback so keep in mind that I often avoid commenting on those in my reviews.

Preferred types of fics: I can read both most types of pokemon stories whether they're centered around humans or on pokemon. I'd prefer reading fics with chapters with less than 8k words on average per chapter and I also don't favor fics dealing with very heavy themes all that often unless I know exactly what I'm heading into. Fics involving heavy gore and constant depictions of blood are out of the question.

Preferred method of contact: Thousand Roads and Discord.

Availability: I am currently available until further notice.
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Dual-Eyed-Bi-Spy And Sandwich Enthusiast
Title: how to catch a falling star

Summary: a man finds an old friend after a year of searching. The friend had gone through an almost magical journey in another world and even in another body. But as they settle in things get choppy as in the Pokémon world the friend’s partner is working to bring the friend back. Forced to choose between a rock and a hard place the friend chooses to take the man with him…unwittingly.

Rating: T for Too much swearing and also teen

Content warnings: minor blood use, swearing, narcotic reference (but no use)

Word count: currently I have around 7K words over a prologue and three chapters (with more incoming soon but the focus is on this start for now.)

What feedback I’m looking for: I’m a new-ish writer looking mainly to improve my craft. Any tips, comments on pacing, or critiques on anything I’ve done wrong (like improper use of something that causes it to not make sense) would be extremely welcome.

Link: https://forums.thousandroads.net/index.php?threads/how-to-catch-a-falling-star.747/#post-35652

feedback information:
as a speed reader I specialize in blasting through content quickly and efficiently (weather I want to or not), as I’m new I have difficulty picking up flaws in story’s however I enjoy thinking about the plot and story itself and usually can pitch a few ideas for future content (completely optional however. Never forget that in the end it’s your story.)

Preferred types of fics: although I enjoy story’s that involve the author themselves (I find those are usually quite passionate) I can and will read anything you throw in my general direction.

preferred method of contact: Thousand roads, discord, and especially the Thousand roads discord

Availability: until this phone breaks (or when I’m working from 4-8 pm)
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