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Pokémon Pokemon Adventures: Helvan Cup


Fanfiction Rating: Teen just to be safe. There will be an odd curse here and there with some PG romance on the side.
Summary: Follow along as Ryan, John and Chloe explore the Helvan Region (Fanmade, based on Ontario, Canada)

Pokémon Adventures: Helvan Cup
Chapter 1

“Good evening, everyone,” a middled aged man was seen as the camera is focused on him. His hands were on the table, clasped together in a comfortable way. “I am Professor Larch. I would like to start this segment by congratulating Jason Walley for winning the Helvan League and proceeding to the very difficult task of beating the Helvan Four. He did admirably but he couldn’t get past Hector. We wish him the best as he will attempt the Kalos League. It is that time of year when in a week’s time, we officially open for our 2023 Helvan League. I officially invite all trainers, new and veterans, to stop by my Lab in Belmont City. Best of luck!”

“Oh, man! I will become the Helvan Champion this year,” a green-haired young lad thrust his arm in the air enthusiastically.

“Mike, calm down!” his mother scolded him with a smile. She was in the kitchen making dinner.

“But I am so excited,” Mike replied with a grin. “I can't wait until tomorrow!”

“While we are excited and happy for you, please settle down,” his father piped up.

“How can I? I am about to become a trainer. Oh, I wonder what Pokémon I will get paired with,” Mike bounced up from his sit and began to dance around the room.

“Someone is sure excited,” His brother chimed in as he was studying the Helvan Map.

“And someone isn’t,” Mike pointed out, coming up beside him. “I would have thought you would be more excited Ryan. How come you aren’t?”

Ryan sighed and looked up at his younger brother. He brushed a lock of his bangs from his eye, “I am excited but I want to temper my expectations.”

“More like you are scared,” Mike teased him back. “I mean, you have had 8 years to go on a journey, and each year, you decided against it. Why?”

“I just felt like I wasn’t completely ready,” Ryan answered back.

“I am sure that’s all,” Mike retorted with a twinkle in his eye. “It wouldn’t have to do with a certain red-haired person now, would it?”

“Well, Ummm..” Ryan stammered out a response, while his cheeks felt like they were on fire. After a few moments, he managed to speak. “Yes, Chloe is one of the reasons why. She is like my best friend.”

“Just your best friend?” Mike grinned at his older brother.

“Yes. Because I value her friendship over the awkwardness,” Ryan replied. “With John, Chloe, and I going traveling together, it’s best not to bring any weirdness.”

“Oh please. You are just scared to tell her how you feel,” Mike rolled his eyes but a cough from his mother told him to change the subject.

“Speaking of traveling, are you going by yourself, Mike?” Brad, his father, asked.

“That is the plan Dad,” Mike answered.

“And do you have everything you need?” Julia asked. She finished putting the final touches on the meal.

“I do. Everything is upstairs and sorted,” Mike replied, sitting down at the table. Ryan moved the map off the table as dinner was placed on it.

“What about you Ryan?” Brad asked, scooping some mashed potatoes on his plate.

“Almost. We just need to pick up a few more items and then we are set,” he answered. He cut a piece of his beef and put it in his mouth.

“Brad, can you imagine? Next week at this time, we will have a quiet house. Maybe we should throw a party?” Julia remarked to her husband with a twinkle in her eye.

“That hurt Mom,” Mike deadpanned. He turned to his brother. “What starter do you hope to get paired with?”

“I believe any Pokémon would be a great partner to start with,” Ryan answered back. He thought for a moment then added in. “I would hope a good fire type.”

“I am hoping for a reliable grass type, someone like Bulbasaur,” Mike stated. “It’s so cool that instead of choosing the same three starters like the other regions, we take a quiz and that should pair us with a Pokémon that will be compatible with us.”

“That I do agree with,” Ryan agreed with his brother. “This quiz is supposed to narrow down your choices, though I do know that they have limitations mainly no Legendary Pokémon are included. Other than that, it could be a surprise. The matchmaking results are wide open, from a Caterpie to Lavitar. Rumor is that they have added in most of Galar's Pokedex this year.”

“That is so cool. Our potential partner pool has been increased. I am so excited,” Mike grinned. “I so wish it was next week already.”

“Just make sure you guys are ready,” Julia said, standing up and clearing the dinner table.

“Sounds good Mom,” Ryan said as he stood up. “I’m heading to bed. Good night, all.”

Ryan climbed the wooden staircase up to his bedroom, shut the door, and flopped on his bed. He pulled out his phone, and sent a text to John and Chloe before succumbing to sleep.

Ryan stretched as he climbed out of bed. He took a moment to rub the sleep from his eyes before walking over to his window and opening the blinds. He noticed the dark clouds in the sky, threatening Zula Town with rain. With a slight groan, he took the next hour to get ready and soon found himself in John’s basic room. They were waiting for Chloe to put the final touches on their journey.

“I still think we should start with traveling to Frostridge and challenge Eric for the Icicle Badge,” John was saying, pointing to a map laying on his bed.
“And I am saying that isn’t a wise decision,” Ryan countered. “Eric is supposed to be one of the toughest battles. We shouldn’t challenge him until we are ready. We should travel to Rose City and take on Joan for the Thorn Badge.”

“But that will take weeks,” John remarked. He was tracing the route between Zula Town and Rose City. “We will be crossing through the Bael Mountains, which is known to be a tough area. And not to mention, Rose City is near the Scuderia River, which is nearly on the other side of the map. It doesn’t make sense since we will have to backtrack to hit 4 gyms.”

“But it will be one of the less traversed routes. Nearly everyone will head to Felspar City, which is supposed to be the easiest badge to get. For the first few weeks, the Crystal Badge will be the most challenged gym, which means we will be stuck in Felspar for a while.”

“Are we really arguing over this again?” Chloe asked, rolling her eyes as she entered the room. She sat down on the bed, her hand running through her red hair. “I thought we agreed to head to Coal Ridge and battle for the Blaze badge?”

“No, you decided that. We still haven’t decided on a destination as a group,” John replied back with a slight grin.

“Actually, I think Coal Ridge would be the perfect place to head to,” Ryan said, studying the map. He pointed to it. “Coal Ridge is in the middle, with routes heading north towards Frostridge, or to the west towards Rose City. And we wouldn’t have to backtrack too much if we decide to retrace back to Felspar City. I think it’s a good comprise.”

“Of course, you would think so,” John grinned at his friend but after thinking about it, he saw it was the best course of action. “And as you said, people will be heading towards Felspar City first.”

“Good, now that is settled, we should head to the store to pick up the rest of our stuff before it pours,” Chloe suggested, standing up. “Let's split up the list. John heads to the Mart to pick up nonperishable food as well as Pokémon food. Ryan, your job will be to buy any things we missed for traveling. See if you can also update our Poketchs.”

“And what will you be doing?’ John asked, crossing his arms, though he already suspected.

“Why, I am doing the most important job,” Chloe said with an air of seriousness. “I will be buying a Region Handbook and marking down where we should be camping.”

Before John can reply, Ryan nodded his head and ushered John out of his room at a quick pace. “Let her be. We will need that information anyways. Come on, the sooner we finish, the sooner we get out of the incoming storm.”


Belmont City
The quaint Belmont City was nestled beside the (in)famous Bael Mountain Range. The city itself was located on the Flounder Canal, a small water channel that expands the Western Region. Entering through the Western Side, the main road opens up to a wide-open market with various shops and restaurants. The buildings had a cobblestone look to them, making it seem like it was in an old-fashioned part of town. As it progresses to the heart of the city, it leads to a small roundabout that leads to different parts of the city. But for Ryan, Mike, John, Chloe and many other trainers, there was only one path that they wanted to take.

It was a pleasant walkway filled with different-shaped trees lining the edge, giving the walking trainers a little shade. Behind the trees, there were small ponds that nestled many different water type Pokémon. They saw several aides studying, playing and feeding the many different Pokémon, which indicates that the Lab is really close by.

Ryan momentarily stopped to see the marvel of what is supposed to be the Lab. The front doors were built into a Mountain. It was surrounded by a picket blue fence and flowers sprouted alongside the walkway, leading towards the white doors.

“Holy crap. I know I have seen this before on TV but damn. Seeing it in person is something else,” John marveled.
“I know. This is awesome,” Chloe replied awe in her voice. She can hear the crowd behind her agreeing.

They stepped through the door and immediately they saw a brown staircase leading to the balcony, which stood the Professor with a warm smile on his face. He was dressed in a simple white lab coat, his hair pulled back into a ponytail.

“Welcome trainers to the Helvan Region, where mystery awaits. Everyone here has come with one goal in mind: Winning the Helvan Cup. I commend you on your bravery but rest assured, the road will be long. You will face many challenges along the way. Will you stand and fight or will you buckle and break? Only one way to find out,” Professor Larch said in a warm but experienced voice. “I know a lot of you are anxious to travel the marvel of the Helvan Region, but I do ask for your patience, seeing as there are more trainers than ever today. Today, my aides will guide you through a simple oral quiz. Again, I welcome you to the Helvan League and I want to sincerely wish everyone luck!”

He smiled at the room and turned around to exit through a set of doors. Everyone was mumbling to each other before the aides began the daunting task of the oral tests.

“This will take most of the day, so feel free to stay in the waiting room. There will be free snacks and drinks provided all day, and should this take longer, we will have free accommodations for the night,” one of the aides said. “Let us begin.”

For the next 3 hours, the room finally started to thin out. Trainers enter a room, leave 15 minutes later looking happy and begin their trek through Helvan. Ryan, Mike, John, and Chloe weren’t one of those trainers. Instead, they spent the time talking or playing card games. Finally, it was Ryan’s turn.

He got up and followed an aide through a set of doors. The first thing he saw was the room had a Poke transfer machine in the corner. Besides it was a PC, which enabled them to bring the Pokémon that was matched to the trainer, as well as officially register for the Helvan League. There was a table and 2 chairs in the middle of the room, in which the aide took the chair in front of the laptop. Ryan sat across from her with a nervous smile.

“I am Sarah and I will be the one to administer your test,” Sarah introduced herself in a motherly tone. She saw the smile on Ryan’s face. “No need to be nervous Ryan. There are no right or wrong answers. Just answer honestly so we can pair you with a partner that would best represent who you are. Are you ready?”

“I am,” Ryan replied.

“Alright. First question. You want to pass a note to your best friend. What would that note say?” Sarah asked, waiting to copy down his answer.
Ryan thought for a moment. There were many things he would have put on that note but one answer stuck out for him. “I would write down my greatest achievement over the weekend.”

“Sounds like a great weekend then,” Sarah commented with a smile as she wrote down his answer. “Next question. Your parents ask you where you want to go for a vacation. What would you choose?”

“Simple. A day at the beach,” Ryan immediately answered. “Nothing beats feeling the sand between your toes, the sun shining, and the cool, crisp water.”

“You would fit right in with my kids,” Sarah joked as she copied his answer. “Alright. Your friend is having a birthday party. What would you get them as a gift?”

“That is a good question. Umm, I would get them a poster of Koffing and the Toxics, a poster of her favorite band,” Ryan replied.

“She has good taste in music,” Sarah commented with a small smile. “I am a fan as well. Alright, next question. You find some hidden treasure. What would you do with it?”

“I would save it for a rainy day,” Ryan answered back. “Who knows when I might need it.”

“Practical solution. We are halfway done,” Sarah commented, writing down his answer. “What is one thing you keep locked up?”

“Interesting question,” Ryan commented as he thought about it. Finally, he replied. “I keep my room locked up since it’s my personal space, though my parents don’t like that too much.”

“I imagine not,” Sarah chuckled as she copied down his answer. “Three more questions. There are several movies opening up on the weekend. Which one are you more excited to see?”

“Easy. I would go see a new superhero movie with my friend John,” Ryan replied with enthusiasm.

“That’s cool. So, you would see anything with Diantha in it?” Sarah asked. Once Ryan nodded his head, she continued on. “Don’t worry, that last question with Diantha wasn’t part of the quiz. Here is the real question. If you could have only one fruit, what would it be?”

“Green grapes. Great to snack on for any occasion,” Ryan replied. “We have a bag for our travels.”

“Oh, I love grapes as well,” Sarah revealed that information. “Alright. Last question. Since you like superhero movies, what would your superpower be?”

“That is actually a question I fight with my brother about all the time,” Ryan chuckled. “I always pick Weather Manipulation since I could always make it rain or be a sunny day.”

“Interesting answer and I bet that debate drives your parents crazy,” Sarah chuckled. She copied down his answer and took a moment to look through his answers before hitting the submit button. She got up and brought Ryan over to the PC. “In a moment, our program will pull up a Pokémon that would be a close match.”

“So are the quizzes the same?” Ryan asked, curious.

“Nope. Every trainer is a different quiz. We don’t want trainers to try and “game” the answers and get a Pokémon they want,” Sarah answered.

“Makes sense,” Ryan remarked.

As he finished his sentence, the computer program began to beep, the screen flashed white for a moment and the Poke transfer Machine turned on. It began to transfer a Pokémon to the room. Standing on the platform was an orange-looking chimp Pokémon.

“Chim?” Chimchar asked, looking around the room before his eyes landed on Ryan. With a squeal, he jumped from the platform and onto Ryan’s shoulder. Ryan chuckled as he scratched Chimchar’s head, who gave out a happy moan.

“Looks like the system picked Chimchar for you, Ryan,” Sarah said, watching the two bonding already. “And it seems to have made the right call. Well, there are only a few things left to do. First, let me register you to your Pokedex.”

Sarah inserted a small square box into the computer and began to type. “Any Pokémon you catch will be automatically registered to you. It will be useful for signing up for tournaments and other Helvan League Official Competitions. It will also tell you information on any Pokémon. Why not try it out?”

Ryan took the offered dex and scanned Chimchar. “Chimchar, the Monkey Pokémon. Fire Type. Chimchar easily climbs the sheerest of walls and lives on mountain tops. When it sleeps, its flames go out. Known moves: Scratch, Leer, Blaze Kick (Egg Move).” the voice called out.
“He knows an egg move?” Ryan wondered, slightly in shock.

“Professor Larch decided that every starter Pokémon should have an egg move,” Sarah explained as she took a quick photo of Ryan. “It’s a small thing but we felt it would help trainers out a lot. Now here is your trainer card. This will allow you to gain free accommodations at any Pokémon Centre in Helvan. Here are 5 Pokeballs to help you get started. And that’s it. You are officially registered for The Helvan League.”

Ryan walked out of the room and took a quick look around. He noticed he was the first from his group and so he sat down to wait for his friends and brother. Chimchar sat beside his new trainer, eager to start.
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