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Pokémon Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Heroic Dreamers

Summary and Notes


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20210802_172100 (1).jpg

For reasons he doesn't understand, Shiron got another go at life. Now in a brand new world, the human-turned-Marshtomp embarks on a journey to find himself and become a hero, alongside new friends. All the while, a question keeps making its way to his head: "Am I good enough?". Prequel to "Liberators of Fate", but knowledge of that fic is not required.

Arc 1:

Chapter 1: Second Chance
Chapter 2: Fish Out Of Water
Chapter 3: Far From Home
Chapter 4: Crossing Paths
Chapter 5: Let's Unite!
Chapter 6: Driving Forward
Chapter 7: Yet To Be Named
Chapter 8: Not So Different
Chapter 9: Just Live More
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Chapter 1: Second Chance


Professional Mudkip Lover
  1. swampert
  2. custom/chesnaught-apron
Chapter 1 - Second Chance

Drip. Drip. Drip. Water dropped into a large river, slowly but surely. Hardly moving, but the sound of droplets was constant and almost rhythmical, able to bring peace to anyone who heard it.

The water was also blue in color, and very clean. There was nothing inside the river, not any animal or person, making it a serene place. The temperature was not too hot or too cold, anyone could dive into the river and swim with no issues. Of course, if they knew how to swim.

Something came crashing into the water and was immediately surrounded by bubbles. TRipples surrounded the figure, until the bubbles faded, leaving a human. Said figure had barely any distinct features, save for it having a masculine shape, and was entirely cyan in color.

“U-Urgh…” He said, trying to move his body. The figure looked at himself and gasped in shock. His state was nearly transparent to the point he could see through himself. “W-What’s going on?!”


A booming and royal voice reverberated throughout the river, shaking it to its core. The human turned around, confused and scared, trying to find out where the voice was coming from. His body was shaking as well, but it was frozen in place.

“Be not afraid, human. I am here to help you.”

Somehow, his shaking subsided. Still wary of the voice, he tried getting answers. “T-That’s kinda hard to believe when I’m in this… whatever this place is!”

“I understand that you have questions. I will try my best to answer them,” the voice said, and the water bubbled up again, gathering in a single spot where the voice came from.

In a bright flash of light, a figure stood. A quadrupedal stag-like creature with black and blue fur alongside a short, bushy tail. The antlers were colored gold, with a few spots having several colors of the rainbow. The creature looked at the human and smiled. He, on the other hand, was left shaking once again, and slowly tried backing away from the creature.

“My name is Xerneas.”

“X-Xerneas?!” The human asked, panting. “B-But you’re a legend, you… you…”

“A legend from tales as old as time,” she replied, giggling. “...You are from the Hoenn region, correct? I’ve seen it.”

“Y-Yeah? How do you know?”

“Legend, of course. Now, I have a question myself. What is your name, human?”

“I’m… my name is Shiron.” He answered, taking a deep breath. Things were getting calmer now, he felt.

“That is a beautiful name.” She looked around the river. “This place… how do I put it? It is a construct from your mind. It represents yourself… in your final moments.”

“My fin—” Shiron stopped, shutting himself up as the realization dawned upon him. “I’m… I’m dead.”

“Unfortunately, yes. Do you remember how you died?”

“I-I do. Of course… of course I’m dead,” Shiron looked down, but he saw nothing other than the depths of the river, which appeared to extend endlessly. “I deserved this, didn’t I?”

“No,” Xerneas shook her head. “You did not. And that is why I’m here. I’ve sensed greatness in you, Shiron. Tell me: what is your dream?”

Shiron was taken back by the sudden question. Why was someone as high and mighty as Xerneas asking him about his dream? It was only natural for him to be scared, to tremble at the sight. And what was that about sensing greatness?

“Please, answer my question, human.”

“My… my dream?” He wondered, thinking what to answer. What was his dream? And why did it matter anyway? He was dead. Shiron looked at himself, his crystal clear body. On his arms, he noticed something; there was a tint of red in them. He frowned.

“Do you not have an answer, Shiron?”

“N-No. I mean, yes. My dream was…” He gulped. “I wanted to help others. Everyone… w-well, I wanted to make others happy. To save people.”

“And your dream was interrupted by your death. If I may ask, why did you deci—”

Shiron shook his head in denial. “Please… I don’t wanna talk about it. I don’t even know why you brought me here. Just… what do you want?”

“I want to give you another chance,” she nodded. “Shiron, I think you deserve happiness like everyone else.”

“A second… chance?” He asked, unsure. He took another look at himself, shaking his arms. “I don’t know if I deserve it… I’ve brought nothing but pain to everyone I’ve met. Why do you think I deserve another chance?”

“Your heart,” Xerneas raised her head. “You have a big heart, and it’s full of love. You just need to treat yourself with kindness. The same way you treat so many others…”

Shiron trembled. Even being incorporeal, he felt the tears building up beneath his eyes. They wanted to come out so badly…

“What I’m about to offer you is something reserved only to those who deserve it,” Xerneas looked up and smiled. “Shiron, I can bring you to another world, a world of Pokémon. You will become one as well. Never to return to the human world, do you understand?”

“I’ll never get to go back home…?” Shiron asked. He would never see anyone there ever again. And becoming a Pokémon? That… sounded nice. If he really deserved this chance, then…

“I’ll take it.” Shiron then gasped. “Wait, what about my memories?!”

“Your memories?” Xerneas tilted her head. “I was planning on erasing them. Would you like to keep them?”

“Yes, I would. As much as I don’t have… good memories of my home, I wanna keep ‘em.”

“That is an unusual request, I must say. But, understood. It is time, Shiron, to cast aside your human shell and begin your new life.” Her antlers began to glow in a rainbow fashion, charging a multicolored beam of light.

Now that this was actually happening, Shiron felt his heart skip a beat. This was something else. He never even heard of it before, becoming a Pokémon? Weird, but he could accept that. Yeah, no problems with that part. Or with the whole “abandoning his family” part. He had his reasons for wanting this.

“Maybe someday we will meet again, Shiron, but until then… good luck!” The beam was launched towards the human, sending him into the depths of the river.

Next thing he knew, Shiron was getting propelled at an incredible speed. His body was practically rolling, and he could hardly see what was going on.

Why’s… everything… spinning?! He protested, coughing up water and moving his head back and forth, just waiting for that experience to be over. Xerneaaas! Why did you do this?!

He was getting deeper into the river, but something was odd. The more he looked, Shiron noticed that there were more things in it. Like algae, rocks, and even a few water-type Pokémon, like Feebas and Alomomola. What was going on?

And while he was still speeding up, that was no longer the weirdest part about this whole thing. Sure, he heard what Xerneas said, but now that Shiron managed to look at himself, he no longer saw the human, but instead, he had… the body of a Marshtomp. The bright-blue color gave it away, as did the gills he now had, and the weird, double tail… thing.

His surprised look gave way to a confused one. Okay, hold up! I’m in the body of a starter ? Okay, that’s… uh, it would be cool. Not that I mind, Mudkips are cute, and Swampert is really tough, but Marshtomp? That kinda seems like a downgrade to me…

Shiron closed his eyes and let his body continue on its path. To his surprise, he seemed to stop. Shiron then opened his eyes and gasped, they were even sparkling from the shock.

What he saw was a vast underwater ecosystem, like in his hometown, but different in the way he could see everything. It wasn’t as murky as the ocean he was used to, and Shiron found that lovely.

Lilycove doesn’t seem so good now… heh. Bet I can even swim now that I’m a water-type!

To test his theory, Shiron tried swimming like a puppy, but he discovered it was difficult. He wasn’t even leaving the place! And what’s worse, he was struggling to breathe. Shiron took some time to notice it, but he really needed to breathe.

Okay, new plan: get outta here! Having decided, he tried swimming upwards, towards the light, and he was getting there. Slowly, but surely. His lungs, on the other hand, were not so cool with this idea; they were getting stuffed with water, and Shiron tried holding his breath. O-Oh no… oh… n..o…

He coughed water and began falling down again, as his vision became blurry. Shiron struggled to keep himself awake and with open eyes, but he managed to hold on long enough that he saw someone else jumping down the water. A strange figure, with blue fur and a canine appearance, but on two legs.

H-Huh? Oh… what’s… that…? His vision was unclear, but the Pokémon in front of him also had a few patches of black fur, and two dreadlocks coming out of both sides of the stranger’s head.

R-Rio...lu? Shiron thought, right before he closed his eyes and passed out.

“Hold on, I got this!”

The Riolu rose to the surface, taking a pause to catch his breath. He soon pushed the Marshtomp, not without struggle. The water-type was heavier than he looked. But soon enough, the duo had gotten out of the river and fallen on the sandy ground.

“Phew… that was hard,” Riolu said, panting as he laid down, looking to his side and staring directly at the Marshtomp. “...Are you okay? Can you breathe? It’s kinda weird seeing a ‘tomp here, and drowning!”

“Nick! Where are you?!” A voice asked, making the canine look back at the other side of the beach, seeing a Quilladin running towards him.

“Hey Magnus! You won’t believe what I found here!” Nick waved, still exhausted from the rescue, but with enough energy to crack a smile.

Once the Quilladin was close enough, Nick noticed him wearing a white apron around his chest, and his nose sniffed the distinct aroma of sugar.

“N-Nick?” Magnus stopped, panting. “W-What’re you doing he—”

Another look made him notice the unconscious water-type standing next to Nick. Magnus gasped in shock, before standing back.

“W-Wait! Nick, who’s that?”

Nick grinned. “Some guy I just saved! He was, uh… drowning.”

“A water-type? Drowning ? He’s evolved! Unless you caught a feral!”

“...I’m not like that Treecko you heard about,” he rolled his eyes. “Oh, but this guy’s still unconscious.”

“Maybe for good reason? How would he drown?” Magnus gulped, managing to take another look at the Marshtomp.

“Beats me. I just knew I had to help, y’know? Right thing to do.”

Meanwhile, Shiron remained in the same state. He moved a little in his inert state. His face quickly turned red, and Shiron moved like he was gasping for air. Nick took notice of this and looked at his friend.

“Dude, I think we need to wake him up!”

“What?” Magnus flinched at the sentence, his heart skipping a beat. It was undeniable that this Marshtomp needed help, but what if he was only faking it? “What if he tries to attack us? What do we do, then?”

“...Just trust me on this one! I sensed his aura! We’ll be fine!”

“B-But… your senses suck… no offense.”

“None taken.”

The Quilladin stared at Shiron again, trembling a bit. However, the sight of that Marshtomp, helpless and suffocating, was enough for him to reconsider what to do.

Magnus ran towards the water-type, using both of his arms to push down on Shiron’s chest. He pumped as hard as he could, but tried not to use too much strength. All he needed was to wake him. That was all. After that, he opened Shiron’s mouth and began blowing on it, slow and easy. This was harder than the books said, he noticed.

C’mon, dude! Don’t leave me! Arceus, I hope Nick’s doing the right thing by rescuing this guy…

He saw Shiron’s chest rise and smiled, still blowing air as much as possible.

Shiron snapped his eyes open, coughing up water and instinctively sitting down. His hearing buzzed, and his other senses were on overload, trying to focus on too many things at once.

What was going on? Where was he? And what just happened? More questions popped up as he got used to the new sensations dawning on him. Starting with the gills that twitched, picking up the cold air around him, and a faint smell of rain.

This… this is… Shiron looked down at himself, now confirming that his body had indeed changed, just like Xerneas had mentioned earlier. He was no longer a human, and the world he once knew, the people he used to know… they were gone. All gone.

He stood up, trembling as he balanced himself, opening and closing his fists. ...This is… great !

A smile spread on Shiron’s face, and he touched his cheeks. The scaly feeling was comforting and he giggled loudly, enamored by how good it was. Despite the reality of him never being able to return dawning upon him, Shiron was ecstatic! Well, sure, he had to be careful not to get caught now, but everything should be fine, right

Unbeknownst to him, Shiron was being watched by his two rescuers. The duo was eyeing him like he was some sort of clown, and while Nick was finding what the Marshtomp was doing to be funny, Magnus was intrigued.

Finally, the Riolu cleared his throat. “Hey. You’re finally awake!”

The voice brought Shiron out of his trance and he saw a Riolu and a Quilladin, both staring right at him. Did they see his little show? Oh no. The mere thought made heat rise up on his face.

“Are you listening to me? Can you talk?” Nick asked, snapping his fingers to get Shiron’s attention again. “Are you in there? C’mon, we’re trying to help you!”

“Wha?” Shiron turned around and stared at them, blinking repeatedly. “Did you… talk?”

“What do you mean?” Nick crossed his arms, huffing. “Of course I talked! You’re the one I didn’t expect to talk! Or to drown, for that matter…”

A talking Pokémon? Shiron stepped back, trying to process what he heard. Was this the world Xerneas sent him to? A world of talking Pokémon? At least they didn’t seem aggressive, but still...

“U-Uh… hi!” The Quilladin forced a smile. “I-I’m Magnus, and this is my friend… Nick!”

“I found you in the river, you were drowning… so I took you out!” Nick explained, sighing in relief and rubbing sweat off his forehead. “...Although it’s weird for a water-type to drown, we thought you were a feral! Anyway, I guess the important question is: are you alright?”

Oh shit, the former human gulped. What to do?! These were the first Pokémon he met in this world, and if he angered them, surely things would get bad for him. What if I tell them I’m a human…? Maybe this’ll help!

Shiron’s thoughts were interrupted by the Riolu poking his shoulders.

“So?” Nick tilted his head as he waited for an answer.

...No, it won’t work. Think, Shiron, think! He struggled and scratched his chin, forcing himself to try harder to come up with something to tell the two. “I-I… I don’t know.”

No reply. Nick seemed to look at him deeper (if that was even possible) and squinted. Shiron noticed a faint orange glow on Nick’s otherwise red eyes.

“You’re… you’re lying. I know it.”

“You know your aura sense sucks,” Magnus pointed out. “Can we really depend on it?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault that other Riolu develop it early!” Nick touched his chest fluff, trying to defend himself.

Shiron frowned. And he thought Riolu were masters of aura… whatever that meant. But they were right; he was lying. “Y-Y’all got me! Alright, I lied. It’s just… the truth is a lil harder to accept, I think.”

Magnus snorted. “You think ?”

“Well, it’s not like we have better things to do…” Nick shrugged.

“Actually, I gotta help dad with the store,” the grass-type replied.


“I-I…” Shiron stopped. Telling straight away didn’t feel like the right idea. Then he remembered something Xerneas said and an idea appeared. “I lost my memory. I… I think I can only recall my name.”

Nick raised a brow, locking eyes with Magnus before returning to face Shiron. “And that would be…?”

“Do tell!” Magnus added, his eyes sparkling with curiosity.


The canine chuckled, shaking his head. “Next thing you’re gonna say you’re a human, right? Because that seems to be what most amnesiac ‘mons say around here.”

“He’s right!” Magnus nodded.

His jaw nearly dropped. These two knew about it the whole time and never bothered to tell Shiron about it?! Well, he did lie to their faces… but that didn’t make it right!

“How did you— “

“Joking, dude!” Nick snorted and laughed loudly. “Amnesia is common here, but humans are just a myth! Well… that’s what my grandpa told me.”

“Your… grandpa,” Shiron whispered. Was that too much information?

“Oh, that makes things easier,” Magnus sighed. “I guess we can go to the village now, this situation’s settled.”

The Marshtomp gasped. “Settled, what’s that supposed to mean?"

“C’mon dude!” Nick said, offering a paw. “I can’t say I fully trust you yet, but… do you have anywhere to go? No memories, no ability to swim… if we leave you here, some feral might come and eat you.”

Shiron weighed his options. He was stuck, for lack of a better word, in this weird place. They were willing to help him, but if he refused, what would he do? He didn’t know anything, and if they could help…

“O-Okay. Take me to your village!” Shiron replied. Yes! That was the start of his new life! Xerneas gave him a chance, and he was sure as hell not wasting it.

“Alrighty! I’m sure we can find somewhere for you to stay!” Nick said, turning around as he ran to the exit of the shore.

Magnus followed him, albeit slowly, his body not used to doing jogs. Shiron, on the other hand, waited for them to get a little farther before doing anything. At first, he just walked, looking at his hands. He didn’t notice it before, but there were cut marks, similar to a knife’s, around both of his arms.

...A new chance, huh? Do I really deserve it? I… I don’t know. But maybe I’ll find out. Maybe… maybe I do deserve… deserve to live.
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Chapter 2 - Fish Out Of Water


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Chapter 2 - Fish Out Of Water

What a weird decision. Shiron, following two strangers. Not just that, but Pokémon. No, that wasn’t the weirdest part of this scenario. They talked like him, laughed like him. It would be just fine if not for the fact they were all Pokémon. Including him.

I’m not sure if I should feel shocked, happy or confused that I got to be reborn. Though, knowing myself… I probably don’t deserve this. Shiron stopped in his tracks, frowning as he looked at the two Pokémon with him. Why are they even helping me…?

“I sense some second thoughts!” The Riolu said, turning back and tilting his head. “We’re here to help you. At least I am.”

Magnus huffed and pouted, ignoring part of what Nick said. “I’m not a hero-wannabe like you. I’m fine with my job… and you too, considering how much time you spend there buying our stuff.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault you and your dad are great bakers!” Nick protested, touching his chest. “Shiron, once we get to Thornwell I’ll show you Magnum’s shop! You’re gonna love it! Well, if you have a sweet tooth…”

The Marshtomp seemed to be in trance, not listening to the conversation around him. His gills were picking up… something. Seems like it was the breeze, though for the others, it wasn’t strong. But there was something else. A wave of vibrations reverberated around him. What’s… goin’ on?

“Uh, Shiron? You okay in there?” Nick snapped his fingers, trying to get the water-type’s attention.

No use. Shiron was too enveloped in what his senses were telling him. Not just the vibrations, but the scent. It was incredibly faint, and were he not the species he was now, he doubted he’d sense it. An earthly scent was filling his nostrils, like dirt after… after rain.

“Rain!” Shiron said, snapping back to reality. “I-I can sense rain! It’s gonna rain soon!”

“Well, that’s natural?” Magnus asked, a little confused. All Marshtomp had this ability, so why was Shiron so surprised? Was it his amnesia?

From Nick’s blank expression, Magnus thought his friend had a similar idea. However, the Riolu had something else in mind, but decided not to speak about it. For now.

“R-Right. Natural,” the former human smiled sheepishly. “It’s neat, I’ll have to admit.”

In a way, they were right. Shiron wanted the rain to arrive soon, but even now he found it very soothing. Guess being a Pokémon is better than I thought. I’m loving this!

“I’m just glad you’re alright,” Nick smiled as well. “Though you seem to be… shocked? Next you’re gonna say you didn’t know ‘tomps have incredible brute strength.”

We have what? Shiron’s eyes sparkled like those of an impressed child. Things just got better! To think that I got here… I can’t believe it. It’s so… surreal.

“We’re almost there!” Magnus said, looking at the other two. “I’m sure you guys are tired, so I guess I’ll bake a cake for us~”

Hearing the word “cake” made Shiron’s stomach grumble, to which he covered his belly and felt heat rise up on his face, silently glad he couldn’t blush.

At the sight of the village, Shiron’s opinion of the world changed a little. He expected something big, grandiose, with large buildings, cars, city halls and all the things he was familiar with back in Hoenn.

Instead, what he got was a fancy, yet small town. Most of the buildings had plain colors, varying from black to grey, and while the houses looked like modern, human ones, they were still smaller than he thought.

“It’s small, but it’s home!” Nick stated, puffing out his chest with pride. “We don’t even have policemon, ya know?”

“Police...mon?” Shiron blinked.

Only now did it dawn that this place, this world had nothing like his own. No humans. No trainers. Nothing. No wonder they had different expressions, although he internally cringed at what he heard Nick say.

I hope they don’t say “everymon” or something stupid like that, Shiron internally cringed.

Well, if he was to live there for the rest of his life, might as well learn the ropes. Shiron looked around again, inspecting the houses. “Where are we? Like, what’s this street called? And, uh… Nick? Where am I gonna live?”

“Right, I’ll tell you this in a bit. As for where we are… this is Falink Street!” Said Nick, pointing around.

After introducing the street, the trio wandered beyond it, stopping at a large plaza. There, Shiron noticed that there were three other paths, with a water fountain right at the center.

“This is the heart of our village, Spirit Plaza!” Nick said, and Shiron soon realized why it was named that way; there were four main paths. One of them was where they came from, and ended on the beach.

To top it off, he saw multiple buildings around that place, all themed after different things. His eye wandered to a black one that included a small line on the entrance to it.

“That’s our bank! We might need to visit it soon if you’re gonna live here.” Nick stated.

Shiron nodded and his focus went to another building. Noticing this, Magnus giggled.

“My dad’s place is around here…” Magnus complemented, taking a look around before pointing to a large bakery.

“Ooooooh!” Shiron’s eyes sparkled again, while his stomach rumbled once more. The building he looked at was so pretty!

With an infrastructure that looked like it was made of chocolate and a large sign that said “Hansen’s Bakery”, the only thing that crossed Shiron’s mind was how much he wanted to go inside and have a feast, to the point drool was dripping from his mouth.

“Shiron, you alright?” Magnus asked, looking straight at him with a frown. “O-Oh dear. You must be really hungry! We should get you something!”

“Make that two,” Nick patted his belly and chuckled. “I’m starving. Why don’t we go to your bakery and you can make us a cake?”

“W-Wait,” the Marshtomp protested. “Yeah, I could use a snack. But we should also figure out what I’m gonna do from now on!”

Nick smiled, rubbing the fur on his head. This Marshtomp sure was curious. Of course, he didn’t blame Shiron for it. He was amnesiac (and maybe something else, but he’d ask it when they were alone) after all.

“Aight. I know a place you can live, it’s on another street. Just follow—”

“I’ll have a cake ready for you guys when you solve Shiron’s housing problem!” Magnus cooed, nodding at the two.

Part of Shiron wondered why they were so keen on helping him settle down in that town. But really, they were just kind. That’s what he thought as Nick pulled him away and onto another street.

“Which street’s this one?” Shiron asked. His curiosity had only grown since he entered the village.

Now they were on what appeared to be a hill, and only climbing up through a rocky path. He could see a single house on the top of the hill. It was big enough for… he assumed an Aggron was able to fit inside.

“Coalossal Hill!” Nick answered, snickering. “This is where I live, but there’s another hill. That one’s prettier.”

“Does that mean there’s… uh, a volcano here?” Shiron gulped, looking at the ground, and then remembered he wasn’t an expert on geology, so checking for volcanic rocks was pointless.

“Nope. I don’t know why we named it like this. Don’t worry about falling off. With that tummy you have, I bet you’ll just bounce.”

Shiron didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not, so instead, he sighed. “And I’m supposed to stay at your place? If that’s where we’re going.”

Before Nick could reply, the two heard thunder coming from the distance. Shiron stopped to look at where he heard the noise, and sure enough, there were clouds over the horizon. His prediction had come to fruition.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it?” Nick said, yawning. “Our world. I bet that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Your… world?”

Nick raised a brow and for a moment, he smirked. “No? Our world. Y’know, mine and yours. And Magnus’. And everyone else, too.”

“O-Oh, right!”

Shiron was able to see the clouds forming, the wind blowing on his scales and Nick’s fur. The chirping of birds, and how the sun was setting. Things that he never took the time to experience, and they were right in front of him.

“It’s… really beautiful.”

Yet, an aching pain in his chest stopped him from pursuing that thrill again. Shiron was taken back to when he had met Xerneas. She chose to make him reborn. And surely he wasn’t the first one, considering what Nick said before. Not that it mattered to him.

What did matter, however, was that others weren’t given this choice. Was he even the right one to be resurrected? There must have been others that would be doing amazing things in this world, but Shiron? Shiron was just a nobody.

...This guy’s trying to become my friend. He’s really nice, I’ll give him that. But… I’m worthless. Who’d want to be friends with me anyway? A Riolu? Nah. A Litwick or a Chikorita? No.

Truly worthless.

I guess I’ll try it anyway, just to prove me wrong. Not like I have any other choice.

“What’re you thinking about?” Nick interrupted. When Shiron noticed his… friend staring, the Marshtomp gasped. Nick’s eyes had that same orange glow again, but this time it was more powerful.

“H-Huh? Are you trying to scan me?!” Shiron blinked, heat rising up again as he stuttered.

“Just wanted to get a hold on what you’re feeling…” Nick frowned, rubbing his arm. “S-Sorry. You were distracted, so I tried checking your aura. I couldn’t sense much, but still…”

Empaths. Never thought I’d meet one, Shiron sighed. “It’s fine. We’re close to the top anyway, can we go? Turns out nearly drowning took a lot out of me, and I’m still hungry.”

Nick smiled sheepishly and continued his stroll, having Shiron behind him. The canine was, at the very least, glad he seemed to have found a friend, from the little he had sensed.

The Riolu’s house stood on top of a rocky hill. Shiron was visibly impressed, gasping out loud and staring at the place. The rock-solid building even had plants growing around it, the crops moving in sync with the wind. It looked sturdy enough to resist erosion.

So this world had some impressive things! Not like the technological marvel of human society, but good enough. Shiron then looked at Nick, smiling.

“Okay, are we going inside now?”

Nick nodded in reply. “I think my grandpa’s busy with one of his friends, but yeah. We’re going in.”

“Fair enough.”

They walked inside the house, and Nick stayed behind to close the door. Shiron then took a while to see what the house looked like, compared to what he was used to.

Sure enough, it was vastly different. No television to be seen, just a well-cleaned, dark green couch with a table in front of it. Though he assumed there were no electronics, Shiron managed to see a… lamp on the ceiling, but it looked odd. It was just a large sphere.

Other than that, Shiron saw a hall that ended in what he thought was the kitchen.

“See anything unusual? Anything that jogged your memory? Because not remembering stuff kinda sucks.”

“Kinda,” what was with all those questions? Shiron ignored it for now. “I just never saw any house like this one before. It’s weird, y’know? I remember not seeing a house like yours, but I don’t remember what my house was like.”

“So you had a house?”

“I think so?”

Nick playfully tapped his friend on the back. “C’mon, let’s go to the kitchen! I bet grandpa’s having beer, but you’ll probably be better off having water.”

“If you say so…” Shiron touched his belly. I can’t believe I’m saying this—actually, I’m technically thinking and not saying, but whatever. I just hope this place has pizza. No point in getting transported to another world if I can’t have pizza.

The two walked towards the kitchen, but on the way, Shiron looked at the walls, seeing various pictures. They were black and white, making him think that Nick’s grandfather was either old-fashioned or this world didn’t have colored photos.

“This is your family?” Shiron stopped to point at a particular picture that had Nick being held in the arms of a Lucario, with a Mawile on their side.

“...Yeah. They’re my parents.” The Riolu answered bluntly, hastening his steps.

“Oh,” he looked at the photo again. Nick was much younger and smaller, like a child, or a baby. Maybe a puppy, in his case. “What happened to them?”

Nick stopped, staring at Shiron with a blank expression, before moving on without replying.

...Great, you blew it, Shiron sighed. I’m an idiot.

Nick thought about being the first one to arrive at the kitchen, but he decided against it at the last second. Instead, the two got there at the same time.

Shiron then eyed the place, still taking mental notes to compare. There was a metallic fridge, a table fit for six Pokémon, and two of the chairs were occupied by a large, hefty Pangoro that wore a beret, and a Houndoom that wore a fedora. The first of them chugged down an entire can of beer and soon looked at the duo.

“Hi, Nick,” the Pangoro said, now focusing on Shiron. “Hm? And who’s that? A new friend?”

“S-Sir! I’m Shiron. N-Nice meeting you,” the Marshtomp clicked his fingers, stuttering. “I’m new in town. Don’t really know my way arou—”

“Okay, hold up. First, introductions! My grandpa’s the Pangoro. His name is Rowan,” Nick interrupted. “And the Houndoom is Ivan. He’s a friend of the family.”

“Greetings,” Ivan nodded. “It’s a pleasure meeting you, child.”

Shiron, on the other hand, visibly flinched. The Pangoro’s name was Rowan? As in, the same name as that professor from Sinnoh? It couldn’t be the same person, could it?

Rowan raised a brow, noticing how the Marshtomp acted just from hearing his name. “Hmph. Well, I never saw you before. Nick, you haven’t dragged him into your so-called dream, have you?”

“It ain’t “so-called”! It is my dream, and no!” Nick protested, snarling, though he shook a little. “And I found him unconscious on the beach, he’s amnesiac!”

“Amnesiac?” Ivan asked, now looking at Shiron as well. “...Fascinating. We haven’t had one of those since you, Rowan!”

All the eyes were on him, and he didn’t know why. What was so special about an amnesiac? They didn’t even know he was a human! And Rowan… the way he looked at him was like he knew more than let on.

“That is interesting,” Rowan tapped the table, eyeing Shiron from top to bottom. “I’m assuming you want him to stay here, Nick?”

“Absolutely!” The canine replied, wagging his tail. “I couldn’t leave him there, y’know? Didn’t feel right.”

“I’m not complaining about it. He can stay,” Rowan said. “But… what is your name, child? Or can I call you Marshtomp?”

“W-Why would you call me by my species?” Shiron blinked, confused. “Actually, nevermind. It’s Shiron.”

“An unusual name,” Ivan stated.

As they were chatting, Rowan scratched his furry chin. He surely needed to talk to that kid later. For the moment, it was best that he and Nick got along.

“Hm, alright. Nick will show your room. Alright?”

A huge smile spread on Nick’s face, and his tail wagged faster. He just got a roommate!

“Oh, by the way, Pops! Magnus said he was getting a cake for us, so I’m gonna go with Shiron to get it!”

“As long as you don’t come home late, do as you please.”

“Will do!” Nick dragged Shiron out, while the Marshtomp laughed in joy.

Nick and Shiron were back at the plaza, but now the water-type took his time to see what else was in store for him. The first part of this was noticing a Zorua sprinting towards them, but closer to Nick’s general direction. The second part was checking that said Zorua wore a tattered green scarf and was holding what appeared to be goggles in her teeth.

“Audrey, how’s my favorite fluffball doing?!” Nick waved at the fox, then pointed at Shiron. “This is my new friend, Shiron!”

“H-Heya.” Shiron waved back.

The fox slowed to a halt, stopping in front of Nick. She put down the goggles and raised a brow. “Huh. Didn’t think you’d forget our date just to get some guy with you!”

“It’s not like that,” he deadpanned. “I rescued Shiron from drowning. Check this out: he said he’s amnesiac…”

“Wait, really?” She looked at the Marshtomp and gasped. “Wow, so they still show up? Neat! But that’s not why I’m here…”

Audrey pouted and stepped back, grabbing the goggles with her teeth again. Nick then rubbed his head and grunted.

“No need for that, can I have them now? I kinda need it for, y’know. Setting up my reputation as an adventurer.”

“Oh boy, should I or should I not give it to you?” She teased, giggling. “You might want to give me something in return~”

Why do I feel like I’m the third wheel here? Shiron cleared his throat.

Nick understood and smiled sheepishly, his face blushing red. What to do?

“I kinda promised to show Shiron around, since he’s new here. You can understand that… right?”

Audrey pouted and looked away from Nick, huffing. “Fine, fine. I’ll give you your goggles, but I’ll make sure our date goes… hm, smoothly!”

He picked the goggles up and smiled. They were black and adjustable, so anyone could wear them. Nick put them on right away and smiled.

“How do I look?”

“Mighty handsome,” Audrey replied, smiling and wagging her tail.

Yeah, I’m a third wheel alright. Shiron sighed. “Y’know what? Nick, go to your date. I kinda wanna explore this on my own.”

“Wait, really?” Nick’s ears twitched.

“Don’t worry, I think I can handle myself now. Don’t wanna blow your chances with her, so… feel free.”

“Thanks, Shiron! You’re the best!”

Sure, sure I am…

Alone. He hadn’t been like that in a while. Shiron watched them walk away and sighed, heading to the bakery.

Sure enough, the inside of the pastry shop was really pretty. The chairs were colorful, and the table looked like a biscuit, only not edible. As for the Pokémon inside, they were having fun, eating in silence, a few of them even giggled from the taste of the food.

Man, I wanna have some. I don’t… have any money. Of course I forgot about this. I’ll just use my charm instead!

As Shiron made his way inside, he saw that the counter was adorned with a glass that showed some of the desserts, like cupcakes and brownies. Of course, the best part was Magnus putting down a cake on the counter, and soon, the Quilladin locked eyes with him, smiling.

“Heya, Shiron! You’re here already. Where’s Nick? Oh, and don’t worry about paying. It’s on the house!”

“On a date.” Shiron walked to the counter and checked the cake out. Chocolate with a white frosting, and the smell was already sweet enough for his tummy to groan.

“Oh,” Magnus said. He forgot about it as well. “Hm, this cake is supposed to be for two, but you’re the only one here…”

“I can eat it by myself!”

“B-By yourself?!” Magnus gasped. How hungry was this Marshtomp?

“Yeah, why not?”

“...Nothing,” Magnus’ heart skipped a beat, and he shook his head. “I was a little shocked, but sure. Just sit down. Can I get you a drink while we’re at it? We have pinap, leppa, oran, rawst, lum…”

“I’ll let the chef decide!” Shiron smiled. “I’m sure you know more than me. Amnesiac, after all.”

“P-Pinap it is!”

So that was settled already, cool. Shiron sat on one of the chairs and waited. He could handle this. For the moment, he allowed himself to ignore the brain gremlins that told him he wasn’t good enough. That, and his hunger was bigger.

Soon, Magnus put the cake on Shiron’s table, along with a fork and a knife. The former human mused about them having utensils as well, but found it neat.

“Thanks, Magnus! I’ll be sure to pay you back when I get some money.”

“I-I said it’s on the house, I’ll just… uh, do my thing. Hope you have a good meal!”

Agreeing with that, Shiron took a single bite of cake and felt his brain practically explode from how good it was.

...My time has come. I’m eating this thing and nobody can stop me!

His stomach groaned again, and Shiron showed off a creepy smile, licking his lips.

Thunder echoed. Wind howled. A small boat navigated through a never ending storm, somehow. The boat was resisting the ocean’s advances, but it was only a matter of time until its crew perished.

Or, that was what one of them thought. A Tyrunt ran in circles, the red, regal cape he wore flowing in the wind, alongside a necklace that moved as frantically as him.

“Sir,” said a Roselia, bowing to the fossil Pokémon. She wore a cape like the other Pokémon, but hers was purple and accompanied by a black hood. “I believe we are near a beach. We might be able to make it through.”

The rock-type panted, stopping what he was doing. “Liz, I told you a million times, don’t call me sir! Terrence or Terry is fine!”

“B-But sir—Terry.”

“What were you talking about? We’re near a beach?”

“I can try navigating to it, but it will be tough. The storm is relentless today.”

“Tell me about it,” Terry sighed, holding on to his cape. “Do it. I certainly will not die here! And neither will you!”

“Yes, sir!” Liz steered the wheel towards a direction, and while Terry tried looking at where they were going, he only saw the waves splashing the boat.

Using her vines to grasp the wheel, Liz tried steering them in the right direction, but the storm was stronger. A huge wave swept through them, forcing Liz to let go of the wheel and grab Terry with her vines.

“Gah!” Terry gasped as the water struck him, coughing and panting. Just as it hit him, it stopped. While he was a little relieved, the storm showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Another wave struck the two, forcing them both unconscious.
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Chapter 3 - Far From Home


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Chapter 3 - Far From Home

Shiron had to admit the cake was way better than he thought, not that he had many of them back in Hoenn. Because of this, the sweet taste on his mouth was so invigorating he never wanted it to go away.

Can’t believe it! If only they added more frosting, or chocolate bars! You can never have enough, heh. Maybe I’ll ask Magnus to do it the next time.

Speaking of Magnus, the Quilladin was looking at Shiron, both impressed and a little scared that he was eating a cake for two or three mons without any issue. Even the other customers were staring, not that Shiron minded.

The grass-type cleared his throat, now standing next to Shiron. “H-Hey, uh, Shiron? Might wanna slow down on the chewing there. It’s, well… kinda fast. You’re gonna get sick!”

“Hm?” Shiron gulped a large piece of the dessert and blinked. “Oh. I didn’t notice it, sorry… it’s just so good! I’ve never had chocolate cake before, so… got carried away.”

“You never had it?” He gasped, his furry face turning red. “N-No wonder you’re this impressed! But did you like it?”

That kind of question answered itself, Shiron mused. Still, he could say his full opinion on the course. The Marshtomp puffed his chest and smiled. “Well, I gotta give the chef my utmost congratulations! This meal is astonishingly good~! See, it ain’t too sweet that I feel sick, but it’s not too bitter for my taste. In other words, it’s amazing! I could get another one myself!”

“...But I don’t wanna abuse your kindness and ask for another free cake. I’ll just pay the next time I come here.”

Magnus’ eyes sparkled in excitement and his tail began to wag, while the blush on his face grew. “Oh, thank you so much! I worked hard on this one!”

“I can see that,” Shiron said, pushing the plate away and slurping down the pinap juice. “Hm, this one is good too. Seems you love your job.”

“Yeah.” Magnus replied with a smile as he looked around the shop. “It’s the family business, but I like working here. It’s relaxing, and seeing all the clients enjoy the food… dunno, brings me joy!”

He then turned to face Shiron again. “Actually, what about you? I know you lost your memory, but what’re you planning to do?”

No idea. Shiron only stopped to think about it now, having been busy with other things, but what would he do? It’s not like he could just live freely in Nick's house and eat sweets all the time. Even if he could, that’d surely drive them away from him, and being alone was the worst.

“Do you have any idea?” Shiron decided to ask, hoping that Magnus would have any answer.

“Hmmm,” he pondered. “Depending on what skills you have, maybe you could work with me?”

At that, Shiron shook his head repeatedly. “N-No, no, no! I have, like, zero skills! I’m totally useless as a cook!”

“Too bad, then.” Magnus sighed. “Well, I can try and help, somewhat. Alright? Let me just finish the shift, and I’ll give you a hand!”

Meanwhile, Nick had gone to another hill. Unlike the one his house was located in, this one was greener, and there was a nice view of the ocean beyond the village.

Nick watched as the Zorua with him put down a white blanket and grabbed a basket with her mouth, offering it to him. He nodded and put it on top of the blanket, before opening it to reveal the content. Inside the basket were several berries, along with a few cupcakes.

“Nothing to drink?” Audrey snickered, laying down and looking at the Riolu with a smile on her face.

He shrugged and sat next to her, grabbing a chocolate cupcake from inside the box. “Couldn’t get any this time. Pops’ too careful now.”

“No worries. Can’t say I miss it.” Audrey chirped, right before Nick began patting her on her head, causing the fox to bark in excitement.

“Has the day been good?” Nick asked before looking at the large horizon in front of him. The storm clouds had gathered and he could see the storm approaching. Luckily, they should still have some time to go on with their date.

“Very exhausting, but good!” She replied, giggling and munching on the cupcake Nick held. “Gotta wake up early, though. Seems I’ll have to take care of the shop myself. Sooo… if you need anything done, you should probably ask already!”

“Hm. Nah, don’t think I need anything, you already made my goggles!”

Audrey sat on her haunches and touched her chin in thought. “How about scarves or bands for your team? Have you got any members yet?”

Nick shrugged and sighed. “...No. Yes. Maybe, I dunno. I’m working on it. I’ve thought about recruiting one, but he might not accept it. I just met him, and he’s, uh… the amnesiac guy.”

“Eh?” Audrey blinked, opening her mouth to gasp. “Sure you wanna recruit him?”

On second thought, Shiron was too new to be recruited. Still, he was the only choice Nick had. All he needed to do was figure out a way to convince him.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” he finally replied.

“Good luck, then!” Audrey chirped. She took a look at the ocean like Nick. It was so peaceful, seeing the waves, the wind blowing on their fur… oh, she could stay there forever.

But Nick couldn’t. She saw in his eyes. Those bright, red eyes. There was hope in them. Audrey grabbed Nick’s paw tightly and laid her head on his arms, purring.

“Audrey,” Nick sighed, his ears drooping. “Be real with me on this one. You think I’ll really become a hero?”

“I’m not a psychic or medium, so I have no clue what the future holds for us,” she laughed. Her blue eyes sparkled in happiness and bliss. “But answering your question… yeah, I think you will! You’ll be just like the Lucario of legend!”

Said sentence did little to soothe his worries. Nick wasn’t like others of his kind. His aura senses barely worked, as Magnus so quickly reminded him. But if he still tried… and if what he thought about Shiron was true, then...

Just like mom, Nick remembered the picture in his house and felt his heart skipping a beat. I’ll become a good Lucario… I promise!

At the bakery, most of the other clients had left, leaving only Shiron and Magnus, the latter of which decided to sit next to Shiron. To his shock, the Marshtomp was still going at it. It was like he had some vacuum in his belly.

“By the way, Magnus,” Shiron sighed in relief, patting his belly. He managed to hold in a burp, not wanting to embarrass one of his only friends. “Gotta say. You’re one hell of a caker. Is that even a word…?”

“No clue. Ahem, Shiron! Still trying to help you out here. You have any hobbies? Anything you remember enjoying?”

Boy did these Pokémon enjoy asking him questions. Maybe he should just drop the charade and say he didn’t have any amnesia. Still, what did he enjoy doing?

“Sleeping, eating… relaxing.”

“You sound like a feral Skitty,” Magnus mused, covering his mouth.

“...W-Well, I don’t really know what I like!” Shiron blurted out, feeling heat rise up.

“That’s fine! You don’t need to know everything now…”

Except Shiron could remember something he liked. Was it embarrassing? No. Probably not. Now, how to say it without raising suspicions?

“Wait,” Shiron stopped. He had to make this work. With a flair for the dramatic, he started tapping the sides of his cheeks repeatedly, as if thinking very hard. He had no idea if that would be convincing, but it was the best thing to do now. “...I think I got something. I like, hmm… singing? Y-Yeah! I like singing!”

“Singing? Oh, that’s really cool! Can you try it? Do you remember any song?”

The heat grew stronger. “Wait, what? No! I-I mean, I can try, but… why? Just because I like singing doesn’t mean I can sing!”

“Just curious! Besides, you’re my friend, and I wanna know more about you.”

Friend? Shiron got a friend! And without even trying all that much, which made it much better. His heart thumped with the news, and he smiled. Guess Nick and Magnus were his friends. Well, oughta get to work.

“...F-Fine, just don’t make fun of me, okay?” Gosh this was anxiety-inducing. Maybe just a few lyrics and he was done. Yeah, that could do it. “...Don’t fail me now, trembling wings! You’re my hope, you’re my everything! We can fly if you believe… in… my… looooove!”

Turns out Shiron’s singing voice was awful, Magnus thought. Very out of rhythm, squeaky and the pitch shifted while he sang that verse. But it was adorable to see. And, despite how nervous Shiron looked, Magnus could see the Marshtomp was having fun, even smiling and wiggling his body a little.

“Why don’t you try it?” Audrey asked.

“I am trying!”

Nick stood up, extending his arm in the air. He closed his eyes and took a large breath, making his feelers twitch.

The fox waddled in front of Nick and tilted her head. “Aight. You feel anything different? Can you sense me?”

“No and no.” Nick replied.

It was only half a lie. He could vaguely feel something. It was very faint, and it kept flicking out, no matter how much effort he was putting into it. The entire thing was annoying, but most of all, demotivating. Why couldn’t he do this one simple thing?! Most, if not all, Riolu his age had mastered aura training, if not evolved already!

Nick grunted in frustration, his fur standing on end. “Damn it! Why can’t I do it?!”

Unknowingly, Nick got on his knees, panting, and then he looked at his paws. There was an orange glow around them, but even so, it faded instantly. Nothing worked.

Except, maybe, the hug that Audrey decided to give him. The fluffiness of his partner managed to calm him down a little, but he still whined like a sad puppy.

“There, there… Nicky, you’ll get there eventually! I know it, I believe in you…”

“I know. I know,” he sat down and frowned, patting the fox’s head. “...Wonder if mom had this much trouble.”

“You’re not her!” Audrey shook her head and pouted, playfully tapping Nick’s cheeks. “Listen. You’re Nick. You’re you. I know things’ll get better. Just gotta practice, y’know?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Nick forced a smile as he looked in the sky, deciding to lie down on the blanket. He found the clouds above him to be pretty, even if they had no particular formation. “And you? Got any illusions to show me?”

“I’m not really interested in doing them,” she chirped. “Besides, gotta work at the shop. Supplies don’t build themselves!”

A Riolu with no affinity for aura and a Zorua that wanted nothing to do with illusions. Anyone could tell they were an unusual couple. And Nick enjoyed it exactly the way it was.

“Heh. You’re gonna build our scarves? ‘Cause the team might be closer than ever before. If Shiron accepts the offer, ‘course.”

“Just say the word and I’ll do it right away!” Audrey blepped in response, snickering.

“I know you will,” Nick sighed in relief, cuddling alongside her again and letting their fur touch one another.

All things considered, Nick was glad he had her to depend on. Made a lot much easier, more bearable. Or should I say bewearable? Heh. I’m an idiot. Damn, glad she didn’t catch me saying it. Wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Stupid pun. Nick chuckled at it, though it was stupid of him to think about it. Much better than the alternative, however. And for now, he could relax and cuddle with Audrey, for as long as they needed.

After saying his goodbyes, Shiron left the bakery. He could properly gather his thoughts on the world now, or at least, those were his plans.

Right. So: humans are myths, for some reason there’s a lot of “amnesiacs”, and also, there’s someone named Rowan here?

If only the people back home knew about this place. It was nice of Xerneas to invite him here. Shiron wanted to know more about the place, for sure. See new things on this journey of his.

Wait a sec. If I’m a Marshtomp now, can I… can I use moves? Yo, that’d be sick! Maybe I should try it!

Except he never learned what moves Marshtomp learned. Water Gun was obvious, as was Mud Shot. The problem: he was really new at this.

New idea. Figure out what I’m doing here. Maybe I could find a job… for an eighteen-year-old, former human and with no qualifications.

His mind flashed back to a burned oven and the firefighters coming to his house. And a nasty grounding from his guardians.

Definitely no qualifications for cooking, at least.

Shiron stretched his arms for the first time since entering the world. They were definitely different than what he was used to, and having scales was noteworthy as well. He couldn’t help but wonder if there was a chance he’d shed later. Ew.

And now he wanted to check the village again. Shiron noticed it was probably the middle of the afternoon, and managed to see a few of the citizens, not that they bothered to talk with him.

With one exception; a Houndoom wearing the same fedora as the one on Nick’s house, making Shiron realize it was… he forgot the mutt’s name.

“Hello, kid. Shiron, was it?”

Ivan. He was Ivan. Shiron nodded. “Yup, that’s lil ol’ me! Nice seeing you again, sir.”

“Please, there’s no need for that formality here,” he barked, swishing his tail. “Are you enjoying your time here? I can smell chocolate on your mouth.”

“H-Huh?” Shiron instinctively rubbed it away, thanking once again his inability to blush. “Oh, w-well…”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he smiled. “Say, since you’re staying here, you might want to check the bank whenever you can. I run it, and can open an account for you. Is that alright?”

“W-Whoa, okay…” Shiron replied, gulping as he felt his gills droop. “I-I’ll go. Uh, don’t remember much about myself, will that be a problem?”

Ivan shook his head. “Just between the two of us… Rowan might explain some of this to you, just ask.”

“Hm… sure.” Shiron bowed to him and waved as the mutt went on his way.

By this point, he was almost sure that this Rowan guy was the same person as the professor. Did Nick know?

Questions for later.

With a sigh, Shiron looked up. The storm was getting near, and he heard thunder echoing. Maybe going back to Nick’s house was the best idea for now.

Nick stayed with Audrey until she fell asleep on his lap. He was basically stuck there, not even wanting to get up because it was very cozy. He eyed the storm clouds, before moving on to the ocean.

At first, he failed to see anything worthwhile. But then, amidst the large body of water, he saw something brown. A boat? It couldn’t be a boat. Yet, it looked like one, being dragged to the shore by the waves.

If that’s junk… then I don’t need to go there. B-But what if there’s someone inside…?

That thought crawled inside Nick’s head and he gulped, shivering. Oh no. There was no way someone would go on a boat trip with the rain, right? No. There was a chance, albeit a small one.

“D-Damn it. Damn it! Audrey, wake up!” He said, shaking her away from him.

Audrey snapped her eyes open and yawned, looking around until she saw Nick. Then, she snarled. “What was that for?!”

“No time to explain. I think there’s someone on the beach again! C’mon!”

Before she knew it, Nick was dragging her by the face off of the hill and into the main plaza. The Riolu panted, not stopping even for a second, at least until he saw Shiron next to the bakery’s door.

“Hey, Shiron! Come with us! I think something’s up!”

“E-Eh?” Not having time to properly react, he followed the two to the beach. What was that all about?

As the three made their way to the beach, the wind began howling, and thunder reverberated. Raindrops fell on their heads, much to Audrey’s annoyance, thinking about how her fur would smell later.

Nick, on the other hand, finally stopped, both to breathe and to search for the boat. “It’s gotta be here somewhere…”

“What’s going on?” Shiron asked, panting and grunting in annoyance.

“Nick found someone on the beach. Again.” Audrey answered, sighing.

“Someone else?”

“Focus,” Nick grunted, squinting his eyes as the rain grew thicker. The cold breeze made him shiver, but the canine still continued.

They finally arrived on the beach. It was empty, at least from Nick and Audrey’s viewpoints, and the sand was wet from the torrential rain, along with the waves that every so often tapped their feets.

“Can’t you track them by their scent? Or aura?” Shiron asked, gulping and covering his eyes from the rain.

“N-No!” Nick grunted, stopping in his tracks. “I’m useless in that regard. And if we don’t act quickly, they’ll… y’know.”

“W-What can we do?” The fox asked, drooping her ears.

“Wait,” Nick looked at Shiron. “You can do it! I’ve heard Marshtomp have incredible underwater vision, or mud. I don’t know.”

“M-Me?! But I’ve never done it!”

“Shiron, you need to try!”

He gulped. Could he do it? See if he could find the boat? Time was running out. They were counting on him. They trusted him.

I-I… I… I-I can do it… I-I need to do it!

Shiron lowered his arm and focused. The rain produced a fog that was making it hard for the others to see, but the moment he tried, it was as clear as a mirror. And the boat? The boat was there, so close to them.

“I-I found it! Follow me!”

Not just that. Shiron managed to see a Roselia crawling out of the vessel, carrying a Tyrunt in her vines. She raised her head to look at them before collapsing on the ground.

After putting the two knocked out mons on his back, Shiron followed Nick’s lead as they left the beach.

Shiron ran without putting much of an effort in holding the Tyrunt and Roselia, much to his surprise. “Where are we going?! We need to take care of them!”

“Of course we do! We’re going to the hospital!” Nick shouted, not looking back as he ran.

Audrey nodded. She was sprinting too. “The doctor’s our friend! Kinda. His daughter is, so don’t worry!”

“I wasn’t!” Shiron lied. He was worried, and just didn’t want to tell them that.

On the bright side, they did the right thing by rescuing these two. Shiron thought that was the right thing, at least. And he somehow helped, which only made it better.

Alright! Rescue… mission. It ain’t a mission, but if I treat it like that, then I guess it’ll make me calm down! Shiron sighed.

Nick eyed his Marshtomp friend for a moment and gulped. He’s probably worried too. We need to get there asap… we got this. We gotta… got this, he grunted. No time for jokes.

What came next was a trio of Pokémon following the streets, getting to the plaza, before turning onto another street on their right. Nick frantically looked around, almost like he wasn’t sure this was the proper place.

“It’s there, Nicky!” Audrey barked, her eyes locked on a large, white house. “Amy lives there, and her dad too, so c’mon!”

“You alright, Shiron? We’re very close!”

“Carrying them is easy. I’m fine!”

Nick nodded and he approached the door, before knocking on it multiple times to really get the owner’s attention. It didn’t take long before the door opened, revealing a Kirlia wearing a purple ribbon on her head.

Shiron, though, noticed that said Kirlia had a different coloration. A shiny?! Whoa… and she’s cute, too. Way out of my lea—Why am I thinking this? I’m human. Or… I was. Damn it brain, why are you so weird?!

Thankfully, none of them noticed Shiron’s internal debate over whether or not he could have crushes on Pokémon. There were bigger things to talk about anyway. And speaking of these things...

“Nick, Audrey. Always a pleasure. And…” she eyed Shiron and the other two, before gasping. “Oh dear! Say no more, come inside! I’ll do my best to heal them!”

“Thanks, Amy.” Audrey replied, looking at her before charging inside.

“W-Whoa!” Amy dodged the fox and eyed Nick with wide eyes. “She’s very feisty, huh?”

“Tell me about it,” Nick shrugged. “Not the point now. Shiron, c’mon!”

The Marshtomp merely nodded before joining his friends, mentally chuckling at the thought of having actual friends.

By Amy’s orders, Shiron put the two mons down on different beds slowly and carefully, so they would not be hurt any more than they already were.

The room they were in had white walls and a couple of beds. The air inside smelled fresh, like a mint, along with several drawers. Shiron assumed these things were to bring comfort to any patients.

“Nick, and Audrey, get some orans from the fridge!” Amy said, watching them walk away before she approached her patients. She eyed them with precision, and touched the Tyrunt’s arms, legs and tail. He had a purple cape and a golden necklace. Probably someone important. She saw a few bruises, but nothing too harsh. “I don’t think there’s… anything broken. This one’s a tough cookie.”

“Orans? But they’re not so good to heal… or are they?” Shiron asked.

“What’re you talking about? Orans are incredible!” Amy rolled her eyes. “Wait, who are you? Never seen you before.”

“Uh, Shiron. I’m new in town,” he smiled sheepishly. She could probably kick my ass. Nice…?

“Too bad we’re meeting this way.” She smiled. “Don’t worry, I think these guys will be fine. I take it you’re on Nick’s team?”

“T-Team? No. We just met.”

“Oh. I thought you were since you saved them. Nick has a bit of a hero complex.”

Shiron rubbed the back of his head. He really just did rescue them, without even thinking about it. Well, there was nothing to think about.

“It was the right thing to do.”

“I know,” Amy smiled. She then looked at Shiron for a moment, before touching the Tyrunt’s body. “By the way, I’m Amelia, but my friends call me Amy. Nice meeting you.”

She’s too cute… Shiron stuttered. “T-The pleasure is mine!”

Amelia’s hands were enveloped in a pink glow, as were her eyes. She soon began to inject energy into the Tyrunt. The glow transferred from her to him, and his bruises began to heal.

“Heal Pulse?” Shiron wondered. Could they use moves without a trainer’s help? How cool was that?!

“Yup.” Amelia smiled. “Now I’ll take care of the Roselia. Hm.”

She inspected the Roselia, and noticed the garment she wore. A black cape, a belt with some seeds on it, and what looked like the tip of some sort of weapon, like a blade.

“...Not my place to ask what they were doing here,” Amelia sighed, preparing another Heal Pulse.

As she did so, Nick arrived with two large, fluffy and white blankets. At his side, Audrey carried a bowl with various berries in her teeth.

“Alright, we got it! Did you do your thing?” Nick asked.

“Yes. Please leave me be. The living room is there!” The Kirlia pointed to an open door. “I’ll take care of them.”

The other three nodded and walked out of the room. Amelia sighed as she watched them go.


Terry felt like he was hit by something very large and very dangerous. Once he opened his eyes, the Tyrunt realized he was nowhere near the boat, or the shore! He was on a bed, covered in a blanket, and the moment he tried standing up, a nasty headache prevented him from doing so.


“Hello. I’m Amelia.”

He managed to see a Kirlia standing next to him. She smiled, approaching him.

“How are you feeling?” Amelia asked.

“Y-You took care of me?” Terry blinked. He clutched his blanket and looked away, tail wagging slowly. “I-I’m okay.”

“Good,” she replied. “You’re lucky, it’s nothing too severe. You’ll only need to stay here for a day.”

While Amelia explained the situation, Terry looked around until he saw Liz in a similar position to him, albeit on a different bed.

“You rescued me and my friend?” Terry asked.

Amelia shook her head. “Not exactly. I just healed you, but the ones that brought you here are outside. Would you like me to invite them in?”

“O-Okay,” he nodded, but soon gasped. “W-Wait, Liz isn’t gonna like—”

“Gah!” The Roselia woke up, gasping and panting. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at the surroundings, before her injuries forced her to lay down again. Even so, she mustered enough strength to look at Terry. “S-Sir Terrence. Pardon me… it appears we are in a peasant’s house.”

“I’m sorry?” Amelia glared at the grass-type, scoffing. “This might not be the biggest hospital around here, but it’s still good enough!”

Liz ignored her, only locking eyes with the Tyrunt. “Sir. Would you like me to take care of this? I believe we can escape and find shelter if we move soon.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Amelia raised a brow, her eyes glowing with psychic energy. “Nobody’s leaving! You two are hurt.”

“Nobody asked for your opinion,” Liz finally looked at Amy, huffing. “And you should show more respect. You are in the presence of the great Terrence, prince of Cydonia, and his loyal bodyguard, Miss Elizabeth! You shall address us as—”

“Enough, Liz. I told you being king isn’t what I want,” Terry sighed. “And can you please show respect to the commonfolk? They saved us!”

“Prince? Bodyguard?” Amelia tilted her head and soon facepalmed. “Look, I’m not interested in your status. I just did my job, healing you two.”

“We appreciate it!” Terry answered with a smile.

“I do not.”

“You do now. That’s an order, Liz.” Terry snarled.

Amelia ignored their antics and turned around. “I’ll get you two something to drink. Meanwhile… I think my friends want to ask you some questions.”

“Feel free to bring them in!” Terry replied, looking at Liz. “Okay, can you at least try to be friendly? I wanna know more about the… uh, peeps that rescued me!”

“That vocabulary is unfit for you, sir. I recommend using other terms. And they have not saved us. We could have done it without their help.”

The rock-type pouted. “I told you, it’s Terry! And please, show some gratitude!”

“...Alright, sir Terry. I will do my best.”

Shiron and Nick entered the room. They locked eyes with one another, before looking at the two patients.

“Heya,” Shiron waved. “You guys got hit pretty hard, huh? Glad you’re alright.”

“Nothing broken? Or any limbs missing?” Nick asked, only realizing the severity of his words after saying them. “O-Oh, hm. I know you’re not hurt anymore, sorry for that question…”

“It’s okay. I get your concern,” Terry said. He quickly looked at himself; there were no bruises. “Thank you for saving us.”

“...” Liz said nothing, and simply crossed her arms.

Is she mute? Shiron tilted his head, somewhat confused by her silence.

“What exactly happened?” Nick asked. He looked around and found a chair, taking a seat. “That boat is wrecked, what were you doing exactly?”

“None of your business, Riolu.” Liz snarled, her voice piercing him like thorns.


“...Fine,” she raised her head in a regal pose. “My name is Elizabeth, and the Tyrunt in your presence is the heir to the crown, prince Terrence. You two are peasants, so at the very least, should bow in his presence!”

Shiron heard that with wide eyes. There were kings and queens in this world? Neat. Though, that raised the question of where they were from and why they left the kingdom.

Nick scoffed. “I ain’t bowin’ for anyone, lady. If it weren’t for us, you’d be at the bottom of the sea by now!”

“Take it easy, Liz!” Terry frowned, slapping his tail on the bed. “...Look, I don’t want to talk about being a prince. I don’t want anything to do with it.”

“Sir. They do not need to know what we are doing here.”

“Well, I should be the one to decide that!” He sighed, looking down at the blanket. “I’m sorry for her. Liz’s… uptight. She was raised this way. We’re here because I wanted to run away. The life of a prince isn’t what I want for me.”

“You don’t want it?” Shiron asked, looking directly at Terry. The Marshtomp’s eyes sparkled.

“Terrence believes we are all equal.” Elizabeth explained. “He wanted to forge his own path in the world, away from the pressure and responsibility that his heritage entitles.”

Terry smiled sheepishly. “I’ve heard this town was a dump. No offense.”

“None taken,” Nick chuckled. “Can’t say I disagree.”

Terry nodded, managing to smile. “That’s why we chose to come here all the way from Cydonia.”

“You came all the way from there?!” Nick was left dumbstruck by what he said, and gulped. “All because of what you wanted to do with your life?”

I have no clue what Cydonia is, but judging from Nick’s reaction… must be something big. Shiron thought, scratching his chin.

Liz glared at the duo. “I am orde—asking you to stop with the questions for now. Terrence and I are very exhausted. And we need to stay here for a while, at least.”

“Oh, right.” Terry yawned. “Hm, normally I’d love to stay and chat, but she’s right.”

“We’ll come here tomorrow, then!” Nick replied, turning around to exit. “C’mon, Shiron! We gotta go home, and I need to ask you something when we get there!”

With no other choice but to comply, Shiron left with him.

As they walked towards the hill once more, Shiron remained in silence. At least he was getting some rest; the day had been very hectic after all. And Nick also wanted to ask him something.

Like all the times when he was asked to come and talk alone with his parents, Shiron got nervous. He wasn’t sweating, but his gills were drooping, as was his fin. He hadn’t done anything wrong, had he?

Don’t think so. Maybe I should just get along with it.

“Hey, Shiron.” Nick stopped in his tracks, looking at him. The rain fell from above him, and he let the water touch his fur.

Oh shit, he wants to talk now? I’m screwed!


“You’re a stranger in a brave new world. You lost your memory, and don’t know anyone here. But… I think I can consider you a friend.”

“T-Thanks, you too. You’re my friend.”

“What Terrence said about the town is true. It’s a dump.” Nick added, chuckling.

“I mean… it’s not what I expected, but it still looks good?”

Nick raised one of his hands in the air and focused, his feelers twitching. His paw glowed with energy.

“I’m terrible at using aura unless I’m really focusing on it,” as if to prove his point, the glow dissipated. “But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.”

“Then what is it? You’re kinda stretching things.”

“Considering all that happened today, I’ve decided… I’m going to make my own team of heroes. Heroes that try to save others and go on adventures.”

Nick approached Shiron, smiling even more. “I guess what I mean is… Shiron, will you join my team?”

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Hi. Here for V-Wheel. I s'pose having read a sizeable chunk of LoF, I have some insight into this prequel, but not enough for this to be a foregone conclusion kind of story.

Haaaaaaving said that, however, I must confess that I'm a bit... disheartened to see that a lot of the issues I pointed out with LoF's prose and structure are still present. I'd hoped that they were artifacts of earlier chapters, but it unfortunately appears that's not the case for me. Again, I know English isn't your first language, so I really need to strongly, strongly recommend finding yourself a beta and/or a proofreader. Some of the things that continue from LoF, with examples:

Water dropped like a waterfall
Bizarre word choices and descriptions that almost makes it feel like you're forcing similes for the sake of having them. A waterfall generally doesn't drop. It can cascade. But even then, this clashes with the sentences that immediately come after it that describe an incredibly still and clear body of water. Not exactly the best for setting the scene, especially when these are the fic's opening paragraphs. They're readers' first glimpse into the fic. When they have to pause to parse things together, they may end up losing interest and dropping it.
There was nothing inside the river, not any animal or person, making it a serene place. The temperature was not too hot or too cold, anyone could dive into the river and swim with no issues.
This was another big one: comma splices. So many comma splices. You have a lot of instances where you use commas where you need full periods and separating out your thoughts. That second sentence would read far better as "The temperature was not too hot or too cold. Anyone could dive in and swim with no issues."

There's also the same narration issues I had with LoF. You seem to tend toward third-person omniscient, in which the narrator is a separate character who knows everything about these characters and what they're thinking. But then you have moments where things dip into a limited perspective, including out-of-nowhere scene that seem to be changing the POV character, except you don't actually focus on that one character. For example, when Nick's rescuing Shiron from drowning, the prose identifies him as Shiron, even though Nick has no idea what his name is. If you're going for limited, then it should be "Marshtomp" until he learns Shiron's name. If, however, you want to go omniscient, then the POV scene breaks can be gotten rid of, along with certain things like this...
"X-Xerneas?!" The human asked, panting. "B-But you're a legend, you… you…"
The paragraph before this attempted to describe Xerneas' appearance in detail. But an omniscient narrator would already know what Xerneas looks like, rendering it unnecessary.

And there are the dialogue formatting issues:
"I'm… my name is Shiron." He answered
If you're following dialogue with an attribution like "said" or "answered, the end of the dialogue gets a comma and the pronoun is lowercase: "I'm... my name is Shiron," he answered.
Of course… of course I'm dead," Shiron looked down
Conversely, when you're not using any dialogue attribution, the dialogue gets a full period. So, in this case: "Of course... of course I'm dead." Shiron looked down.

Again, a good proofreader or beta could iron out a lot of these kinds and make the story easier to parse through. As for the actual content... not much happens in the opening two chapters. I personally think it would've been a better opening to, y'know, actually see Shiron's human life and learn why he ended up feeling so awful about himself and, most likely, chose to take his own life. Having Xerneas simply tell me doesn't feel as engaging or interesting.

I think it was a cool choice to have Shiron almost drown. Some sort of "human brain, pokémon body" disconnect. Maybe there'll be more instances of this in the future? It's hard to tell what's going to happen in the greater scheme of themes. I believe Nick and Audrey are the parents of the LoF protags, so presumably things end up well for them and I think Shiron and Magnus will end up a couple? And maybe Nick's goggles get passed down to Brian or something? The only thing that hinted at the greater conflict was the scene at the end of chapter 2, but it was so short and we learn basically nothing about roselia and tyrunt. So, it was hard for me to make anything of it.

This is probably not what you wanted to here, but these are my honest thoughts. I do think a good beta or proofreader could really smooth your writing out considerably and encourage you to try and get one.
Chapter 4 - Crossing Paths


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Chapter 4 - Crossing Paths

Stay strong, my wings. Don't let me go.

I can make it. I'm not on my own.

Keep flying on through the day.

On my love!


Shiron just stared at Nick in silence. Joining a team. What was that all about? What team? There were no trainers there, so what just happened? More questions popped up, like what kind of team Nick was talking about, if Shiron should accept the invitation, and if that invitation was even good in the first place! But the most important of the questions was: why him?

"I'm sure you heard the first time," Nick grinned, his tail eagerly wagged. "C'mon, it'll be fun! We can be heroes, save and help others! Besides, you don't have anything to do, right? No memories!"

Drat, that was a good point. Well, except he did remember things, he just didn't know what to do now.

Shiron flopped his gills, frowning. "I-I mean… you, uh, you kinda dropped this on me. Don't think I can decide now, can I get some time to think about it?"

Though Nick tried to hide it, his disappointment was audible through his sad whine. Oh well, that wasn't a "no", just a "I'll think about it", which was better than outright denial.

"Okay…" Nick replied, rubbing the back of his head.

I feel kinda bad for him, but maybe this is the best choice. Whatever he's hoping to achieve, I'll just be in the way.

Nick, meanwhile, looked at the storm brewing right then. He forced a smile on his face and looked at the Marshtomp. "Guess I just gotta wait, then! Also, we should get home now. Gramps doesn't like when I get this wet."

"Yeah, sure…" Shiron sighed. The rain felt so good on his scales, like a cold shower after a hot day. So refreshing… why go away?

The reason was that he recognized those thoughts as probably belonging to his Marshtomp instincts. It managed to change his mind in the blink of an eye. "Okay, let's go!"

Shiron's stomach growled. Oh, I'm hungry too… great!

Good thing he managed to hide a sad face. Shiron then smiled at Nick. "Alright, lead the way!"

"We went there earlier today, do you really need a guide?"

"... I was trying to keep up the conversation."

Nick answered by sticking his tongue. "I know, just wanted to tease you! And don't worry about your stomach, Gramps knows how to cook! He even has some recipes I never heard of before!"

In response, his stomach grumbled. Shiron even felt himself drool at the thought of eating something, and his smile grew. Things weren't so bad in this world! Maybe someday he could even tell the truth about his humanity and memories. But not now. Shiron was far more interested in satisfying his empty stomach.

"Well, I am hungry, again. Lead the way, Nick!"

Nick smiled once again, and the sight of it was enough for Shiron's heart to melt.

"C'mon!" Nick hurried away.

Good thing they did, the rain only got worse after they entered Nick's house. Since Shiron was away from the eye of the storm, his gills didn't pick up much of it but the whooshing of the wind and the thunder rumbling.

On the bright side, it's comfy here. Except… Shiron only realized he was basically naked then. And the heat appeared again. Looking down, he was glad to not see anything; being the species he was, it probably was hidden somewhere. Never mind, if anything, it was better that way. Genitals are gross. I don't know how people can be into that.

His thoughts were interrupted by a few splashes of water, courtesy of Nick wiggling around to dry himself. After he was done, the fur on his body seemed fluffier. "Can I get you a towel…? Gramps won't like if you go into the kitchen wet like that."

They had towels? Another detail that made Shiron giggle. "Sure."

"Any particular color?"


"Aye!" Nick nodded before running away, Shiron could even see him go up a set of stairs, not remembering if he noticed the house having that earlier.

Oh. I didn't realize that this house looked so cozy. Shiron grunted. Knowing the place was like that should be nice, so why was his heart skipping a beat? Everything was fine. Unless… unless it was some kind of trick! What if the whole scenario was nothing other than his own delusions?

… Please tell me this is just in my head. I don't think I would ever get this comfortable. Not back home. A-And… why am I feeling comfortable here? These people, t-they, they can't be so nice? They barely know me!

His vision shifted to his arms. The fleshy scars were still there, but there was no blood, nothing. Shiron's stubby fingers twitched, while he took a deep breath.

Wait. If I slap myself and it hurts, then it means this isn't a dream!

Why didn't he think of that sooner? Shiron raised his right arm and gave his fishy face a nice, loud…


And he instantly fell on his rear, grunting in pain. "What just happened?! Sure, it hurts, but I'm not this strong!"

Just then, Nick came back with a large, red towel. He deadpanned at the sight of the Marshtomp sitting on the floor. "Huh? Shiron? What's up?"

Shoot. Act dumb!

"Who's Shiron?"

Wait, not that dumb!

"... I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that," Nick rolled his eyes, throwing the towel at his friend. "Dry yourself. I'm gonna go to the kitchen, can I meet you there?"

"Sure, sure." He replied, rubbing the towel on himself. Turns out Shiron was more wet than he assumed. Probably due to his new biology.

It didn't take long until he was dry (or as dry as he could be), so Shiron made his way to the kitchen, tapping his belly in preparation for whatever meal he was about to eat. With how good things were going so far, the meal was probably as good as the cake.

Terry covered himself with the blanket and yawned, looking at the lamp on the ceiling, the sphere inside it glowing.

I-I can't believe we're here! His tail started wagging, and the dragon smiled, his grasp on the blanket growing tighter.

"Liz? Are you still awake?"

"I am," she replied, not looking at him, but nodding along.

"Heh! We did it, Liz! We ran away, we actually ran away!" He giggled, tiny arms trembling. "It's like I imagined it! I'm finally free!"

Liz sighed, sitting on her bed. "Sir, is it wise to run? Your father or your brother might come to get you back. I believe they still want you as the heir to the throne."

"... It's not what I want," Terry whined. Why couldn't his family simply accept it? He was so far from them now! And they'd still follow him?


Terry sighed and closed his eyes, grunting. In his mind, he pictured them: a big Tyrantrum and a Tyrunt like him, though the latter wore a blue cape instead, and his eyes were green. They stared at him with disapproving looks.

"I can still see them," Terry opened his eyes and whined. "Is it so hard for them to just respect me for who I am, instead of pressuring me with all these expectations?!"

"Parents tend to do that." Liz stated, sighing and eyeing Terry. "For what is worth… I am sorry that you have to deal with it. I wish there was another way."

"There is another way, it's what I'm doing right now!"

"Landing on an Arceus-forsaken town is not another way."

In response, the Tyrunt pouted. "You need to chill, alright? We're only alive because of that Marshtomp and Riolu's kindness!"

"Yes. Strangers decided to help us. I am thankful for it, as they saved you. You are more important."

Why? Just because he was a royal? Terry could never understand that line of thought, not when he was the same as her; a Pokémon just wanting to live his life.

"... I'm really not. Liz, forget about the prince thing! I'm just as important as you! We're here, we're alive! We have our whole lives to look up to!"

"I know. But I cannot, in good will, allow you to—"

The door in front of them opened and closed, as Audrey and Amelia entered, looking at them.

"You two seem to be recovering well." Amelia said, smiling. "That's good. I think by tomorrow, you'll be free to go."

"Which brings me to a question!" Audrey chirped. "Actually, tons of questions. What were you two doing at the beach? What are you here for? What will you two do now?"

"I'm not sure," Terry shook his head in denial. "There's a lot of things I want to do, but I don't know where to start…"

Liz agreed, and she simply nodded. "Indeed. We were planning a quick tour of this town tomorrow. We do not have any guides, but that should hardly matter."

Audrey smirked, her poofy tail swishing. "My, my… wonder who could guide you?"

Sheltered from the rain, Nick sniffed the air inside his house, and his stomach grumbled. Better to take a shower first, as the other option was stay and listen to his grandpa's complaints.

"Shiron, I'll join you and gramps soon. Just, uh, lemme take a bath, alright? You can go ahead, don't think he's gonna yell at a guest…"

Lucky me! Shiron thought, musing about it, his gills perking up, while his own stomach was asking for more food, so he accepted the offer and made his way to the kitchen.

Though his nostrils didn't pick up much of a scent (Shiron hummed about not turning into a canine for a moment), he could still hear the sizzling of something cooking in a pan. Like he thought, the Pangoro from earlier was preparing their dinner, a big piece of steak, from what he could see.

"You likin' it, kid?" Rowan asked without turning around, moving the pan forward and backward so the oil would cover the roast. "High-quality Miltank fillet."

Hearing it just made his belly rumble more, and his gills drooped. "W-Well, it does sound good… can't say much about the smell, though."

"Heh. You don't have powerful noses like me or Nick," he turned the stove off and faced Shiron, scratching his furry chin. "I couldn't help but notice that you, how do I put it? Were staring at me for a while when we met. Are you alright?"

Crap. Shiron's immediate reaction was to gulp and stutter from the words Rowan said. Drops of sweat fell from his scales. What am I supposed to say?! And if I keep this up, I'll blow my secret! Think, Shiron, think!

Time almost crawled to a halt while he measured his options. Come clean? Pretend to be dumb? Whatever the case was, Shiron's increasing anxiety meant he needed to think of something fast.

Rowan cleared his throat, having waited long enough. His demeanor looked gruff and serious, he showed no signs of emotion other than mild annoyance, but Shiron also noticed a tint of kindness on the Pangoro's eyes. "Alright. If you don't want to talk about it, then we can leave it for later."

At least he was saved from discussing the human issue. Just then, something came up, clicking inside Shiron's mind like a button. Finally, something to change the subject! "U-Uh, question. You said this is Miltank meat, b-but… h-how, uh, how did you get it?"

"What do I look like? A butcher? I don't work with that. Just bought them at the market. And don't worry, it's safe to eat."

Well, did he have any other choice? Shiron's tummy was roaring again. Best to let it get some sustenance before thinking about such a moral problem, and since this place had no humans either, things were different, so maybe eating someone was… justified. Most of the time.

It didn't mean that he was happy about it. He could see the blood dripping from the steak, and smoke coming out of it. Shiron held a fork and gulped. He kept wondering what was the catch, what would they want in return.

Except nothing happened. Nick was too busy swallowing his part to care, while Rowan was eating a roasted berry along with the fillet. They both looked so natural doing it, the only thing unnatural was him not doing the same.

Okay. Okay, Shiron. You can do this. You're hungry, just gotta eat the… meat. He thought, staring at the meal with wide eyes and gulping. Man, I know I'm not vegan, but this is making me reconsider it.

"Shiron, what's up? You barely touched the food!" Nick said, looking at him while drinking from a cup of water.

Rowan cleared his throat. "Now, now, what did I say about interrupting others when they're eating?"

"... Don't do it?"

A nod from his grandfather confirmed Nick's suspicions, who went back to eating. Shiron still hadn't taken a single bite, and his thumping heart only made things harder.

… Alright, lemme try it like this.

The effort looked tamer than it was. Shiron closed his eyes, inhaled as much air as he could and cut off part of the meat, before swallowing it, not bothering to chew.

Hm? Hm?!

An assault of flavors made their way to his insides. So powerful that Shiron began wobbling around, nearly losing his balance on the chair. Where was this his whole life?!

"You liked it, eh?" Nick grinned, his plate finished. "Gramps' is the best!"

"Noticed," the Marshtomp replied, now taking a larger piece. After chewing it, he smiled, eyes sparkling. "Thanks for the meal, you two. Haven't eaten something this good in… I dunno, a long time!"

"It's nothing, really!" Nick replied.

Rowan nodded. "Just hospitality, I suppose. And neither of you need to worry about the dishes. I'll handle them myself."

"Alright!" Nick jumped out of the chair, landing on his feet, before motioning for Shiron to go with him. "C'mon, I'm gonna show you my room! And… yours too, I guess?"

I got food, friends, and a house on the same day? Xerneas, if you can hear me, thank you.

A whistle alerted Shiron, and not long after he was pulled away from the kitchen by the ever-energetic Riolu. The helicopter tail and constant giggling coming from Nick melted the Marshtomp's heart, and he found himself giggling back.

After crossing the hall and climbing the stairs, they stopped in front of a room that had soda cans under the door, and a large sign that said 'Keep Out'. If Shiron knew him any better, he'd think Nick was just pretending to be a delinquent teenager.

"This is your room, right?" Shiron kicked a can away from his feet. "Dude, you might wanna clean this place."

"Later." Nick opened the door and went inside first, letting Shiron take his time to join him.

Which wasn't long. But the Marshtomp was shocked to see a paper beneath his feet, along with several other papers scattered on the wooden floor, some with drawings, some with written notes.

Regardless of the intention, Nick quickly put them in a closet nearby, locking it and sighing in relief. "Phew! Sorry about that, those were my plans. Soooo, what do you think?"

Shiron stopped to look. Firstly, the bed. It was an actual bed! With a sheet and a mattress, and it looked so comfy! He could lay there and sleep through the whole day, honestly. Next to it was a smaller mattress, which he assumed was for him.

While his friend was busy being mesmerized by a simple bedroom, Nick opened the closet again, only to pull out a large, black blanket. Just then he realized that Shiron might not need one.

"Oh, I'm not sure how your body works. Do you need a blanket, or…?"

"Good question," Shiron replied. At times like this he hoped to have someone like professor Birch to help, but that guy was probably busy being chased by wild Zigzagoon. "... I don't think so, but I also don't wanna sleep in my birthday suit. That'd be weird."

Nick tilted his head. "What's a birthday suit?"

Of course they didn't have that concept.

"... Never mind that. Anything that I can wrap myself in other than the blanket?"

"Hold on," the canine answered, opening his closet and putting his head inside. His legs and tail twitched for a few seconds, before he left, carrying a red scarf. "Here! This should fit you!"

A scarf? Well, I always did like red, and it looks pretty… Shiron nodded, grabbing the accessory, putting it around his neck. Part of it remained next to his left arm. The scarf fit perfectly on him, like Shiron got hugged by a very fluffy Pokémon. "Hm, it's comfy! What's it made of?"

"Wooloo wool." Nick said with an especially large grin, like he was waiting to say exactly that.

"Pfft," the Marshtomp snorted in reply. Then, he burst out laughing, falling on his rear. "Wooloo wool! I'm just… hah! Nice one, Nick!"

"Normally my jokes don't land, so thanks for that!" Nick said, before hopping on his bed and yawning. "... And I'm beat."

Shiron did the same, but took the time to do a few stretches before falling on his mattress. How odd it was to not be wrapped in a blanket, or to wear clothes. It'd take some time to get used, for sure.

At least there were people there for him. He smiled, looking at the bed next to him. "Hey, Nick. I need to say thanks. For helping me, you didn't need to. I'm just some stranger, and yet you invited me in, showed me around."

What he heard in response was snoring. Nick was just as exhausted as him, if not more. Shiron clutched his scarf tightly.

Shiron blinked, then closed his eyes. I can't believe this really happened. It all feels like a dream. A good dream, but still… why? Why me of all people? I'm sure there's others that deserved this chance more than me.

Those thoughts were too familiar, so Shiron shook them off. Whether he deserved it or not, he was alive, and that was enough for him to smile, grateful for it. It wasn't long until he was rocked to sleep by the tiredness.

The squawking of an early Pidove forced Terry to wake up. Due to not being used to waking up so early, the dragon was still groggy. He quietly sat on the bed and yawned, his tail swishing slowly.

Not long after he sat up, so did Liz, the Roselia looking at him with a soft smile. "Good morning, sire. It is with great joy that we both have survived that long journey."

"I mean… you didn't need to come with me. That was your choice. Not that I mind, you're the only good thing that place had," he giggled in reply, but then his expression hardened as he clutched the necklace. "... With maybe one exception."

"I am sorry, sire."

"It's fine, and also not your fault." Terry nodded, laying down again. "Again, I'm glad you came with me."

Liz turned her face away, but couldn't hide her smile. "You are welcome. Do you wish to know my plans for today?"

Knowing Liz, that meant one of two things: either she was going to have him train until he passed out, or plan for them to run away from the city, since she didn't like it.

The first option had him cringing. "Does it include training? Because I'm not in the mood for that."

"It is less of training and more of checking what this town has to offer," Liz explained, raising her head in a regal pose. "We should also look for our bag. You did bring one, right? We cannot afford to look for a job, it is unfit for a prince."

Hearing the entire sentence nearly made Terry's jaw drop. Not because he forgot, but because telling her that he never bothered to bring money with them would make things go south really soon.


Unfortunately, his shocked expression only served to tell what was on his mind without Terry saying anything. Liz then took a long breath, containing all of her rage inside, but even so, a few petals dropped, while smoke came out of her mouth.

Deep breaths. In, out. In, out. Liz calmed herself down and crossed her arms. "Sire, I am choosing to believe you have a good reason for us to not have any money. Will you be so kind as to enlighten me?"

Though her face seemed calm and collected, Terry could feel his entire body shivering from fear.

"W-Well… I figured we could start over? G-Get a job of our own… make a business, do you get it?"

Liz grunted, shaking her head. The prince is unbelievable…

"Alright," she replied, shoving down all of her rage. Liz looked at him straight in the eye. "And when do you plan on looking for a job?"

"T-Today? We can try it today. I think."

They left their beds, quickly getting out of the house as well, ready for the day.

Shiron had no idea how he managed to sleep like that, with the scarf covering most of his stomach, drool dripping from his mouth, and with contortions worthy of an athlete.

So it came as anything but a surprise that it was painful enough for the Marshtomp to wake up, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Hmm. That was the best night I had in ages!" Shiron yawned again. Still groggy, he sat on the mattress. "... Wait, where am I? What's this place all about?"

Then, he remembered. The meeting with Xerneas, the beach, everything came flooding back. It was all real. Shiron pinched his arm and grunted from the pain, confirming it again.

"... Right. Gotta say, it's a lot better than me waking up at home, with… them."

Unbeknownst to him, Nick was still in the room, laying in his bed. The canine's ear twitched, picking up what his friend was saying. He let Shiron talk to himself for a while, but soon Nick's curiosity forced him to peek his head out, grinning.

"Who's them?"

"W-Wah!" Shiron jumped back, falling on the cold floor.

"You're a scaredy Meowth, hm?" Nick jumped to the ground and stretched his arms. "G'morning, by the way."

"G-Good morning, Nick," Shiron pouted, standing up and adjusting his scarf properly. It was somewhat itchy because of his scales, but nevertheless, Shiron found the garment comfy.

"You hungry? 'Cause I wanna show you a place. It's important."

"I guess?" As if on cue, Shiron's stomach grumbled while he tapped it. Man, I don't remember my body doing this as a human. Must be some side effect.

Nick scratched his chin and then snapped a finger. "Well, I'll grab some apples from the fridge and we can eat on the way!"

He then began to walk towards the door, only to be interrupted by Shiron clearing his throat.

"What's… an apple?"

"How do you not know what an apple is?" Nick blinked, then snorted. "Aight. C'mon, you'll find out anyway."

"If you say so."

The Marshtomp yawned, rubbing his eyes, before he followed Nick out of their shared bedroom.

Unlike the previous day, the town was more lively. Shiron saw more stores open on his way to the plaza, and more groups too. One of them included a Golem, a Beedrill, and a Charmeleon, who were heading to the bank, being the latest ones in a large line.

Not just that, but he also saw a few Timburr working on putting up decorations, like poles and flags. It reminded him of Christmas, considering that he saw a few red hats being sold to passerby Pokémon.

"We're celebrating holidays. Everyone will gather at the plaza today." Nick explained, chewing on the apple. "And before you ask, sorry, can't take you. I promised Audrey I'd go with her."

Shiron snorted, laughing a bit. "Didn't even think of that! Now, who am I gonna ask?"

The canine pondered, biting his lip. "I don't think I know you well enough to suggest anyone, but what do you like? Guys? Girls? Nobody? Both?"

"S-Straight to the point, huh?" He backed away, gulping and clutching his scarf. "... Both. I like both."

"Okay!" Nick cheered. "You could go with Amelia, the nurse. Remember her? She's nice, and got a nice behind to boot."

It felt like pretending to ignore that sentence was the best, if not the only option. Shiron even put both hands in his face, grunting.

"Right. So not her. In this case, why don't you try M—"

A puff of red smoke appeared in front of the two, before shaping into the form of a Zorua. To Nick, a familiar one, who glared at him with such an intense gaze he could feel it piercing his chest. She jumped at him, biting his tail and causing Nick to yelp.

"A-Audrey! H-Hi!" Nick replied, shaking to try to get her to go away. Meanwhile, Shiron suppressed a laugh, covering his mouth.

Audrey eventually jumped back, snarling, her fur standing on end. "Don't you "hi" me, mister! I heard your little talk about Amy! Shame on you!"

"Y-You got it all wrong, A-Audrey, I just said it to help my friend! H-He doesn't have anyone to go with!"

"Hmph," she turned to face Shiron. "Is that true?"

I didn't even say I wanted to go, but if I say no, they'll hate me for it… he nodded slowly. "Y-Yeah. It's true."

"Well, if that's the case…"

Audrey looked at Nick again, snarling, before strolling away from them. After getting far, she stared back at her boyfriend. "I'll let this slide! But if it happens again, the one that'll slide is you."

"S-Sure!" Nick waved at her, watching Audrey go.

"Where are we going anyway?" he asked, munching on the weird, red berry. It looked like a leppa, but was redder and tasted funny. Even the name (an anagram of leppa, for sure) was funny to him, so Shiron chuckled.

"Y'know how I mentioned that I wanted you on my team?"

Nick meant the big reveal Shiron heard yesterday, and of course he remembered. "Yup. What about it? I still haven't decided, if that's what you mean."

"I wanna show you my office," Nick replied, grinning and wagging his tail.

"You have an office?" Shiron stared, sighing while his gills lowered.

"What were you expecting?"

"Uh, something other than that…?" He smiled, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"Your lack of faith is astonishing." Nick laughed, turning around and walking.

"Gee, thanks," he rolled his eyes and followed his friend's lead. He wondered if he should ask that cute Quilladin to go with him, but quickly shrugged the idea off. They barely knew each other, anyway.

Meanwhile, Terry and Elizabeth had arrived in town. Well, not just them. Amelia was following close behind, inspecting their every move.

Much to the Roselia's dismay. She rolled her eyes, looking back before turning to Terry. "Why did you allow her to stalk us? Frankly, it is preposterous. I am the only one that needs to take care of you."

"I didn't allow her. She has free will." Terry grunted. He took a look around, fascinated by the preparations, and saw a few children playing tag. His nostrils flared, smelling something sweet nearby.

"And she can hear you two," Amelia said, standing next to them with her arms crossed. "Look, I'm just here to check on how you guys are. You may as well pretend I'm not around. I don't mind."

Liz glared. "I was doing that already."

"Really?" Amelia began to laugh. "Because it looked like you were doing a terrible job."

"Is that so?" The grass-type forced vines out of her flowers and prepared to strike.

"Try me," Amelia's body began to glow, surrounded by a pink aura.

Seeing both of them about to go on an actual battle made Terry run and stand between the two girls, panting and extending his tiny arms in both directions.

"S-Stop! C'mon, we should be hanging out, having fun! Not getting at each other's throats!"

Liz raised a brow and retracted the vines, raising her head. "Hmph. If you say so, sire."

"Sorry that you have to deal with her," Amelia's aura faded as she scooted closer to them. "Do you two need help visiting the town?"

"Sure! This is my first time visiting other towns, I wanna see what this one's got!" Terry's tail wagged.

"Do I get a say in this?" Liz grunted.

"No," the Kirlia giggled, clapping her hands. "Okay. There are a lot of things to do and places to go. Where do you wanna start?"

Starting off with whatever was assaulting his nostrils with a sweet scent, Terry told Amelia to lead them that way. They ended up in the middle of the plaza, where lots of shops and food stands could be seen.

"Oh, that's cool. So many places to check out!" Terry beamed, his tail wagging.

"Just be careful. If you go to the eastern exit of the plaza, you might end up in a mystery dungeon." the Kirlia pointed out.

Liz scoffed, rolling her eyes. "Fascinating, that is the first useful thing you said all day! And what kind of idiot builds a town around mystery dungeons?"

More strides at one another? Terry muttered, he didn't have time for this! Ignoring the two, the Tyrunt walked towards one of the stands, following the sweet smell to finally satiate his hunger.

This particular stand was decorated with cupcakes and ice cream cones. There were two receptionists, a Quilladin and a Sandslash that held a small Sandshrew in his arms, feeding him a bottle of milk. Behind the three came a Raticate, chewing on a slice of cheese while he waited for his turn.

"Hello, and good morning!" Sandslash smiled at the three, recognizing the Kirlia. "Oh, hello, Amelia, dear! How are you? How's your dad?"

"Good. Had to go to a seminar, so I'm taking care of our patients," she replied, eyeing Terry and Liz. "Which include these two."

"Hi, I'm Terrence, but all my friends call me Terry!"

"And I am Elizabeth," the Roselia added with a flick of her arms.

The Quilladin stepped forward, putting the bottle down before looking at the Sandslash. "Dad, I can take care of him now. Go talk with our clients, alright?"

Sandslash nodded, gently giving the small ground-type Pokémon to him. "Kids, eh? Have fun, Magnus. I'll switch with you in half an hour."

Magnus nodded and walked along the street, away from them. Sandslash then put an apron around his stomach and clapped his hands, smiling at his potential clients. "So! What can I get you?"

"I do not need to eat. I can synthesize my own nutrients by a process known as—"

Unbeknownst to them, the Raticate left the area as soon as Magnus did, running on all fours. Liz, however, kept a close eye on the rodent, frowning.

"Liz, not now," Terry pouted, stepping closer to see the treats. Inside the stand he could see various bowls of ice cream, each with a different color and smell.

"Seems you like sweets, kiddo." Sandslash beamed. "We have ice cream today. What flavor would you like? There's oran, pinap, aguav, lum… and you can even add gummies if you'd like!"

"Oh, let's see… I want lum ice cream with red gummies on top!" Terry almost jumped in joy, drool dripped from his snout.

"Of course! That'll be ten poké, please."

Just as quickly, Terry crashed down. He forgot to bring any money!

"... I'll pay," Amelia opened a purse, counting the coins before handing a few of them to the Sandslash. "That should do it."

Terry grabbed his ice cream cone and started eating immediately, walking away with Liz, who looked a lot more silent than usual. Too silent, he mused.

"Hey, Liz? What's wrong?"

Liz closed her eyes and sighed, looking at the prince. "Sire, I am afraid we might have a problem. That Raticate that was with us… he seemed suspicious. Left just as the Quilladin did. Perhaps we should investigate?"

"W-What do you mean?!" Terry gasped, almost dropping his dessert.

"I do not know… but we should check it, just in case." Liz nodded, before storming off with him.

Magnus walked across the street, holding the baby Sandshrew in his arms. Every so often the child started booping the Quilladin's nose, which only served to make him giggle, his tail wagging.

"You're such a cute baby! Yes you are, yes you are~!" Magnus tickled the child, causing more laughs from the two of them.

And in the shadow of the stores behind Magnus, something crawled. A Raticate, snickering while he hid himself, getting closer and closer to the two.

It all happened in an instant. Magnus was too slow to react, being knocked to the ground with a loud thud, and was only able to look up to see his brother grabbed by the paws of a Raticate.

"W-Who are you?! G-Give my brother back!" Magnus stood up slowly, creating two vines from his arms. He moved them, trying to hit the rodent.

To no avail. Raticate stumbled back and snickered. "Hehe! The child is mine! I bet your dad will pay a fat load of money to give him back!"

Magnus snarled, lunging in with more vines, but stopped once he saw Raticate using his sibling as a shield.

"Na-ah-ah! If you want this baby back, you better meet me at the entrance to Leaf Valley!"

"L-Leaf Valley?!" He flinched, standing in place. Magnus tried moving again, but only managed to fall to the ground, watching Raticate run away.

On the way to the place Nick wanted to show him, Shiron had ordered a smoothie nearby, and it was made from rawst berry! He could already tell it was his favorite, given the multiple slurps on the cup.

"Someone has a sweet tooth."

"Hey, I gotta enjoy it while you're still paying for all my stuff," the Marshtomp blepped, before slurping more.

"You'll be the death of me."

"That's the plan!" Shiron raised an arm and chuckled.

Smiling sheepishly, Nick looked in front of him and whistled to get his friend's attention. As the Marshtomp got near, he could see what the office was: an old wooden house. Abandoned, from how there were pieces of wood on the ground and broken windows, along with a few mattresses scattered around the entrance.

Maybe a broken house is this world's equivalent of a mansion? Shiron sipped in silence, waiting for any possible explanation.

And Nick noticed the uneasiness in Shiron's eyes, walking towards him and smiling. "Now, I know it looks bad, but if we work on it, we might have ourselves a great base!"

"Got it," Shiron nodded. Well, he did have the strength to work on something as big as that, but what if he failed? Or worse…

"I-I could cause an accident if I'm not careful! Are you sure you need my help?!"

Still keeping his smile, Nick tapped the water-type's back and pointed to the house. "What matters is that we can have fun doing it, even if we fail!"

"Oh, then—"

"S-Shiron, N-Nick!"

Magnus came running like an athlete, stopping next to them to catch his shaky and raspy breath. The two looked and saw him crying, drop after drop of tears falling down on the ground, not to mention how shaky he looked.

"M-Magnus? What's wrong?" Shiron asked, running to his side and offering a hand. "Slow down, what happened?"

Magnus instantly accepted the hand and hugged Shiron. "M-My brother… h-he got kidnapped! I told dad about it, the whole town's deciding what to do!"

"Kid…napped?" Nick tilted his head and snarled. "Magnus, what did the kidnapper say?! Do you know where they are?!"

"T-They went to Leaf Valley…" he replied, still sobbing next to Shiron.

"What's Leaf Valley?" The Marshtomp asked.

"I-It's a mystery dungeon!" Nick replied, clenching his fists as his fur stood on end. "And dangerous, 'specially for a baby!"

Mystery dungeon…? Shiron thought about the words, though they held no meaning for him. Not that it mattered, considering that a child was in danger! He had to do something to help, despite not knowing how to fight, use moves or anything the other Pokémon could do. Way out of his depth, for sure. Shiron's gills drooped.

"... Nick. Do you know where this… Leaf Valley is?" The Marshtomp asked.

"Uh, yeah? We all do." He answered.

Nodding, Shiron pulled away from Magnus, looking directly at him. "I'm going there with Nick, and we will get your brother back, you have my word!"

Hearing that made the Riolu's ears perk up. "You will?"

"Of course. C'mon, lead the way!"

After giving one final hug to Magnus, the duo ran off towards the plaza, ready for their first mission.


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I'm here to review chapter 4 of this!

I really like how Shiron is confused about what joining a team means in this world! Really shows just how much of a fish out of water he is here.

Oh. I didn't realize that this house looked so cozy. Shiron grunted. Knowing the place was like that should be nice, so why was his heart skipping a beat? Everything was fine. Unless… unless it was some kind of trick! What if the whole scenario was nothing other than his own delusions?

… Please tell me this is just in my head. I don't think I would ever get this comfortable. Not back home. A-And… why am I feeling comfortable here? These people, t-they, they can't be so nice? They barely know me!

It hurts to see how foreign kindness is to Shiron. The fact that people being nice to him without being super close to him is so baffling to him helps paint a picture of what his life was like back in the human world, and it's not pretty.

Shoot. Act dumb!

"Who's Shiron?"

Wait, not that dumb!

I genuinely laughed at this.

Looks like Terry's home life wasn't too good, either. I'm guessing he and Shiron will eventually be able to bond over that.

I like Shiron's panic at the possibility of his secret being exposed. Helps show how terrified he is of being truthful about himself, and adds some great flair to the scene!

The description of Nick's room was great! I could really visualize it!

The classic PMD protagonist scarf! Always nice to see that.

I wonder why Terry's necklace is important?

Oh boy, Terry forgot to bring any money. That's going to be interesting.

"... Right. Gotta say, it's a lot better than me waking up at home, with… them."

Unbeknownst to him, Nick was still in the room, laying in his bed. The canine's ear twitched, picking up what his friend was saying. He let Shiron talk to himself for a while, but soon Nick's curiosity forced him to peek his head out, grinning.

"Who's them?"

Oooooh. Nick gets his first hint of Shiron's past. I'm excited to see what'll happen when Shiron's humanity is revealed to everyone.

Interesting how apples don't seem to have existed in Shiron's old world.

Heh, first place Terry goes is an ice cream shop. Judging by what is said of Terry's home life, I don't think he's ever had ice cream before.

Oh dear. A kidnapping, of Magnus' brother. First serious conflict of the story! I'm really interested to see how this goes!

And the first mystery dungeon of the story is coming up, too! I'm really excited to see Leaf Valley, and see Shiron's first battles!

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter, and I'm excited to read more! I enjoy all the characters so far, and it's going to be great seeing them grow and form connections!
Chapter 5 - Let's Unite!


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Chapter 5 - Let's Unite!

If I could soar the sky for hours

Just like a butterfly through flowers,

I'll come to see you

While I'm wearing a smile on my face.

Athleticism was never Shiron's strong point, even if someone's life depended on it. The more he ran into the village, the more he wanted to stop to breathe. Sadly, it wasn't really an option, considering the kidnapping.

"C'mon, you guys! W-We need to be quick!" Magnus said. Ironically, he was behind them, his spherical body making it harder to follow suit.

Nick nodded, sweat dripping from his cheeks. "Good thing Leaf Valley isn't dangerous… well, not too dangerous! But still… there's a timer, and it's running out!"

A timer? What're they talking about?

The trio stopped in the middle of the plaza, seeing a commotion ensuing, and a crowd gathering around Magnus' father. He set his sights on that area and ran, shoving aside some of the citizens in the way, while Shiron and Nick were behind him.

"Sonny!" Sandslash said, walking closer to his child and hugging him tightly. "Where have you been?! I was worried! A-And your brother…"

"We're here to help!" Shiron barged in, panting and clutching his scarf. His body shivered ever so slightly.

Sandslash managed to eye him, but kept hugging his son. "Hello! You must be the Marshtomp from yesterday. I'm sorry that this is how we met, but… you said you'll help?"

Next up was Nick, who put his goggles on. "Yup! We'll do our best to help! Even if it means wandering into a dungeon!"

"We will get your son back," Shiron added, an unusual, serious look on his face. "No matter what."

The four heard footsteps accompanied by the sound of leaves rustling—Terry and Liz had just arrived..

"Bold words, Marshtomp," she raised her head, cracking a small smile. "And I believe you will enjoy what I am here to say."

She then extended her arm, pointing towards Terry, who cleared his throat. "Rejoice! For the heir to the throne of Cydonia and I will lend our assistance!"

Terry gulped, clicking his fingers. "W-We wanna go with you guys! I have a brother too. Can't just stand by and let something like this happen, right?"

As they heard the words, Sandslash and Magnus pulled away, nodding repeatedly.

"By Arceus, please! Please save my son!"

Magnus rubbed the tears off his face. "Shiron, Nick… I'm counting on you guys!"

"The more, the merrier!" Nick nodded, looking at Shiron. "This will be your first venture into a dungeon. Are you ready?"

"I-I… I am! Let's do this!"

"Hmph. In the case you had refused, we would have proceeded regardless. But no matter…" Liz turned around. "Onwards, to Leaf Valley!"

Out of their view, a Golem listened to the conversation, but made no notion to join—merely observing, biting his lips, and grinning. That mission was theirs, after all.

They didn't take too long before storming out, following Nick's lead. Shiron still gulped, his body shivering. Pretending to be brave to Magnus and his father was one thing, but could he really save that child? Shiron only hoped he and the others were enough.

After leaving through the east exit, Shiron stopped to catch his breath, looking down. Soon, Nick joined him, followed by Terry. The only one that didn't stop was Liz, merely gazing at the three behind her.

"If you think we can rest, then you three—two, are useless. My sire and I can keep going, but can you?"

Shiron raised his head and panted, followed by a nod. "W-We can! No… we will! Magnus and his dad are counting on me…"

"Let's not overexert ourselves," Terry gulped, looking at Shiron and Nick. "But Liz has a point. We can't stay here for long."

The Riolu cracked a smile, raising his head as well. "Yeah!" Nick replied, a fierce glare in his eyes, his tail swishing. "Besides, it's not too far from Leaf Valley. We got this, y'all!"

Agreeing on their course of action, the quartet moved on to the road.

In a sharp contrast to the relatively modernized area of Thornwell, Shiron found that the road ahead was much more grassy and wild, causing him to remember some of Hoenn's routes with a twist.

The twist from the grassy routes he was used to were clusters of trees levitating in the air, expanding as far as his eyes could see. Mesmerized by that, he kept walking and checking the surroundings, even seeing patches of land that, like the trees, were also suspended. All of them were similar in elevation, and the distance between them was nothing longer than a jump.

"Whoa, that's how a dungeon entrance looks like?" Terry stepped in, walking next to Shiron and staring at the sight in front of them with sparkling eyes. "The outside world is so pretty!"

"It's not exactly the entrance, but the distortion is around here," Nick replied, biting his lower lip. "The actual entrance is a few feet ahead. Shouldn't take too long."

Liz nodded. Her plan was to handle the situation without actually venturing inside the dungeon, for the sake of Terry, and considering how he and the Marshtomp were looking around like kids next to a candy bar…

"Our best course of action is to reason with the kidnapper," she said, looking at Nick. "However, ransom is not an option, unless you and your friend have enough money?"

"I'm broke, and my allowance doesn't come until next week." Nick shrugged. "You do have a point. Reasoning would save us some trouble. Hm, what to do…"

Terry turned around and ran towards them, followed by Shiron. The rock-type sighed while eyeing the group. "I studied diplomacy, what if I take care of that? Me and Liz should be good enough for it."

Meanwhile, Shiron raised his left arm, a smile appearing in his face. "I-I have an idea! Me and Terry go talk, while L-Liz and Nick stay hidden, in case something goes awry. How about that?"

And all eyes were on him. Shiron gulped, tugging his scarf and looking down. "...Nevermind! Stupid idea, haha! Don't worry, you can ignore it…"

Instinctively, he closed his eyes, trembling. That was it, they'd yell at him and kick him out of the mission for sure!

"Your plan could work," Liz replied, pointing at Shiron with one of her flowers. "I'm impressed, Marshtomp."

"Great idea! Let's do it!" Nick nodded, showing off his fangs. "Just say the word and we'll be there to back you up!"

The grass-type bit her lip and shook her head. "However, I believe there is room for improvement."

"First, I do not wish to endanger my sire, so what do you think about being the only one there?"

"J-Just me?!"

"Perhaps you can serve as the distraction, and then me and Riolu will act?"

A grunt from the Tyrunt expressed just how much he hated that idea. He then walked next to Shiron. "I'm going with him! Liz, I can't be on the sidelines any longer!"

She glared at him. "Sire, I do not recommend it."

"Tough, because I'm going in anyway!"

Nick shrugged. "Let's get this over with. Liz, isn't it? We got this, lady. I'll protect your sire as well!"

Lo and behold, the Raticate was at what the duo assumed was the dungeon's entrance, holding the baby Sandshrew in his grasp. The rat tapped his foot on the ground repeatedly, getting more impatient by the second.

That was before he locked eyes with Shiron and Terry, who were slowly making their way towards him. Raising a brow, Raticate grasped the baby tighter.

"Who're you two? What're you doing here?!"

Shiron opened his mouth, but Terry was already in front of him, clearing his throat.

"We're here to negotiate! You're holding that child hostage, and his father asked us to come do something about it," Terry said, standing upright with a raised voice. In the moment he betrayed a composure befitting his royal status.

"Speak my language, please."

Shiron stepped in, fiddling with his fingers, his gills flopping down. "We wanna bring the kid back to his family, can we discuss any terms you may have? Like, I dunno, money?"

"Money's good," Raticate replied, taking a step back. "I want a thousand poké! Now!"

A thousand? It has to be a lot… Shiron looked at Terry, the dragon-type gasping in shock. Okay, it is a lot of money.

"W-We don't have a thousand!" the Marshtomp shouted, gulping. "Anything else you want? C-Cause we can give you lots of stuff! How about my scarf? I-It's made from Wooloo wool."

Raticate raised a brow. What was that child even talking about? Did he not have any idea of the situation?

Terry had a similar reaction. "Well, then how about this for a change: I'm the heir to the throne of Cydonia."

Blinking, Shiron looked at his friend. A prince? More importantly, he had an idea of what was about to happen, but still hoped that Terry wasn't suggesting—

"Now, what do you think about kidnapping a prince, eh? Sounds a lot more interesting, don't you think?"

It was exactly what he feared. Shiron was about to protest, when he was interrupted by a loud laugh coming from Raticate.

"A prince? In that shithole of a village? Nah. Don't believe you," so he said, though once Raticate took a peek at the cape Terry was wearing, his eyes widened in realization. "...Oh. You're a prince?! What're you doing in that place anyway?"

"Long story," Terry rolled his eyes. "Are you going to kidnap me or not? Not like we have all the time in the world."

"Terry, is that a good idea…?" Shiron asked, tugging his scarf.

Raticate, meanwhile, felt a leaf fall on his nose. He sneezed and looked up to see many more leaves falling.

It wasn't long until he found himself dodging the strike of a Roselia, only having enough time to step back and hold the baby, who began crying at that point.

"Release the child." Liz said, producing sharp thorns on her roses. "Or I will be forced to take him myself."

"Where did you even come from, Liz?" the dragon tilted his head.

Nick came afterwards, putting his goggles on and striking a battle pose. "We hid in a few bushes!"

"Tsc," Raticate snarled, looking at the baby. "It was all your plan, eh? Tricking me to get this kid back! Well, I ain't givin' him back anytime soon!"

Shiron clenched his fists and frowned. "You're outnumbered! S-Surrender is your only option. C'mon, do what's best for you! We don't even need to fight!"

The cries from the small Sandshrew only got louder, causing Raticate to cringe. Now was the time to reconsider his options. One: escape to the dungeon and hope those kids got lost inside. Two: try to fight them off. A bad choice, but the baby could still be used as leverage.

Leverage… was the best choice he could take. Raticate lowered his head just a bit, showing off the big teeth he had. "G-Get any closer and I'll eat him!"

A wall of silence appeared between all of them. Shiron raised his arm. "Uh, what? It's a baby. You can't eat a baby."

"I'm a criminal, for crying out loud! You think I care?!"

"Disgusting," Liz raised her head, one of her roses touched the ground. "And yet, it fits you like a glove. But not to worry, I have already discovered the route to victory!"

Raticate blinked. "What're you—"

Vines protruded from the ground in front of Raticate and managed to snag the baby out of his hands in a second. It didn't end there, as the rat slashed off the vines, leaving the kid in the air.

Shiron, though not the first one to notice it, was the closest and could react properly. He did so by running as fast as he could, managing to catch the Sandshrew in his belly just in time.

Right then was when Raticate knew his plan was foiled, and the remaining Pokémon were arresting him. Or worse. His mind went into overdrive, thinking, planning something to get out of that mess.

Trembling more, he looked at Shiron. He and the baby were both ground-types, so there was something he could do… a final gambit to take. Electricity crackled around his body as he launched a shock wave towards Shiron.

Not fast enough to react, he yelped, getting hit. The attack didn't hurt him at all, but it scared him enough to drop the baby. Raticate then grabbed the child and chuckled.

"S-Shiron! Are you alright?!" Nick barged in, standing close to his friend.

"You idiots! He has the child!" Liz protested, ready to fight, but stood there so as to not hurt the baby.

"Heh…" Raticate still trembled, looking back. The dungeon was very close. One of the floating islands was very close, a small jump was all it took him to get there.

So it was exactly what he did.

Shiron stood up, panting heavily and looking at the valley, gulping. It was his fault. He got hit by the attack, and now the Raticate escaped. Magnus… Magnus would hate him now! No, that wasn't as important as the baby being kidnapped. An uneasiness in his stomach made the Marshtomp frown and tremble. What could he do?! Nothing, that's what.

Useless. Useless. That's all I'll ever be! I couldn't even save him! Why am I so… awful? The worst person to ever exist, that's me. I-It's always gonna be, Shiron thought about the vast void next to him, and how easy it'd be to just let it all go and—

"Hey Shiron, c'mon! We gotta go after him!" Nick brought him to his senses by clapping next to his face. The sensors on his face twitched slightly. "Don't go around sulking, even I could feel it a mile away, and that's saying something!"

"Staying here will do no good," Liz took a deep breath and eyed the two. "We need to move. Now that they are within the area of the dungeon, it is only a matter of time before they succumb."

"Succumb… to what?" Shiron asked, the somber expression on Liz's face giving an idea of the answer.

Terry was the one to reply, frowning. "They become ferals. If we don't hurry, even the baby will…"

Shiron was taken aback by that revelation. By ferals, did they mean wild Pokémon? Oh. Oh no. That settled things. Swallowing all his self-doubt for the moment, Shiron clenched both fists.

"...Right. I'm gonna save him, whatever it takes!" he said. Even if it kills me…

Nick agreed, gazing at the valley as far as he could. Still, Raticate was nowhere to be seen, which only meant trouble, especially if the dungeon decided to rearrange itself soon.

"Okay, I don't know how long we have 'til that thing gets randomized again, so I say we go now," the Riolu stated, electing one of Shiron's arms being raised, as if to ask a question. "...Dungeons are wacky. The distortion inside causes it to reform, so every time you walk inside, it won't be the same as last time."

…I'll add that to the list of things that just happen in this world, Shiron sighed. I'm still curious. Guess experience will be my teacher.

With that revelation in mind, Shiron followed the other three as they jumped on to one of the islands.

A strong gale was the first of many things Shiron noticed, from how much it made his scarf slap his face as he fell towards the grassy floor. The second thing was that his descent was very, very slow. It took almost half a minute just to get to the floor.

Finally, the third thing was one of the trees shaking wildly. Leaves fell off, along with a strange-looking orb. It was blue, almost glassy. Before he could touch it, an Aipom climbed out, grabbing the orb with its tail. It screeched, gnawing on the glass, only to grunt in pain and back away.

Nick focused, his aura sensors twitching. He ran ahead, a whitish glow around his body while the grass on the ground was shaken away from the speed. Nick then aimed at the Aipom, before punching it in the jaw and launching it towards the neighboring island.

He took a deep breath and rubbed the sweat off his head, before chuckling. If that was the level of the ferals nearby, the dungeon will be easy!

Sadly, it didn't end there, as a Hoothoot flew towards Nick, only to be met by a slash coming from Terry's tail that knocked it out. The bird crashed into the trunk of the tree, causing a few berries to be thrown next to it.

…Okay. What the hell was that? They did it so fast! Whoa. Just… whoa, Shiron rubbed his eyes and walked next to the Hoothoot to grab the blue berry. An Oran, he mused.

"Did you check that out? That's how you fight, Shiron!" Nick cheered. "Next time I wanna see what you got."

"And what's that glass thingy for?"

Terry put it in his jaw carefully so as to not break it, while Nick thought of an answer.

"Basically anything. There's a lot of types of those orbs, and when you break one of 'em, something happens."

"Oh, that's cool."

Back to the main issue: Shiron had no idea how to use moves like them. He was hoping to just wing it when the time was right, or maybe not have to at all! Either way, he was planning on doing his best to help the others, knowing how to fight or not.

"Hmph," the Roselia whispered, yanking the orb out of Terry's jaw and walking towards the edge of the island. "Stop acting like children. Grab as many berries as you can, we are leaving."

"I'm a little hungry, can I eat some of them?" Terry asked—no, pleaded, giving her puppy eyes.

"...You may eat a couple."

"Yay!" the dragon chirped, munching on the berry and swallowing it in a single gulp.

"Alright," Nick's expression turned serious. "...I think we have rested enough. Time to go."

Shiron gulped again. Whoever he was facing next better be some weak Pokémon, like a Bidoof or something. With that in mind, they moved on to the next island.

Lady luck didn't shine for him. As soon as they landed, a Sunkern hopped towards Shiron, screeching at him. The Marshtomp looked back at his team, sweat dripping from his face. None of them were moving. Instead, they were enjoying the fight about to break out.

"U-Uh, any help, guys?"

"I did say the next one was yours," Nick shrugged.

"Use one of your moves, Marshtomp. Preferably one that isn't ground-type or water-type."

"Cool, but I don't know any of my moves!" he protested, only to be met by stern looks. "I mean… maybe Mud Shot? Seriously, I don't know!"

The Sunkern hopped closer, Shiron noticed. He fell on his rear, looking at the tiny grass-type slowly creeping in. It was impressive, really. Something that tiny was making his body scream to run away. More sweat dripped, and his eyes focused on that thing. That thing about to hit him. If he was still human, maybe it wouldn't hurt so badly, but now? As a Marshtomp, he didn't know what was going to happen, nor how much it'd hurt.

Except… he didn't want to run away, or at least the conscious part of him didn't want to. Shiron trembled, his focus getting more intense. A move. He had to use a move, any move. Otherwise he'd lose that fight.

Putting in the effort to stand up, Shiron took in a deep breath and focused. He pictured himself inside that river from before, the current of water surrounding his entire body, the gills twitching from the vibrations. Then, he opened his mouth, straightening himself and roaring, ready to launch the most simple move he could: Water Gun.

Nothing. Not even a drip. Nada. All it accomplished was making him flush his cheeks and cover his face with the scarf. Still, the Sunkern was hopping, only a few inches away.

Oh, for crying out loud! I'm such an idiot. Why'd I think that was gonna work?!

Gosh, what would the others even think about this?! Shiron trembled at the thought.

"Pitiful," Liz stated, sighing. "How you managed to evolve is a mystery to me, albeit one I am not interested in discovering. Sire, would you like to try?"

"Sure," Terry nodded, walking towards the Sunkern. He opened his jaw and bit it, shaking his head while still holding the feral Sunkern, until he threw it away. "Well, this wasn't as hard as you made it look, Shiron."

"...A little anticlimactic, if you ask me." Nick deadpanned. Shrugging it off, he ran to the edge of the island, jumping off to the next one, followed by Terry and Liz.

Shiron, on the other hand, took a few more minutes, but eventually jumped as well. All things considered, nobody commented all that much about his predicament. Which was good.

As the team moved forward, they dealt with the other islands the same way, with Shiron only managing to hit a single punch on the way, much to the annoyance of Liz and a chuckle coming from Nick.

Eventually, they landed on a different patch of land. Larger, and with a waterfall running on the other side, ending on a small lake. From where the water was flowing, though? Nobody knew.

And, of course, their prize: Raticate, standing next to where the lake was and drinking as much water as he could. The baby was being held by the rat's tail and cried as loudly as he was capable of.

"We… have arrived!" Shiron said, flopping his body on the ground and panting. "F-Finally, I was getting so tired of fighting…"

"Aw, is the child not ready for fights yet?" Liz managed to sound both angry and sarcastic at once as she rolled her eyes towards him. "Grow up. The fight is not over."

"Should be pretty quick," Nick pointed out, grinning.

"Focus, guys." Terry added.

Their chat didn't go unnoticed, Raticate soon turned to face them and screeched, his fur standing on end.

"What the hell?! How'd you all get here? You followed me?!"

"Of course. You made it easy for us," Liz raised her head with a smirk. "Now, now. I suggest you release the baby. For your own best."

"Hah! You can't fight me as long as I have this baby with me!" Raticate replied with a smirk of his own.

Shiron heard the words ringing around him, realizing how serious that entire situation was. How one false step and someone was going to die. It made his heart palpitate.

I need… I need to do something. Xerneas gave me this chance, I'm not wasting it!

"Coward…" Shiron stood up, still panting. He clenched his left fist and snarled. "Your type is just the worst! How can you do such a thing?!"

"If you want to stop me, just try! I'll throw this baby off the cliff if I have to!"

Snarling more, Shiron took a single step forward. His body trembled more, and a fierce gaze could be seen in his eyes. "Guys. I'll fight this one myself!"

"Huh?" Terry blinked. "B-But… can you fight? For real?"

In a rare display of kindness, Liz frowned, a soft look on her face. "Marshtomp, stop it. We have the numbers, the three of us. You do not need to fight!"

"Let him," Nick said, arms crossed. "If he needs help, we'll help."

Hearing that was enough of an approval for Shiron to run, before jumping and trying to land a punch on Raticate. He could do it! Just a punch or two, judging from his feats of strength earlier on.

A failed attempt, as he simply landed behind Raticate, falling inside the lake. In fact, the criminal hardly moved or tried to dodge.

"...Whoa, I've seen toddlers do better than y—"

The sharp sounds of leaves splitting in half got Raticate's attention, and the sight only made it worse; four Riolu were circling around him, running to attack.

"D-Double T—" another vine yanked the baby off of him and sure enough, Raticate got punched right in the face, throwing him backwards.

Not before he fought back by unleashing a nearby shock wave that destroyed the copies, leaving only the real deal. Nick grunted—the electricity that pulsed through his body shocked him to the point he was having trouble moving.

"Hah! Not so tough now, are you?" Raticate recomposed, standing on all fours and grinning, exposing his buck teeth.

Terry frowned and ran towards Raticate, but due to his small legs, he was taking some time to get there, giving the rat enough time to react. Said reaction was a metallic glow around his tail, followed by him swishing around and hitting the fossil Pokémon. The impact caused Terry to cringe and stumble back, panting.

"Shiron, if you could please help us out here…" he asked, shaking his head and straightening his position. "We need help!"

"He is right!" Liz's grasp on the baby got tighter. "I cannot fight in this condition, and Riolu is paralyzed. You need to do something!"

Raticate turned around to face Shiron, who was still next to the lake. Their eyes locked, none of them said a single word. But Shiron could tell what his intention was, obviously. To attack him.

"Why, why, since none of you bothered to do anything, I'll just deal with your friend there!"

Letting it happen was out of the question, simple as that. Shiron clenched his fists, grasping a patch of dirt and grass while his body shook. Unknown to him, the water next to him started to flow out of the lake and wrapped around his left arm.

"You make me sick, kidnapping someone, trying to kill them… I can't just stand by and do nothing! Even if it kills me, even if I can't do a damn thing, I'll still try anyway! Because that's who I am!"

"I'd sure as hell would like to see that!"

Grunting, the Marshtomp dashed as fast as he could, and it didn't take him long to get near Raticate, the grin on the rat's face making him cringe in disgust. Shiron tried to land a punch, only for Raticate to dodge.

"I'm not giving up… I can't give up! You're going down!" Shiron roared, swishing his arm faster than he thought possible, the water on his left arm almost looking like it was in the shape of a drill, although much more amorphous.

The punch connected right into Raticate's face, and he screamed, before being thrown into the ground with incredible force, generating a few cracks under him. Shiron immediately stepped back, falling on his butt and panting as the water dropped to the ground.

"W-What just happened?"

Nick rushed as much as his paralyzed body could towards his friend. "I'll do you one better, what move was that? Not Water Gun, not Aqua Tail… it looked like, I dunno, something!"

"It looked like Liquidation," Liz concluded, putting Sandslash in one of her arms and wrapping vines around Raticate with the other. "But that is odd. Marshtomp are not capable of learning such a move."

"Maybe he's special or something?" Terry tilted his head. Whatever the case was, it didn't really matter, they won. All that was left was to escape the dungeon. While carrying a baby. And a Raticate. Oh boy.

"I'm pretty sure I ain't special. The opposite of that, if I'm being honest," Shiron took Nick's paw and stood up. "Also, Terry's right. Gotta go home, right? I'll take care of Raticate, I'm the strongest here anyway."

Everyone turned their eyes to him.

"...Physically stronger."

The way back was, as expected, calmer. Other than the occasional crying of the baby accompanied by a rumbling stomach, the team didn't encounter any issues.

That is, up until Liz had to shut Raticate up by wrapping his snout in vines, not that anyone with her complained. Shiron did think about commenting on that particular thing, but she was scary, and could very well kick his ass if she wanted to.

Not enough time passed until Nick could see the outlines of a very familiar Quilladin. He motioned to the others to pick up their pace, the team running towards the entrance.

"Nick, Shiron!" Magnus waved, though his eyes quickly looked at the Sandshrew, tears rolling down. "Y-You guys did it! Y-You really did it! My brother… h-he's back!"

"We helped too, you know." Terry grumbled, only to be met by a powerful hug coming from Magnus. "O-Oh, uh, you're welcome!"

Liz split the two apart and pouted. "As you plebeians might say, it was a piece of cake. Being grateful is only natural."

Magnus picked his brother from Liz's arms and enveloped the Sandshrew in another hug, and both siblings started to cry as they embraced.

"Just ignore her," Nick sighed, picking up the vines trapping Raticate as he walked closer to the city. Before entering, however, he turned back. "I'm gonna go deal with this Raticate. Put him up for good in jail. See you guys at the festival?"

"Yay! Of course!" Terry's tail wagged and he ran into the town.

"S-Sire, wait for me!" Liz blinked, running behind the Tyrunt.

Now only Shiron and Magnus were left. The Marshtomp tugged his scarf and covered his mouth, gulping. Something sounded odd about staying alone with the chef.

"Thanks, Shiron." the Quilladin said, smiling. "I can't repay you enough. But I sure can try. If you need anything, let me know."

Kindness. Gosh, it still sounded so weird when someone showed that to him.

"I don't think you should thank me, I didn't do much. Everyone else did much more than me. All I did was like… punch that guy. Really hard."

"Sure you did more than that," Magnus and the baby chuckled. "Hey, that was your first dungeon, right? I've never been in one, can you tell me about it? I'd love to hear!"

"Hm? Yeah, it was. Very trippy, almost felt like I was drunk…"

"I'll tell you what," the Quilladin stepped closer. "There's a lot of stuff I need to do today, but I should be free. Do you wanna… I dunno, hang out? Or something like that."

"Hang out…?" Shiron pulled down the scarf, now showing his face. His smiling face. "Of course!"

"Great! Let's get back to the village, I'm sure dad is gonna Bewear-hug you, so be prepared for that."

A small chuckle came out of the Marshtomp's face as he entered the village alongside Magnus.

After things calmed down, if only for a bit, Shiron walked to the beach where he first appeared, both because it was the first step on this world and because the ocean made him happy.

I dunno if you can hear me, Xerneas, but, uh, thanks?

Even when talking to himself Shiron managed to make things so awkward. He grumbled and continued with his thoughts.

Thanks for the opportunity. I helped someone today, so maybe there is something good about me. Maybe.

Steps creeped close to him, while his gills twitched. "Heya, you guys."

Nick was the first to sit down, dipping his toes in the cold water. "That was a good mission. We couldn't have done it without you."

"...And somehow, I still doubt that," Liz remained up, arms crossed. "However, you did good, and for that, I applaud you, Marshtomp."

"We should do it more often," Terry sat as well, tail thumping behind him. "If you want us to, of course. Liz gave this idea. We should—"

"It was your idea, Sire."

"Whatever. We want to create a team with you guys," he said, grinning proudly. "Always heard about rescue teams, exploration teams, societies… point is: can we form one?"

"That's cool and all, and also exactly what I had in mind!" Nick laid on the sand, cracking a smile. "I wanna make a team with all four of us." he eyed Shiron, grin turning wider and tail starting to wag. "Shiron, you've been awfully quiet. What's your thoughts on this one?"

Yeah, he was quiet. Shiron closed his eyes, thinking. No, calling it thinking would be exaggerating, because the truth was that he had the answer already.

"...I'm in! Let's do it!"

Spiteful Murkrow

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Heya, dunno how wise it is of me to be throwing a review together like this at this hour. But eh. It was a priority of mine that I wanted to knock out as part of the ongoing review event off-server, especially after I didn't get a chance to throw a review as part of Review Blitz earlier this year.

So let's give a quick nibble at this story, since as a prequel to LoF, it might help out with some practical work I've got piling up for it. Starting off with…

Chapter 1

Drip. Drip. Drip. Water dropped dribbled into a large river, slowly but surely. Hardly moving, but the sound of droplets was constant and almost rhythmical, able to bring peace to calm anyone who heard it.

The water was also [blue in color, and very clean]. There was nothing inside the river, not any animal, nor any person, [making it a serene place.] The temperature was not too hot or too cold, [ ] anyone could dive into the river and swim with no issues. Of course, if they knew how to swim.

Okay, so I'm kinda going out on a limb here with some of these, but I'm tripping up a bit over some of these descriptions, and some feel very "tell and not show" in their current constructions.

Something about [blue in color, and very clean] feels kinda underwhelming in the phrasing. Like there would be ways of saying the same while getting a bit more vivid. Like as a throwaway example [a cerulean blue, and clear enough to see down to the rocks on its riverbed] basically says the same thing as the existing sentence (since clean rivers have great visibility), but it's a lot more "visual" than what's presently there.

Similarly for [making it a serene place], I feel that some sort of sensory component is missing there. It could be something as simple as taping on an addition like [making it a serene place to lay back with the quiet burbling of the water for company].

For the third set of brackets, unless if you're specifically doing second-person narration for this story, I'd drop in something like [the sort of place where], since it feels like it emphasizes that this would be the sort of place where one could enjoy that sort of activity, but no one's there to do it at the moment.

“U-Urgh…” He said, trying to move his body. The figure looked at himself and gasped in shock. His state body was nearly transparent to the point he could see through himself. “W-What’s going on?!”


There might be a less repetitive thing to use than 'body' there, but I don't think 'state' is quite right. Though I see we're headed for some sort of quiz-style opening. I think. That's usually where these sorts of "human and disembodied voice" interactions go in PMD stories.

A booming and regal voice reverberated throughout the river, shaking it to its core. The human turned around, confused and scared, trying to find out where the voice was coming from. His body was shaking as well, but it was frozen in place.

“Be not afraid, human. I am here to help you.”

... Wait a minute, how does that work if this guy was able to turn around earlier in the same paragraph. Is the idea that he can turn his head, but his feet/legs are stuck to the ground? Since that... feels like it could be described a bit better if so.

Somehow, [ ] his shaking subsided. Still wary of the voice, he tried getting answers. “T-That’s kinda hard to believe when I’m in this… whatever this place is!”

I understand that you have questions. I will try my best to answer them,” the voice said, and the water bubbled up again, gathering in a single spot where the voice came from.

For the bracketed section, I'd personally suggest emphasizing that the human calmed down, since it feels like the human's shaking subsiding is lacking context. Something like [he felt himself calm at the presence and] might be enough to do it.

... Though I don't think the human was ever described noticing water bubbling. Since he was described looking around for where the voice was coming from earlier, but I didn't see a point where he noticed a definitive location. You probably want to either make it so that way he notices the location now (i.e. the site with the bubbling water), or else have the human explicitly zero in on a place in the river with bubbling water in one of the earlier paragraphs such that he can see it happen 'again' here.

[In a bright flash of light, a figure stood.] A quadrupedal stag-like creature with black and blue fur alongside a short, bushy tail. [The antlers were colored gold, with a few spots having several colors of the rainbow.] The creature looked at the human and smiled. He, on the other hand, was left shaking once again, and slowly tried backing away from the creature.

“My name is Xerneas.”

Wait, is this like GtI where the Voice of Life summons you to the world, but in this case the Voice of Life and Xerneas are explicitly synonymous?

As for the bracketed bits... for the first one, was that light always there? Since if it just came, you probably want to explicitly note it like [A bright flash of light rang out, and as it cleared, the human could see a figure standing in its place]. If the light has always been there, you want it acknowledged somewhere in your earlier description.

As for the bit re: antlers: Something about it feels like it could be phrased more smoothly and descriptively. Perhaps something like [ The deer sported a pair of large, golden antlers that branched off much like limbs on a tree, with a few spots on it sporting various colors of the rainbow ] or something like it would do the trick?

“X-Xerneas?!” The human asked, panting. “B-But you’re a legend, you… you…”

A legend from tales as old as time,” she replied, giggling. “...You are from the Hoenn region, correct? I’ve seen it.

Oh, so Xern is a 'she' in this world, and it exists in parallel to a mainline one. Will file both those notes away for later.

“Y-Yeah? How do you know?”

Legend, of course. Now, I have a question myself. What is your name, human?

“I’m… my name is Shiron.” He answered, taking a deep breath. Things were getting calmer now, he felt.

And we've got a name! I kinda wonder if it'd have made a bit more sense to add a bit more description of either things going on during this convo or Shiron's internal thought process. Since as it stands, things are kinda 'talking heads' in this sequence at the moment.

“That is a beautiful name.” She looked around the river. “This place… how do I put it? It is a construct from your mind. It represents yourself… in your final moments.”

“My fin—” Shiron stopped, shutting himself up as the realization dawned upon him. “I’m… I’m dead.”

“Unfortunately, yes. Do you remember how you died?”


Well that got dark fast.

[ ]

“I-I do. Of course… of course I’m dead,” Shiron looked down, but he saw nothing other than the depths of the river, which appeared to extend endlessly. “I deserved this, didn’t I?”

“No,” Xerneas shook her head. “You did not. And that is why I’m here. I’ve sensed greatness in you, Shiron. Tell me: what is your dream?”

Shiron was taken back by the sudden question. Why was someone as high and mighty as Xerneas asking him about his dream? It was only natural for him to be scared, to tremble at the sight. And what was that about sensing greatness?

I... kinda wonder if it ought to have been hinted at all as to the manner in which Shiron died, and why he thinks he would've deserved it. Like I get playing coy for the sense of mystery, but giving a little nugget to pique the audience's curiosity feels like it might have leaned into it more, as well as have grounded Shiron's answer better. Also, it'd have put in some much-needed description to weave in in between all this dialogue.

“Please, answer my question, human.”

“My… my dream?” He wondered, thinking what to answer. What was his dream? And why did it matter anyway? He was dead. Shiron looked at himself, his crystal clear body. On his arms, he noticed something; there was a tint of red in them. He frowned.

“Do you not have an answer, Shiron?”

You have a scene separator / line break right in front of this line on your TR version. Not sure what the story behind that is, since the content on both sides of it seemed to be a contiguous scene. Was there a flashback sequence that was supposed to be there that accidentally got left behind or something?

“N-No. I mean, yes. My dream was…” He gulped. “I wanted to help others. Everyone… w-well, I wanted to make others happy. To save people.”

Well, that's certainly a heroic dream there. So the title of the story refers to at least Shiron, then.

“And your dream was interrupted by your death. If I may ask, why did you deci—”

Shiron shook his head in denial. [ ]

“Please… I don’t wanna talk about it. I don’t even know why you brought me here. Just… what do you want?”

“I want to give you another chance,” she nodded. “Shiron, I think you deserve happiness like everyone else.”

IMO, it might make sense to split off Shiron's head shake and expand it into a proper paragraph that does something like show off his internal thought process, since... yeah. This is a lot of pretty close-to-pure dialogue in this sequence so far.
[*][12:43 AM]

“A second… chance?” He asked, unsure. He took another look at himself, shaking his arms. “I don’t know if I deserve it… I’ve brought nothing but pain to everyone I’ve met. Why do you think I deserve another chance?”

That... feels like it should've been hinted at a lot more in description / internal thought process prior to this point, since this feels like something that's told, but we don't have a firm idea as to where it's coming from. Not even some hazy recollections that Shiron has of making others miserable that he alludes to.

“Your heart,” Xerneas raised her head. “You have a big heart, and it’s full of love. You just need to treat yourself with kindness. The same way you treat so many others…”

Shiron trembled. Even being while incorporeal, he felt the tears building up beneath his eyes. They wanted to come out so badly…

“What I’m about to offer you is something reserved only to those who deserve it,” Xerneas looked up and smiled. “Shiron, I can bring you to another world, a world of Pokémon. You will become one as well. Never to return to the human world, do you understand?”

Well that's certainly different from canonworld. Though I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea. It feels like a good way to add gravity to the idea of summoning a human to a PMD world, and Spike Chunsoft has always been a bit weaselly about returning humans to where they came from anyways.

“I’ll never get to go back home…?” Shiron asked. He would never see anyone there ever again. And becoming a Pokémon? That… sounded nice. If he really deserved this chance, then…

Wait, just how much did Shiron's life suck that he finds the idea of never going back home to be appealing with no caveats at all? Like it's something that stood out to me, but I think it'd have been more impactful with little hints here and there in description and internal dialogue leading up to this.

“I’ll take it.” Shiron then gasped. “Wait, what about my memories?!”

“Your memories?” Xerneas tilted her head. “I was planning on erasing them. Would you like to keep them?”

Well, sure is a good thing Xerneas stopped to ask.

“Yes, I would. As much as I don’t have I don't have a lot of thembut I have good memories of my home, I wanna keep ‘em.”

That... doesn't quite jibe with how we saw Shiron's reactions from earlier. I'm not sure what the story behind what Shiron's regrets versus his fonder memories is, since that's not really communicated or hinted at much.

I think the intent was along the lines of the suggested edit, but I can't really tell, and yeah. More description earlier would've helped a lot for grounding this bit.

“That is an unusual request, I must say. But, understood. It is time, Shiron, to cast aside your human shell and begin your new life.” Her antlers began to glow in a rainbow fashion, charging a multicolored beam of light.

Now that this was actually happening, Shiron felt his heart skip a beat. This was something else. He never even heard of it before, becoming a Pokémon? Weird, but he could accept that. Yeah, no problems with that part. Or with the whole “abandoning his family” part. He had his reasons for wanting this.

... I mean, isn't the alternative just accepting death and moving on? Is it really 'abandoning your family' if you're just never going to be able to see them again?

“Maybe someday we will meet again, Shiron, but until then… good luck!” The beam was launched towards the human, sending him into the depths of the river.

Ah yes, yeet the human. Just what you need when you've apparently died and are getting reincarnated.

Next thing he knew, Shiron was getting propelled at an incredible speed. His body was practically rolling, and he could hardly see what was going on.

Why’s… everything… spinning?! He protested, coughing up water and moving his head back and forth, just waiting for that experience to be over. Xerneaaas! Why did you do this?!

Xerneas: "Just part of the rebirth process, don't sweat it too much." ^^;

He was getting deeper into the river, but something was odd. The more he looked, Shiron noticed that there were more things in it. Like algae, rocks, and even a few water-type Pokémon, like Feebas and Alomomola. What was going on?

Shiron: "Is... this even the same river that I got chucked into? Since I could've sworn there was nothing in that one." ._.;

And while he was still speeding up, that was no longer the weirdest part about this whole thing. Sure, he heard what Xerneas said, but now that Shiron managed to look at himself, he no longer saw the human, but instead, he had… the body of a Marshtomp. The bright-blue color gave it away, as did the gills he now had, and the weird, double tail… thing.

Could've been worse. Xerneas could've started you out as a Mudkip. :V

His surprised look gave way to a confused one. Okay, hold up! I’m in the body of a starter? Okay, that’s… uh, it would be cool. Not that I mind, Mudkips are cute, and Swampert is really tough, but Marshtomp? That kinda seems like a downgrade to me…

Wew. 30 seconds into his new life, and Shiron's already finding things to complain about it. o<o

Shiron closed his eyes and let his body continue on its path. To his surprise, he seemed to stop. Shiron He then opened his eyes and gasped, they were even sparkling from the shock.

What he saw was a vast underwater ecosystem, like the ones in his hometown. But this one was different in the way he could see everything. It wasn’t as murky as the ocean he was used to, and Shiron found that lovely.

Lilycove doesn’t seem so good now… heh. Bet I can even swim now that I’m a water-type!

Oh, so Shiron was from Lilycove, huh? Nice little bit of backstory there.

To test his theory, Shiron tried swimming like a puppy, [but he discovered it was difficult. He wasn’t even leaving the place!] And what was worse, he was struggling to breathe. Shiron took some time to notice it, but he suddenly felt short of air and really needed to breathe.

I feel that the "discovered that swimming was difficult" bit probably would've worked better to more explicitly describe Shiron flailing and not really going anywhere for a sentence or two to better sell the idea. Since something about the current framing feels like it doesn't sell his "... Uh oh.
" feeling that he'd logically have right about now super clearly.

Shiron: "W-Wait a minute, but don't I have gills? I thought those were supposed to work underwater." ._.;

Okay, new plan: get outta here! Having decided, he tried swimming upwards, towards the light, and he was getting there. Slowly, but surely. His lungs, on the other hand, were not so cool with this idea; keeping pace, and they were getting stuffed slowly filling with water, and Shiron tried holding his breath. O-Oh no… oh… n..o…

Shiron: "B-But I have gills! Th-The text even explicitly said so!" O.O;

He coughed up water and began falling down again, as his vision became blurry. Shiron struggled to keep himself awake and with open eyes, but he managed to hold on long enough that he saw someone else jumping down into the water. A strange figure, with blue fur and a canine appearance, but on two legs.

H-Huh? Oh… what’s… that…? His vision was unclear, but the Pokémon in front of him also had a few patches of black fur, and two dreadlocks coming out of both sides of the stranger’s head.

R-Rio...lu? Shiron thought, right before he closed his eyes and passed out.

... Wait, I can't tell if Shiron is supposed to have made it to shore there, or if that's supposed to be this Riolu having jumped out into open water from like a pier or a boat. Since if Shiron's near land or some sort of structure, you'd think that he'd notice it a bit during this sequence as he climbs towards the surface.

“Hold on, I got this!”

The Riolu rose to the surface, taking a pause to catch his breath. He soon pushed the Marshtomp, not without struggle. The water-type was heavier than he looked. But soon enough, the duo had gotten out of the river and fallen on the sandy ground.

Oh, so Shiron was near shore. That probably is something you want to reflect at least in passing in that earlier sequence.

Though I see you're leaning into Riolu's Fighting typing and more "pintsized powerhouse" takes there, since I did a double-take at Riolu pulling a Marshtomp out to shore since I'm pretty sure Marshtomp is noticeably bigger than it.

“Phew… that was hard,” Riolu said, panting as he laid down, looking to his side and staring directly at the Marshtomp. “...Are you okay? Can you breathe? It’s kinda weird seeing a ‘tomp here, and drowning!”

Oh, species nickname, huh? I mean, it makes sense, though for whatever reason, I don't recall seeing those in the parts of LoF I'd gotten through.

[ ]

“Nick! Where are you?!” A voice asked, making the canine look back at the other side of the beach, seeing a Quilladin running towards him.

“Hey Magnus! You won’t believe what I found here!” Nick waved, still exhausted from the rescue, but with enough energy to crack a smile.

Once the Quilladin was close enough, Nick noticed him wearing a white apron around his chest, and his nose sniffed the distinct aroma of sugar.

I think that you might want to consider describing Shiron's reaction to this from whoever's perspective is relevant. I assume from Nick's since he was the character that opened things, but it just feels weird that Nick's dragged Shiron from a river, basically told him "boy, that's a close one", and Shiron has no explicitly mentioned reaction of any sort. Like if nothing else, you'd expect him to stare up confusedly and pant or something like that.

“N-Nick?” Magnus stopped, panting. “W-What’re you doing he—”

Another look made him notice the unconscious water-type standing next to Nick. Magnus gasped in shock, before standing back.

“W-Wait! Nick, who’s that?”

... I didn't pick up on that. In that case, scratch the bit about Shiron's reaction. Instead you probably want to emphasize his lack of a reaction, how he's still passed out, and how Nick would probably be getting worried from it.

Nick grinned. “Some guy I just saved! He was, uh… drowning.”

“A water-type? Drowning ? He’s evolved! Unless you caught a feral!”

Magnus: "Seriously, Nick. How does a Marshtomp drown? He has gills!"

Nick: "Hey man, I just know what I came across. I don't have an explanation for it."

“...I’m not like that Treecko you heard about,” he rolled his eyes. “Oh, but this guy’s still unconscious.”

[ ]

“Maybe for good reason? How would he drown?” Magnus gulped, managing to take another look at the Marshtomp.

“Beats me. I just knew I had to help, y’know? Right thing to do.”

IMO, you might want to drop in some explicit description moving Magnus and Nick closer to Shiron there. And maybe describing Magnus squirming nervously a bit more explicitly since he very obviously does not trust Shiron from his dialogue, and it would presumably reflect in his mannerisms.

Meanwhile, Shiron remained in the same state. He moved a little in his inert state. His face quickly turned red, and Shiron moved like he was gasping for air. [Nick took notice of this and looked at his friend.]

“Dude, I think we need to wake him up!”

“What?” Magnus flinched at the sentence, his heart skipping a beat. It was undeniable that this Marshtomp needed help, but what if he was only faking it? “What if he tries to attack us? What do we do, then?”

Something about the last sentence feels a little underwhelming. Like something as simple as [Nick grimaced, before shooting a worried look over at his friend.] IMO would already go a long ways to make things feel a bit less dry.

“...Just trust me on this one! I sensed his aura! We’ll be fine!”

“B-But… your senses suck… no offense.”

“None taken.”

Oh, so Nick is like the polar opposite of Lance then, huh? Since I never recalled Lance having this issue. :V

I wonder if it'd have been funnier to work in some sort of Noodle Incident mention in passing between Lance and Magnus though. Basically to emphasize how much Nick's aura senses suck for comedic effect. Like if he had a recent, particularly embarrassing fail with them that Magnus remembers.

The Quilladin stared at Shiron again, trembling a bit. However, the sight of that Marshtomp, helpless and suffocating, was enough for him to reconsider what to do.

Magnus ran towards the water-type, using both of his arms to push down on Shiron’s chest. He pumped as hard as he could, but tried not to use too much strength. All he needed was to wake him. That was all. After that, he opened Shiron’s mouth and began blowing on it, slow and easy. This was harder than the books said, he noticed.

I mean, in reality, that's kinda a secondary priority given that ribs break on a regular basis from CPR, but uh.... yeah, given how your Pokémon tend to err on the strong side relative to their size, it probably makes sense for Magnus to be careful there. ^^;

C’mon, dude! Don’t leave me! Arceus, I hope Nick’s doing did the right thing by rescuing this guy…

He saw Shiron’s chest rise and smiled, still blowing air as much as possible.

I think you want 'Nick did' there, since Nick pulled Shiron from the water but has otherwise stepped aside to let Magnus do his thing for trying to resuscitate him.

Shiron snapped his eyes open, coughing up water and instinctively sitting down. His hearing buzzed, and his other senses were on overload, trying to focus on too many things at once.

What was going on? Where was he? And what just happened? More questions popped up as he got used to the new sensations dawning on him. Starting with the gills that twitched, picking up the cold air around him, and a faint smell of rain.

This… this is… Shiron looked down at himself, now confirming that his body had indeed changed, just like Xerneas had mentioned earlier. He was no longer a human, and the world he once knew, the people he used to know… they were gone. All gone.

He stood up, trembling as he balanced himself, opening and closing his fists. ...This is… great !

Shiron: "I mean, I only almost drowned like a minute ago! But minor details!" ^^;

A smile spread on Shiron’s face, and he touched his cheeks. The scaly feeling was comforting and he giggled loudly, enamored by how good it was. Despite the reality of him never being able to return dawning upon him, Shiron was ecstatic! Well, sure, he had to be careful not to get caught now, but everything should be fine, right [ ]

Unbeknownst to him, Shiron was being watched by his two rescuers. The duo was eyeing him like he was some sort of clown, and while [Nick was finding what the Marshtomp was doing to be funny, Magnus was intrigued.]

Something got cut off where the first set of brackets are. I can't tell if that's supposed to just be a question mark, or if there was another bit of the sentence that got oopsed from existence.

I kinda wonder if you ought to have communicated the bit in the second brackets more from their facial expressions or mannerisms or the like. Since it feels a bit "tell not show" at the moment. Also, I had wondered where Nick and Magnus had suddenly vanished off to... but right, for all they knew, Shiron was a feral. It made perfect sense for them to want to give him a berth while he was stirring.

Finally, the Riolu cleared his throat. “Hey. You’re finally awake!”

The voice brought Shiron out of his trance and he saw a Riolu and a Quilladin, both staring right at him. Did they see his little show? Oh no. The mere thought made heat rise up on his face.

“Are you listening to me? Can you talk?” Nick asked, snapping his fingers to get Shiron’s attention again. “Are you in there? C’mon, we’re trying to help you!”

Wait, are those two still watching him from a distance, or are they drawing near since Shiron's now very obviously not a feral? It's a little hard to tell there from the description.

“Wha?” Shiron turned around and stared at them, blinking repeatedly. “Did you… talk?”

“What do you mean?” Nick crossed his arms, huffing. “Of course I talked! You’re the one I didn’t expect to talk! Or to drown, for that matter…”

A talking Pokémon? Shiron stepped back, trying to process what he heard. Was this the world Xerneas sent him to? A world of talking Pokémon? At least they didn’t seem aggressive, but still...

Shiron: "... I mean, okay, I guess it'd have gotten really weird really fast if I was just surrounded by other Pokémon I couldn't communicate with, but still. It's still a little jarring to process this in intelligible thoughts." ^^;

“U-Uh… hi!” The Quilladin forced a smile. “I-I’m Magnus, and this is my friend… Nick!”

“I found you in the river, you were drowning… so I took you out!” Nick explained, sighing in relief and rubbing sweat off his forehead. “...Although it’s weird for a water-type to drown, we thought you were a feral! Anyway, I guess the important question is: are you alright?”

[ ]

Oh shit, the former human gulped. What to do?! These were the first Pokémon he met in this world, and if he angered them, surely things would get bad for him. What if I tell them I’m a human…? Maybe this’ll help!


Not like there aren't other worlds where you really, really do not want to be open about being a 'humon'.

Though I wonder if it'd have made sense to explicitly show the gears turn in Shiron's head where that
-ness of how "this first impression could be the difference between making friends and being left for the wolves" sinks in, since things feel a little 0-60 right now for Shiron's quiet little freakout.

Shiron’s thoughts were interrupted by the Riolu poking his shoulders.

“So?” Nick tilted his head as he waited for an answer.

...No, it won’t work. Think, Shiron, think! He struggled and scratched his chin, forcing himself to try harder to come up with something to tell the two. “I-I… I don’t know.”

You have another weird line break right above this line in the TR version again. Not sure what that story is, since once again, it seems like this is part of a contiguous scene with no perspective changes.

No reply. Nick seemed to look at him deeper (if that was even possible) and squinted. Shiron noticed a faint orange glow on Nick’s otherwise red eyes.

“You’re… you’re lying. I know it.”

“You know your aura sense sucks,” Magnus pointed out. “Can we really depend on it?”

Oh, so that's what aura vision looks like, huh?

Shiron: "Look, I literally almost drowned in a river just a couple minutes ago! I'm allowed to be unsure if I'm doing alright, okay?" >_>;

“Hey, it’s not my fault that other Riolu develop it early!” Nick touched his chest fluff, trying to defend himself.

Shiron frowned. And he thought Riolu were masters of aura… whatever that meant. But they were right; he was lying. “Y-Y’all got me! Alright, I lied. It’s just… the truth is a lil harder to accept, I think.”

Magnus snorted. “You think ?

Shiron: "... I mean, could you try defining 'alright'? I mean, I'm alive, but that's kinda a really low bar to cross for 'alright'."

“Well, it’s not like we have better things to do…” Nick shrugged.

“Actually, I gotta help dad with the store,” the grass-type replied.


Can't tell if Magnus' dad is going to be understanding or crabby about his explanation for not being at the shop. I do wonder if it feels like there's missing body language somewhere in this sequence, but I can't put my finger on where it would work the best.

“I-I…” Shiron stopped. Telling straight away didn’t feel like the right idea. Then he remembered something Xerneas said and an idea appeared. “I lost my memory. I… I think I can only recall my name.”

Shiron: "... (I sure hope that that Riolu's aura sense is as terrible as his buddy was making it sound, since now I really am lying.)"

Nick raised a brow, locking eyes with Magnus before returning to face Shiron. “And that would be…?”

“Do tell!” Magnus added, his eyes sparkling with curiosity.


Nick: "Oh, so like the Wanderer-"
Magnus: "No, no, that's Shiren, Nick. He very clearly said Shiron there."
Nick: "Still, that's quite a resemblance name-wise."

The canine chuckled, shaking his head. “Next thing you’re gonna say you’re a human, right? Because that seems to be what most amnesiac ‘mons say around here.”

“He’s right!” Magnus nodded.

- Beat moment -
Shiron: "(Wait, just how common are humans like me out here?)" .-.

His jaw nearly dropped. These two knew about it the whole time and never bothered to tell Shiron about it?! Well, he did lie to their faces… but that didn’t make it right!

“How did you— “

“Joking, dude!” Nick snorted and laughed loudly. “Amnesia is common here, but humans are just a myth! Well… that’s what my grandpa told me.”

Shiron: "Wait, but you live in a Pokémon setting. Shouldn't you not be reflexively skeptical about myths given that almost all of them tend to turn out to have some kernel of truth to them?"

Nick: "I mean, every 'human' I've run into so far has turned out just to be a normal 'mon full of it, so... yeah, I'll take the under on us ever coming across a real one."

[ ]

“Your… grandpa,” Shiron whispered. Was that too much information?

“Oh, that makes things easier,” Magnus sighed. “I guess we can go to the village now, this situation’s settled.”

The Marshtomp gasped. [ ]

Settled, what’s that supposed to mean?"

“C’mon dude!” Nick said, offering a paw. “I can’t say I fully trust you yet, but… do you have anywhere to go? No memories, no ability to swim… if we leave you here, some feral might come and eat you.”

Would recommend either adding new or expanded description here to better sell body language and internal thought process.

Shiron: "That... sounds like a really good reason to go to the village, actually."

Shiron weighed his options. He was stuck, for lack of a better word, in this weird place. They were willing to help him, but if he refused, what would he do? He didn’t know anything, and if they could help…

“O-Okay. Take me to your village!” Shiron replied. Yes! That was the start of his new life! Xerneas gave him a chance, and he was sure as hell not wasting it.

Surprised that Shiron isn't reacting a bit more to the idea of getting eaten by other Pokémon, since if nothing else, one would expect that to unnerve him a bit. Also, considering that Shiron almost drowned less than 5 minutes ago, it might also make sense to have that factor into his decision-making, since if you managed to almost drown as a Water-type, it's probably a sign that you're not going to last long on your own in an unsafe environment.

“Alrighty! I’m sure we can find somewhere for you to stay!” Nick said, turning around as he ran to the exit of the shore.

Magnus followed him, albeit slowly, his body not used to doing jogs. Shiron, on the other hand, waited for them to get a little farther before doing anything. At first, he just walked, looking at his hands. He didn’t notice it before, but there were cut marks, similar to a knife’s, around both of his arms.

...A new chance, huh? Do I really deserve it? I… I don’t know. But maybe I’ll find out. Maybe… maybe I do deserve… deserve to live.

I know that this guy got brought here by Xerneas, who isn't usually a malevolent figure, but something about those markings feels strangely ominous.

Alright, time for the postmortem of this thing, since as you can gather, I had a lot to say:

I think that the chapter on the whole was pretty charming, and it did an alright job of introducing Shiron, Nick, and Magnus to the readers. There's some subtle differences in how the story's framed from most normal PMD ones, but I'd frankly count that as a net positive. Like the whole premise of "reincarnation isekai" is something that for whatever reason, I don't think I've seen done that much in PMD since the only offhand other story that's done that that I've read is Guiding Light, and the way it was handled seemed like a neat take.

As for things that I didn't like so much... the biggie is the description. Or more accurately, the lack of it. Like there's just a lot of places throughout this story where it feels like an extra paragraph here or there would've helped better visualize how things were playing out, or else that there was something that was being referred to that came out of left field since it wasn't hinted at enough by the rest of the prose. More description would've helped a lot on that front. There were also some bits and pieces for word choices and phrasing that felt a little clunky. I'm... not fully sure what I'd recommend there, but you might find it worth reading stuff aloud or via TTS if you're confident in your spoken English, since a lot of those bits I think would've been smoothed out pretty quickly from hearing it spoken by a voice.

The review was a bit more critical than I was expecting @It's Now Or Navar , but on the whole, I thought it was a cute piece. It has some rough edges, but I'm pretty confident you could sand them down without too much effort since most of the gripes I had were things that could be dealt with by additive fixes.

Good luck with writing @Navar , and hope the review helped.
Chapter 6 - Driving Forward


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Chapter 6 - Driving Forward

Let go, forget your worries.

Pack up, time to go, now let's hurry.

You know they're waiting,

And there's no time for fooling around.

Terrence got out of that dusty, old house to sneeze. His nostrils were itching, and the more he tried to hold it in, the more he felt the need to let it out. So he did, and began panting, catching his breath.

I know we said we'd join their team, but that Riolu should've picked a better base. How's it even standing?

He looked back, the house somehow managed to not break apart. And the dust? It made his nostrils weird. But alas, Liz did need his help, not that she'd say it out loud.

The one that did was Nick.

"Hey, Terry! C'mon, we need to clean this place up!"

"I'm coming!" Terry said, sighing as he ran inside.

There, he found an amusing sight: Liz was using her flowers to sweep dust into a large bag, holding it together with Nick, who was having troubles with his nose as well.

"Uh, Nick? What do you want me to do?"

"Good question! I want you to—achoo!" he was forced back, dropping the bag, and its contents, right on the Roselia.

Needless to say, she wasn't happy about it, growling. "How dare you?! Remove this dirt off me this instant!"

Nick smiled sheepishly, stepping back, hands folded in a praying position. "O-Oops! My bad!"

"My bad, you say? Yes, it is your bad!" she shouted, ready to pounce at him, when Terry got her attention, touching her flowers.

"It's not productive to fight over a trivial thing. We can clean that pretty quick, and then the rest of the house."

Oh thank Arceus, this guy can deal with her! Nick sighed in relief, but kept the sheepish look. "Yeah, there's also some boxes in my house that I wanna bring here. Stuff like tables, chairs, and I think there's a fridge in there?"

"Don't you need a power source for that?" Terry asked, tilting his head.

"Not to mention its weight, and you are a mere Riolu. I suggest asking the Marshtomp for assistance. And speaking of, where is he?"

Nick shrugged. "Shiron said he was taking Magnus' offer to hang out as thanks for saving his brother. I dunno where they are now, but he also said he was joining us soon. Ish."

That prompted an eye roll from the grass-type. "Why, of course! Our musclemon is busy on a lovely stroll around this dumpster!"

…I'm bad with sarcasm and even I could notice that, Terry thought.

"It's not my problem. Besides, the guy's new around here, he needs friends."

"I beg to differ," Liz replied. "My sire and I are also foreigners, and we do not have any friends."

Terry sighed. "But I kinda want one."

"...I do not have friends." she stated.

"I'm sure someone would love to," the Riolu pointed out, looking around and pointing at a few places in the room. "Alright, I'll grab the boxes, or those my feeble Riolu body can grab, and you guys clean this place up, got it?"

Before Liz could interject, Terry nodded in agreement for the two of them.

Back at the bakery, Shiron sat on a chair next to the door and patiently waited for Magnus to bring his drink: a cup of hot chocolate.

Aw, that's so sweet… he must be thirsty. Going inside a dungeon and fighting did a number on him.

And judging from the drool on the Marshtomp's mouth, Magnus knew he had to do his best in making the beverage. Which he did, pouring the finest cocoa powder into a mug, along with milk. The two mixed together and after that was done, Magnus added whipped cream, along with some sprinkles, for the aesthetics.

"That smells so good!" Shiron said, sniffing the air and licking his lips.

"It tastes even better, and since we're the only ones here, I can actually talk to you!" the Quilladin replied, walking to the table Shiron was on and sitting on the other side, putting down the mug. "Here you go, hope you enjoy it."

"You're the best," he nodded, taking a rather large sip from the drink. Unlike the last time he tried some of Magnus' sweets, he made an effort to not overreact.

Even if it tasted heavenly. In fact, the only reason Shiron didn't down it in one go was due to how hot it was, forcing him to put it back on the table and catch his breath.

"Phew… man, that was great! You gotta teach me how to make something like this!"

Magnus snickered. "Sure thing! Oh, and by the way, there's some chocolate on your face."

"Really, where?"

The Quilladin picked a napkin on the table and leaned closer, rubbing it just above Shiron's mouth. "There."

"Huh, guess you were right. Thanks again!" Shiron beamed, sipping again. "Hm, yummy! But, uh, can I be honest?"

But on the inside, he was screaming. Please say no, please say no. If I'm honest I might hurt his feelings!


Drat, Shiron sighed. "I kinda… like when it's sweeter. I apparently have a sweet tooth."

Magnus blinked, then let out a chuckle. "Ah, that was it? No problem! Just let me know next time, so I can make you a proper drink."

This time it was Shiron that blinked, and nearly spit out the chocolate, barely managing to stop himself and chugging the drink down. "W-What? But… I kinda insulted your work?"

"Except you didn't?" Magnus crossed his arms. "Everyone has their preference. Besides, even if you did, it's fine. I've dealt with a lot of criticism before."

Hearing that, Shiron sighed in relief. So he didn't blow it, good to hear. Still weird, I didn't ruin this. Weiiird.

"Oh, by the way, Shiron, what do you plan on doing here? I know you joined Nick's team, but like… do you want anything else from your new home?"

What kind of question is that? Shiron wondered. Better to keep the amnesia lie for a little longer. "Well, I might try getting my memories back, if that's possible?"

"Oh, cool," Magnus smiled. "I asked because you seem like a nice guy to be friends with, and I thought you wanted to leave this town, so…"

Nice guy to be friends… with.

Shiron repeated that sentence in his head over and over, again and again. Maybe he misheard it. "Well, I —"

Someone knocked on the door. Strange, since Magnus had closed the shop so they could hang out freely.

On the other side of the door stood a large Golem. His imposing presence told them he wasn't there for games, or to order anything. He just stood there… menacingly.

"Sir?" Magnus opened the door. "I'm sorry, but we're… closed."

"I ain't here for sweets," the Golem said, immediately entering, not bothering to talk with Magnus any longer. He stopped in front of Shiron and peeked at him, eyeing the Marshtomp. "Hm, hm…"

"What's with the peeking?" Shiron blushed, stepping back.

"Uh, sir, I said we're closed."

Once again, he ignored Magnus, gaze still on Shiron. "Interesting. When I heard we got another amnesiac, I got curious and wanted to see them. You're not impressive."

"Thanks? Actually, I shouldn't take this as a compliment. What?"

"And I got ignored," Magnus sighed, walking next to Shiron. Then, he stared at the Golem. "What do you want, Daichi?"

"I never said you could call me by my name," Daichi replied, rolling his eyes. "Eh, whatever. Shiron, was it? I'm curious. How did you get here…? I'm assuming an encounter with the holier-than-thou Xe—"

"I just kiiiiiiinda woke up on the shore, don't remember anything else!" Shiron proclaimed frantically, ready to salvage that lie with a technical truth. The less Magnus knew about it, the better.

Of course, that didn't go unnoticed by the other two, except Magnus ignored it. Daichi, on the other hand, flashed a smirk. "Reeeeally?"

Magnus pouted, opening the door again. "If you're here to harass a client, feel free to leave."

"Not harassing, just givin' out a friendly warning, that okay?"

No matter the response, Daichi didn't care. He eyed Shiron once more. The smirk was still there, but now that he was closer, Shiron flinched: that Golem was angry.

"W-What's the warning?"

"I've heard some rumors about you and that Riolu wantin' to deal with crime on this town. Now…" Daichi cracked his knuckles, laughing. "There isn't space here for both of us, so I suggest you make like a tree and leave."

Magnus trembled, closing his eyes and creating a vine around his arms, using it to slap Daichi. "That's… h-harassment. Out of here now!"

Daichi turned back, raising a brow, and then laughed. "Aight, aight. I did what I came here to do. See ya later, losers."

He walked out the door, but not before turning back to give them a final look. "And Shiron, do what I say and you won't get hurt!"

Nick left his house, holding two large boxes, one stacked on top of the other, which forced him to use both arms to carry the things.

He began climbing down the hill, only taking a few peeks to make sure he wouldn't fall down and drop the boxes. Granted, it was very much possible, and the thought made Nick sweat.

Okay! I can do this! Nick thought, gulping. In hindsight, I should've asked for their help before doing this. Duly noted.

As he continued, Nick stopped to both catch his breath and see the village. Despite the kidnapping earlier, they were still celebrating, shooting fireworks and dancing.

…Who's idea was it to start unboxing now instead of enjoying the party? Mine?

Nick groaned. It was mine. Damn it, me!

With his head full of thoughts, Nick failed to hear the buzzing sound of wings creeping ever closer. Not until the clicking of blades got so near he threw the boxes in the air to dodge an attack, rolling on the ground then catching the packages, gently putting them down to look at his assailant.


In front of him stood a Beedrill, his red eyes, hidden inside brown goggles, glowed in the dark. His wings thrummed, but he said no word, not even a whisper.

"Jackett, what's wrong with you? You could've killed me!"

"Boss' orders," he finally said, pointing at Nick with his stingers. "Though he did say not to kill you, I took the liberty of testing your skills. Not bad… for a defective Riolu."

Those last words made his heart throb, Nick's fur soon stood on its end. "I'm not defective! You take that back!"

"Prove it, then." Jackett teased, a slight smirk could be seen in his face, illuminated by the moon's light.

"I don't need to prove myself to you!" Nick shouted, now sporting sharp fangs.

Jackett laughed, shaking his head dismissively. "Then it's settled. You are defective. And you really think you can set up a team here? We don't have resources for two teams."

"...I'm sure we can find some common ground," Nick held in a large breath, clenching his fists to calm down. "Please, it's my dream!"

"Tsc, tsc, tsc." Jackett said, and he was gone.

Next he knew, the Beedrill stood right behind Nick, stingers just barely touching the Riolu. "Sometimes… dreams don't come true. You know that well enough, defective."

More poisonous words. Nick trembled, trying to muster the strength to fight back, whether physically or verbally. But it was no use, because once he turned around, Jackett was gone again.

"What… what was that for?" Nick panted, his body still shaking from the encounter.

And maybe he was defective. Broken. Wrong. Nick grunted, biting his lower lip, the pain distracting him from the intrusive thoughts.

"I-I… no. I'm not giving up! If there's only room for one team in this town, then I'll do it."

Much to her chagrin, Liz kept brooming the dust away from the house and into a trash bag. Unlike her, Terry was beaming at the job, using his tail to broom, all with a big grin. He closed the door to their office and walked next to Liz.

"Sire, how can you take this so lightly?" she asked, dumbstruck by the prospect of someone as high and mighty as a prince doing such a lowly job.

"I dunno, but it's fun! We're helping our—uh, my friends?"

"Helping, helping," Liz groaned, there was something she could do to make this situation better. "You know, there is no need for you to clean this place. I can do it for you."

"But I wanna do manual labor," he protested with a pout and a slap of his tail. "Besides, it builds character! I… think?"

A whistle got their attention. Terry looked at the other side of the area, watching as a Charmeleon wearing a belt buckle and a green scarf grinning at them.

"Ah, yes, of course, visitors. Please go away, we are not open for business yet." Liz said, her voice dripping with venom.

"Fella, I'm not here for that," Charmeleon said in a feminine voice, then shrugged. "Being honest I'm not in the mood to check out you bozos, but orders are orders."

"What is a 'bozo'?" Terry tilted his head.

"Nothing you should worry about, sire." Liz stepped in, standing in front of her lord and adopting a fighting stance. "I do not wish to fight, but I will if I must."

"Girl, I can literally burn you alive." Charmeleon scoffed, smoke coming out of her nostrils. Despite the threat, she hardly moved, only glaring at them with a lazy look. "Buuuut I'm not in the mood for that either."

Well, wasn't that jolly? Terry sighed. "What are you in the mood for?"

"Dunno," she said dryly. "Boss just said to check on the newbies who wanna make a team. Even if that's not possible right now."

"What? But we have a base, members and all!" Terry protested.

Before any of them could say another word, Liz stepped in, putting herself between the two and raising her head.

"I have heard of this before. Certain villages are so small, they cannot afford to pay more than one team. This must be one of them."

"Bingo, girl." Charmeleon flicked her tail, grinning. "Name's Onyx, by the way. Now that's all settled, I need your opinion on this. 'Cause we won't treat you well if y'all insist on the team thing."

Liz felt like she popped a vein (if she even had any). She grit her teeth and barely managed to resist slapping that Charmeleon. "Intriguing, but I do not have an answer, not yet. Our… leader has not returned, and we will not decide on an answer without him."

"Y'know, I can respect that." Onyx admitted, shrugging. She began to walk off, only looking back to deliver a final sentence. "Whatever, message's been said. What you guys do ain't my problem."

"That was weird." Shiron commented, exiting the bakery and waiting for Magnus to finish locking the place up.

"I guess so, but don't bother with that guy. He's a bully," the Quilladin replied, shrugging and turning around. "Alright, now that the bakery's closed, I guess I should go help dad."

Leaving so soon? Shiron almost wanted to go with him, but surely that would be a bother, wouldn't it?

"Oh, okay. And… since I don't have anything to do right now, maybe I need to meet up with the others."

"Hmm," Magnus fidgeted with his fingers, thinking. "Well…"

Was that a sign he could ask about it? Nah, it couldn't be. Magnus would never…

"Well, what?" Shiron asked. If he keeps this up, I'll ask to go with him!

"You sound like you don't want to leave yet." Magnus said, smirking. "Too bad we don't have a mirror around, then I'd show you how you're acting."

Shiron blinked, tapping his cheeks. To his surprise, they were hotter, and Magnus' words only made them turn tamato-red. Not only that, but his gills twitched slightly.

Gah! He just read me like an open book! he thought, grabbing the scarf to try and hide his embarrassment. It… didn't work.

"Awww… just teasing you!" Magnus laughed softly, holding a snort.

As if that made things better. "R-Right. Well, I do wanna go, but Nick made me promise I'd help with the office."

"Go ahead! I'll still be here by tomorrow, so no need to worry," Magnus held out his arms for a hug. "C'mere, it's the least I can do for saving my little brother."

And they hugged, Shiron breathing deeply to prevent a panic attack. It was… nice, to put it lightly. A genuine, caring hug. When was the last time he had one of those?

"I think… I can call you my friend." Shiron said, still enveloped in the hug.

"Hey, weren't we friends already?" Magnus teased, hugging him tighter, before pulling away. "But for real, no problem! You're my friend too. Feel free to drop by at the bakery whenever you want."

"That might be every day," Shiron rubbed the back of his head and laughed. "Seems it's a promise, then! It won't be the last time we meet."

"I don't want it to be!"

…Okay, that was surprising. And I got a friend, so… double win for me? I'll take that. Thanks again, Xerneas!

Whether she heard him or not didn't matter for Shiron, as he was just happy about bonding with Magnus (and eating, thanks to the new metabolism). He giggled like an excited child getting a brand new toy.

"See you soon, then?" Magnus asked, tail swishing.

"Oh, you bet! As soon as I'm free, because Nick'll probably drop a million things at me."

"Sure sounds like him."

"A-Alrighty, then! I-I'll see you soon!" nodding, Shiron looked around to see where the office was supposed to be, a few blocks from the bakery, and then walked off in that direction.

Right as he entered the office, Shiron stopped to catch his breath, raising his head just in time to see Liz next to him.

"Hmph. Took you long enough, Marshtomp."

Shiron forced a sheepish smile. "Sorry I'm late, I was doing… stuff."

Nick raised a brow and shrugged. "Eh, whatever dude. We were just waiting for you. Turns out there's something I kinda didn't tell you guys."

Hearing that caused Shiron to tilt his head. So Nick had secrets too? Honestly, all of them probably had their share of secrets.

"Yes, and while I suggested to talk about it before you got here—"

Terry brushed her off. "We figured it was best when everyone was together."

All eyes were set on Nick, and he gulped, struggling to form the words. "W-Well, you see…"

Terry slapped his tail on the wooden floor. "Me and Liz got a visitor, some lady Charmeleon, I think her name's Onyx?"

"Correct. She said her leader sent her. To what end? I am unsure at the moment."

"Y-Yeah, well, I got a visit too, a Beedrill…" Nick clicked his fingers together, gulping again. "See, Thornwell is kinda small, at least compared to other towns in this continent. We don't really have any police, just the detective agency run by one of Gramps' friends…"

Liz crossed her arms, raising a brow, paying close attention. Somehow, she could tell what this was all about, but would rather let Nick finish it.

"And right now they're not taking any applications to join the agency, which is why me and Liz got those visits, I know that team. They're led by a Golem, named—"

"Daichi!" Shiron blurted out, gasping. "He showed up at Magnus' bakery! Kind of a prick, if you ask me."

"Huh, so we all got visited by these guys." Terry mumbled.

"Anyway!" Nick clasped his hands together, nodding. This made things easier! "We can't join their agency, at least not now, so, instead… we make our own agency! What do you all think about it?"

"Hmph." Liz kept her arms crossed, thinking. She glanced at Terry, as if waiting for him to reply.

"I'm… I think I'm in!" Terry said as his tail began swishing. "I wanna learn more about the world, and helping others might be the way to do it!"

That left only Shiron. Sure, he agreed to it before, at the spur of the moment, of course, but still…

"Liz wants to follow what Terry does, I wanna be a hero, Terry wants to see the world," Nick said, now looking at Shiron. "And you, buddy? What's your dream?"

It wasn't like his decision had changed in the few hours since he told them. But Shiron didn't feel like answering what his dream was. He was happy enough helping them.

"I'm also in!" he raised an arm, smiling brightly. "Let's make this happen, let's all work together! As friends, and as a team!'

Shiron rushed in to shake hands with Nick, giving him a flashy grin.

Daichi waited next to a large house, crossing his arms and lowering his head. Where were the others? If they kept him waiting any longer…

"Howdy, chief." Onyx stopped by, putting on a western hat and cracking a grin. "How's it goin'?"

The Golem shrugged. "Waiting on Jackett. He went to check for jobs with the detective, but man, we lost that case with the kidnapper…"

"Not our fault those kids got to 'em first," Onyx said bluntly, flicking her tail. "Better luck next time, eh?"

"Maybe, maybe." Daichi sighed. "...And you? Got any requests for us to do?"

"Old 'mon Samurott asked for us to grab him some scrolls from a town nearby."

"Ah, why am I not surprised?" Daichi groaned. "Pah, we can do that. No issue. But man, I wanted something more exciting, like, like…"

"Another kidnapper?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

The sound of buzzing wings as Jackett descended on their side, sporting a neutral expression. "We can't have kidnappers all the time. Anyway, all I got was a delivery mission."

"Boy this evening just keeps gettin' better!" Daichi replied, almost dripping with sarcasm.

"I can do the delivery mission. I'm a good flier." the Beedrill added.

"And I'll grab the boomer's scrolls. Sounds like a plan," Onyx chirped, then looked at Daichi. "And you? Wanna come with me, or are you gonna sulk about it?"

"Smartass," he muttered. "I'll go with you."

"And what of the defective and his team?" Jackett pondered out loud. "Should we just let them run around unchecked?"

"For now? Sure. But if they don't follow the rules soon, we'll have to teach 'em a lesson!" Daichi grinned.

Onyx rolled her eyes. "Why d'ya guys always jump into violence? 'Sides, I don't think they're all that bad. There's a prince among them, too."

"A prince?" Daichi blinked. "I didn't expect that, but it's a pleasant surprise."

"Let's go rest, you two." Jackett said, grumbling. "We won't be able to fulfill the mission without a good night's sleep."

They all agreed that was the best course of action and entered the house.

Shiron entered Nick's house, yawning and rubbing his eyes. All in all, it was a good day. What a wonderful life this is! Being able to do so many new things, meeting all those people… he loved the feeling, the warmth in his heart.

And to think I'm gonna be a hero! Or… detective. Hah! This is actually really cool!

Did he deserve those things? Shiron shrugged that thought off before it got too troublesome and kept on walking, heading to "his" room.

…I'm kinda beat, though. Need to sleep. But one thing I know is… my life is burning bright, and I'll keep on living!
Chapter 7 - Yet To Be Named


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Chapter 7 - Yet To Be Named

So tell me, oh-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.

If I could soar through the skies anymore.

Oh I don't know-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa

What tomorrow will bring.

Will I reach all of my dreams?

Why, ignoring every rational thinking, did Shiron think waking up this morning would be any different? It was like any other. He went to the bathroom, turned on the sink, and let the cold water moisturize his medium-sized, five-fingered hands (wrong). Veins were hidden beneath scars that were barely beginning to heal, and then he washed his face.

It was only when he took a look at his reflection that Shiron was taken aback. His face, his human face, disappeared, and he only saw the Marshtomp body staring back.

"...That was weird," he took the towel, only to realize how stupid that was. He was a water-type, so being wet was natural. Not just that, but the mere thought of drying was disgusting.

Okay, so maybe I didn't sleep well enough, Shiron blinked, his eyes lowering to his wrists. The scars were still there, but it looked like they were smaller. ...No, I slept a lot more than I normally do. And I feel like crap. Yay, me. Can't even do something as simple as sleeping, and here I am, trying to be a stupid hero!

Shiron felt his legs tremble, faltering. It was hard to move, let alone stay up. So he did the most reasonable thing and sat down, hugging his legs. What if there was a simple solution to his problems, his thoughts? The thoughts that never went away.

I… I-I need to check, he thought, slapping both cheeks. Shiron took a look around the bathroom, and he found what he looked for: a bathtub. White, shiny and with a few faucets. Perfect!

Humans were weak when compared to Pokémon, Shiron knew that. For example, it took ten to twelve minutes for someone to drown to death. Of course, this could take less time if the person was panicking, which was normal in these scenarios. Not just that, but a burning sensation entered their bodies along with the water. It was painful. Numbness followed, and the waiting… the waiting was by far the worst part.

What am I doing…?

"Shiron! Get out of the bathroom, I need to go!"

Nick knocked on the door so many times it was a miracle there weren't any dents or cracks. Regardless of the intention, it snapped Shiron out of his thoughts. He stood up, turning off the sink and putting his scarf back on.

Saved by the metaphorical clock, my favorite part of the day! Now to think of an excuse. Something, something… just play dumb and act casual, y'know, like I always do!

"In a minute, just gonna brush my teeth real quick!"

"You don't even have teeth!"

A wall of silence stood between them.

"...I'll brush my gums!" Shiron said, after much thought. If it was believable or not, Nick didn't tell him. What mattered was that it worked.

"So! What're we gonna do today?"

Shiron closed the door behind him and adjusted his scarf, taking a look at Nick. He smiled, waiting for the answer.

"We should probably register if we wanna do this," he said with a flick of his tail. "Let's see, there's seven of us, but I don't think all of us need to go."

"Seven?" Shiron tilted his head. "I'm not really good at math, but uh, weren't just four of us?"

Nick grinned in reply, shrugging. "I'm counting Amy, Audrey and Magnus. They're joining us as well, just not on the field."

Magnus is joining too?! Oh man, great! Shiron held in his excitement and simply nodded. "Okay, so who's gonna register?"

"You, me and—"

A Zorua materialized next to them in a puff of black smoke. "Sup!"

Shiron gasped, falling on his butt. "H-Hah! Audrey, hi! Don't do that, please!"

"You were right, this is fun!" the kit beamed, grinning proudly and scooting over to Nick.

"I'm a 'mon of many talents," Nick replied, puffing out his chest. "But uh, yeah. If Shiron doesn't want it, let's not do that again."

Audrey nodded. "Anyway, I'm gonna go with you guys to the registry. We'll probably not receive a lot of financial support, considering the budget is tight, but everything will work out just fine, trust me!"

"...Is there any reason why you're coming with—" Shiron stopped when he saw Nick patting her on the head. "Okay, nevermind. I forgot you two are lovesick."

Nick bit his lip, swishing his tail again. "I have an idea of how we're organizing this team, let's go! I'll tell you on the way!"

Before Shiron knew it, the two lovebirds were running away from him. He sighed. Maybe I should hurry before I go on another downwards spiral. They're cute together.

He picked up the pace, strolling, or rather, running, towards the other two. Though Shiron was panting, sweating and struggling to breathe, he was fast enough to catch up with them. Eventually.

"...Huff, how're you guys so fast?" Shiron panted, falling to his knees right after getting close enough to his friends.

"I'm athletic!" Nick flashed a grin and flexed an arm. "...And I don't spend half the day eating cake. It'll go to your thighs, dude."

"That was just mean, Nicky." Audrey stuck out her tongue. "For real, though, I do a lot of manual labor. Maybe you should try that out?"

"My thighs aren't even—whatever!" Shiron pouted right as his face turned a deep red. "Uh, where are we going, exactly?"

Nick snapped his fingers and pointed to the end of that cliff, towards the city. He slowly began pointing at a building, too far away to be discernible, other than the black color.

"The bank. It's where—"

Audrey chirped, interrupting him. "We call it a bank, but it's more like… both a bank, a police station and guild."

"Guild?" Shiron blinked. Okay, that was… fine, it was fine. He could handle it. The hell's a guild?

They kept on walking, crossing the streets, doing nothing more than talking. Of course, the main subject being what the hell this bank was. It had to be super organized, and… god, imagine how much money the mons running it had. Though Shiron never had much money, he knew how to save it.

What if they invest the money? They could capitalize in it and make even more pr—Okay I hate this line of thinking. Shiron cringed at himself, cursing at his studies, the dreaded hours of studying economy.

Flashes of thick books grew into his mind, and the thought of reading them alone was making him nauseous and sleepy. It didn't even contribute to social skills, after all, who would want to talk about economy, of all things?

At least that was useless in this world. He hoped it was.

Amidst his little trip across memory lane, Shiron didn't notice how both Nick and Audrey stopped walking to take a look at him.

"Shiron, you've been staring at us for like, five minutes." Nick snapped his fingers, they were eerily close to the Marshtomp's face. "What's up?"

"We did say a lot of things at once, no wonder the lil fish didn't get 'em," Audrey added, then flashed a friendly smile towards Shiron. "What do you wanna know?"

Part of him wondered how and why their entire defense system was saved to one building. Another part wanted to ask if it'd be easy to set up a team.

The second option was what he decided on. "So, uh, didn't those guys say that we couldn't form a team? What's up with that?"

"Budget issues." Nick replied with a shrug. "But hey, I got some savings for this scenario, we should be good to go."

"...For how long have you been saving money?"

"Fifteen years."

Shiron quirked a brow. "And you're…?"

"Nineteen years old," he replied, grinning. Despite how obvious the answer to that question was from his perspective, Nick had no issue with it. If anything, it made him closer to Shiron, in a way.

"And I'm nineteen too," Audrey chimed in, wagging her tail. "Nick's a few months older, though. Not much, but eh, it happens!"

"You're both a year older than me. Got it." Shiron nodded. "Ahem, that was a distraction, my bad. I don't think there's any other questions? Other than… uh, why did I need to go with you?"

"Heh. Obvious answer!" Nick flashed another grin.

"Tell him already." Audrey pouted.

"Shiron, you're gonna be the team leader!" Nick said with a smile as his tail began to wag.

If any reveal before that didn't happen, the impact of those words wouldn't be nearly as bad as it was. Shiron blinked. He had to have misheard it, right? It couldn't be true!

…His legs shook, trembling like jelly. "M-Me, the leader? N-Nah! You guys are overreacting, I'm barely good enough to be a grunt, let alone a leader. H-Haha!"

Shiron's vision turned blurry as he fell on the ground.

When he came back to his senses, Shiron was still dizzy. He bobbed around, eyes barely open, even after he rubbed them. There were voices all around him. Strange, at first, but after some seconds passed, he began to recognize them.

"You're awake again," Nick sighed in relief. Shiron blinked, finally able to see the Riolu sitting next to him. "Man, you got me worried there. Everything good?"

"The patient had a dizzy spell and passed out, Nick. He's better now, but it happened for a reason," the second voice… Amelia. "I believe some orans are more than enough for him."

She turned to him. "Hello, Shiron. Are you better now? You were only out for a few minutes, but Nick here called me to check on you."

Audrey was the third to check on him, frowning. "All we said was that you're the leader, and then you got knocked out."

Shiron looked down and shook his head. "S-Sorry about that, but I don't think I have leadership material. I'm better following orders."

"Nonsense." Nick put his paws on Shiron's shoulders and looked at him straight in the eye. "I saw a spark in you, man. I think you got what it takes. And if you don't believe in yourself… believe in me, 'cause I believe in you!"

"Very cheesy," Amelia pointed out, holding a grin. "But fitting regardless. Nick, do you need anything else? I'm going to check on the prince and his bodyguard. They're free to go, but a check-up never hurts."

"Nah, go ahead." Nick turned back to Shiron. "So, can you trust me on this one?"

"...Sure," Shiron was uncertain, but if it meant getting rid of that conversation, then it was fine. He stood up slowly. "Sure, sure. I'll be the leader. This will end well… Did you at least tell the others about this?"

"Everyone but Liz approves." Audrey said. "Anything else before we get inside? Only a few minutes away."

Damn it. Maybe I can convince Liz to be the leader… Shiron cleared his throat. "Alright, sure. Let's go."

"You bet!" Nick hopped up, his tail starting to wag like there was no tomorrow. "I can't believe it, I'm actually doing this! I'm making my own team! I'm a hero!"

What were meant to be encouraging words felt nothing less than knives in Shiron's chest. He didn't want to disappoint his friend, but there was no way he could be a good leader, a leader everyone looked forward to, and respected.

"Thanks, Shiron!" Nick said to him, and then hugged the Marshtomp. He was so tense his furry body shook. "You're the best partner I could hope for!"

Audrey raised a brow. "Hm?"

"Platonic partner!" Nick corrected, smiling sheepishly at her. "Don't give me that look!"

"Just teasing!"

But Shiron could certainly try, couldn't he? Shiron took a large breath and followed them on their way across the city, silently hoping that Nick made the right decision.

It all started with the large line outside the building. Pokémon after Pokémon waited for their turn inside the bank. Some were tapping the ground, others were huffing, and overall, the mood was filled with impatience.

"...Is this place always so full?" Shiron gulped. How long would they have to wait?

"It can take five hours for your turn to arrive," Nick explained, dripping with sweat.

"Uuuunless you make a reservation before!" Audrey chirped, posing dramatically as tiny sparkles of light surrounded her. An illusion.

"Thought you didn't like doing that." Nick blinked. "But it's for dramatic effect, so it's fine, right?"

The Zorua nodded, turning to Shiron. "So yeah, we did get a reservation! We can skip waiting and losing half the day to bureaucracy."

"Neat," he smiled. The three went ahead, ignoring the large cries of the other Pokémon who had to wait. Shiron felt bad for it, but… there wasn't anything he could do to help them.

And Shiron had even thought of a song to pass the time…

…The inside was better, at least when compared to the huge queue outside. It was organized. First, Shiron saw two Rhydon near the door he came from, sporting black ties. Guards, he presumed. After an inspection (and a minor annoyance when they took off his scarf), he and his friends were good to go.

Secondly, the walls. White, bright and tough. That last part was only revealed to him by an offhand comment from Nick.

"Even a Hyper Beam would have trouble tearing this place down!"

Shiron made a mental note to never get hit by such a move in this world. He kept walking, seeing employees helping some of the Pokémon find the place to do what they came there for.

In his case, Shiron just followed Nick, and of course, they ended up in another queue. There was only one other customer in front of them, a Samurott.

Huh? Weird, never seen a 'rott like this.

…Except this one looked odd. Shiron rubbed his eyes to see if they had failed him, but it wasn't true. The helmet was a dark shade of blue with a few details in red. It had more spikes, and they were sharper, too.

Whoa. His limbs have that blue and red armor too. And that tail… it looks like it's bent.

"What're you lookin' at?" Nick asked, tilting his head. Noticing where Shiron laid his eyes, he chuckled, and began to whisper. "That's… old mon Ronan. I heard he never lost a battle!"

"Cool…" Shiron whispered back. Still no idea why he looks like that. Maybe I shouldn't ask.

"Eh, if you never go into battle, you don't lose either!" Audrey teased, looking away dramatically. At that point, the weird Samurott had walked away, but none of the three noticed it. "But hey, maybe you should ask the guy to train you. From what Nick told me, you could barely take on a feral!"

Shiron looked at the Riolu, who shrugged. "Uh, yeah. But I helped us win! Somehow. It was this—"

"Next Pokémon in line, please! Bzzrt!"

A mechanical voice spoke, startling him. Only then did Shiron notice the clerk's species: a Porygon. A Porygon-Z, being exact. Out of all the Pokémon he knew, why was it a Porygon-Z? His shock didn't last long, however, as Nick pulled him towards the odd, technological Pokémon.

Between Shiron and the Porygon-Z stood piles and piles of paper, so thick that it would probably hurt him a lot, should they fall on him, not to mention the possibility of being cut! He gulped at the thought.

Nick was more impatient, tapping his fingers on the wooden table, while Porygon-Z seemed to scan the papers, grabbing some of them. "Papers for registration identified," it said, much like a machine.

A typing machine, to be more precise. Judging by the noise Shiron heard, Porygon-Z was using one. He wondered if that meant there were no computers, or that the bank was just old-fashioned.

"Input is required for this part of the process." Porygon-Z said, staring at them. Even with locked eyes, the mechanical Pokémon hardly showed any emotion.

…Mental note. Ask why in the world there's a Porygon-Z here, Shiron thought.

"Ah, right!" Nick barked, finally showing off a smile again. "What inputs?"

"Please input the members, species and function."

"Nick, Riolu," he pointed at himself. "Second in-command. Shiron, Marshtomp, leader."

"O-Oh…" Shiron gulped. This was real. It was happening right in front of him. Scary.

Audrey chimed in, putting her front paws at the table. "Audrey, Zorua, mechanical consultant!"

Before long, Nick continued. "Amelia, Kirlia, nurse. Magnus, Quilladin, cook. Terrence, Tyrunt, uh… combatant! Elizabeth, Roselia, combatant!"

Porygon-Z typed on the machine after every word, the buttons clunking with each press.

"Now, input your name."

Nick and Audrey both turned to Shiron, like they expected him to answer.

…They really expected an answer. Shiron froze, only barely managing to look at the two. "It's… I-It's, yet to be named?"

"Wait." Nick interjected, eyes widening. "Shiron, no—"

"Team 'Yet To Be Named'," Porygon-Z stated, still showing no expression. It typed. "Registration complete."

"Shiron, fuck!" Nick covered his face just as his fur turned into a deep shade of red. "This guy takes everything literally, we need to be very careful when naming things!"

The Marshtomp stepped back, gulping. Of course he blew it. "S-Sorry, sorry, sorry! Please forgive me!"

"Easy, easy. We can try changing it now, I think." Audrey hopped down, shaking her head. "Dang it… hey, Porygon-Z, can we change the name?"

Porygon-Z bobbed its head. "Requesting name change. State your reasoning."

Nick grunted. "The name sucks."

The clerk stopped, making a high-pitched, instrumental sound as it processed the information given to it.

Shiron tilted his head. Did… that sounded like a computer noise. Unsurprisingly.

"Request denied," Porygon-Z finally said. "I have determined 'the name sucks' is not a good reason. You may request another name change in twenty-nine days, twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes."

"...So much for that," Nick looked down, defeated, and let out a whimper. His ears began to flop down. "Let's go to the base."

He began to walk off into the exit alongside Audrey, but Shiron remained in place, still frozen. "I-I… I'm sorry."

Nick turned back. He took a long breath. "It's fine, c'mon."

Magnus entered the (if it could even be called that) team base carrying a large box. Anyone nearby could smell the content inside: a fresh cake. For his friends, of course.

And what a genius I am, made a bigger one for that hungry lil 'shtomp.

Right away, he realized how different the office was. For starters, the area he was in had a large gray sofa, a table with an empty bowl for snacks, and open windows that let the air enter. The inner areas were still a mystery, but at least the main part of the base worked well enough.

"Anyone here?" Magnus asked. "Kinda hard to close the do—"

A vine sprouted next to Magnus, wrapping around the handle and closing the door.

"—or. Okay, thanks." Magnus smiled sheepishly.

"Ah, the baker we helped earlier." Liz put down her vine, simply eyeing the Quilladin. "Hello, may I ask what you are doing here?"

"...Welcome party. Nick asked, and I thought 'Hey, why not bring cake to the peeps that saved my bro?', so here I am."

Terry was the next to appear, sniffing the air and drooling from the smell. "Cake! Chocolate, right?"

"Yup!" Magnus wagged his tail. Apart from how… Liz seemed to be, these two didn't look all that bad. "Seems the others will get here soon, can we prepare the place for 'em?"

"Disgusting," Liz stated. "...But better than mopping. I shall take it."

"Whoa boy, you're easy to convince, huh?" Magnus blinked. Well, at least it worked.

"You have no idea…" Terry muttered. He motioned for them to follow, deep inside the house.

"Cool!" Magnus followed.

This next area was more of the same, but instead of a sofa, there were multiple tables, one for each member. Magnus' eyes landed on the corner, seeing a mini fridge: the perfect place to put the cake. And he did just that.

Magnus looked around, searching for the nearest chair to sit on. "Can I ask you guys something?"

Terry was on his table already, and nodded. "Sure thing!"

"It is… acceptable, yes."

"Honestly, I was gonna ask why'd you run away, but I got something better," he said, biting a lip. "So, uh, how was the trip? That storm looked really rough…"

"Other than the storm, pleasant." Liz said, flicking a rose. "I was taught how to steer a ship, and though it took me a while to get used to a smaller vessel, we pulled through. As you can see."

"I see. We don't usually have storms…" Magnus replied. He looked up, thinking. "Usually, I heard some people talking about mini storms. Not here, but like, in the center of the continent. Not large enough to be relevant, I think. Thought it was something similar to the one you guys faced."

Hearing that, the Tyrunt tilted his head. "Never heard of mini storms."

"I cannot say I have heard of them either." Liz added. "However, the world is largely unknown, even to us. Perhaps it is another one of life's mysteries."

Just then, they heard the door opening. Magnus' ears twitched. Maybe the others had arrived! And he could show the cake he baked!

"I'll go check that out," he said, going through the door he came from.

Nick had left Audrey back home after a request from her, justifying it by saying she was working on something impressive for him and the rest of the team.

So now only he and Shiron were left, walking towards their base. They didn't talk much on the way, the fallout of what happened at the bank still fresh in their minds.

"How was I supposed to know that guy was so literal?"

"It's a machine, Shiron!" Nick protested with a whine. "A month! A month to change the name again! You're not even taking this seriously!"

"I'm not? Nick, you're the one that forced me to be a leader, I told you I had no qualities!"

Nick clenched his fists, holding back the urge to punch his friend right then, right there. Not due to anger (though he felt that way), but because what Shiron said wasn't true in the slightest! How could he not see the qualities?!

More importantly, why blame him?!

"Stop that, don't pin this on me!" Nick snarled at him. "You have! It's just… I wanted this for so long, and it's… not how I pictured it."

Did Nick sound… sad? No, disappointed. Yeah, that was it.

Shiron rubbed his right arm. "I'm sorry, Nick. I didn't mean to do it."

"I know you didn't," he replied. With a drawn-out sigh, Nick continued. "...It's fine, let's go."

Yet, Shiron wasn't any better. He still ruined everything, didn't he? Just like always… always ruining things, always the worst person to ever exist. A mistake, that's what Shiron was. An abomination.

He kicked the grass. Then again, and then once more. Shiron's voice turned into a roar, a cry for help. Everything about it hurt, he needed to let it out, bottling up no longer.

"I-I can try talking to Porygon-Z again!" Shiron cried. Yes, cried. The tears came rushing in, and there was no stopping them. "J-Just… please, please forgive me! I-I didn't mean to do it, Nick!"

"W-Whoa, calm down!" Nick turned to him, gasping. He stepped closer. "It's fine, Shiron! I'm fine! We all make mistakes, it's gonna be okay!"

"...You don't mean it," he blurted, panting. "Everyone says that, but they never mean it. Mom and Dad made sure of that… of telling me all about how much of a mistake I am!"

"What?" Nick grunted. Wanting to delay it no further, he hugged the Marshtomp tightly. "Shiron, you're not a mistake! If your parents told you that, screw them! You're my friend! I was upset about the name, but I don't think you're a mistake because of it!"

Shiron sniffled, saying nothing more. He just… accepted the hug. It was nice, fluffy, and felt good. His parents were wrong… they had to be wrong.

Wait. His parents.

Shiron pulled back from the hug, noticing what he did. What he told Nick. Oh shit, oh shit! I said too much!

"Are you alright, Shiron?" Nick asked. His concern sounded genuine enough.

"Uh, uh, y-yeah! Seems like I got some memories back during this moment, huh? I-I didn't even know I had parents, haha!"

Nick blinked at him, then shook his head. "...Shiron, I know."

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Shiron did his best to not make the internal screaming become external. "Know… what?"

"I know you're human," Nick replied, rubbing the back of his head. "...I knew it for a while. Washed up on the shore, claimed to have no memories, acted all weird…"

Shiron's heart sunk. "I don't know what you're talkin' about! I'm just a wee little Marshtomp!"

However, he figured the gig was up at this point. "...Why didn't you say anything?"

"I figured you wanted it to be a secret, so I played along." Nick didn't falter. In fact, he seemed 100% serious. "And it's not like humans are that uncommon. I mean, some 'mon don't believe they exist, but I always did."

"You… why?" Shiron sounded and looked confused. Frowns, drooped gills, it was all splattered on his face.

"I dunno," Nick shrugged. "All I know is that you're my friend. And I mean it. If your parents told you that crap, just ignore them. It's not easy, but… you got a friend in me, buddy."

Shiron began wobbling again, and hugged the Riolu again, putting all his strength. "T-Thank… thank you."

Nick returned the hug, tail wagging. "Here's something funny. Did you know there's conspiracy theories claiming they're controlling us from the inside? Like, some secret human society! Crazy, huh?"

"Y-Yeah, crazy…" Shiron sported a laugh. It was funny, and useful for calming down. "Let's… go to the base. Our friends are waiting, right?"


After more walking, they eventually saw the old building in the distance. Shiron also noticed what appeared to be a brown blur, but didn't see any other details.

On the other hand, Nick recognized what that was. Who that was. "Shiron, it's that prick Golem again! C'mon, we gotta run!"


They sped up, Nick obviously walking faster and with more vigor. But Shiron was able to keep the pace, following a bit behind his friend. As they got closer, they were able to see more details about what was going on.

The Golem was standing in front of the door, grinning, while Magnus was on the other side with drops of sweat falling from his face. Whatever it was, it made Nick and Shiron's heart start to race.

"Hey, stop whatever you're doing!" Shiron cried out, stopping suddenly, only to fall on the floor and roll for a moment, until Nick pulled him upwards. "T-Thanks!"

"Why are you here, Daichi?" Nick asked, letting go of the Marshtomp. "What do you want?!"

"Oh shit, you guys got here!" The Golem replied, now facing them. "Just wanted to have a chat. Heard you folks haven't taken our little tip in consideration…"

"H-Hi Shiron, hi Nick!" Magnus whispered towards them. "I'm good, don't worry."

"And y'all went to the trouble of getting an office and registering!" Daichi grinned, waving them off. "...But lemme tell you something, Nick. Sometimes, dreams just don't become true! Sometimes they get grinded, turned into dust! Think 'bout it, we don't have the resources, me and my teammates even tried to make things easier for you. And you refused. Every. Single. Time."

"I know we don't have resources!" Nick snarled. His fur stood on end as he prepared to fight. "But I can't give up on that! If I have to claw my way, I will!"

"Tch, 'mons like you are very annoying…" Daichi cracked his knuckles.

Time stopped. The Riolu and Golem locked eyes, none of them saying a word. It looked like a fight was about to break out at any point.

Shiron looked at them, confused. Daichi, meanwhile, roared, curving into a ball and rolling towards Nick.

That was it. It had started. Shiron felt his heart stop for a moment, and before he knew it, his body did something odd. It moved on its own. And it kept moving, kept running in Daichi's direction. He couldn't stop, nor did he want to stop.


A cloud of sandy smoke appeared before Nick, forcing him to quickly put on his goggles. One he did it, the sight in front of him made the canine gasp: Shiron was using both arms to grab Daichi, preventing his attack.

"S-Stop! I can't let you hurt my friend like this!" Shiron grunted, putting more pressure. Slowly, he began forcing the Golem backwards. "And… A-And I'll do everything I can to help him! I'll stop you!"

Daichi began to chuckle, stopping on his tracks. He pulled back, still laughing. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Holy shit, that was hilarious! How'd you do that?"

"I-I… don't know." Shiron fell on his rear, panting. I… can't be that strong, can I?

Magnus quickly made his way towards Shiron, standing on his side. "A-Are you alright?"


"Tell you what," Daichi looked at Nick, then at Shiron. "I have an idea that'll solve our problems. Let's play a game, shall we? A competition, if you will. To decide who gets to represent this town!"

"...You want to do what?!" Nick protested with a bark.

"A workplace competition! We'll figure it out later, but if you win, we'll let you have all our resources. If we win, you disband. How's about it?"

Nick stopped. Even if it was a crazy idea, it could work. All they had to do was win. He looked at Shiron and solemnly nodded. "It's his decision."

Shiron panted, frowning harder than he ever did this day. "...I'll do it."
Chapter 8 - Not So Different


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A/N: This chapter contains a trigger warning for child abuse.

Chapter 8 - Not So Different

After the dream I'm lost and alone.

Quickly falling right through the unknown.

So I will fly and be free.

Escape this awful wasteland.

I will not worry!

Compared to the other days, Shiron woke up way too early. His yawning, tired eyes and overall sluggish posture proved it. Even while walking. If anything, walking made it worse. At least he had breakfast.

…Why do I need to go to this old man anyway? They know I'm not a fighter. There's no way this guy can make me strong in just a morning.

With another yawn, Shiron stretched his arms. The streets were mostly empty, being early in the morning, and the breeze felt nice on his scales. Windy, a tad salty. Not the best, but there wasn't any swamp nearby;

But—they're counting on me to help. And win this stupid competition. Shiron sighed, his friends' dreams weren't stupid, it was just the tiredness speaking. Hm. Wonder what they're making us do. Can I even help…? Bein' useless is my thing, but… gotta try.

He stopped, taking a look around. Shiron was back in the center of the town, and now all he had to do was go down one of the streets to find that house. If Nick told him correctly, it's…

"Left!" Shiron said, only to himself. Part of him wanted to make a quick stop at Magnus' bakery, but it was too early, the place probably wasn't open yet. Maybe he could find another excuse to go?

Okay what am I thinking? Having responsibilities sucks, but it is what it is. Just need to meet this "Ronan" guy.

Now that he stopped to think about it, this world was weird. There's a Rowan, a Ronan, and a Charmeleon named Onyx. Y'know, maybe being reborn into an odd world is my punishment for… existing.

Defying all odds, Shiron was still alive. He turned left and continued on his way.

As he walked, Shiron saw more houses, all normal. Not too big, not too small, some made of wood, others with bricks… nothing that caught his attention.

That was, until his eyes landed on a large, white house. Of course, it could be just another one, if not for the large open field on its left, full of wooden, featureless mannequins.

Target practice…? Or some kinda graveyard? Shiron gulped. It better not be a graveyard. Wait, it doesn't look like a graveyard. I'm an idiot! Why am I like this?

After a quick slap on his cheeks, Shiron grumbled. That had to be the house! Now for his greatest weakness: asking for the guy to help him. Or… old man. Yeah, old man. More respectful that way.

Okay, stop getting distracted by random stuff. Just gotta go, knock on the door, hope he doesn't instantly want to skin me alive, and—and I'm going on a tangent again, because why not?

Shiron clapped his hands, laughing out loud in an attempt to calm down, or at least ignore the oppressive anxiety of having to go there and do things.

Okay! On three! Three… two… two and a half… two point six… two point seven…

He gulped, charging ahead as fast as he could, quickly getting to the door. Shiron knocked three times.

Seconds felt like hours, while Shiron waited for someone to answer. Maybe there wasn't anyone home! He could hope for that. Then nobody would need him to do things and he could just… help with the competition. With emotional support.

Alas, luck was not in his favor, as the door creaked open. Shiron's heart thumped, eagerly waiting for whoever was on the other side—

"Hm?" A Houndoom answered. The same one from before. Shiron forgot his name… but it had to be. With that stern, yet soft expression. "Oh, you're that kid from before! Are you here to ask for assistance? I was just visiting Ronan, he's an old friend of mine."

"O-Oh, hi!" Shiron waved. Ivan! His name was Ivan! The third name that ended with "-an"! How could he forget? "Yup. Some friends said he could help me control my moves better, and he's a st—water-type like me! Two Starly with one Rock Tomb, amirite?"

Shiron felt himself die inside from that sentence. When did he learn it…?

"Kids these days… you never know what they are talking about." Ivan hummed. "Ah, where are my manners? Ronan was preparing tea for us, perhaps you wish to join? I am sure he will accept your request. He hasn't tutored anyone in a very long time."

…Y'know, maybe this won't be that bad. I get to be more useful to them, which means it's less likely they'll abandon me. Everyone wins! Shiron nodded. "I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm not a fan of tea. It's like, hot leaf juice. So, uh, I'll just wait for him outside?"

Ivan wondered for some seconds, then nodded. "Very well. But are you sure you will be alright? It's a little hot, even with the wind. Not to mention there could be a storm at any moment."

"I'm fine!" Shiron said. And I've been through worse…

"Alright. I will—"

"What is this ruckus?" Another voice said. Ivan stepped aside, leaving space for Ronan to appear. The Samurott eyed Shiron, rubbing his beard. "Oh, a youngster?"

"His name is Shiron." Ivan added. "He wanted to talk to you. Perhaps the tea can wait. I am… curious about his prowess. I have heard a lot about Swampert and their supposed boat-lifting strength."

Surely I'm not that strong. Shiron tilted his head. Alright then. "Uh, mister Ronan? My friends told me you could help me get stronger, can I… can you teach me the ropes? Of being a water-type?"

Ronan opened his mouth, gasping weakly. "A student? Hmmm. Curious. I'm not entirely sure how much help I can be, but I suppose there's nothing wrong with trying it."

"Is that a yes…?" Shiron asked, eyes sparkling. Maybe he really could become stronger!

"Of course," the Samurott turned to Ivan. "Could you check the tea? I am going to prepare the training grounds for him."

"Understood." Ivan nodded, walking inside the house.

After seeing him enter, Ronan eyed Shiron. "Alright, we will commence soon. I just need to prepare something. Wait here, I won't take long."

Shiron nodded. His gills began twitching.

And wait he did. For a short amount of time. Ronan went inside his house, and when he was back, he wore a black belt, like some sort of martial artist. He also put gray, fingerless gloves on his paws.


"Hmph." Ronan eyed him, fierce, powerful. "We will commence your training right now. Follow me."

Ivan left the house as well, not expressing any discernible emotion. His tail flicked just once, and he followed Ronan to the area with mannequins. Shiron gulped, then did the same.

Once they arrived, Ronan turned around, facing Shiron. "For this part of your training, we will measure your strength. I want you to hit one of my mannequins, and attempt to destroy it."

"Huh," he looked at the one closest. It was just… wood. Destroying it would be incredibly easy. Alright, let's see… I know Liquidation, apparently. Maybe Tackle? I'm sure I can tackle this thing.

Deciding to go for a simple tackle, Shiron charged, punching the mannequin straight in its featureless head. The impact produced a loud sound, but to his surprise, it was intact. Shiron blinked, maybe he needed more power…? That had to be it.

So he backed down and tried another punch, followed by a flurry of them. Ivan watched it, intrigued. Ronan simply glared, arms crossed.

Come on! budge! Or crack, something!

"Enough." Ronan said, and Shiron instantly stopped his attacks. "They were designed to withstand great force. However… you did well, really well for someone untrained. You are untrained, correct?"

"...You could say that." Shiron sighed, looking at his fists; both unharmed. This body's really tough… last time I tried punching my problems away, my hands were bleeding…

"I can see you have good physical strength," he added. "...But why a tackle? You're evolved, why haven't you attempted another attack?"

"Can't." Shiron shrugged. "I mean, I used… err, some weird drill thing, my friends said it was liquidation?"

Those words seemed to make Ronan's eyes widen. "Liquidation? At such a young stage? Fascinating! And you're not capable of controlling it?"

"It is intriguing," the Houndoom pointed out, scratching his chin with his right paw. "Very rare. I won't press you for details, however."

Ronan nodded. "Hm. And besides those two, do you know any other moves?"

Shiron stopped to think. He didn't even try more moves, how was he supposed to know which ones he could? The only reason he got Liquidation was through the heat of the moment.

"Your silence speaks a thousand words." The Samurott sighed. "I know of something that can help you figure it out, but I don't have it with me. Perhaps for a future session. For now, we should focus on your two attacks."


This is going well… more than I thought it would. Shiron smiled weakly. "What now?"

"Now, you will attempt to use Liquidation again." Ronan said, walking towards him. "Since you're new at this, I don't believe you can generate your own water. Can you?"


"Seems the answer is no." Ronan rubbed his beard, thinking. "Normally, trained Pokémon are able to draw in their aura to summon elemental attacks. Of course, not all attacks are elemental."

He yanked the swords on his legs, Shiron gasping once he saw they weren't as pointy as the Samurott in his world. Ronan closed his eyes, an aura of dark energy surrounded his body.

Shiron tilted his head. "What are you—"

In the blink of an eye, Ronan was gone. Shiron was only able to hear the sound of slashing and of cuts surrounding him, seeing flashes of dark light attacking all of the mannequins at once. And then Ronan returned, putting down his blades.

"Okay. Okay." Shiron clapped his hands together, inhaling. "What was that?"

"Ceaseless Edge." Ivan answered. "Samurott's signature move."

No it isn't?! Shiron blinked. What.

"...At least my type of Samurott," Ronan said. "I am a water and dark-type Samurott. Much like there are ice Vulpix."

Shiron simply nodded, having no words to say. Of course there was a dark-type Samurott. Why wouldn't it be real?

"Regardless, that was a demonstration. Shiron, I would like you to attempt using Liquidation."

"Aye. No idea how, though…" Shiron extended his left arm, just like that time at the dungeon.

"Ivan, could you grab some buckets of water?" Ronan asked, to which the Houndoom nodded, heading inside the house. "Shiron. Focus on your aura, on yourself. You are a waterfall. Strong, powerful. Your aura flows through you. It envelops you, strengthens you."

Many kind words. Shiron took a deep breath and closed his left fist. Thinking… remembering what he saw at the dungeon, of how useless and weak he felt. How powerless he was. Unable to even hurt a wild Pokémon, much less help his team.

I don't wanna… be useless. My life is worth it. I'm worthy. I deserve to live! And I will use my life to help my friends… to help this world!

Shiron roared! Exploded with power and energy! Like he could take on the entire world with nothing but his fists and friends to keep company!

…His fist was still normal. No water.

Ronan couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Maybe you're a little too excited, youngster. I wasn't expecting you to be that strong. At least not yet. But it's good, you have motivation."

Shiron started blushing, and slowly lowered his arm. "M-My bad… why am I s-such… such an i-idiot…"

"Once you get a source of water, it'll be easier to do it." Ronan nodded. "Besides, why don't you check what you did?"


Something did change. The air around Shiron's mouth got cold, and on the ground next to him, a stream of ice formed.

"I-I know Icy Wind?!"

"Seems like it. Good, now you have a weapon against grass-types. Your kind is very weak against them."

Shiron smiled, stuttering. "W-Well… gonna try L-Liquidation next, r-right?"

"Yes." Ivan said, carrying a large bucket of water in his mouth. He walked next to Ronan, and slowly put the bucket down. "I will observe from afar. Do not worry about me."

Ronan grinned. "Now… are you ready to make use of your power?"

Shiron didn't bat an eye. "I am! I'll do my best! I-I can do this!"

Ronan nodded. "Good. Now, follow my lead. Liquidation is a special move. It resonates well with your emotions. I've heard that most types have a move like this, however…"

"You can't tell me the other cuz you don't know about 'em." Shiron said, rubbing his head. "Gotcha, gotcha. No problem! But, uh, what does this mean?"

"You said it was a drill. For some, it can be a sword, for others, a gauntlet. It depends from mon to mon." Ronan explained, extending his arm slightly. "I will demonstrate. Remember, you are like a stream of water, you dictate how it flows."

Shiron closed his eyes, and started picturing it. Himself, deep inside a lake, water flowing from all sides. It followed his every movement, every little gill twitch, it all changed the flow. Shiron was in command.

"Repeat what I say." Ronan moved his arm like a wave, water forming on the top of his palm, up and down. "...I'm a stream. Water flows within me, strong and free."

"Water flows within me, strong and free." Shiron repeated, his arm already up. Slowly, the water on the bucket began to rise up and cover his arm. He noticed his scales becoming wet, but remained focused.

"Good, good." Ronan chuckled, then flicked his ear. "...Don't repeat that last part. Just focus on stabilizing your move. Can you feel it?"

Shiron did, indeed, feel it. The water in his arm wobbled, taking shape. Could it be any shape?

"...Do you know why it's a drill, Shiron?"

"No—wait, wait…" Shiron raised his watery arm in the air, the water now fully turned into a drill. "With this, I will thrust through every adversity, opening my way to the future! Kicking logic to its curb, and doing the impossible!"

Ronan clapped. "...Well done. You have successfully used Liquidation."

Shiron panted, looking at his arm. It was so eery, but calming at the same time. "I-I did it! I actually did it! I—"

His momentary distraction made the water destabilize, falling on top of him. Shiron grumbled, taking off his scarf. "...Well, better than not doing it at all."

Ivan stepped in. "Congratulations, kid. But if I may, why are you in such a hurry to learn?"

"Daichi and his goons challenged my friends," Shiron wrung out the scarf, trying to get rid of the water. "And if we win, we get to properly act as a rescue team, or something like that."

"Ah." Ivan said, bluntly. "I see… do take care."

"Would you like to train more, Shiron?" Ronan asked. "We can take a break, and drink some tea."

"I'll… pass." Shiron had considered it. Just for a little while. "I don't like tea all that much. Besides, Nick asked me to not take too long here."

"Alright. When am I expecting to see you again?"

Shiron was already turning to leave, but took a moment to look at them. "Uh, tomorrow! I'm gonna show up at around the same time, so wait for me!"

The jog towards their base was fast, Shiron had enough energy to spare, even after using so much for that training. He smiled. So far, the day had been pretty good! Hopefully it would stay that way. Shiron already heard sounds of huffing and grunting, and a whip. Were they training…?

Well, only one way to find out! Hopefully it's training and not, y'know, killing each other. Shiron gulped. They better not be killing each other.

He stopped right in front of the office, sighing in relief, rubbing sweat off his head.

What happened was Liz creating thorny blades out of hervines, and Nick dodging multiple in a row. After three dodges, his palm turned light blue, and he aimed at the Roselia, firing a wave of energy, not exactly wind, no, Liz noticed it felt like a vacuum, sucking the air in, and it was aimed right at her face.

"U-Urgh!" Liz was hit, retreating her vines and rubbing her eyes with the roses, panting. Once she opened them again, she saw multiple Nicks, running towards her, their claws extended, shining like metal, and he slashed at her.

"G-Guys! Calm down, you're fighting too hard!" Terry said, waddling towards them, gasping and stuttering. "C-Can't we find a safer way to spar?"

"Sire, stay back!" Liz said, seeing the Nicks getting closer than was needed. Instead of trying to find out which one was real, she focused, her entire body glowing yellow, and soon enough, Liz stepped back.

Where she once stood was a lifeless substitute, entirely made of aura. Nick slashed it into pieces, watching it dissipate. He grinned, smiling and flicking his tail.

"Not bad!"

"Hm. You know Double Team, I know Substitute. Perhaps there is merit to working together after all." Liz flicked her cape, flashing a smile of her own.

"H-Hey, guys." Shiron stepped in, gulping. That was an intense fight, he could tell, and wondered if he'd ever get to that level, or remain a "wee little Marshtomp", like he called himself. "...What'd I miss?"

"Ah, Marshtomp." The Roselia turned to him, her smile gone in an instant. "I expected you to take longer. But for important matters first: you and I will work on this competition. At least, for the first challenge."

"H-Hi, Shiron!" Terry waved with his tiny arms. "They were just sparring. No need to worry. I say… worrying. Heh."

"Heya," the Riolu grinned. "Yup, what Liz said. We figured you two were the best match for this. And—"

"You could become friends!" Terry said, chirping, eyes sparkling.

"Marshtomp. We have a lot to discuss."

"And that's our cue to make it like a Liz and leave!" Nick smirked. Terry laughed at the joke, and the two entered the office.

Liz watched them leave and took a long, deep breath. Good. She was all alone with that Marshtomp. Her mental gears were already grinding, thinking, planning her next words.

"You alright?" Shiron asked, tugging on his scarf nervously. "D-Did I do something wrong? Usually, when someone says they need to talk, it's because I screwed something up. A-Actually, not usually. I-It's… it's all of the time. I'm used to it, b-but—"

"You have done nothing wrong, Marshtomp," she replied, crossing her rosy arms. "But if we do not do something, you will. Losing this little competition would crush my sire's heart, and I cannot let it happen. If I must work with you to win, then so be it. And we will win."

"...Do we even know what it's gonna be? Hard to be prepared for something if we don't know what it is."

As much as it brought her pain to admit it, Liz knew he had a point. It didn't mean that it was pretty. Not at all. Her normal expression turned into a frown, an angry frown.

"We do not. Which is why we must prepare for everything, Marshtomp." Liz glared at him, pouting. "...I already failed to convince my Highness to stay out of this little friendship party you seem to have, but he has grown fond of you, despite how little time you spent together. I can at least respect his wishes, even if I do not agree with them."

"Terry seems nice," he shrugged. Shiron raised a brow, curious. "But also, what? We can't prepare for everything. I mean… I get that, but yeah. I don't wanna lose either."

Shiron took a look at his arms. Even if they were small, he still saw the scars on his wrists. Maybe he should find a way to cover them… they started aching just by thinking of losing. "...We can try our best."

"I know we cannot, but our best is not enough—" Liz's eyes widened as she looked at the scars. They almost looked like someone whipped that area. "...What happened, Marshtomp? You say you do not know how to fight, but those are the marks of a fighter."

He was visibly taken aback, trembling. "...Did I ever tell you about my memories?"

"This is the first time we are having any kind of conversation."

Was it a good idea to share this with her? They were nothing more than acquaintances, at best, but… something in him told Shiron it was okay to be vulnerable.

"...M-Mom and dad. If I wasn't the perfect son they wanted, well, they'd… punish me." Shiron tapped his stomach, gills flopping down. "Sometimes, it was starvation. Other times, they whipped me. It was their way or no way at all."

Oh. This explains… a few things. Is that why he is so anxious? And hungry, too. Liz stared in silence, then wrapped a vine around her cape, pulling it down and turning around to him. On her back was a large burnt mark, almost like someone marked her with hot metal.

"I could not afford to lose. Protecting the royal bloodline was my job. Always."

"Oh, you—you… heavens, I'm so sorry you had to go through that!" Shiron said, trembling. That was why she was so stiff and responsible? He never expected their backgrounds to be so similar.

Liz didn't either. Her frown turned into a soft smile. "...Shiron. What is your reason for joining this team? Glory?"

"I wanted to help a friend," he said, smiling as well. "A-and I thought it'd help me find my place in the world. That kind of thing."

"...I see. Well, I have not found my reason yet. Perhaps this challenge will help me find it. We will win. I will think of something, and then let you know. Is that alright?"

"G-Got it." Shiron nodded. Now he could find a spot to get some food. The talk about starving reminded him of how fun it was to visit Magnus' bakery. "I'm gonna get some snacks for us, can you wait? I'm sure we can plan something."

Liz turned back, facing the entrance of their office. "Meet me here in two hours."


One thing Shiron learned during the time he spent there—was it a week? Two? Probably two—was that he could count on Magnus for mental support. And food, but mostly support. And he could really use a break from that talk with Liz. It hit a little too close to home.

It had been a while, too, and now the streets weren't so empty. Shiron simply followed the smell of food, feeling like he could almost fly, like he was in a cartoon.

Well, that was impossible, but the thought was there. Shiron followed along the streets, smiling more the closer he got to that place. And he got just in time! Magnus was opening the bakery with a key, wearing that little apron he always wore.

"Heya!" Shiron appeared from behind, grinning. "Howdy, Mag Mag! Or Magnus. Sorry, I'm bad with nicknames."

"Gah!" Magnus nearly jumped, if he wasn't used to Shiron just appearing out of nowhere. "H-Heya, Shiron. How're you doing? I'm just opening the place up, I take it you're here for the usual?"

"Yup. And for a talk, if you wanna!" Shiron smiled, but then began to stutter. "C-Cuz… don't need to talk to me if you don't."

"You're my friend. Why would I not want to talk to you?" Magnus raised a brow, opening the door. "Just need to set some stuff up, turn on the fridge, but yeah, we can talk. You'll want the usual, right?"

"Chocolate cake…" Shiron rubbed the drool off of him. "That's right! You know me really well."

"Alright. Won't take too long, I promise!"

Too long definitely didn't mean "half an hour", as that was the time Shiron took waiting, sitting on a table all on his own. But eventually, Magnus came, holding a large slice of chocolate cake, along with oran juice, on a black platter.

"Here ya go!" Magnus put it down, and then sat. "Alright, what's up?"

"...Workplace competition's tomorrow." Shiron said, already eating half of the cake. "It's putting a lot of pressure on me, feel like I can't fail—if I do, I'm letting everyone down."

And if I let everyone down, they'll abandon me…

Magnus smiled softly, shaking his head. "You're not letting anyone down! It's gonna be alright, Shiron, just wait! Even if you guys lose, it's not like it's the end of the world, right? Besides, the rules are: whoever wins three times first wins."

"Yeah, yeah, I know…" he sipped a bit of the juice, pouting. "Seems like Liz'll be my partner for this. She's scary."

"I get that, honestly.' Magnus nodded. He noticed the cake was already gone, and sweat dripped. "Errr… I believe in you! You saved my little bro, that's enough for me. And if you don't believe in yourself… how about believing in me?"

Why does that sound like it's from an anime… do they even have it here? Shiron blinked, sipping the rest of his juice at once. "I get it, I really do. Liz said my best won't be enough, and I dunno. I kinda heard that enough in my life already. I think she feels the same way."

"Then make use of that, buddy! She gets how you feel, and together, you can win and kick that Golem's ass!" Magnus smiled, wagging his tail "...Metaphorically speaking."

Can this guy stop being so good and friendly for five minutes? I can't take this. Shiron smiled in return. "Alright, I'll try to train more. Before I go, can I take some slices for them? Promise I won't eat 'em all!"



Magnus sighed. "Okay, I believe you. But tell you what, I'm gonna prepare snacks myself, and I'll take it to them when it's break time."

Shiron gave him a thumbs-up. "Fine by me! Before I go… can I have more cake?"

"...Yeah, yeah you can."

"We aren't changing anything." Nick crossed his arms, stern. "Liz, there's a reason we decided you should pair up with him."

Liz huffed. We? That meant her Highness and the Riolu both did it. Behind her back. Of course.

"...May I ask what that reason is?"

"I wanted you to get a friend." Terry said bluntly, shrugging. "Nick said it was a good way of getting you to bond."

Nick leaned against the wall, smirking. "And I was right. Besides, it's good for team building and all that jazz."

"Hmph." Liz grumbled, looking down. "Shiron is too kind. I do not believe he has what it takes to win. Yet, you, Riolu, seem to trust him. And Sire…"

"They saved us," the prince added, blinking. "It's the least we can do! And I feel like if we stay, I'll be able to learn more about the world than I did at home… so yeah, even if we lose, and I know that you hate losing, we can still all be friends!"

She bit her lip. Friends… something never necessary. Not for someone like her. Liz thought Shiron was the same, but he wanted friends. There was something different about them.

"I just do not understand how me and him could make a successful team." Liz sighed, eyeing Terry. She had an unusual soft expression, even for how much he knew her. "...I need to trust him, correct? That is hard, but… if you two are able to trust him, then I will do my best. Even if it is not enough."

"Good. That brings us to our next topic…" Nick rubbed his chin, thinking. "How to win this in an effective way. We don't know what they're planning, but we can try to maximize you and Shiron's strengths."

Terry nodded. "Yup, so, uh, Liz, mind sharing your strengths? Might be useful, you know."

"My strengths…" Liz began to wonder, taking a seat. Her mind, like the office, was mostly empty. It was harder to think than she expected, like trying to find someone in a large crowd.

As a Roselia, she was equipped with tools that could incapacitate. Poison powder, for one. Sleep powder, stun powder… she could use all of them in the competition. Hm, she was good at supporting, but had access to more damaging attacks, like Leaf Blade. She could use a decoy, which was effective at distracting opponents.

"A little of everything, I suppose," she finally said, nodding. "I am not sure how to describe it, but since Shiron is not trained, I can try to support him. Or rather… I must, if we are to have a chance. He is not so reliable in terms of combat."

"If there's even combat to be had…" Nick muttered. True, they all expected combat to be a part of it, but it wasn't certain. Who knew what those guys had going on. "...If not, we can try coming up with a plan B. Maybe you should find him and train? I think Shiron tried training with Ronan, but I'm not sure how well that went."

As they were talking, the door creaked open, and Shiron popped in, holding a large bag of sweets from Magnus' bakery. He already had a donut stuck in his mouth, and was currently chewing on it.

"Perfect. Just who I wanted." Liz stood up. "Shiron, I would like to spar with you. For some hours, at least. So I can have an idea of how you fight, and so we can plan our strike tomorrow."

"W-Whoa, whoa! Slow down!" Shiron shoved the donut down, coughing. "S-Sparring? I… I guess I could do that. After this snack, I mean."

Liz nodded. "Perfect! We shall spar until the sun sets. And… word of advice? I will not hold back."

Terry waved. "She really won't! You gotta take care! Nick, maybe you should prepare some orans, just in case."

"Can do."

With that plan, the quartet set out to do another training session, extending for most of the hours they had left that day.

Another day, another opportunity to fail at everything Shiron set out to do! He groggily got off his bed, yawning and rubbing his eyes. Today was the day. Their contest was starting, and obviously, his heart had already turned into a ticking time bomb the more he thought about it.

I can't lose. I won't lose. Need to win, need to be worthy… if I don't win, it means I'm not! Shiron frowned, his gills drooping down. …And if I win, I'm still not worthy, because it's just gonna be luck. It's always been luck, hasn't it? Lucky to die, lucky to be reborn, to find friends… always luck. Never a sign of me being anything other than meaningless garbage.

Shiron sat down, tugging his scarf again. His mind began to drift apart, far, far away from anything resembling this world, these people. No… he was thinking of a different life entirely.

Of his hometown, Lilycove, of that region full of water, of everything he once knew. Of a day, oh so many years ago, when he was just a child. Ten years old, he remembered well. Just a child.

It was a stormy night, Shiron remembered. He was hiding under a bed, inside a room shared by many other children. Children that left, being taken by their new moms and dads, some with two moms, some with two dads, others with just one of the two. But never him. Never, never him.

And he sniffled. His hands—human hands—were pulling away at his hair as he screamed, trying to understand why everyone else but him could find a family. Was it something wrong with him? It had to be. If he was a good son, then he wouldn't be there, at that orphanage. If he was good, someone would have adopted him by now.

Shiron wasn't good. His heart sank, and he began to cry, right there, under the bed. Dreaming about a future that would never come, because why would it? He was always alone, and Shiron would always be alone.

He heard footsteps, barely, his crying muffing them out. Shiron trembled. Could it be…? There wasn't anyone else in the room but him, as all the kids had left already. It had to be! But… it couldn't."

"This one hasn't been visited by many. Are you sure—?" Shiron recognized the voice as belonging to the headmaster.

A second voice grumbled. "My wife and I have decided. We want him."

…They want me?

Shiron crawled out of the bed, coughing up some dust and standing up. He rubbed more dust off his shirt and waited, still shaking. The door slowly creaked open, revealing a large man, well in his forties, wearing a tuxedo. The man eyed him intensively, like he was having second thoughts. His face looked weary and old. Very old.

"...Hello, child. My name is—ah, it doesn't matter. From this day onward, I am your father. Is that okay?"

He didn't even need to react, jumping straight ahead to hug the man, tears flowing down his face without any resistance. "Y-Yes, yes, please!"

The man didn't smile in return. All he did was lightly tap Shiron's head. "Come with me, I already made arrangements. You will be very useful, or I will make you useful."

Useful! Shiron was useful! He liked to think so! It had to be the case! He wanted it to be the case. With his new family, new home… Shiron wanted to be useful.

Oh, how he was wrong. And how long did it take for him to find out? From ten years old to… fifteen. Five years to realize that nothing in his life came for free. He grumbled, remembering one particular incident, one that he wanted to forget, to erase from every corner of his mind.

A hot, summer day. Shiron was in his room, a large, open room, with a bed, a table for studying, and a closet. His windows were open, though with that unbearable heat, it hardly mattered.

As a matter of fact, he was studying, Shiron could remember that much. A subject, math, probably, something that was hard to grasp.

Honestly, calling it studying would be a compliment. Shiron was, at most, trying to, but it was hard to focus with the hunger he felt, with how thirsty and tired he was.

So many formulas, so many numbers, letters… and some symbols he never even heard of! It didn't help that he smelled something being baked outside.

"The square root… I can't—what even is this? I don't understand a single thing!" Shiron panted, feeling his stomach growl. He looked at the door. Could he…? "Dad? Can you let me out? I-I haven't finished studying, but I'm hungry! And—well, if I starve to death, I can't be useful to you!"

No reply.

"Dad? Can you hear me?! I know someone's there! I-I'll be good! I'll finish this after I eat! P-Please!"

Still nothing.

The growl got worse. Shiron hazily hopped off the chair, panting. "D-Dad… dad, please. You can't—just let me out! Please, dad, please!"

Shiron fell on his knees. Tears rolled down again, and for a moment, he thought about trying to drink them, to not let that tiny bit of water go to waste.

He did it, but that didn't help. They were salty, and only made it worse. He kept crying, more, more. Hoping for something to change.

Finally, Shiron heard footsteps, quick, angry footsteps. He instantly stopped crying, holding back the tears as the door opened. His father… he was there, holding a whip on his right hand.

"I already told you… you're only leaving when I say you can. Do I need to teach you a lesson, kid? I don't expect anything other than perfection out of you."

"D-Don't need… to teach me a lesson. I-I'll… I'll try… just please… let me ea—"

The whip hit his hands, and Shiron fell to the ground, screaming.

Shiron snapped back to reality after hearing Nick close the door in a hurry. The Marshtomp panted, now seeing he was sweating through all possible pores.

"Heya—" Nick quirked a brow. "...I'd ask if you're alright, but huh, maybe not. Bad dream? Bad… human dream?"

"Something like that, yeah." Shiron stood up, slowly, checking in to see if he really was alright. Yup, still a Marshtomp. And no signs of his… father. Yikes. "We're getting ready?"

Nick nodded. "You overslept, but uuh, pretty much," he offered a paw. "C'mon! We gotta meet the others at the office! With that training you got yesterday, things should be easier!"

Easier, huh? Shiron thought. An intrusive thought was creeping in, he just knew it. …No. I suffered. I really suffered, can't deny that. That's why I'm here—why I'm gonna be a hero. So nobody suffers the same way I did.

"...Why are you standing there? Dude, c'mon."

Shiron followed him outside the room, and then, outside the house. On their way to HQ, he let the breeze course through him. Once a gentle breeze now was an oppressive one, that reminded him of home. Shiron frowned; he had to win. Nothing mattered other than perfection. A hero had to be perfect.

He looks odd… or, feels odd. Nick twitched his sensors, frowning, and cursing his inability to be accurate. …I can't feel it well, maybe I'm wrong? Honestly, let's hope I'm wrong. And if I'm not, that Shiron opens up about what's bothering him so much…

They soon arrived at the office, already seeing their teammates—Liz, in particular, seemed a little wary, her flowers even looked a tad tittered. Shiron frowned after seeing it. He couldn't help but worry.

"We're all here!" Nick said, tapping Shiron's back. "And up early! Well, at least you guys are. Where's the rest of them?"

"Didn't get here yet," Terry shook his head. "Amelia, Audrey and Magnus are inside. Magnus is making some cake, I think?"

For once, Shiron didn't immediately start feeling hungry. That could wait. "Okay, then. We should get ready?"

Liz nodded. She was all but ready, but it'd take a million years before she told anyone that. The training the day before alleviated some of her worries, but some of them were still there. How much the wound on her back hurt just by thinking they could lose.

Maybe Shiron could help. She did feel like he was a kindred spirit, with similar experiences to her own.

Experiences… Liz closed her eyes, reminiscing. The wound ached, and she felt like it was just yesterday she got that scar. She remembered it all, how it happened. It kept aching, even as she closed her eyes, grunting.

They were gone. Her new teammates. Instead, Liz saw a grassy, open field, where she stood at one side. On the other, she saw an Accelgor, adopting a battle stance. She knew this moment very well, a minor—major test of strength.

"Remember, Elizabeth." Accelgor said, crossing his arms and giving her a stern look. "We are members of the royal guard. Our lives are meaningless compared to the King. You are to lay down your life if it means protecting the heir."

Liz—Elizabeth nodded. She was well aware of the implications of this job, this duty of hers. "I understand, master. My job, my life is for the Prince."

"Good." Accelgor nodded, extending both his arms. "Then prove it to me. Show me your determination to protect him."

The Roselia stepped forward, charging. Accelgor grunted, dusty spikes protruding from his palms. He threw them, scattering all across the ground.

"Ah… You will need to do better than that." Elizabeth jumped in mid-air, spinning and readying her rose. It released a green powder that crackled with static. She spinned, making the powder cover more ground, spreading more evenly across the arena.

"Good. Stunning your opponents, preventing them from acting. But do you have the strength that it takes to—" As soon as the spores hit him, Accelgor faded into nothingness.

Elizabeth bit her lip, falling on her feet. Him disappearing could mean a few things. Double Team, Quick Attack, Purs—

Something struck her from behind, knocking her away. The Roselia spun, creating vines that stuck to the ground, stopping her from being pushed back further. However, this made Elizabeth touch the spikes and grunt in pain. Accelgor's body glowed with dark energy.

"Pursuit, hm? I should have expected as much."

"There is merit to paralyzing your adversary, but if they hit you before that… then it is pointless. Put more heart into it, Elizabeth. You are a proud bodyguard; act like one!"

First, I must get rid of those spikes… or perhaps… use them to my advantage.

Elizabeth ran, wrapping as many of the spikes as she could with vines, and then spun, launching them towards Accelgor. His eyes widened, dodging as many as he could. It left him open for an attack, and Liz took this opportunity to close in the distance to wrap her vines around his body, sucking his energy into herself.

"Well done," he said, raising an arm in the air. A single star made of energy formed, and was launched at her, cutting through the vines like they were nothing. Elizabeth jumped back to avoid being hit herself, and screamed, feeling the pain of being cut open.

"...That was nothing," she panted. Her gambit cost her some energy, and Accelgor was barely hurt at all. She had to think of a way to turn the tides, and fast.

"Quick reflexes, a sharp brain that adapted to another attack. You are doing well, Elizabeth." Accelgor nodded. "...But can you keep up? I will no longer hold back."

Liz simply smiled. "Come at me, then."

Just like she requested, Accelgor charged, moving in zigzag, then began spinning around Elizabeth. While he did so, Accelgor buzzed loudly, creating a shockwave that spread through multiple directions in order to hit her. She was hit by each one of the bug's buzzing, grunting. But she didn't give up.

My best…

Elizabeth waited, waited, and heard. She could do this, predict his next move. So Liz waited, focusing on nothing more than her hearing, and found the moment, making her grin. She shot a vine straight to her right, hitting Accelgor instantly.

"Not bad."

"Hmph." Liz pulled him closer with one arm, and with the other, her rose sprouted a seed, which she launched, making it explode right as it came into contact with Accelgor. Liz retreated the vines.

"I won." Elizabeth exclaimed, smiling. "...Was that it? Have I proved my worth to you, mas—"

She screamed in pain as something struck her from behind, Liz falling to the ground, shouting.

"Arrogant, full of yourself." Accelgor said, watching the Swift star dissipate. "...No, you lost. Despite your best efforts, you lost, Elizabeth."

"W-What? You coward, you attacked me from beh—"

Another star struck, but this time, the ground, only inches away from her.

"A savvy warrior uses all his tools." He said, bluntly. "...That is all. I am sorry, Elizabeth. But you do know what this means, don't you? To lose. You are unworthy."

"Unworthy… no." Liz stood up, slowly. "I can still fight. I will fight. It is what I was born for, and it is what I live for. I will prove my worth."

"Elizabeth." Accelgor demanded, furious. Liz simply stuttered, bowing slowly.

"...Good. I believe you know what this means."

"I… I do, Master." Liz turned around, her back facing Accelgor's front.

Accelgor's palm began to drip with poison; it coated that area in its entirety. Thick, purple poison. "I apologize, Elizabeth. But some warriors only learn through pain. I hope it makes you understand me. This mark will remain with you for as long as you live."

Elizabeth trembled, if only for a moment. She was ready for it. She had to be. Accelgor approached, touching her back with his poison-coated hand. She screamed, feeling the poison erode her. Ironically, since normally it would hardly give her this much pain. Accelgor—her master was much stronger, and this technique proved it.

She was weak. Pathetically weak. It was no surprise she didn't succeed, but that didn't mean she was accepting it. Elizabeth held back the tears; showing this type of emotion to her master and mentor would only make things worse. Besides, she knew he was right.

Liz remembered this day, so many years ago… how long? Five, no six, probably six, and how much it shaped her personality, her devotion to protecting Terry, and her drive to win at any cost. She opened her eyes, now back to that familiar area with the other teammates. Her eyes burnt with fire and determination. They would win.

"...These guys sure are taking their time showing up, huh?" Nick flicked his ears. If only he was able to sense them… but alas. "Maybe they gave up! Who knows, they could be coming in with a white flag to offer a peace sign."

"Doubt it," Shiron frowned. Honestly, he wanted that to be the case. But the previous encounters told him it wasn't the case. It'd never be the case.

And then, they finally came… Daichi, Jackett, and Onyx. Daichi wrapped a blue bandanna around his right arm, and once he saw Nick and Shiron, grinned.

"There they are!" Terry said, still keeping up the smile. "Think we can start this soon!"

Liz stepped forward, flicking her cape. "We can. I am warning you… I do not intend to hold back at all. I will achieve victory, and grasp it with my own…! Roses…"

She looked down, feeling her face start to heat up. How embarrassing

Shiron walked next to her, trembling. "W-We're gonna win. I'm doing my best, okay? I know we talked about it before, L-Liz, but this time I mean it. I'm gonna help! I'm not strong, o-or smart like you and Nick, or a prince like Terry… all I can really do is give it my all."

Onyx picked her hat, throwing it in mid-air and catching it without any effort. "Well, partners, we'll see about that."

Liz bit her lip. "...Your all. You keep saying that. Yet, I have—hm. Perhaps I should trust you more. At least a little more."

Daichi snapped a finger. "Jackett, will you do me the honors?"

The Beedril buzzed, nodding. "Of course. The rules are simple: we put a flag on the beach, and the contestants… Onyx and who—?"

Liz pointed at Shiron. "Me and him."

"Very well. You three will race to the beach. Whoever brings the flag back first wins."

"Sounds pretty simple, right?" This time, the Golem intervened, raising his hand. "You're allowed to use moves, as long as it's not like… Quick Attack, Extremespeed. Those are ruled out, alright? And 'course, you can fight! Just don't kill anyone."

"I ain't a murderer," Onyx put her hat on. "And that'll do it. Think I'm good to go, if y'all are too."

Nobody even called her that. Weird. Nick looked at his Marshtomp—human friend. "C'mon, Shiron! We'll be here, waiting for you!"

Terry's tail wagged. "Liz, you did an incredible job protecting me, you got this!"

Shiron tugged his scarf. I can do this… I can do this… we can—we can, I'm sure we can.

"I am ready." Liz smirked. Despite how obsessed she was with winning, this was nice. She missed a challenge like this, a chance to test her skills, to show off how strong she really was. If she had blood, it would be pumping.

"If you three are ready, then let's start the countdown." Jackett raised his arm in the air. "Five, four, three…"

With every second that passed, Shiron's heart beat. This was fine, he was fine. There was no use in letting his anxiety get the better of him. They could do this!

"Two… one… ready… GO!"

With those words ringing in all their minds, the three contestants sped up, running with all they had.

Apparently, Onyx had more than them. Her speed was higher, and she had the advantage of not having to deal with teammates to slow her down.

How Liz wished she could say that. Shiron was slow, sluggish, and had to stop to breathe every few seconds. At this rate, they'd be biting the dust sooner rather than later.

"W-Wait, Liz! They said we could fight…. y-you think we can try something?"

"Y'all are free to!" Onyx gave them a quick look, and continued running. They were at one of the streets now, moving closer to the center of the village.

Shiron frowned. "...How good are you at adapting?"

"I like to think a lot. Why?"

"Cuz of this!" Shiron inhaled as much air as he could, then unleashed a stream of frosty wind towards Ony—rather, the ground she was standing on.

Although short, it managed to distract her, as she had to shake off the bits of ice stuck to her. Liz readied her flowers, watching them turn into grassy blades, and she fired them while Onyx was busy removing the ice.

"What the—" Onyx roared, flames streaming out and burning the blades to a crisp. "Heh. Not bad, not bad! Didn't think y'all would think of something like that."

None of the attacks hit her, but Shiron still had a smile on his face; Onyx stopped running. If they could keep this up…

"...My master once told me that a savvy—"

"Liz, duck!"


Onyx rushed forward, trying to slash away at Liz. Shiron stepped in front, taking the hits without a single complaint. He resisted it all, retaining the smile. Shiron opened his mouth to release more icy wind, hitting the Charmeleon's face.

"Don't… hurt my friend!"

Onyx jumped back, hissing. She grinned "...Good plan, I'll give you that much. Constant attacks. Good. But there's more to fights than just strength! Or like… there's other types of strength. One of them is called: strategic retreating!"

She inhaled, bursting a single, black ball that split open into a large smokescreen. Shiron closed his eyes, grunting, while Liz cringed, covering her face with her roses.

"Damn it… Shiron, I remember the layout. If we keep heading forward, we can catch up!"

"Took the words outta my mouth," Shiron grunted, running ahead, pulling Liz with him.

They soon managed to escape the smoke, only a few more feet until they entered the center. Onyx was still far ahead, much to their disdain. Shiron panted, thinking.

"...Liz, I'm pretty strong. You think I can throw you really far?"

"I will abstain myself from replying. That is not an ideal plan." Liz said, but then she actually started to consider it. With a grunt, she slowly nodded. "...Yet, it is the only plan we have."

"Ready or not, here I come!" Shiron grabbed her back, aimed as far as his eye could see, and launched Liz forward.

She screamed in the air, landing very close to Onyx, but not quite. Liz stood up, dizzy, watching the Charmeleon look at her and chuckle.

"Whoa. I didn't think you guys were that crazy." She turned back. "...But I don't got time to waste talking to all y'all, so see ya!"

Liz grunted, extending a vine and wrapping it around Onyx's feet just as she was about to leave, making her trip and fall.

"A-At least… I… I… am not named after a different Pokémon entirely!"

Yes! Liz said something mean! Onyx better watch out!

…Her face turned a deep shade of green. Liz regretted saying those words the second they came out of her mouth.

"That's not my name, dipshit." Onyx slashed away the vine, standing up. "...Daichi gave it to me. I don't even have a name. Ask him, for all I care."

"...That makes no sense!" Shiron said, finally catching up to them. And his luck ran out, so he fell to the ground, panting, face full of dirt and mud.

"What are you talking about?" Liz tilted her head. Weird thing to say, especially to her adversaries.

"Doesn't matter. You guys want to win, I wanna win, let's cut the chit-chat already." Onyx's nostrils flared up with smoke. "I'm not taking it easy anymore. Can't disappoint Daichi. Not now, not ever!"

Disappoint… Shiron coughed out the dirt on his mouth. So she had a reason to win like they had? Seemed like everyone had their reasons. His was… helping everyone. Being a hero. Just thinking about it flared up his own determination.

"Well, I'm not losing to the likes of you!" Shiron proclaimed, punching the ground with his left fist. He roared, shooting balls of mud out of his mouth.

"Tch!" Onyx jumped back again, just in time to dodge another mud ball. "Huh… didn't think you were capable of that. Is that… the extent of your determination?"

"Shiron, will you please inform me if you know any other moves?"

"I know what now?" Shiron blinked, confused. All he really did was focus and try to strike… he didn't know he could do that. Like most things. Note to self: try and thank Xerneas later.

"But to answer your question… yes, that is our extent!" Liz rushed in, trying to whip with her vines, only for Onyx to torch a few of them. Still, she ignored the pain and continued on, screaming. No matter the pain, no matter how much it hurt, she pressed on.

Onyx cringed. They were different, different than what she thought. This team… they weren't so bad, were they? Maybe they had what it took.

Regardless of her thoughts, she still planned on winning. She couldn't lose. "For Daichi, I'd do anything. Bring it on, you overgrown weed!"

Liz jumped, slashing with multiple vines, some that Onyx dodged, but most of them were burnt. The Roselia grunted, but kept pressing forward, her body splitting into two. It was time for the decoy to attack, while the real Liz began to take in the energy of the ground beneath her to heal.

"Tch, coward!" Onyx's mouth burst with flames, incinerating the substitute completely, and she soon set her sights towards Liz, who, due to being ingrained, could hardly do anything to dodge.

Shiron watched it, his heart beating faster and faster. He kept watching, seeing more fire begin to form around the Charmeleon's mouth. His eyes widened, and his body—it moved, even without him trying, all on its own. With speed he never knew he had, with more strength that he thought possible… Shiron ran, stopping in front of Liz just as Onyx unleashed the flames.

Needless to say, he began to scream in pain, his scales burning, even his scarf was damaged by it. Despite all of it, Shiron never budged or moved, taking in the full power of the attack just so Liz didn't.

Even when the flames settled down, he remained there, standing still. Onyx panted, staring at him in complete disbelief, not even able to say a single word.

"Don't… d-don't… don't hurt… my friends!"

"Shiron… why?" Liz shouted, watching him. "You idiot! You did not need to do that! W-Why?!"

"You and I… we're not so different." Shiron chuckled, mustering strength to grab on to his scarf, or what remained of it. "...Besides, we're teammates, and friends. We look after one another, till the end of the line."

"...You're an odd one." Onyx said. She definitely had the time to keep going while the two talked, but for some reason… she didn't want to. "I know of some that would simply leave their friends to die to save their own skin. And yet, you didn't do any of that."

"T-That's cuz… cuz that type of person isn't who I am." Shiron said, hissing from the pain. "...A-And besides, you didn't need to ask the reason why. You're still with us, despite us being your opponents. O-Or your enemies. You're not so bad… yourself."

Liz opened her mouth, then looked at Onyx. The Charmeleon tried to speak, but only a stutter came out. It looked like she also didn't know why she stood there.

"I… I'm conflicted." Onyx replied. "But… I think you have a good heart."

I would… would I do the same for him? Liz wondered, unsure. "For one to be a hero, they must have a good heart."

"Yeah, that's really obvious." Shiron said, chuckling, only to grunt afterwards. "And you're weird, Onyx. Think we all are, my friends, and yours."

"What? Daichi's not my friend. He's my tra—" She shut herself up, before something larger spilled out. "...But I understand what you mean. Look, for what is worth, I think you two won, regardless of picking the flag or not."

Shiron blinked. Right, the flag! They had to get it, soon. And where were they, anyway? He stopped looking, focusing on fighting.

…At the beach already? Or at the hill that led to it, at least. So if he could at least hold off Onyx, then maybe Liz would be able to grab the flag!

"That being said, I can't just give up on this, so… my bad." Onyx shrugged, turning around and getting ready to bolt. Before she could, she felt the same vines from before. Weaker, but still there.

"We will not quit either. I am doing this… until my last breath." Liz said, retreating the roots on the ground. She had been healed enough, anyway. "Victory will be ours!"

"So determined…" the Charmeleon hissed, pulling the vines, and by extension, Liz, closer to her. "Let's see just how much of it is worth a damn!"

Shiron tried to attack again, but he gasped in pain, falling to the ground. No, no, no! Get up, body! Get up, please get up!

With the rest of his strength, Shiron fired another mud ball, hitting Onyx without much resistance, if at all. This set Liz free.

"Go! Don't worry about me, just grab it and run, Liz!"

Onyx rubbed the mud off and ran after Liz, the latter already on her way to the beach, finally setting sights on the flag. Shiron roared, rolling down the hill. If he didn't have power, he'd just use physics to get to them!

Liz rolled on the ground, dodging another fire blast, it almost hit her cape, and she pressed on. Closer to the flag, closer to victory. Meanwhile, Shiron had rolled far enough he could clearly see the water, an idea popped in his mind.

"L-Liz! Grab it! I know what to do!" Shiron focused, like the day before, with the training, with Ronan's words echoing in his mind. Water slowly streamed from the ocean into his arm, shaping into that familiar drill.

"Very well!" She hesitated for a moment, struggling to think if she should trust him. Liz did.

Onyx got on all fours, and pounced on Liz. She was one inch away, when—

Shiron rammed against the Charmeleon with his drill, sending them both into the side. They both grunted and screamed from the injuries, while Liz watched it happen.

She turned back, eyes locked on the flag. On that white flag that flowed with the wind. Liz could catch it, there was no resistance left, nothing that would prevent her from doing so.

Words rang inside her head. What Onyx said before, that she'd do anything for Daichi. That level of trust… she had that with Terry.

"What're you doing? Liz!"

"I…" she reached a vine to the flag, close, but not touching it. "...Char—Onyx. You said we have won, correct?"

"If it was up to me—get off!" She shoved Shiron aside and got up, nostrils flaring. "...Yes."

"Shiron, you said you and I are the same." Liz took a look at him, frowning. "...I have reasons to believe Onyx is too."

"You do…? B-But the game!"

"I know, I know!" Liz stepped back, grunting. "Trust me! I… trusted you. I am asking you to do the same."

Shiron blinked. She asked a simple thing. Well, not simple, but… Shiron gulped, nodding slowly. "A-Alright."

"...I cannot believe that I want to say this, but… Onyx." Liz stared at her, moving aside. "Take the flag. You won this challenge."

Onyx's eyes widened. Was that some sort of prank? Were they backstabbing her the moment she let her guard down? "...I don't understand."

"Neither do I. I have someone I would do anything for as well. And they would tell me…" Liz muttered. "That there are other types of victory."

"Other… types of victory?" Shiron whispered. This was a loss. But… it didn't sting as much as he thought it would.

Onyx sighed, walking to the flag and grabbing it. "Alright, weed. I'll respect your wishes. You'll have to tell me more about this someone."

Liz finally turned to Shiron. "I will help you walk. We need to go back to the others."

He couldn't agree more. Shiron slowly stood up, much to his own surprise. "Let's… just go."

Eventually, the trio returned to the starting spot, where everyone was. Daichi was the first to notice them, specifically, the flag on Onyx's hand. His crooked smile grew.

"Nice! You did it! Was it a piece of cake or not?"

Onyx bit her lip and shook her head. "Nope. These guys are tougher than I thought. You should've seen 'em. I'm lucky to have grabbed this thing."

Nick made his way towards Shiron, as did Terry. Both of them looked more worried than disappointed.

"...You alright? Your scarf's all burnt up." Nick rubbed his arm, gulping.

Terry eyed his bodyguard with a frown. "Liz? Sorry you lost, but we'll get them next time!"

"Yes, yes we will." She managed to smile at Shiron, who simply nodded at Nick's question.

"When's the next time anyway?" Shiron pulled away from Liz, sitting down. "Daichi? When's the next time?"

The Golem wondered for a moment, still smiling. "Let's say a week! We got the advantage now! Heh!"

"Good luck, y'all." Onyx gave them a thumbs-up, flicking her tail.

"We will meet again," the Beedrill buzzed, flying away, while his teammates walked downhill.

Shiron sighed in relief. "Thanks, Liz."

"Here." Liz wrapped vines around Shiron's left arm. Her equivalent of a handshake. "...I did not consider this before, Shiron, but… perhaps we can be friends, after all."

Shiron shook her vines with a bright, goofy smile on his face. "Thank you! We're gonna win next time! I just know it!"

"If I hear the word 'win' one more time today, I might just throw up…" she grunted. "...But yes, we will. For now, you need to recover."

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to get you a better scarf." Nick lightly tapped Shiron's back. "Let's go inside, Magnus made us lunch."

A loss was a loss. Shiron figured things would only get harder from now on, but… he had friends. He could count on them, for sure.
Chapter 9 - Just Live More


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Chapter 9 - Just Live More

Stay strong, my wings, don't let me go.

I can make it. I'm not on my own.

Keep flying on through the day.

On my love!

"More! Put your heart into it!"

A Beedrill buzzed, dodging countless rocks thrown in his direction. His face dripped with sweat, but with swift, precise movements, none of the rocks managed to hit him. In fact, his stinger began spinning like a drill, piercing through all of them in quick succession.

Soon enough, he landed on the ground, smirking, watching as the tiny bits of rubble fell around the arena. With the moon in the sky, one could see the large, rocky arena, borders marked with white paint.

"Good job," a Golem clapped his hands. Daichi. "But uh, maybe you oughta be faster. If this was home, we'd have lost against that Steelix. If he even had one."

"It's not home," Jackett raised a brow. "...Well, it's our new home, but I was talking about… you know."

"Viridian Forest," the Golem replied with a nod. "Well, maybe one day we can go back, or nah. Don't exactly want to go back."

Jackett nodded. "...Don't want it either. I like being here. And following your orders is as natural as it gets."

"Speaking of orders…" Daichi snapped a finger. "We can go for another round. This time, I want you to focus on hitting me with the rocks. See if ya can launch them, hit 'em with Drill Run."

Jackett straightened himself, saluting like a soldier. "Yes. All in preparation for tomorrow, I take it?"

"Another mission, actually," he waved the bug off. "We received it yesterday, has to do with some meteor storm sightings. Very nasty, they want us to investigate."

"Meteor… storms?" Jackett tilted his head. "Well… if the training needs to be rougher and tougher, then I'm ready for it."

"Good to hear! We're training 'til you can't stand!" Daichi cracked his knuckles, grinning widely. "Remember, Stone Edge hits real hard. Just don't get hit! I already got a plan, so when the time's right, I'll let you know!"

"Don't get hit. Easy." Jackett's wings began to buzz, raising him from the ground as he readied his stingers. He flew back, giving some distance between the two.

"As they say in Kalos… en garde!" Daichi roared, sticking his hands deep inside the earth below. Without warning, thick chunks of rock burst out, all aimed at Jackett, flying with incredible speed.

En garde indeed… Jackett breathed, moving straight ahead, both of his stingers beginning to spin.

Everything appeared to slow down as he processed what to do, how to fight back. Perhaps he should wait for the order, but Jackett had devised something already.

Should he wait, should he go with his own plan? Whatever he decided, Jackett knew it had to be fast, otherwise he'd get hit anyway. And perhaps… what he needed to do was be brave, and take a chance.

"Alright… now all you gotta do is—"

He didn't wait. Jackett controlled the speed of his stingers, not too fast, not too slow. Enough that it could hit the rocks instead of destroying them. The Beedrill engaged, almost like a slap, sending them straight down, and avoiding a strike.

"What the fuck are you doing…?"

"I had a plan, and I wanted to try it." Jackett said, descending. "It worked, so there should be no issue."

"I'm the trainer, Jackett. You follow my orders," he grumbled, huffing. "...But uh, good job."

"Hm. Yeah, you're right…" he sighed. Jackett was planning on saying something in his defense, but he shut that idea away. He was just a soldier in Daichi's hive, anyway.

"This isn't over, by the way. You're still standing." Daichi grinned. "Let's keep goin'!"

Meanwhile, Shiron entered his new house, holding a bag of chips, or half of it. He closed the door behind him and yawned, following the sound of giggles coming from the living room.

Huh. Nick sounds happy. Despite that hilarious loss last week.

Shiron threw the bag in a trash can and continued to walk, making his way to where the giggles were.

In the living room, he saw Nick and Rowan, sitting on the couch together. On the other side… a TV?

They have TVs here? Shiron blinked. Not expected at all, but to be fair, it was a really old, analog TV. Still, how odd. And it wasn't there before, was it?

Nick flicked his ears, waving at his friend. "Hey Shiron! Grandpa bought this for us! C'mon!"

The Pangoro huffed, nodding. "...I am heading to a business trip soon, so I had the idea of buying one of them for you youngsters."

"Thanks, mister Rowan." Shiron smiled, heading to the couch with them. At least he had some form of entertainment there. Already much more than home, that was certain. Yeah… I don't miss Lilycove at all.

"And I've heard you two are heading to another challenge tomorrow?" Rowan turned to face them. "Good work. Despite your losses, you are still trying."

"Mhm. We're gonna win this time!" Nick raised an arm, clenching his fist. "We can! And we will! Thanks, gramps!"

"I'm proud of you, Nick." Rowan tapped his grandson's head softly. "Having dreams is wonderful, and working to fulfill them takes guts. Again, good work."

"G-Gramps, you're embarrassing me…"

Shiron didn't mind, focusing on the TV show. Like he thought, the images were black and white, but he did recognize a Meganium cuddling with a Feraligatr. Cute.

"Mister? You're gonna travel?"

Nick chuckled. "We'll be the mon of the house, Shiron!"

Shiron fidgeted with his fingers. "That's reassuring… if we don't throw any parties."

"Hmph." Rowan glared at Nick. "You are not to throw parties. Inviting your girlfriend is fine, just don't trash the house."

"We won't! Promise!" Nick saluted, putting the most serious expression he could. "Right, Shiron?"

"R-Right. It's a promise…"

Rowan scoffed again, and turned his attention back to the show. "Very well, and good luck with your competition. I trust you'll do just fine."

Shiron felt his gills droop. They lost last week, and this time… well, this time, losing was not an option.

The night was still young, even for a young prince.

Terry yawned, jumping on his bed. Now that he and Liz were part of a—awfully named—team, they had a place to live! And one that didn't involve leeching off of a nurse!

Their beds were small, but comfortable, coming with pillows and sheets. Although it was very different from the one he was used to as a prince, Terry didn't mind. Comfort existed regardless, and once he laid down, Terry never wanted to leave.

Liz was different. She turned, and turned, and turned again. Putting the sheet on, then taking it off, then trying it on again. She pouted, no position looked comfortable enough.

No matter how much she tried, something was always off. Whether it was too cold, too hot, or something in-between. Liz eventually sat down, huffing.

"...I should have asked for a pot. It is far more bearable than this," she eyed Terry, the dragon hugging his pillow tightly, like a child with a new toy. "Sire, how are you taking this so well?"

"Royalty sucks," he said, closing his eyes. "Ah… I feel free here, Liz. Free to be me, to be whatever I want! There's nothing holding me back anymore!"

"I see," Liz grunted, the wound on her back aching. "...I believe this is not the case for me. That little challenge was, hm, entertaining, but my life is to serve you."

For a moment, silence was the only thing between them. Liz tilted her head, realizing she just touched a nerve. Terry sat as well, sighing loudly.

"Your life is your own. We're free, Liz. We're free to make our own destinies!" Terry said, and Liz could see fire and determination in his eyes. "Royalty is just a word, it doesn't mean anything to me! It shouldn't to you, too!"

"Sire…" she trembled. "...Perhaps that is true, but it is hard to break free from such things."

"It is, isn't it?" The prince chuckled. "We have friends to help us! We have the whole world ahead of us! If it's you and me, then I'm sure we can, alright? Because you're my friend."

Friends. Liz laid down again, deciding to give sleeping in a bed another try. "...Speaking of, tomorrow is our next challenge. I assume you will attempt it this time?"

"Nick and me, yeah. We're all in this together, and honestly, he's a nice guy. A little less heroic and powerful than I thought he'd be, but nice nonetheless."

"Lucario are the heroes," she stated. "...Or at least, that is what the stories tell. Nicholas—Nick is different."

Terry smiled. "We can call him eccentric and it'd still be a good way to describe him."

"Well, Sire, we should sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day, and…"

"And I should be rested. Got it." Terry nodded, hugging the pillow again. So soft…

Liz looked at the wooden ceiling, wondering if she really could do anything she wanted, not bound by rules or duties to Terry.

And once his friend finally fell asleep, after hours that stretched into a never ending wait, Terry hopped off the bed, grinning. He put on the cape, taking deep breaths. Royalty was meaningless, yes, but the accessory was a nice gesture.

Well… this is a first.

He remembered the talk a few days prior, Nick offering to hang out at night, to find something they could enjoy, both for team building and as friends. Terry said yes without a second of hesitation.

Sneaking in wasn't even that hard, he'd done it before going off on the boat. Terry silently hoped Liz was a heavy sleeper, but in case she wasn't, he left a note right on top of his pillow, explaining everything.

Once he was out of the office, Terry began to giggle, walking away from the building. Only thing left was to meet with Nick and—


Oh. There he was. Terry tilted his head. "...You were just waiting for me?"

"Yup. Shiron invited Magnus to go watch some TV show with him, and Audrey's busy with some requests, so I'm here. Waiting. Or was here, waiting. And now I'm free."

"Huh, you guys are really busy with… fun things," his smile remained, growing. "I never had fun at home. It was all 'go study, Terry', 'you must learn etiquette, Terry', those things."

"Oh man, I'm sorry…" Nick chuckled, clapping his hands together. "Okay, then! What'd you wanna do? Wanna find some comic books to read, maybe check the ladies?"

"Comic books?" the prince tilted his head, wondering. The words were familiar, although he didn't quite know what that was. "...I like the name, we can do that! But also, what's a comic book?"

"Where do I start?" Nick made a fighting pose, punching the air. "Bam! Bonk! Stories where there's fights! Well, some don't have fighting, some are just about daily activities, but the ones I like have fighting! It's fiction! Like bedtime stories, but for older mons!"

Terry's eyes sparkled, his interest peaked. "Oh! I loved bedtime stories! I want to read a comic book! Take me there, this'll be fun!"

"Before we do…" Nick offered a closed fist. "Let's fist bump! Like true friends!"

"Fist… bump?"

"You bump my fist, and we do a funny lil handshake! Y'know, like friends!"

More sparkles appeared. Friends! He had a friend! And dad said he'd never have one! Because kings don't have friends. Kings must be detached from the subjects, but at the same time, work with them. A weird dichotomy.

Terry smiled more, showing his sharp teeth, and bumped a fist with Nick's. "Y-Yeah! Friends! We're gonna win that thing tomorrow, too!"

"Right! Think of this as a way for us to know each other before the fighting—if it's fighting, starts! We gotta be closer! And I gotta count on you to help me, right?"

Terry nodded repeatedly. "I can say for sure, Nick, you can count on me, now please, let's go! I wanna read a comic!"

Their first stop was a large building with open windows, revealing varioust stands with multiple comics in each of them, too far away for Terry to read the contents. Nick's tail wagged as they approached.

But before they entered, Terry heard a bell ringing, and saw an ice cream stand nearby. "...Did I mention I never had ice cream?"

"What? For real?" Nick gasped, flabbergasted by such a reveal.

He just stared, blushing. "...Maybe. I just want one, can we get it before we buy the comics?"

"I don't see why not, I was just surprised. If you wanna get ice cream, who am I to stop you, buddy?" Nick shrugged, changing directions to the stand.

The dancing Ludicolo that ran the stand began to dance harder once they were in his field of view. "Hello, hello! We have everything! From popsicles to sundaes!"

Terry wondered what flavor to pick. He never had gummies before, either. Didn't they make someone smarter? That was what some of the guards told him. It had to be a myth.

Myth or not, they sounded delicious. "I'll have rawst ice cream with sky gummies!"

Nick waved at the vendor. "Think I just want chocolate."

"...You can eat chocolate?"

Nick nodded. "Yup. I can't imagine a life without chocolate. Even if it killed me, I'd still eat it. Not to be dramatic…"

Terry blinked. Well, it was dramatic, but at least it didn't kill him to eat chocolate. Now he wondered what other things his parents told him that just weren't true. Probably a whole lot of them.

Nick paid for the ice cream, giving Terry the one he requested, and started licking his own. "Hm, little too dark for my tastes. And you—Terry?"

His friend's eyes had been completely overtaken by sparkles, and his thick tail swished nonstop. "It's so good! Why haven't I tried this before?!"

"Sheesh… at least you're not a food vacuum like Shiron is."

Nick finished his dessert and smiled, watching Terry eat the rest of his ice cream. "Alright, we can go now, yeah?"



The two walked again, entering the rather large store. Nick remained in place, arms crossed, and with a large grin on his face. He waited for Terry's reaction.

"Whoa!" the prince gasped, looking from left to right, top to bottom. Action figures, comics, toys, he saw it all! So much, in fact, Terry got dizzy, wondering where to start. "A-A little help?"

"Sure. What topics do you like? I can try givin' you stuff that's easy to digest, like… Spinarak-Mon."

Terry nodded, slowly. "What's that one about?"

"A Machop gets bitten by a Spinarak and gets the powers of one, which means, uh…" Nick scratched the back of his head. "It's weird. They turn into some weird Spinarak slash Machop hybrid."

"I can try that one. Sounds fun." Terry smiled. It did sound fun. "...I'll buy it."

Nick smiled in return. "Alright, we can buy you a few volumes. Hey, who knows? Maybe Liz can be indoctrinated in the Spinarak cult."

"Heh. Sounds a little impossible, but so does the comic! We'll see."

"Now lemme just…" Nick zipped open his satchel, grabbing some coins. "That's my allowance. Let's bust it up!"

One large bag later and the two left the store. Terry carried his bag with a large, goofy smile. His tail kept wagging.

"Think this was fun, and I got to know you a little better," Nick said, sighing in relief. "...Tomorrow's gonna be a big day, you should rest now."

"I plan to, don't worry," Terry nodded. "That means we'll meet tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, I need to go home too. See ya, Terry." Nick smirked, walking in the direction of his house.

Terry didn't wave, hands full, so instead, he shouted at the top of his lungs. "See you tomorrow, Nick!"

Jackett trained non-stop, for the entire night. And during the morning as well. He slashed away at rocks with his stinger, huffing and grunting, sweat dripping from every part of his body.

Even without feeling anything on his arms, he kept slashing, flying, fighting. All to become stronger.

A soldier protects his hive, he told himself. And he would protect it with his life if necessary. He'd win, and bring them glory and fame!

Jackett pointed a stinger at one of the rocks. It sharpened like a needle, and he rushed in, slashing the rock once, then twice, then another, another, and one final time. It did little to no damage, until he turned back, flicking his arm. The boulder was sliced into five parts.

"As suspected, it worked." Jackett said, grinning proudly. Of course it worked, it was a simple rock. No aura came from it, not that he could sense it, but he had a hunch it didn't possess any energy. "But it's not enough. I must become stronger… for the hive."

Jackett aimed at a boulder, the largest one of them all, and spun in the air, his entire body turning into a large drill, one that had a simple sense of direction, unable to turn back or move anywhere but forward. With one final grunt, he burst the large boulder open into nothing but rubble. He smiled, his wings stopped buzzing, and he fell on the ground, panting.

Can't… give up now! Jackett roared, forcing himself up, only to fall back down. His vision blurred, but he managed to hear someone calling out his name, and their pants, getting ever closer.

When he woke up, Jackett had a towel wrapped around his head, and a leppa berry was shoved inside his mouth.


"Shut up," Onyx said, sighing, her nostrils puffing with smoke. "Did ya try too hard? Daichi told me you two were training yesterday. Think you bit off more than you can chew."

"You shut up…" he buzzed, swallowing the berry, only for an oran to be shoved next. He ate that one as well, and laid down, grunting as he waited for the healing effects to kick in. "...We did, but the training ended early, he was called out for… something. A job, I think. So I decided to take matters into my own stingers."

"That's stupid. Why'd you do that? We can win against 'em."

"I know. For the hive."

"The hive…?" Onyx pouted. "We're teammates, not bugs. I mean, you are, but you get what I mean."

"Perhaps. Regardless of the outcome today, I believe I will grow stronger from it. It's what Daichi wants."

Onyx sat down, watching the arena, and what was left of the rocks. "...What about you? Is it what you want?"

"What I want…" Jackett bit his lip. "That is irrelevant. I follow orders. I don't have a future of my own, or dreams."

"The Marshtomp—all of 'em have a future ahead of them," she explained, smiling. "...I thought about a future for myself too, and who knows? Maybe you can figure something out, big guy."

"A future of my own…?" Jackett opened his mouth, thinking. He closed it not too long after, shaking his head. "...I don't know."

Later in the day, Shiron woke up earlier than usual, despite having no alarm. His body, or rather, his old, human body was used to waking early, or not sleeping at all. Or maybe, both.

In his room, he could see the sun was strong, and that the temperature was hot. Good thing his scarf was burnt, and that he didn't have the guts to seek out someone to knit it back.

Not the focus. I'll do that after…

Today was the day. Another challenge… whatever it was. Who was the genius that came up with them not being the ones deciding what the challenge was? Daichi would just make them do difficult things, like the race.

I say it's difficult, but I'm just slow… and chubby. Or I have large bones. Shiron poked his belly. It jiggled. "...Definitely not large bones."

Despite waking up early, Shiron found out he was alone in the house. With Rowan gone, it meant Nick had left before Shiron did.

Which meant he had to get out fast. Shiron hopped out of bed, stormed out the room, picking a piece of bread, quickly spreading jam on it, shoving the food inside his mouth, and then moved out of the house, barely being able to swallow the bread without choking on it.

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Not even Shiron knew he could run that fast. Not with his short legs. Maybe it was the spur of the moment, but he dashed across town, going through street after street, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust behind him.

Damn it! If I could use Liquidation… what did the old man say last time he saw me?

Shiron mumbled. Right. "You are unbelievably untrained. This is unprecedented. A water-type with no control. With a few lessons, you should be ready."

Well, it wasn't his fault he was untrained, right? But now he could be. Bah! Not now, brain!

Before long, he was on the verge of reaching the office, already seeing that familiar hill. And, on the edge of it, that familiar… Houndoom.

Huh? Shiron stopped to catch his breath and wonder if he should talk to the guy. "H-Hey! Mister Ivan!"

"Hm?" he turned back, smiling. "Ah, it's the youngster from before? How is your training going? Did you have any advancements?"

"More or less. Teach scolded me for being untrained." Shiron frowned, looking at his left hand. "Said it never happened before, that all water-types have at least some control and can use moves just by channeling their aura, and other stuff like that."

Ivan sat on all four legs. "Well, that is true. But do you believe you will never reach that level?"

"I—hey, don't put words in my mouth! But… yeah, I don't. Seems like that won't happen."

"Ronan is one of the best teachers you could ask for. I am sure you will achieve mastery over water." Ivan said. Not angry, or disappointed. Shiron didn't think one could look as hopeful while also acting so stern.

"...Really?" Maybe that was true, and Shiron knew it was likely just a bunch of intrusive thoughts, like usual. They weren't right, but getting rid of them was a challenge all on its own. "Well, uh, thanks. And what're you doing here?"

"I wish to observe your trials. Today is one such day, yes?"

"Well, not mine specifically, but yes. Isn't it a little too early, though? Like, aren't you noturn—nocturnal?"

"No," he replied, doing his best impression of a shrug. "That is a myth. Or perhaps, I am a different kind of Houndoom."

…Was that him trying to joke? Guy's incredibly stiff, but at least he seems reliable. Shiron sighed. "Okay, follow me, we're gonna check it out."

"I was already on my way, but alright."

Shiron held back a grumble, and followed Ivan up the hill.

…Only to see everyone marching back. Nick, Terry, Liz, Daichi, Jackett, Onyx. They were all moving away from their HQ.

"Guys? What's going on?"

"Heya, kiddo." Daichi waved. "Today's schtick is that we're pinning the mutt and dragon against my bug friend."

Jackett buzzed. "It means I will be fighting Nick and Terry. Two versus one."

"...One would think this classifies as having an advantage, but last week we did the same thing." Liz pointed out. "Sire, Nick. We can win this."

Ivan put a paw forward. "If you accept, I can act as a referee for this match. It will be my pleasure, and I can assure you there will be no cheating involved."

Nick looked at Terry, then at Jackett. "Seems fine to me. What'd you think?"

"I don't mind. This is fine, defective. I will win—"

Daichi raised his hand. "Don't need to call him defective, that was just to work him up."

"Affirmative." Jackett bowed.

…Why is he a robot? Shiron thought. "Well, then where are we going? Did you set up an arena or something?"

"We'll be usin' our training grounds," Onyx waved him off. "Also, where's your scarf? I know I burned it, but why didn't ya get it fixed?"

"Lazy bum." Shiron replied, shrugging.

"Alright, if that's all…" Daichi stepped forward. "I'll lead the way to the arena, and we can actually start this thing, then we'll win nice an' easily!"

Jackett buzzed for a moment, eyeing his opponents. "May we fight with honor, I will attempt my best, and you shall do the same."

Terry nodded. "Let's do our best!"

After a few minutes of walking, they ended up on the right side of a large, white house. Although Nick wanted to marvel at the sight, he instead focused on what he came there for: the ground.

A large area, with no grass in it, surrounded by white paint in the shape of a rectangle, dividing the area with training as its main purpose. It was large enough that he and Terry could fight to their hearts' content. And Jackett? He could fly. That was nothing.

Terry threw his cape to Liz, then looked at Nick. "I'm ready. Seems we'll have to fight, just like in the comics!"


Daichi stood on the wall that belonged to the house, leaning against it. Onyx did the same, while Shiron sat down with Liz by his side.

"Rules are pretty simple," Daichi said. "Jackett will fight two opponents at once. Whoever gets knocked out first loses. Yes, that means if either Nick or Terry are knocked out, you guys lose! Fight as much as you want!"

Jackett already flapped his wings, raising himself, and pointed a stinger at the two, who had just entered the other side of the arena.

"Three… two… one… ready? Go!" Daichi clenched his fist.

Right at the start, Jackett flew towards them, his body too fast for them to react. With a wave of his arm, wind began to gather around it, shaping itself like blades.

Terry bit his lip, prepared to strike, and… stood up in front of the Riolu, stomping the ground and making four medium-sized rocks fly towards Jackett, though their speed was lacking, giving him enough time to fly back and dodge.

"Not bad. But this is only just the beginning!" Jackett unleashed the blades, this time not aiming at any specific spot. They flew all around the place.

Terry remained up front, shooting rock after rock. Jackett simply scoffed, he hadn't done so much training the day before for nothing, and something like that wasn't stopping him.

…It really wasn't. In fact, none of the slabs did. They were thrown right into where his Aerial Ace blades tried to hit, intercepting them all. The Beedrill's eyes widened, and he went for a different strategy. He rose in the air, as high as he could.

"I can't intercept forever, Nick! And he's planning something!"

"I noticed!" Nick stopped to think, and to consider his options. As long as Jackett remained airborne, hitting him would be hard. Meaning… need to do something about those wings! We're both too slow to do anything directly, but maybe…

Jackett dropped down, gaining speed as he dove towards them.

"Terry! Rock Tomb, now! I have a plan!"

As instructed, Terry prepared another Rock Tomb, launching rocks in the air. Nick jumped into one of them and focused, his sensors twitching. He jumped towards another rock, but where he was, stood an after-image. He kept jumping, creating more and more of them.

Once he lowered enough, Jackett pointed his stinger. It dripped with poison, protruding into a large, purple spear. Nick, and all his "clones" jumped extended their arms forward, unleashing multiple vacuum waves, all aimed at Jackett.

"Tch!" Jackett spun, destroying the attacks and rubble with a single slash.

All except for one, who jumped off the rock he was on, claws covered in metallic, shining energy. "Hiyah!"

Nick slashed the wings with a Metal Claw, sending Jackett falling to the ground, alongside himself. Terry threw more rocks, controlling their speed to be slow enough for Nick to jump on them.

He did just that, falling into one and using it to soften the landing, jumping one more time before it shattered on the floor. Jackett, meanwhile, crashed with full force, unleashing a cloud of dirt around the area, but not enough that it obscured Nick and Terry's vision.

Daichi gasped. "What the…! Referee, is that fair?!"

Ivan pondered about it, then nodded. "It is fair. The fight may go on, if Jackett is still conscious."

Once the dust settled down, the bug stood up, panting. He had a wide grin on his face, despite the injuries. "Not bad! You're good soldiers!"

Nick panted, putting his goggles on. "I'm getting serious now… Terry, c'mon! We can do it! He's on our level now!"

Terry nodded, focusing his energy. His arms were wrapped in long, pink claws, bursting with draconic energy. "As they say in that comic… this is our stage now!"

Daichi crossed his tiny arms, groaning. "Jackett! Dodge their moves, and focus on using Drill Run! Tyrunt is weak against that move! As long as you dodge, you'll be fine!"

Wha—why is that so nostalgic? Shiron instantly looked at him, mouth open. "Hey! You can't give him orders like that!"

Ivan shook his head. "I will accept that, but you will refrain from giving any more tips, Daichi."

Liz sighed in relief. "...That was an odd thing to say, Golem. I choose to ignore it."

Better to ignore and focus on the fight. Jackett continued to pant, and he started shaking as well.

Nick closed a fist, taking a battle position. "We can definitely win, Terry! Let's focus our attacks together!"

"Aye!" Terry focused again, his body shining like metal for a moment, and his scales suddenly hardened. "We can do this! For your dream, for my dream! We'll win!"

Jackett stepped back. This about dreams again… what's so good about them?!

Nick looked at his friend, whispering. "I'll be bait, don't worry! Just trust me!"

The Riolu ran ahead, disappearing in the blink of an eye and leaving nothing but a speck of dust where he once stood. Jackett grinned, his stinger spinning, and charged forward.

Nick tried the metal claw again, grazing it against the hard drill pincers. The impact left sparks flying in the air, but he simply jumped back, and tried again. Jackett did the same, their attacks clashing time after time again.

Until Nick managed to create another after-image, letting it get hit, and then slashing away at Jackett, forcing him back.

"Gah!" Jackett groaned, rolling on the ground. "D-Damn it!"

Without orders, I'm meaningless! I can't find a plan on my own! I won't be able to defeat them at this rate!

The thought repeated endlessly inside his mind, even as he stood up, spitting some saliva. "...If I had any directions, I could win. How are you doing this without any?!"

Nick shrugged. "I'm my own 'mon. Nuff said."

Terry panted, running ahead. "Nick, this is our chance!"

"Right!" Nick charged on his side, claw prepared for another slash, and with Terry's dragon claw, they could finish this!

Jackett trembled. Why… why were they winning?! He spent the day and night training! He had a directive coming from Daichi! Dodging! Just dodge! Dodge and strike!

…That didn't work, did it? Jackett bit his lip, shaking. That was a wrong order, but he still had to follow it. It was in his blood, and denying it was… was preposterous.

"I will… I will follow my directives!" Jackett tried to dodge, and successfully did with Nick's attack, rolling to the side. "I follow what Daichi says, even if it kills me!"

It was the second attack that hit him, while Jackett was distracted by his own words, Terry came in, unleashing a draconic claw that pierced through the Beedrill's body, making him scream and stumble.

"Shut up!" Terry slapped his tail on the ground. "You don't need anyone's commands to fight! You're yourself! You can do things on your own! Live your own life!"

Nick's ears flicked. After attacking, Terry just… stood there, shouting. No, roaring, expressing his true feelings.

"I don't know what you're going on about, but I—we're all free! We aren't someone's puppets, we have feelings, emotions! And you're losing this battle because of some stupid 'directive'?!"

Jackett, slowly, stuck a stinger on the ground, to support him while he got up. The damage was done, but his body was strong enough to take it. "I… am a soldier."

Terry's teeth—his fangs appeared, and he snarled. "Nick… help me. We can end this. Here, now. He's tired."

I'm… tired? He was still shaking. Jackett was tired. Tired from the training, he didn't rest, not at all. Because his mind was set on being the best he could be, not for himself, but for Daichi. They weren't like him, they didn't have anything remotely close to this mentality, and they were winning.

Maybe… maybe his mentality was wrong. He looked at the Golem, who had a worried look, like the words got through him as well, although he quickly shook his head, removing the idea.

Jackett didn't. His individuality, his own plans—one that worked on that training—were never used. Maybe if he used them, he would win. But these kids, with their dreams, and their talk, and their camaraderie…

They won. Jackett raised the other arm, laughing. "You don't need to finish me off, because… I give up."

Everyone's reaction was unanimous. From shocked, to happy, in Shiron and Liz's case, to sad, from Onyx and Daichi, the latter, in particular, nearly dropped his jaw once he heard the words.

"Y-You give up? Why? Those kids' words mean nothing! Why are you—"

"...I decide to give up, Daichi." Jackett said, plain and simple. "They bested me in both combat, and mentality. I can respect that, why shouldn't you? There can be victory in loss, just as there can be loss in victory."

Daichi huffed, closing his fist as hard as he could. "...Fine. I can recognize that much."

"W-We won…" Shiron repeated Jackett's words in his head. "...We won! W-We actually won!"

Liz ran ahead into the arena, tackling Terry into a deep hug. "Sire, you won!"

"Wah! Slow down! Don't need to hug me that much! Y-You don't even like hugs!"

She stepped back, bowing. "My apologies, Sire."

"Actually… there is something I want to ask you!" Terry's tail wagged. "Do the thing! The rejoice thing!"

"Very well, Sire." Liz cleared her throat, then flicked her cape, letting it swish in the air. "Rejoice! Breaking through the adversities that befell on them let these two understand and befriend someone they once called enemy. They have grasped victory through this unity! This is the power of our team!"

Shiron felt the need to go and hug Nick as well, even more after this speech. So he did that, slowly, until his arms were wrapped around Nick's. "Congratulations!"

Onyx remained silent through this ordeal, crossing her arms. This, combined with her own experience last week, made things… different. "Jackett, congrats. You did good."

The bug nodded. "I know that. Guess that means we'll all meet next week? We're at a draw. And I need to rest. And… think about things."

Jackett watched the Golem walk off into the distance, knowing full well he was heading to a bar. He sighed. "Good plan on taking down my wings, by the way. They'll heal, but it was a good shot."

Nick saluted, pulling away from the hug. "Thanks! Figured it was worth a try, and turns out it was very worth it!"

Ivan gave them all a bright smile. "Congratulations, to all of you. You all did well, and I hope to watch more of this… Workplace Competition, as you all put it."

Jackett walked towards Onyx, flashing a smile. "Well… maybe I will think of a dream, sometime."

"Bet," the Charmeleon looked at her opponents. No, not opponents… rivals had a better ring to it. "We're gonna check on Daichi, he's a bit of a sore loser, and this kinda changes things… don't worry. Y'all did great."

Terry smiled more. "I'm glad! Next week, we'll see who's gonna come out on top! Or, wait… maybe in two weeks. Whoever wins three times first gets it, right?"

Onyx gave him a simple thumbs-up in response, and walked away with her Beedrill teammate, leaving the others on their way to celebrate that victory…

Chapter 10 - Silhouettes


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Chapter 10 - Silhouettes

I can fly the sky with no doubts,

Just like when I spread my own wings out.

I'll keep my head up,

And I'll shout as I leave from the ground.

Trigger warning for this chapter: Implied suicide.

Shiron had just finished downing a large cup of water when he heard the door knocking once. Then, as he put more water, he heard it knocking again. And a third time, right as he was drinking again.

It wasn't until the fourth knock that he heard the familiar scream of his Riolu friend, coming from the lounge. "Go open it! Audrey and I are busy!"

"Remind me to not be here when you two are having a date," he grumbled, putting the cup on the sink, and walking off. As he passed through the rooms, he saw the two love birds nuzzling.

Yeah… I can't interrupt that. God, I wish that were me, Shiron thought, mumbling. …Wait. Not with Nick. I mean, he's cute and all, but—not him. Not Audrey. Gah! Brain, stop!

Before his brain could screw more things up, Shiron went to see who was knocking, having lost count on the fifth—or was it sixth?—knock.

And on the other side were Onyx and Jackett, the latter on the ground instead of flying. So that's why I didn't hear any noises. Okay…

"Greetings, Marshtomp!" Jackett bowed his head, slowly. "I am here to request—"

"Stop that, will ya? Too formal." Onyx waved him off with a claw. "Anyway, sup. How's the scarf?"

"I just got it, it's in my—Nick's room. Asked Magnus to knit it for me, and he just… did." Shiron said. What can't he do? It's like he's the whole package.

…Why am I thinking this right now?
Shiron shook his head. "Oh, uh, yeah. Scarf's fine. Don't worry about it! Didn't even hurt that much."

"...You took a point-blank Flamethrower." Jackett tilted his head. "Perhaps the rumors of your kind being that strong here were indeed true."

Shiron blinked. "My… kind?"

"Don't worry about it. It's not why we're here," Onyx shrugged. "So, uh, it's been a week. Y'all won last round, yada yada yada."

"Our lead—Daichi has not decided what to do next. He hardly mentions our little squabble. Or any of you."

Onyx nodded, crossing her arms. "He's a sore loser, we knew that. Just… didn't think it'd be that much. Daichi's been ignoring it."

"Not to mention… we do not want to keep doing this." Jackett added. "...You and your soldiers—friends have proven yourselves enough. Keeping this up will just make Daichi even more angry."

"And we don't want that either."

Shiron nodded after every sentence. He already had an idea of what they wanted from this conversation, a hunch. And if his hunch was right, it was bad. Really bad. His greatest, most powerful foe.

"We would like you to talk to him," the bug said, smiling sheepishly, and rubbing his stingers together. "You and him are similar, in a way. We thought that perhaps you could convince him to end this."

"Okay, hold on—" Shiron clapped his hands, inhaling. "Why me? Why do people keep picking me for things?!"

Onyx and Jackett locked gazes. She shrugged. "Like that lug of a bug said, you and him are similar. We kinda took a liking to y'all."

"...I see." Shiron exhaled, then, another deep breath. He wasn't exactly sure if this made things better or not. "Look, I'll… I'll think about it, alright? But if I go, where would I find him?"

"At the y'allcoholic," Jackett replied, almost robotically. He then flashed a giant smile. A creepy one. "...Onyx and I think it is a stupid name, but Daichi likes it. He always goes there to wind out."

Shiron shivered, just nodding along. He looked up, seeing it was still early in the morning, around 10 AM, give or take. There was definitely enough time to decide.

"Okay. I'll think about it."

And he entered the house again, after saying goodbye to his opponents. Shiron had a tiny frown splattered across his face. Why? Because his hunch was right. He'd have to go and talk and convince Daichi to stop their fight.

Which, of course, was hard. Everything about it was as heavy as gravity, and just as pressuring. Shiron knew he would face that sooner or later, and if he was being honest, Shiron didn't want to disappoint them.

Funny, wasn't it? Disappointing total strangers. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to do that. They wanted his help, and they would get it. Strangers or not, Shiron knew the right thing to do was help. It was the heroic thing to do, too. And he was a hero now.

Despite that new perspective in mind, something else was up. Shiron had no idea how to convince him. He was hardly able to know why his friends trusted him enough, let alone someone like Daichi.

Although… Maybe his friends could help!The two that were nuzzling and kissing. But yes, he could give it a shot. Better to do that than nothing at all.

"Guys…?" Shiron cleared his throat, walking to the living room. He didn't even want to see what they were watching.

If they even were watching anything at all. Nick was just patting the Zorua's head, not paying any attention to the TV. Shiron was speaking to two fluffy walls.

"Guys," he tried again, speaking louder. No reply. …Do I need a megaphone?

Shiron cleared his throat, inhaling as much air as possible. And screamed. "GUYS! I NEED YOUR HELP!"

Nick finally perked back, covering his ears. "You didn't need to shout!"

"Ouch…" Audrey cringed, ears drooping. "What? What do you want?"

"So! Onyx and Jackett asked me to help talk to their teammate," he said, chuckling and shaking. "...They wanna end the fight. L-Like a draw! So w-we'll… W-We'll be able to get our team together! I-Isn't that nice?"

Nick jumped out of the couch in the blink of an eye, landing next to Shiron. His eyes were, at the same time, sparkling and on fire. "They wanna to what? We'll what?!"

Audray did the same, but slow and steady. She nuzzled Nick's leg, chirping excitedly. "Congratulations, Nicky! It's one step closer to the dream!"

"Uuuuh…" he needed to convince Daichi to stand down first. "...Not yet. They asked me to talk to Daichi, to make sure he'll agree to this. Y'know?"

"Oh…" Nick's happy, cheerful expression turned into a frown. "...Wait, what the hell are you doing here for, then?! Go talk to the guy!"

Audrey smirked. "If you don't, we'll beat you up! Or maybe I'll use you as a test subject for my newest gadget…"

Either way was bad, so Shiron bolted out of the house in a flash.

And back outside. Shiron grumbled; he didn't even have time to pick his scarf up, so now all he really felt was being naked. In a world where the majority of the people were naked.

Not like he could relate. Shiron walked down the street, thinking. They never told him where the bar was, and it was still way too early for someone to get there anyway. He was better off taking the time to think this through.

Daichi's scary. Everyone here is. Actually, hold on— Shiron sighed. I need a place to stay, standing around in the sun won't do me any good. But where?

His brain said to go to Magnus' bakery. And Shiron shut that thought down, not because he didn't want to go, but because it might be a bother to his friend.

And I'm not gonna be a bother anymore! Although… yeah I kinda wanna meet him—the place. I wanna see the place again.

Why was his heart skipping beat after beat? Why was his face so hot? Shiron shrugged everything off, and realized there was one place he could go that nobody would bother him in.

That being the beach he woke up in. Shiron climbed down the hill, letting his feet hit the sand beneath him, even if it was unpleasant. It didn't burn him as much as the sand in Lilycove did. Maybe his body got used to it, whether it was this or the human one.

He walked closer to the ocean, before sitting down, dipping his feet on the water. Shiron sighed, watching the horizon in front of him.

There were a lot of things to think about, weren't there? Shiron frowned. He didn't know where to start…

"Hey, dad, mom. If you're on the other side… I'm happy. I know none of you care about it, but I figured… nobody's listening anyway."

Waves moved, slowly, and faintly. Shiron looked at himself. It was funny, in a way. How much he didn't want to come back. It wasn't like he had any home to go back to. The one he had now was far better. Not like there was any comparison.

"...And you know why I died. You're the reason why. Both of you," Shiron clenched his chest. It ached. "B-But now… now I'm with others that like me, that help me. If I ever had the chance to meet you again, I'd rather stay dead."

Shiron sighed in relief, falling on the ground with a smile on his face. God it felt good to release that, even if they weren't there to hear it.

He let the waves hit him, cover him in his entirety, and closed his eyes. That was all so, so familiar…

Another regular night in Lilycove. Some fought in the contests, trainers bought items in the large mart, and some others hurried inside the Pokécenter, carrying knocked out Pokémon. It was all common, nothing out of the ordinary.

With one, very simple exception to the rule. A human male, in his late teens, running on alleyways, checking every corner, every place to make sure he wasn't being followed, letting the moon guide him.

Shiron wore a red jacket, rubbing his hands together. At this time of the year, Lilycove got cold, or their definition of cold, not what other regions like Sinnoh, where it snowed. His hometown only had the gentle breeze of the ocean.

As he walked, Shiron clutched his chest, as hard as he could. His heart kept beating, but it was uneasy. A fast-paced beating. It didn't stop, and neither did he. In fact, he only ran faster, like his life depended on it.

Ironic, considering what was on his mind. A thought that grew over the years.

"We can't accept failure."

His father's voice rang in his head, piercing through, everlasting, powerful. Shiron tried to suppress the voice, but it only got louder the more he did.

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but you can't be with us now. You've been a very bad boy."

His mother, this time. She was softer, almost gentle, but there was a hint of disappointment that was oh so suffocating.

Hah… failure. Failure. That's what I always was to you, right? You only took me in because you couldn't get any children of your own. I… I'm never needed, am I? The world doesn't need me. They didn't need me. I-I don't think… anybody needs me.

Shiron stopped once he got to the beach, watching the breeze ruffle his hair and his clothes, pondering if what he was about to do was a good thing or not.

But he was tired. So, so tired. Nothing mattered. He didn't matter, and his family made sure of that. If he was gone, then the world would be a better place. No friends, no family, nobody would miss him if he was gone. Everyone would simply move on with their lives, as if nothing bad happened.

T-True. If I was good enough, my parents—real parents would still be with me. But I'm not. I should just get this over with… they wanted a perfect son, someone to rely on, to succeed them. I'm nothing like that. I'm not even nothing, less than that. If it's even possible.

Mom and dad? They'd adopt someone else, and—oh. They would do the same things they did to him. Bad, bad idea. Shiron couldn't let someone else take the blame for his actions! It wasn't right, it wasn't fair!

Nothing in his life was fair… nothing at all. And once Shiron realized that, he knew that he simply didn't care anymore.

He was shaking. God, he was shaking. Shiron, even after making a decision, was having second thoughts. Even as he walked closer to the ocean. Even as the water began to fill his feet, legs, torso, shoulders. Even as it covered him completely.

Shiron wasn't sure if the wet sensation on his face was from the water, or from the tears. But what was the point?

It all ended…

A splash of water on his face woke him up from the dream—or nightmare, rather. Shiron looked at himself, checking his body.

"Still Marshtomp, huh? I do this every now and then, but it still surprises me." Shiron then stared at his hands, both trembling. "...I'm better now. I have friends, teammates. They like me. I know that, no matter what my brain keeps telling me."

Some of his friends were similar, like Liz. And to think his first thought of her was getting vines wrapped around his neck. Embarrassing. Really embarrassing.

"...I still don't know if I feel this way because of being a Pokémon now. I do like to be moisturized, and water feels good on me, but I can't swim.

Shiron sighed, taking deep breaths to ease the shaking on his arms. "Huh… to think that Xerneas gave me another shot. Me, of all people…"

Well, that wasn't entirely true, was it? She mentioned doing this to others before, Nick mentioned amnesiac Pokémon popping up, and Daichi—

"...Talked about Xerneas. He talked about her. How she's holy, and stuff."

Gears began to grind. Shiron sat, eyes widening. Wait, wait, wait.

Onyx mentioned not having a name until Daichi gave her one. Jackett said he was a soldier that followed orders. That Daichi was his leader.

And the two said him and the Golem were similar. It couldn't be the type—they were both ground-types—surely it wasn't that. Or, at least, not just that. There had to be something else involved. He just knew, but didn't think of how to put it into words.

How… h-how didn't I think of this before?! What if…

Daichi was human. He had to be. It all made sense! The things he said, the way the others talked about him…

"That's it! That's… oh my God. H-How didn't I notice this before?!" Shiron slapped his cheeks once. "How. Am. I. So. Stupid?!"

He began to laugh. Letting a loud laugh as he laid on the sand again. Shiron couldn't believe it! He could, but what he was laughing at was his own stupidity of not realizing it sooner.

If Daichi was one… then there were others like him! Some may not want to be Pokémon, but he was fine with it. Entirely fine, as a matter of fact. Shiron didn't wish to return home. Not at all.

And now… now he had new information in mind. Helping Daichi was the right thing to do.

Nick turned off the TV, at Audrey's request. Her fierce expression and puffed up fur told him all he needed to know. Their date was fun, but now it was time to work on something else entirely.

"Aura training?"

"...Aura training," she showed off a toothy grin, hopping off the couch. "Unless you don't want to. Nothing wrong with being an auraless Riolu, y'know?"

"I know." Nick put his goggles on, nodding. She was right, of course, but he didn't want to get better for petty reasons or to be "normal". He was never normal, anyway. "...I want this for me. To prove to myself I can do it."

"Good answer, Nicky!" She snickered, then focused her aura, her body glowing red, until it faded into nothingness.

Only her voice remained. "See if you can find me! Feel free to use your aura and search wherever you want!"

And she doesn't even like that… maybe that's why I fell. We're both freaks of nature. Nick closed his eyes and extended a paw, his sensors twitching. Alright… easy… easy… focus on her energy. Even when illusioned, she can't hide her aura. I can find it. I just need to… focus… and see her!

See her. See her. Something so easy. Nick had to do it, it was easy, nothing to worry about. So he tried harder, focusing every sense he had. His sensors began to glow, coated in orange.

"Find you… Audrey. You're important, so I gotta—I will find you. Defective or not, freak or not, I will. You're important to me, and you're guiding me. Like… an anchor."

His feelings for her were an anchor. Drawing him to her, to her essence; her aura. Why hadn't he thought of it before? Nick knew what to do now. Focus on his memories and feelings towards her.

Even with his eyes closed, Nick saw something. Shades of orange began to fill his "vision", but there was a different color; red, moving around from left to right. There was no shape to it, just a bunch of energy.

Nick knew who that was. "Got it! I see you!"

Audrey replied with a chuckle, popping into existence. "Heck yeah! Ya found me!"

"H-Heh! Guess I did…" Nick smiled back at her, but fell on his knees, panting, his vision turning dizzy. "...Ouch. Takes a lot more energy than I thought."

"Yeah. It looked like you were forcing yourself," she scooted closer, nuzzling his neck. "...And how'd ya do it? Before, you couldn't even get your feelers to glow. Now they're orange."

"Sometimes… a Lucario's aura isn't blue. It's a different color. Maybe it's that way for me too?" Nick shrugged, not really sure about the reason. "And… anyway. I thought about you. You're always here for me, and I figured that could help keep me grounded."

To that, the fox scratched her chin, tail swishing. "First: awww, thanks! Second… I might have a theory! I think… it's a mental block. Not physical."

"Huh? What makes you think that?"

Audrey nodded. "If it was some physical defect… I don't think you'd be able to do it at all. Something's holding you back."

Nick crossed his arms, raising a brow. "...Good point. Could be that. But I do feel like I'm getting better. Let's go to round two!"

"Already…?" Audrey chuckled. "Sure thing!"

They walked out of the house, Nick first, while adjusting his goggles, resting them nicely on his face. Audrey came right after, giggling to herself. There was an idea of what she could do to help him!

…Whether that was a good or bad idea remained to be seen. She ran ahead, putting some distance between the two, and then turned to face him, grinning.

"You mentioned an anchor before, right? Let's test that theory!"

"Gotta love your… love of theories. And testing stuff," he shrugged. "Anyway, I'm all up for it! What'd you got for me, hm?"

"Close your eyes. Focus on me, alright? I'll try to attack you." Audrey said, firm. "If you think of me when you do it, I'm sure you'll be able to sense my attacks!"

That is the weirdest type of flirting I've ever seen… not that I mind. Nick nodded, getting ready to fight, and closed his eyes. "Whenever you're—"

A ball of shadowy energy was immediately thrown at him, forcing Nick back a few feet. "I didn't mean now—"

Another one, but it landed just in front of him. Nick still had his eyes closed. Audrey snickered. "You gotta be more active, Nicky! Otherwise you'll get hit over and over~"

…Yeah. I don't regret my life choices. But man is she rough sometimes. Nick jumped back, focusing his aura again.

Doing it this time was a lot easier than before, and he thought of her again. Of them together. It didn't take long until his vision was overtaken by the shapeless red forms. One of them was headed his way. Nick smirked, ducking underneath and letting the sphere hti the ground behind him.

"Not bad! But I'mma keep this up, and you better too!"

I wonder if I can do this while moving… it's gonna be hard, isn't it? Nick just nodded, rushing ahead.

Just as he expected, the vision turned blurry, and the shapes moved around randomly. He bit a lip, thinking more and more about her. It managed to make the vision a little better, and right on time, as another attack was launched. Nick rolled to the side and panted, raising an arm.

"Wait… it's too much," Nick opened his eyes. "...Too much for now. But it's helping, so don't worry about it."

"Aw… sorry, Nicky," she scooted closer, nuzzling him again. "We got this, though! If we keep training like this, you'll get the hang of it in no time!"

"I hope so…" he sighed, pressing his snout against hers. "...And with your help, I'm certain this'll happen, alright?!"

"Yeah! And now… we can watch more stuff, right? Or is the challenge stuff happening right now?"

Nick shrugged at that. "...Depends on how much charisma Shiron has, which I'm hoping is a lot. And how much of a hotheaded guy Daichi is. Which… I hope it's not at all."

Daichi sneezed.

Was someone talking about me…?

Meh. Didn't matter. He was right in front of his house, watching the sun for a moment, then turned to the door, opening it.

It was messy, to say the least. The couch had bits of crips in it, the table in front of it was broken in half, there was dust all over the floor… Daichi didn't take care of his room. Negligence? Laziness? If anyone asked, he'd answer it was both of those reasons. Not that he cared. Or that his teammates did. Except for the occasional annoyed grunts coming from Onyx.

The door opened again as Onyx walked inside. Jackett flew behind her, rubbing his stingers.

Daichi sat on the couch, slowly, not wanting to break it further, and let out a long sigh. "Fuck… can't believe we're getting our asses kicked by a bunch of kids."

"You're like, twenty-three. Not that much older than them," she shrugged. "...Besides, we're tied. That just goes to show that they're not as bad as we thought. Hell, they helped us."

"Surely that counts as something," the bug buzzed, tilting his head. "Maybe we can reconsider this?"

"Yeah. Don't we need to prepare for the expedition? 'Sides, could always use some help." Onyx added.

"Prepare for… fuck. I forgot about it." Daichi facepalmed, groaning. "Yeah, yeah, we should. But I can't just… give up, y'know? I'm not convinced they're good enough."

"That sounds more like a 'you' problem than an 'us' problem, Daichi." Jackett winced. Before, he'd never say something like that. But something was different now.

"What the—since when did you talk back to me like that?!" he roared, standing up. Then, he laughed. "...Maybe the kids changed you more than I thought. I dunno. I need time to think."

Onyx blinked, then looked at Jackett with a gasp, one that he reciprocated. She finally faced him, sitting down on the couch. "...Didn't you have a week to think?"

"She is correct." Jackett added, buzzing. "I believe you are simply avoiding the issue, instead of finding a way to make it go away. Ergo, you need to face it. The kids are fine. The only 'bad' thing about them is their team's name."

"...Bugsy is right." Onyx chuckled. How long did I wait to make that joke…? Heh.

Daichi, still unconvinced, groaned and looked up, wincing. "I thought we could make a name for ourselves here, unlike Kanto. Then I find out there's another human here… it just didn't sit right with me."

"We said he should talk to you." Jackett stated. "At the bar. Probably at night, too."

"...Did you two set up a date for me?" Daichi tilted his head. "And I don't wanna meet 'im. Do I need to?"

"Pffft. What'd ya take us for?" Onyx flashed another grin. "Seriously, you two should talk this out. You're both leaders. It'll be good for ya."

Talk things out. Talk. Daichi shuddered at the thought. Why did it have to be talking? Couldn't they duke it out like the Pokémon they were? It sounded so much easier than talking.

…A part of him didn't want to disappoint them. Not after the time they spent together. Another part said it was rubbish.

Daichi chose the first part.

"Fine. Can you two tell him to meet me there at night?"

"Very well." Jackett nodded, flying out of the house, not waiting for anyone to reply.

He zigzagged across the town, looking around, carefully, until his eyes landed on the target he was looking for: that Marshtomp.

Right as Shiron was climbing up the hill to talk to his two other teammates. Still without the scarf. Returning home to be a third wheel? Not a chance. He was almost jealous of the thing Nick and Audrey had.

Once he heard the buzzing, he stopped, gulping and watching as the bug slowly descended to his level. Jackett greeted him with a wave. "Hello. I realized you have not contacted Daichi yet. Are you perhaps having trouble deciding what to say?"

"...Took the words right outta my mouth." Shiron gulped. "Yeah, what's up?"

"Onyx and I talked with him for a little bit. He expects to see you at the bar, at night. I was thinking… 7 PM?"

"Uh… sure, sure. That works out nicely." Shiron nodded. "...I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but I'll try my best! You guys are pretty good at this rescue thing too, and I wanna make my friends happy, so… yeah. Don't have any issues with that."

Jackett buzzed. "Make your friends happy? Not a bad thing to do, however, do consider your own opinions of the matter, Shiron."

Before he could give any reply, Jackett flew away, leaving him alone with his thoughts. Shiron had many of them, but ignored them and instead focused on going up again. At this hour, Terrence and Liz were surely awake.

He walked inside the office, confirming his thoughts. Terry sat in a chair, holding a… comic book? With a Spinarak fighting against a green Morgrem. Shiron blinked, thinking that was familiar.

Meanwhile, Liz was in the centermost chair, sighing as she watched him enter. She was bored, judging from the sigh.

"Ah, hello, Shiron. Would you perhaps be willing to spar with me today?"

"Oh, sure—" Shiron sniffed the air, smelling something baking, with chocolate! That could only mean one thing…

Magnus came from another room, waving at the three. "Hey guys! Cake's almost done, but I still need to decorate. Might take a little longer."

Shiron wasn't sure why, but the Quilladin looked different. Prettier, maybe. Especially because their gazes were locked with one another.

"...H-Hey!" Magnus nodded, waving again. "How's it going? I had a break today, and that's why I'm here earlier. Figured I could make something for you all."

"A-Appreciated." Shiron said, unmoving, like a statue. He was nervous most of the time already, but for some reason, it was way worse now!

…And Magnus was standing still as well. His face was unbelievably hot, and the words escaped his mouth. "S-So! What's the plan for today?"

Terry put down the comic to see what the hell was going on, blinking, and taking a look at Liz, who simply shrugged.

"I… r-right." Shiron put down his internal screaming and focused on what he came there to do. "...Jackett and Onyx want me to speak to Daichi. Decide what to do, since they think we're strong enough, or like… we're good enough to be our own lil team. Or something like that."

Liz finally showed emotion. Namely, an amused smirk. "Is that so? And to think we are tied… hm. I never had any doubts we could pull it off."

"Uh, didn't you suspect we were doomed from the start?" Terry interjected, face mesmerized by the comic. "...I may be reading, but I'm not deaf."

Her smirk turned into a flushed frown. "...Correct, sire."

Magnus giggled, slowly walking towards Shiron. "That's great! I'm happy for you! We should do something to celebrate! How about an extra large cake, eh?"

The prospect of getting a whole cake for himself was tempting enough, but Shiron knew that things weren't decided yet. He still needed to talk to the guy.

"If everything works out, I'm all for it."

"If it works out?" Liz flicked her cape for no other reason than to be dramatic. Something that made Terry chuckle. "I presume this means that there is a chance you cannot convince him to stand down?"

"Pretty likely. I'll try, but I can't promise anything…" Shiron sighed. And I still don't wanna disappoint you all…

"Don't worry about it." Terry put down the comic again, then opened a drawer, picking out another one. "Even if it doesn't happen, all we need to do is win two more times, right? We did it before, we can do it again, right?"

"You can!" Magnus smiled at the Marshtomp, showing his teeth.

Shiron started to blush visibly at the sight. "...How can you be so sure?"

"My rescued little brother proves it," Magnus replied, still smiling. "So I believe in you. One hundred percent!"

Liz nodded this time. "Yes… that is true. We have had a successful rescue effort. Defeating them will not be an issue."

Shiron blushed harder, mostly at Magnus' words. They were too nice, too soft… and he took all of them in. "It'll happen tonight, so… can I get some of that cake you made now?"

Hours passed since the meeting with both the bug and his friends, and Shiron was just a tad calmer by the end of them. It didn't mean he was giving up on this.

It did mean he was standing in front of the pub with an incredibly tight grip on his scarf, and smelling the beer that was inside that place. Could he even go there…?

I'm not old enough to drink. Am I? Well, I can always eat— Shiron zipped a satchel, counting the coins inside. Note to self: thank Nick's grandpa for the allowance later.

The more he stood there, the more nervous he got. Shiron knew it wasn't a good idea to stay, so he braced himself and walked inside, holding in a breath, and letting it out slowly. Talking was still an incredibly hard thing to do.

Once inside, the smell was heavier. The place was full of wooden tables and chairs, some larger than the others, to account for bigger Pokémon. Case in point, a Rhyhorn, sitting in a chair that was cracking ever so slightly.

The bartender, a Honchkrow, rubbed a glass clean, and glared at him, so Shiron yipped, looking for either a free table, or wherever Daichi was. Whatever he saw first.

Luckily for him, he saw Daichi. Downing a large glass of beer like it was nothing, and stuffing his face full of fries. The food was appealing enough to get Shiron to walk closer, and to take a seat.

"Huh." Daichi said, putting the glass down. "Heya, kiddo. You made it. Didn't think you would like a pub, and yet here we are."

"I didn't say I liked it," his mouth drooled at the sight of fries. He wanted one so bad…

"Take one. Or two. Or three. Don't care," the Golem said, shrugging. "My teammates wanted us to talk. And I'm here, so… let's talk."

"Talk… that's hard for me to do." Shiron stuffed as many fries as his hands could hold, chomping them down. A bit greasy…

"Hey, it ain't easy for me either!" Daichi sighed. "...There's a lot to talk about, eh? First, the good stuff: your team ain't half-bad, name not included."

It was an accident! Shiron kept that thought to himself. "T-Thanks. I'm probably the weak link, if we're being honest."

Daichi waved for a waiter, asking for a refill. Once they took the glass, he turned to Shiron again. "Weak link? Nah. You're just inexperienced. I was too, at first."

At first. Daichi really was like him. Shiron braced himself to pop the question. "Earlier today… Onyx and Jackett mentioned you were like me. Are you—"

"Human? Used to be." Daichi replied just as he got his refill, and sipped it away. "...Born in Viridian City. You?"


"Huh…" Daichi stuffed more of the fries, chewing on them. "I'd ask how you… y'know. But that would be a dick move."

Shiron sighed in relief. He didn't want to answer it. Not now, anyway. "Are your teammates… your Pokémon? From all the way back?"

"Yeah. Onyx was my starter, and I caught Jackett in the forest. We spent a lot of time together," Daichi replied with a smile that slowly became a frown. "...But I was a dick. I wanted to win with them no matter what, get the badges and become champion. Every trainer's dream."

"M-Mom and dad… didn't let me," Shiron muttered. "But I wanted to leave home. O-Or at least, leave them. Guess I did…"

To that, Daichi raised his glass. "Cheers, kiddo. But now, to the important stuff… that we should discuss. What're we gonna do? Onyx and Jackett said you proved yourselves time after time. And now that I look back… you did. So I'm wondering: what do you want?"

What he wanted. Shiron didn't know. It wasn't like he was encouraged to have things he wanted, or dreams. None of that was accepted back home.

"...I dunno." Shiron said, his gills drooping down. "Never stopped to think. I dunno if I even have dreams of my own."

Shiron looked at the table, thinking. A dream. All his friends had one. But what was his? Nothing came up. Not even a tiny idea. Nada.

Daichi downed another glass, but he didn't seem to be drunk at all. "It's alright, kid. It's okay to not have a dream for tomorrow. I know I didn't find mine for a long while."

All he could do was help his friends achieve theirs. Maybe… maybe that was his goal.

"I told Xerneas I wanted to help everyone, but… I don't know if that's true. Maybe I don't have any. But I can protect my friends' dreams!"

Hearing that, Daichi smiled. "Good answer. Just what I wanted to hear from a hero."

"I can be a hero… then you can too, Daichi." Shiron offered a hand. "Humans like us should stick together, right?"

"Fuck yeah." Daichi shook hands, smiling still. His teammates were right. That kid, and the others, were just fine.

"I think I can say for sure now that… the competition is over. Y'all won. Lookin' forward to us working together."

Shiron stuffed more fries, then tilted his head. "Working together?"

"Think of it as an allyship. Which reminds me… we got a job. It's kinda dangerous, from the looks of it. Doubt you've heard of this, but there's been meteor storms lately. Very nasty."

Shiron's face shifted into a frown. "Meteor storms?"

"Wherever one happens, 'mons also hear constant thunderclap. It's been happening for a while, and most of the time, we can evacuate. The most recent one left an entire town deserted because of the evacuation."

Daichi took a deep sip from more beer and put it down gently."Our job is to investigate that. 'Course, there's been others investigating it as well… think even mercs are being called to go there…"

A Monferno walked across a barren, wasted road, wearing nothing but a bag and an eyepatch, and a large green bandana around his neck.

Craters were spread around the area, around every corner. The few trees that were there were broken in half, some had massive scorch marks, others looked like they were cut in half at just the right angle.

Monferno kept walking, gulping. Not just the area looked odd, but it was unusually dark. Even the moonlight failed to shine the place, leaving only his own fire as the one source of light.

"...Oh fuck me. It's friggin' dark! The ferals must be settin' base here! This is gonna be a bother to work in…"

He grumbled. "Bah! I'm a Monferno, if I find any ferals, I'll just burn 'em to a crisp! Works like a charm every time."

As he strolled, Monferno noticed he was where he wanted to be.

In a ghost town. Broken buildings with rubble splattered around them, craters everywhere… and the everlasting feeling of someone watching him.

It didn't end there. The more he walked, the more Monferno sensed something… odd. His flame felt chilling. That was particularly weird because he wasn't touching anything cold, much less something that could make him shiver.

"...What the hell?! This isn't… right."

Monferno shivered again, before letting out a burst of flames everywhere, coming from his mouth. It didn't help, his shivers only grew.

"M-Must be nothing. I'm fine… I'll be fine."

Amidst the darkness, Monferno shivered again, a chill running down his entire being. To make matters worse…

…The fire went out. And the darkness overtook the area completely. Monferno tried igniting his tail again, but it was all for naught. His eyes darted around in panic, trying to set the fifth limb ablaze again, and again, and again!

Nothing. Not even a tiny spark.

"T-The hell?!"

Another chill pierced him, and he suddenly felt a bright flash of light coming from his front. Taking a look there, Monferno saw what he could only describe as glowing darkness. It expanded, forming a crack. Not a normal crack, no. It was like the air itself was being torn apart.

From the crack, he saw tendrils made of pure darkness, moving towards him. And as much as his first instinct was to run away, Monferno found himself paralyzed, unable to move even a finger.

"T-This ain't natural…" Monferno winced, unleashing more flames, aimed at the tendrils, but they did nothing, simply passing through the darkness.

The tendrils touched him, and right as they did, he felt a rush of power. Energy flowed through him, invigorating, and addicting. He still shivered, the rush making his heart race.

At the same time, it was chilling, down to his very soul. Yet, he couldn't run away, couldn't move.

Monferno simply screamed as the tendrils overtook him completely.

A/N: Sorry for the long delay! Lots of things happened, most of them really good. Here's another chapter... and hopefully it's not too triggering for folks.
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Chapter 11 - Clash! Thunderclap!


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Chapter 11 - Clash! Thunderclap!

I'm singing to the beat,

I won't stop.

Gotta keep on,

Won't give up.

I'll come and see you.

Just know I am here for you now.

For the citizens of Thornwell, it was just another day, with the sun shining brightly in the sky, the birds singing in the distance. Waking up, going to work for the adults, playing and heading to school for the children.

It wasn't another day for Shiron, and certainly not for his friends. His team—as they kept insisting, and he still didn't know why they elected him the leader—waited outside the door to the humble place they called "headquarters".

They were all waiting for Daichi to arrive, with the preparations for their trip. Granted, he talked about it the day before, but Shiron let the others catch up to speed on the entire thing.

And if he goes with us, nothing bad will happen! Shiron thought, sighing in relief and clutching his scarf, newly repaired, and now fireproof.

"Hm. I am curious on how this will go…" Liz hummed. She turned to Terry, the dragon prince, who was busy reading a comic book. "...Sire? What do you think we will find?"

He mostly ignored her, without taking his eyes off the piece of paper that mesmerized him. "Right now all I want to find is how Spinarak-Mon will win this one… his girlfriend just got kidnapped!"

"I could tell, but it would ruin the entire thing," Nick shrugged, smiling. "Better to find out by yourself."

Liz pouted. "...Nicholas, I believe you are rotting his brain with this nonsense."

Truth be told, she wanted to deal with it in her own way, but judged it inadequate.

Shiron cleared his throat. Maybe for once he could act as a leader and say cool things, like…

"Alright, guys! Rollcall?!"

"Present!" Nick raised an arm.

"...This sounds pointless, Shiron." Liz blinked, but raised her arm after seeing Terry do the same. "...Present."

"Alright!" Shiron gave them a friendly thumbs up, smiling as bright as he could. "That should be all—"

"Guuuuuuuys! I'm coming!"

A green and brown sphere ran up the hill, unrecognizable at first. But once it was close enough, the shape, expression and smile answered whose voice it was—

"Magnus!" Shiron didn't even try to contain his excitement, waving at his friend. He was a friend. "Hey!"

"Nice seeing you, buddy." Nick smiled at him, waving.

"I'm here to—" Magnus stopped to breathe, allowing them to see he held a large and white plastic back, with its contents, albeit a little blurred by the material, revealed to be multiple boxes. "I packed lunch for you guys! Uh… there's a lot, sorry Shiron, but I had to take into account you five."

That made Liz raise a brow. "Five? I assumed Daichi was joining us."

"Well, about that…" Magnus gulped.

He wasn't the only one arriving. Onyx, the Charmeleon, was right behind, holding her hat with a hand, and spinning it around with one of her clawed fingers.

"Heya," she said, putting the hat on. "Daichi told me he and Jackett were staying here for, as he put it, "bureaucratic shit". Which means I'm the one going with y'all."

Shiron's gills instantly deflated. So, instead of the powerful Golem, they were traveling with Onyx. The disappointment was so sharp it could cut through stone. "Ah…"

"Well." Liz sighed, taking a glance at Onyx. She had bested them, even if they gave up the match. For Liz, that was more than enough. "I believe we are in good company."

"Damn right." Onyx grinned, showing off her fangs. "That reminds me… this lil fella wants to go."

Finally, she pointed at Magnus. The Quilladin smiled sheepishly, holding onto the bag.

Don't tell them you just want Shiron's company, don't tell them you want his company, don't tell them— "Y-Yeah! I wanted to make sure you guys were well fed, y'know!"

"...Will it be safe?" Shiron gulped. Risking his (worthless) life was one thing, but risking his friend's life? He didn't want that in his conscience.

"Dunno. But we're all capable fighters, so it should be fine." Onyx sighed. Well, not all of them, it seemed. "This'll be a one-day adventure, for all we know. Anyhow… ready?"

Shiron looked at her with a fierce expression. This was his chance! "I'm ready!"

And off they went. The group of six walked through one of the town's exits, leaving through the grassy road, filled with trees from left to right.

They were organized in two trios: Shiron, Magnus and Terry stood behind, as the weakest members, guarding the rear to see if anything happened. Nick, Onyx and Liz walked at the front, ready to strike in case any feral attacked them. There weren't supposed to be any, but…

"Stay alert anyway. We can pass by a horde anytime soon." Onyx said, puffing out smoke. "We got this, alright?"

"Aight!" Nick cheered, raising an arm. "In case we come across any, we can just fight our way through!"

"I would rather not. However, I will if necessary." Liz added, smirking. She was… way too excited about fighting, despite her words.

"Sure you are. I can see the fire in your eyes," the Charmeleon smirked, punching Liz on the arm, gently. "I say, being a fire-type."

"Hmph. There is no fire in my eyes! Lies, I tell you!"


Nick smiled. This was good. No, this was great. He finally had a team of his own! A team that was out in the field, investigating, finding things! It was all he could dream of and even more!

One of these days, I gotta thank Shiron for accepting all of this. It's… honestly really nice.

He glanced back for a few seconds, wondering how his friend was doing. Or rather… friends. All three of them.

"Shame Liz didn't let you bring the comic… I kinda wanna read it too." Shiron said, watching Terry look around the trees, tail wagging.

Terry kept looking, his eyes sparkling. Both eyes were staring at the trees, the leaves, and the berries. "It's alright! I'm honestly happy! This place is beautiful! It's a lot better than my kingdom. Err, not mine, just… you know."

"Man… imagine if you guys got famous enough to visit other continents. Would blow your mind away!" Magnus smiled. He kept securing the bag, deciding to count on the others for protection, even if the trip had been safe so far.

They heard a growling noise; by this point everyone in their group was used to Shiron and his seemingly black hole of a stomach. He blushed, tapping his belly.

"...We should stop for lunch soon. How much did you bring?"

"Enough for around… two days, I think?" Just in case, Magnus checked the bag. There were a lot of boxes. "...Maybe three if we're lucky. Or less if we're not."

"And you came because you wanted us to eat. You know me so well, Magnus…" Shiron smiled.

"Y-Yeah! Because of that, haha!"

Terry looked at the two, tilting his head. "...Right. I missed some of the details, meteor storms?"

"Uh, yeah, even I know that," Magnus added, glancing at Terry. "Dad said there were a lot of them lately. We don't really know why. He's praying that they don't hit our town."

Shiron frowned. If they hit the town… it would be bad. Real bad. Maybe he should pray too. To whatever god this world had. Maybe Xerneas? She did revive him, after all.

"Well, we're investigating that," he said. "If there's an unnatural reason for it, we'll find out!"

I hope… the training with Ronan has to pay out! If anything happens here or back at Thornwell… it better pay out.

After that, the groups got closer together, as the road began to shift. Instead of trees, they were now next to grassy fields. Some feral Pokémon were around; Terry saw a herd of Tauros and Miltank in the distance, blocked by fences.

Must be a farm… neat.

"This probably won't be a very dangerous trip. I hope so, anyway." Onyx said, taking a look at the others.

"Fair enough," Liz replied, nodding. "I hope your statement proves to be true. However, even if it is is not, with our team—"

She turned back; seeing Shiron wrapping his arms around Magnus' back. He flashed a grin.

"Wanna be the biggest dreamer! I'll keep running straight ahead! From today into a brighter tomorrow!" Shiron sang, in all the glory his terrible voice could do. "That's right, I have finally realized… I've been forgetting my homework all this time. Life is slow and questions just pile on and on and on… 'Gotta know... where do I belong?'"

"H-Help…" Magnus muttered. On the bright side, Shiron's voice was surprisingly soothing. He didn't want to get rid of it anytime soon… so the help request was pretty much pointless.

"Ow, my ears." Nick covered them, groaning. "Shiron, shut up! You're terrible at this!"

Even Terry was groaning, shaking his head and muttering some unintelligible words, all to ignore the noises. "Lalalala…"

"Big and Bigger, Biggest dreamer! That's the start of everything! I know dreams are what I need to find the answers that I seek!"

Nick groaned dramatically, almost losing his balance. Terry ran in circles while pouting. But Magnus? He was the only one actually enjoying all the singing. Not even he knew why.

"A reliable team, eh?" Onyx chuckled, looking at Liz with a toothy grin.

Much to the Charmeleon's surprise, she saw something highly unusual. A… smile? A smile! Very small, and Liz looked like she was making a lot of effort just to smile.

"Oh, you're smiling, little rose?"

"I am not!" Liz protested, pouting and looking away with a huff. "This is a crude display of our prowess!"

"Hah. Say whatcha like, saw you smilin', so you were smilin'~!"

Reshiram almighty… may I have the strength to go through this! Liz thought. She retreated her smile, putting on her usual serious expression. But… they do seem to be having fun.

"M-Maybe try a different song, Shiron?" Magnus said. By now he started to blush, and shamelessly checked Shiron's arm out. He enjoyed how the sun shone in his scales, making them seem all the more brighter.

"A different song? Hm… gonna have to think about that one!"

Nick locked eyes with Terry, and the two said in unison. "NO!"

…A lot of fun, indeed. Liz couldn't help herself but smile once more, Instantly, she stopped herself, seeing Onyx smirking.

And on the road, they continued.

Until the farms were no longer visible, and the team found themselves at a crossroad. Literally. There were three distinct paths, one headed north, one headed west, and one headed east.

"Where do they all lead?" Shiron asked, looking at both Nick and Onyx, as they knew the layout better than him, and certainly better than the rest.


Nick was about to reply, but was stopped by the sound of Liz clearing her throat. She pointed at a sign nearby. The text inside served as their answer.

"It appears we would reach Bright Dawn by heading north," she said.

"It's one of the routes, yeah." Onyx shrugged. "Probably the quickest one, too. You'd need to go through Heavenwind first, but you'd get there in a week, give or take. Maybe more, I dunno."

"What about the west…?" This time, it was Terry. He knew basically nothing of this continent, so the least he could do was appreciate them helping him. "By the way, thank you. If it were just me and Liz, we would probably be lost by now."

"S-Sire! I know how to travel…" Liz pouted. She was thankful for not having blood to blush.

"I never said you didn't, but… well, I imagine it'd be easier getting lost, since we have no idea where anything is in this continent. No offense."

Magnus smiled sheepishly. "None taken!"

"Hillford's at the west," Nick said, pointing to the left and smiling. "Which is lucky, because—"

"That's our goal." Onyx finished his sentence. "Speaking of… we can rest a little now."

Shiron looked at the sky. The sun was right above them; was it noon? Probably, but now he missed digital watches.

Magnus smiled, wagging his tail and finally putting down the bag, opening it and showing off the boxes, each one with a different color. "We have veggies, meat for the protein, some rice for carbs… pretty much everything you'd need!"

"Whoohoo!" Shiron cheered, tapping his stomach again. "You're the best!"

"Course, you get a larger share…" Magnus handed the fish two boxes. He didn't even wait long before opening them to eat. Not that Magnus minded. If anything… that was adorable.

Onyx sighed in relief. "Whole package, eh? Eat up, y'all. We still have a lot of ground to cover."

Nick stood on one side of the field, adjusting himself to fight, both fists clenched. On the other side stood Liz, her cape flicking in the wind.

"Kick his butt, Liz!" Terry cheered, sitting down to eat. The others were all next to him. On his left was Onyx, and on his right, Magnus.

Magnus himself was on Shiron's side, watching the fish finish the second box of food. He wasn't sure, but it looked like Shiron did it faster than normal.

"This was… really good. And we get to watch them train? That's awesome!"

"I-I guess…" Magnus put his hand down, and a thought arose. Maybe he could put his hand closer to Shiron's… maybe. Just thinking caused his heart to skip a beat, an occurrence that repeated the closer he got to his goal.

But Shiron didn't even notice, not even when their hands did touch, if only for a second, as Magnus pushed himself away, blushing.

The fish was fixated at the fight, eyes widening. "Nick, you got this!"

"Y'all." Onyx smirked, showing a single fang. "First one to land a clear hit wins. Don't get too into this."

"Aye!" Nick put his goggles on, smiling. "Alright, Liz! Let's get this show on the road!"

To start things off, Nick took a single step forward before rushing towards her, his trail covered in a white streak from how fast he was running.


Liz spun her body, vines included. Petals began to fall from her roses, and surrounded her in a thin veil, whirling around in the wind. Nick then jumped once he was mere inches from her face, raising a leg to kick her.

The petals moved in the blink of an eye, gathering in front of her to stop the attack. Not just that, but they pierced through, leaving a bruise in Nick's leg, forcing him to back down a few feet.

Onyx cleared her throat, before raising an arm and cheering. "The fight rages on! Nick tries to go for a hit with a simple combination of Quick Attack and Low Kick! But Liz is faster, she's able to use Petal Dance to protect herself, and even hurt her opponent while she's at it! The girl is fierce!"

"...Narration?" Liz blinked. How odd, though not entirely bad.

"Seems you got a fan." Nick, once again, charged. This time however he stopped before even getting close, using the speed to create doubles of himself; each of the clones marched to attack her.

"Not bad! But you will need more than that!"

Liz moved the petals, multiplying them to cover her entire body… and then they burst into the air, creating a mass of petals strangely shaped like herself while she remained on the ground and was promptly hit by Nick's multiple attacks.

"Whoa…" Shiron looked with sparkling eyes, putting down the box and hugging Magnus tight. "Didja see that?! He's attacking multiple times!"

"Y-Yeah, I see it!" Magnus replied, screaming on the inside.

"You're way too cocky!" Nick's clones dissipated and his claws extended, sparkling like metal as he slashed her. He won the fight!

"Liz!" Terry shouted, not knowing whether to look or not. She lost!

…Or so he thought. As it turned out, once Nick struck Liz with enough force, her body dissipated into light. Nick only noticed it when it was too late—Liz, the real Liz, was enveloped by the flowers, blowing them away as she fell from the sky, spinning and creating vines from her flowers. She slapped him with them after landing, a powerful whip blowing Nick back.

Nick was left rolling back the field, groaning from pain. His opponent, on the other hand, simply flicked her cape, retreating the vines.

"Rejoice! For I win this spar." Liz raised her head, smirking proudly. "You did well, Nick, all things considered."

"Didn't expect you to use Substitute like that…" Nick stood up, coughing a few patches of grass he accidentally ate. "But hey, I don't mind! Nice trick."

"Congratulations, everyone!" Terry stood up, strolling over to them. "We should probably rest for a while… then we'll keep going, but that was a nice match!"

"Thank you, Sire." Liz bowed. "Everything for you."

Shiron pulled away from the hug, noticing he spent way too much in it, and now his face was all red from embarrassment. Thankfully, nobody noticed it… well, Magnus did, but he wasn't even talking about it, so everything was fine. Probably. Maybe.

To distract himself, he thought of desserts. Which wasn't a good idea, as all he wanted now was one of Magnus' cakes.


As the day ended and the night started to come, the team found themselves very close to their goal—so close, in fact, that the area already looked different.

"Uh…" Terry looked at the ground. The patches of grass were burnt to a crisp. At the places they weren't, there were holes on the ground, along with rubble. "Is this…"

"Might be meteor rocks." Onyx replied, looking around. The flame in her tail served as a nice way of keeping the place lit. "But the place's deserted. There was an evacuation notice a few weeks ago."

Magnus stood close to Shiron, very close. This part of the trip was larger than what he signed up for, that was for sure. But with his friends, he felt safe. "R-Really?"

"Not just that," Nick added. His tail was stiff. Very stiff. "...I've heard someone was here before, right? Merc, I think."

Liz nodded, checking the grass; there was so little green she was surprised to find any at all. "I, admittedly, am unaware of what transpired here. However, if you did not get any news from him…"

"Means something bad, rose." Onyx replied. She walked forward, closer to the entrance. Checking her surroundings, the Charmeleon found a large sign… or what remained of it. There was very little that wasn't burned to a crisp. "...At the very least, there's been some struggle. We gotta—"

A loud thunderclap reverberated in the area, along with a bright flash of electricity, coming from inside the city. It was followed by a pained roar.

"O-Oh no…" Magnus scooted closer to Shiron, trembling. "W-What was that…?"

"Trouble." Nick said, huffing. "Seems we gotta go check it out, hm?"

Terry, meanwhile, nearly jumped from the shock. He managed to keep his ground, though. "That was really loud! And really bright… what'd you think caused it, Liz?"

"Hm, a powerful electric-type, perhaps. Good thing we have someone to ground it." Liz squinted at Shiron, the fish yelping in surprise.

"M-Me? But…" Shiron shut himself up before something worse happened. This was his chance. "...O-Okay, so the plan is to go check it out?"

"We got this, don't worry!" Nick said, but he gulped, feeling sweat begin to form on his head.

Even then, Nick noticed his sensors twitching. Which was a sign something was up, considering how poor his aura sense was. But now? Now he sensed something powerful, oppressive. It had to be whoever they were facing, and so, Nick put on a brave front. as a Riolu, that was expected of him. "...Right."

Onyx looked at them all, puffing out smoke. "Alright, you lot. We'll head in. There's a very high chance we'll need to fight someone or something. Be on your guard. Magnus, stay out of the line of fire, alright? If you're not a fighter…"

"Yeah, I'm gonna get beaten up pretty badly." Magnus sighed. "I'll stay behind Shiron."

Another thunderclap rocked them as they entered the town. This time, Shiron and Terry were positioned in front of Magnus, ready to defend him if they needed to.

Onyx's tail flicked more, though the light wasn't really necessary, the stars in the sky were lit enough that they could walk around without issue.

On what was left of the ground, anyway. The buildings were destroyed, with craters inside them. Those were the older wounds to the structure of the city.

As for the new ones, they were caused by a fire. Some of the wooden buildings were burning even now. One such place was an area full of carts, the fire spreading around it, smoke rising up.

But the loud noises continued. They were coming from the center of the town, judging by the bright flashes the group could see every now and then, always followed by roars.

Magnus gulped, staying close to Shiron. Still, he looked around. There was nothing left of this city, and even with so many people, his heart still pounced. Something was out there, he just knew it.

"We can never be too careful." Liz muttered. Petals gathered around her, forming a gentle forcefield.

By far, the biggest sign of the destruction around town was the massive crater at the center. Onyx bit her lip and glanced at them.

"That's where the largest meteor fell… we don't know exactly what happened, but we'll see," she said. "I doubt there are any survivors, but just in case… Nick? Can you try sensing anything?"

"On it." Nick closed his eyes. This was his moment, it seemed, as she counted on him. Like with Audrey, the Riolu first focused on finding an anchor, someone to get drawn to. Of course, he thought of her.

And then, his body was wrapped in orange. He could see everyone nearby: Shiron was red, Terry was pink, Liz was yellow, and Onyx was the usual blue. Don't know her well enough to properly read, but eh. Let's see…

He touched the ground, trying to get a better sense, or to "scan" his surroundings for any powerful aura. What happened made him fall back; the aura he sensed was strong. Too strong to be a survivor trapped in rubble. In fact, the aura was so powerful Nick fell on his rear.

"Nick!" Shiron rushed to his side, getting on his knees. "A-Are you alright?"

Nick's feelers continued to twitch, like they never did before. "Urgh… the hell's going on in this place?"

"Oh! Hey, what the… what was that all about?!" Terry approached after, trembling.

"Seems our services may be necessary after all…" Liz pondered, shaking her head. "

"There's something really powerful here." Onyx puffed out a small flame, claws stretched. "Probably the only real explanation. Magnus, stay put. We'll go down the hole."

He didn't even try to protest, straightening himself. "Y-Yes!"

Shiron helped Nick stand up and frowned. His heart pounded as well. "Let's go."

With their plan in hand, the group marched forward, climbing down the hole.

On their way down, the group of five finally saw the cause of all the ruckus inside this town. A spark flew right above Shiron, hitting part of the wall and making some rocks fall deeper into the crater.

But after that, he took a look.

Two Pokémon were fighting. One of them was easily recognizable as an Infernape, although its body was consumed by a black aura, and it roared, sending punch after punch towards the other Pokémon, a creature they didn't recognize.

It was a bipedal, feline Pokémon with thin yellow and black fur, with zigzagging stripes across its thighs and a tuft of blue fur over its chest. A long, tail-like strand of yellow fur extended from the middle of its back, shaped almost like a lightning bolt. The Pokémon wore a brown vest, and its blue eyes were fierce, staring at the Infernape while dodging the punches.

"What… is that?!" Nick was taken aback, both by the mysterious Pokémon and by the powerful thunder that shook him to his core.

"No… n-no idea," Shiron trembled, now thankful that Magnus wasn't there to be attacked. Still, Liz was, and she was a plant… "Just be wary, everyone!"

Liz kept climbing down the crater, watching the fight rage on in the distance. Infernape jumped, roaring, the fire in its head raging, turning from red to blue from the sheer intensity. Now that they were approaching, they saw a scarf around the Infernape… that was burned until nothing was left.

"Tch! You took one heavy dose of that bloody thing, didn't you…? Damn cracks!"

The feline hissed, jumping back and slashing the air with his claws, turning pure energy into stars that flew towards Infernape, sending it back. This was an opportunity he had to take, no matter what.


Whatever this mysterious Pokémon was, he knew what to do, coating both of his fists in bright, blue electricity, and he jumped, ramming Infernape to the ground with a single punch, only increasing the size of the crater.

"And stay down!"

Meanwhile, the team finally managed to climb down, with Onyx at the front, for once. She watched the fight, the flashes, the electricity. Watching it all, but unsure of who to root for. Not to mention one detail that kept bugging her.

"Y'all," she said. "There's something wrong… Daichi said the 'mon sent here was a Monferno, not… an Infernape, or whatever that thing is."

"Perhaps he was wrong." Liz pointed out. Regardless, they still needed to see which one was in the wrong here. Or rather, what was wrong with this city.

"Uh…" Shiron cleared his throat, deciding to take the initiative and approach the two fighters. "H-Hey! We're team… u-uh, YTBN! Yeah! We were sent to investigate this place! What's going on?!"

"YTBN…?" Nick tilted his head. "I mean, it's better than what it stands for…"

Terry took a step forward, baring his teeth. "We would like to ask you some questions—"

A bolt of lightning was launched, landing right in front of Shiron.

"You lot stay put! This guy's gone nuts! And more importantly, it doesn't concern any of you!"

"You're under no authority to request that!" Onyx hissed, showing off her claw. "Present yourself!"

"Zeraora. Zero. Whatever you wanna name it!" Zero said, shrugging. He looked behind him, inspecting the unconscious body of Infernape. "This guy's dangerous! Too dangerous, so stay out of this!"

While he was talking, the unconscious fire-type began to shake. Slowly, and barely noticeable for the untrained eye. But Liz? Her eyes were sharp, trained.

Zero snarled. "Watch out!"

"R-Raaawrgh!" Infernape jumped back into consciousness, standing up and roaring. The flames ignited again, this time jumping high in the air, turning blue instantly. Its blue eyes were glowing with the same aura, and soon its body was coated by it.

"Look what you've done! It's gonna go wild and attack again—"

Infernape jumped, disappearing and reappearing right next to Shiron, fist clenched, coated in flames. It pulled its arm back, and punched the fish back with incredible force.

However, Shiron managed to block at the last possible second, crossing his arms in an "X" shape and taking the full force of the attack. With all the might he had, he was able to only be sent back a few feet.

"Urgh… you're really tough, but there's people I gotta protect! C'mon, can't we solve this with words instead of violence?!"

Protect…? Zero watched the scuffle, now a lot more interested. They were too weak to be of any help with this threat, but maybe… maybe he could test them. See what they had in store.

Infernape roared, lowering its head and then giving Shiron a powerful headbutt, finally forcing him back. Shiron was left dizzy, stumbling on his feet.

"Nice job, Shiron, but let me handle it!" Onyx jumped, focusing as much air as she could, and launching a powerful smoke bomb, that covered the area with it, covering Infernape's vision.

She didn't take long, aiming for a powerful slash, right at Infernape's stomach. Onyx followed this with a powerful and acrobatic attack, moving so fast two after-images appeared behind her. This attack managed to knock Infernape back.

For just a moment. Infernape returned the favor with a flurry of punches, all done in the span of seconds, so fast only the air blasts were left visible. Onyx was thrown backwards, landing on the ground.

"G-Gah! Y'all! Don't underestimate it! Use your all to fight it!"

Terry looked at the ground that they were in. Very rocky, with the occasional smaller craters. With so many rocks, he was in his natural element. In this case…

"Shiron, I'll need your strength! Launch the rock!" Terry stomped the ground, making stones float upwards.


Shiron ran ahead, grabbing one of the rocks. With his superhuman strength, he could probably deal a lot more damage. He lowered his arm backwards, and launched the rock at full force and high speed.

It was a quick and agile projectile, hitting Infernape. Or it would, if it wasn't just as fast. The fire-type simply punched the rock, shattering it into rubble, and then roaring, shaking the very ground they stood on.

"O-Oh! Oh… oh no!" Shiron gasped. His attack was meaningless! If… if only I could properly use Liquidation! I-I could attack this guy and win! I… oh no, oh no!

I cannot do much, however… I must. For Sire!
Liz jumped ahead, her roses covered in poison. She knew that if the Infernape landed too many hits, she was done for. "Nicholas! I need backup!"

While all this was happening, Nick was paralyzed. The aura he sensed earlier finally revealed itself. It belonged to the Infernape, but that was odd, because it was too powerful for a Pokémon like that to possess.

The Riolu was left out of it, thinking about reasons for this. Not to mention how Onyx said that the mercenary being a Monferno. Something was wrong with this place.


"H-Huh?! Oh, right! I'm on my way!" Nick rushed ahead, using the same strategy as their sparring session, creating multiple mirage clones of himself that ran in circles around Infernape.

Infernape quickly punched the ground to disperse every clone of Nick, but his job was done. Liz had enough time. She jumped, jabbing Infernape with a poison-coated punch, again and again. As much as she could do, before he was able to fight back.

Infernape roared once more, its flames somehow getting even hotter. Liz wasn't close, but even she could tell that, in case she touched it, she would burn, much like everything in this town.

Liz backflipped, landing right next to Onyx. "Are you… are you alright?"

"What'd ya think?" Onyx groaned, taking Liz's rose to help stand up.

"I think… I…" Liz trembled. No, no! This was a weakness! This fear, this dread that tried to make her stop, that told her to run, that was something her master said to get rid of. But it was out of her control. Liz kept trembling.

Zeraora looked disappointed. Do these guys really have what it takes…?

Infernape roared, setting his eyes on Liz. He jumped at her, ready to strike with fire.

Once more, Shiron stepped forward, taking the punch to his stomach and roaring from the pain. It even left a scorch mark, but he ignored it entirely, grabbing Infernape's arm with both of his.

"Leave… my friend… alone!" Shiron screamed, pulling Infernape up and tossing him to the other side of the hole with all the strength his body had. He fell on his knees, panting. "S-Sorry Liz… this is the second time I did something like this."

"...Idiot." Liz said, sighing. On the bright side, she was able to calm down somewhat.

"Watch out!" Onyx launched another smoke bomb right as Infernape lunged at them, temporarily blinding it. "Tch, now! Attack!"

Nick cracked his knuckles and ran, jumping. He clenched both fists and landed a powerful kick at Infernape's face. "Go, everyone!"

Terry nodded, running as fast as his stubby legs could do. Finally, he stomped again, launching a barrage of rocks towards Infernape. The fire-type, still blinded, was hit by each of them. "Your turn, Shiron!"

"Right!" There was something he could do, one attack that he managed to train with Ronan. Shiron ran ahead, grasping the ground firmly with his arm. The rocky area instantly turned into mud, and he was able to shape it into a sphere, before launching it at Infernape. The mud exploded, much like a bomb, in Infernape, who screeched at the attack.

But Liz did nothing. Her fear continued to conquer her, even as she watched her teammates deal blow after blow, she simply could not bring herself to do anything, lest Infernape burn her. I… I cannot… I-I… I…

Nick launched another kick, screaming and jumping back just in time for Terry to launch more rocks.

Infernape was struck time after time, its opponents didn't give much time to breathe or to counter their attacks, and finally, the raging fire-type landed on the ground, the blue flames finally turning red.

Shiron panted, falling to his knees. "D-Did we do it…?"

"Wait." Nick said. His sensors continued to twitch, sensing the evil aura coating Infernape. "The thing… I saw something, or sensed something, when I saw that guy. It's still there."

"What'd you see?" Onyx asked. She was on Liz's side, looking at the Roselia with a frown. "And while we're at it, are you okay? You look pretty shaken up."

Terry rushed to the Roselia's side. "Hey! It's alright, we won!"

But she had other plans. Liz stood up, gritting her teeth, and stared at Zeraora; her former composure was long gone, replaced by unmatched fury. Even Terry was taken aback by this, slowly backing away from her.

"It is far from over. He still stands, as do I." Liz let her cape flicker in the wind, a vine crawling out of one of her roses; her right one. It even dripped with venom, the purple ooze falling to the rocky ground. "Thanks to Shiron. I would love to say this is returning the favor, and it is. However… if I stand, I must fight!"

"Oi, oi! You did well, kid! Don't push your luck!" Zeraora shook his head and shrugged. Not wanting to entertain that thought, or to waste time fighting her, he decided the best course of action was to finish that as soon as possible. "The hell's this all about?! All I'm doing is giving you lot a warning!"

"...Where I am from, we do not need luck. All we need… is our strength!" Liz rushed forward and stuck her vine inside the rocks. Its roots started to spread from underground, culminating in her raising her right arm, launching chunks of rock towards Zeraora.

"L-Liz?!" Terry protested, only to stand down and watch it happen. When she set her sights on something, nobody could stop her. Right now, the prince wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

"W-Whoa…" Shiron only watched in awe, mouth opened. But it was changed into disbelief. "W-Wait! No need to get revenge cuz of me! I just did what I wanted!"

"And I am doing what I want!" Liz replied, hissing. It was like even her voice was venomous.

"Let her do it, dude. Bet this Zero dude is tired from the fighting before! If we need information, this is the only way we're getting it! Nick managed a proud smirk. "And I knew recruiting her was the right choice… Liz! Kick his butt!"

"Tch! And here you are, pushin' your luck to the limit!" With a snarl, he too ran, sparks of blue electricity rushing through both of his fists as he crushed the boulders with powerful punches.

It was just the distraction she needed. Liz jumped, twirling her body and covering it with petals, so many of them nobody could even see her regular self. The petals gathered together, forming a sharp blade that was tossed right in front of her, towards the feline.

"The hell?!" Zeraora dodged, watching the blade cut through the ground and leaving a part of it sliced open. If I was hit by that… tch! Gotta end this quick!

"Keep your eyes on the fight!"

Liz fell to the ground, preparing a powerful jab with her poison-coated arm, and Zeraora quickly moved to the side. They were inches away from one another, a prime opportunity for him to strike.

"Say that to yourself!"

And with all the focus he had in him, Zero punched Liz, straight in her face, sending an impressive amount of electricity through her body.


Liz was launched backwards, hitting the ground multiple times before eventually landing next to Terry, her body full of scorch marks of her own.

Thunder continued to clap as Zeraora approached them, clapping slowly. Shiron prepared to fight again, knowing he was the best to deal with that guy.

Zero ignored him, waving him off. "Go away, fishy. Anyway, you lot have tons of shit to learn. Like I thought… this is beyond you all. Especially considering I was just attacked."

"Lotta bark and no bite," Onyx said. "You're saying a ton of shit, but not explaining any of it."

"Explain? For starters, if Infernape wasn't weakened by my fight, none of you would have won. You're welcome, by the way."

Liz was about to protest, but even talking was tiring. Her entire body burned.

Terry decided to do it for her. "So aside from being cryptic, you're also arrogant? Amazing."

"I'd rather call it a charm," Zeraora looked at the sky, at the edge of the hole. "But fine, lemme entertain y'all. See… this ain't your normal meteor shower. It brings something with it, something the lil mutt sensed."

"...I'm not a mutt!" Nick protested, barking. His embarrassment was overshadowed by curiosity. "...What did I sense?"

"A Crack." Zero said, drawing in the shape of a fracture with electricity. The drawing remained in the air for a while, until it dissipated. "They're little pockets of nothing but energy. I wouldn't call them harmless, nah."

Sounds like something outta science fiction. Shiron kept that thought to himself. He was too tired to say it out loud.

"When they come into contact with a 'mon, they change 'em." Zeraora then pointed to Infernape. "Lady Charmeleon was right, when this guy got here, he was a Monferno. Sadly, the Crack got 'im."

"The Crack did… what?" Terry tilted his head, not putting two and two together.

"It forcefully evolved him." Liz said, mustering the courage to speak up. "...If it is a pocket of energy, and that energy was taken by this Monferno, it accelerated his growth, turning him into an Infernape."

To that, Zeraora gave Liz a big grin. "Bingo! Plant lady got it right! That's what it does. It makes you stronger. Which would be a nice deal… if it didn't come with a berserk button."

Shiron frowned. Infernape did seem to be going wild, and almost… pained? Amidst the battle, it was hard to tell.

"That's…" Nick wanted to confirm, just to be sure, but with all the fight he did, even at his best, sensing the aura would be difficult. Besides, the evil influence was still on him.

Albeit faintly. While the group was talking, the aura surrounding Infernape began to float upwards, leaving the fire-type's body.

"And there you have it! The explanation you lot wanted."

Onyx snarled, flicking her tail. "You seem to know quite a bit about these "Cracks", feel like sharing this? There's a place for you back home!"

"Nah, lady. I'm flattered, but I work alone." Zeraora closed his eyes, fists brimming with electrical sparks again. "Not to mention, again, you guys aren't ready! Look how tired you all are!

"Just… j-just watch us!" Shiron said, closing both fists and jumping in straight for a punch.

"Feisty, but kinda pointless, fishy." Zeraora dodged it without breaking a sweat, then kicked Shiron on his stomach, making him fall on the ground.

"It's five against one, do you really want to risk that?" Onyx flared her nostrils, launching a powerful stream of flames that barely missed Zeraora, who just grinned.

"Are you sure about that? Cracks are powerful. I'd be worried about your Infernape friend if I were you. Who knows? He might need medical attention more than anything else!"

Liz felt like she was about to pop a vessel, even if she had none to pop. "You fiend…"

Shiron stood up slowly, panting. If he was faster—if he could use Liquidation, he could catch up and get that guy to come with them.

"Now… I'm sorry about this, but I gotta make like a tree and leave! There's a place that needs me!"

Nick tried to run and catch up, but Zeraora turned tail, running with a streak of lightning behind him as he climbed up the crater, leaving on the opposite side of where the team entered.

Onyx punched the ground and snarled. "Damn it! We lost the one thing we needed to solve this case!"

She didn't bother looking at the others; and while she wasn't mad per se, Onyx was disappointed they failed.

I… I gotta look at the bright side for this, don't I? Shiron thought, fiddling with his fingers. "Uh… guys, on the bright side, we can question this Infernape, But we gotta get out of here first, r-right?"

The silence that befell them served as his answer. Shiron sighed, walking to Infernape and putting the fire-type on his back.

"I dunno if we can say this was a loss, or a victory. But we need to go! This guy might've gone berserk, but we can't just leave him like this!"

"No, we can't." Nick said. His sensors finally turned back to normal, not moving unless Nick himself was moving. Which he was quite thankful for.

No, this is certainly a loss. And perhaps it is my fault… if only I was stronger. Liz looked down.

"Let's just go. We should meet up with Magnus and walk back." Terry said, already on his way to the walls of the crater.

Left without much choice, the group made their way up.

As soon as Shiron made it to the exit, he saw Magnus running towards him, panting, and… crying? He swore he saw a tear forming, but maybe that was wrong.

"Shiron! What happened down there?! All I could see were sparks and flames and—oh my stars you're bruised! And burnt!"


He hadn't noticed, but taking the attacks took a toll on him, there were multiple bruises all over Shiron's body, but they weren't painful. "I… honestly didn't know. Maybe I'm that sturdy."

"You are an unusual Marshtomp." Liz added, though her look was elsewhere.

Onyx was the next to come, helping Nick climb. The duo glared at the others. They weren't nearly as hurt as Shiron, for once.

"It's strange that you don't seem to mind being this hurt." Terry said, eyeing the wounds. "...But uh, good to hear anyway?"

"I… I swear, guys, this is fine." Shiron protested, but was only met with piercing glares.

Magnus shook his head, which ended up as half his entire body moving. "I don't buy it! When we get back, I'm giving you a full cake. On the house!"

"...Deal." Shiron said, his stomach growling. Can't mention I got hurt so much back home this doesn't even faze me…

"Shiron might be special, to be fair." Nick deadpanned, yawning. "Anyway, this is super tiring. Can we go home? We'll leave Infernape at the clinic."

"Well, we seem to have a mystery in our hands. Meteor showers, cracks… all connected." Onyx added, looking at the hole. "We also found out what was wrong with this town. Nick, do you still—"

Nick shrugged. "Sense that weird thing? Nope. I don't feel anything."

"Cracks…?" Magnus asked, his gaze fully at Shiron.

"I think we're gonna have to explain on the way home. Which, by the way, we should start heading to. I'm getting kinda hungry, and I'm also beat."

"We won't take a full day to get home, will we?" Terry frowned. The possibility was there, and very real, which he hated.

"I dunno. We'll see." Onyx sighed.

Liz kept quiet. Quieter than she usually was. Multiple instances of "I am weak" kept running around her head, shutting down all other thoughts. They were suffocating. And the worst part? They were right.

I am so… weak. I cannot protect him like this. I cannot protect any of them. Why? Why am I so weak?

This just wouldn't do. Liz told herself one thing, one sure thing. She was going to become stronger. Their fight against this "Zeraora" was far from being over, and if she wanted to help them all, she needed to be stronger. That was her determination.

Before she knew it, the others had gone on ahead, and she was far from them. Lost in her thoughts, until Terry yelled at her to come with him.

She went with them, with a renewed fire in her eyes.

A/N: Hey all. This is the author (obviously, shush). It's been oficially one year since I posted this fic. Whoa, a year! And only 11 chapters! Somehow that feels weird, considering that by LoF's first anniversary, I had... I dunno, 40 chapters? Something along the way.

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