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Pokémon Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescuers of Light (Hiatus)

Chapter 1: The Call of Destiny
  • ArielDiancie

    Fanfic Writer/Reader and Hardcore Pokemon Fan
    Ontario, Canada

    Chapter 1: The Call of Destiny​

    “Boys! It’s time for school, you’re going to be late!” Mrs. Garcia yelled from downstairs at her two boys, Callum and Caleb who were both playing Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, respectively.

    “Coming!” They responded to their mother in unison.

    Caleb gave his brother a smug look, “Last one there is a rotten egg!” He said to his brother before booking it downstairs.

    “Hey! No fair, I wasn’t ready!” Callum whined to his older brother.


    After a long boring day at school the boys ran home as fast as they could, the reason being that yesterday their mother decided to get both boys a copy of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon for the 3DS. Callum was the first one to get home shortly followed by Caleb, upon the older brother’s arrival inside the house, Callum lightly elbowed Caleb in the stomach and said “Now we’re even.”

    The boys laughed before their mother entered the room holding one copy in each hand, she then handed both copies to Callum and Caleb. “Thank you mom!” They answered sheepishly in unison. Immediately after receiving the gifts, the brothers hurried upstairs to their room, picked up their 3DS systems and inserted the cartridge into the consoles and booted up the game however, instead of being greeted by the usual title screen, both Caleb and Callum were met with Arceus, and a text box that read;

    “I am giving you two the opportunity of a lifetime… Will you take it?”

    Caleb raised an eyebrow, “Is this some sort of elaborate prank?” he asked, turning his head to his younger brother.

    “I was about to ask you the same thing.” Callum responded. All of a sudden the text on both screens changed to

    “I can assure you that this is not a prank, so what is your response to my offer?”

    Both boys were stunned into silence before they looked at each other and nodded. “We accept!” Their answer seemed to reverberate throughout the room before ending abruptly. Then a harsh white light erupted from both of the console’s screens.

    The light was so intense that Callum and Caleb had to shield their eyes, only to be enveloped by it. After a few minutes the light faded, and Callum realized that his entire arm was now glowing that same white.

    “Caleb… Wh-what’s going on!?” A terrified Callum asked, trembling in fear.

    “I...I don’t know, I...I think that we...we might be Sh-shrinking!” Caleb responded with obvious shock and terror in his voice. The boys looked up at the Ceiling which confirmed Caleb’s suspicions, it was indeed getting further and further away from them.

    Then, Callum noticed that there was a sudden breeze that seemed to originate from both the console’s screens that slowly became more violent. He did the only thing he could think of at the moment and grabbed onto a wrinkle in his blanket and yelled to his brother over the increasingly strong wind. “Grab onto something, anything! I think we’re getting sucked into the game!”

    Caleb yelled to his younger brother, then he heard a very audible response from him “I’m partly already inside the top screen! I’m holding onto the ledge. I can’t hold on for much longer… I love you,”

    Before suddenly hearing a scream that suddenly became inaudible. “CALLUM!” Caleb shouted before he lost his grip and succumbed to his fate.​
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    Chapter 2: The Interview
  • ArielDiancie

    Fanfic Writer/Reader and Hardcore Pokemon Fan
    Ontario, Canada

    Chapter 2: The Interview​

    The boys awoke in an unfamiliar place, they were surrounded by a white void and pastel colours of the rainbow, but more importantly they were positioned right in front of Arceus himself, the boys glanced at each other before both kneeling down as a sign of respect, knowing that Arceus was known as a God in the Pokémon world.

    Arceus let out a booming laugh. “There’s no need to be formal children, after all I invited you here,” he said with a friendly tone.

    “Where exactly is here?” Caleb asked the wise Pokémon.

    “You are in a dimension between the human realm and my realm.” Arceus responded to Caleb, suddenly they realized what this meant and their eyes widened.

    “Before you can enter, I need you two to answer some questions.” Arceus instructed.

    Callum spoke up “Are they going to be math questions? I hate math!” Arceus let out another loud laugh.

    “Don’t be absurd, ‘tis but a simple personality test.” he answered, to which Callum let out an audible sigh of relief. “First let’s start with your names.” Arceus said.

    Caleb was the first to step forward and introduce himself. “I’m Caleb!” he answered with a bow, Callum stepped forward and copied his older brother before responding “and I’m Callum.” Arceus nodded and turned towards Callum and asked.

    “A nerve-racking first day of school! You want to make friends with someone you just met. What do you do? Will you turn to them and introduce yourself or wait nervously for them to talk to you?”

    “I would wait for them to come talk to me.” Callum responded meekly, before Arceus turned towards Caleb and asked him.

    “A new student transfers into your class. What do you do? Will you offer to show them around the school or wait to see what kind of person they are?”

    “I would offer to show them around!” Caleb answered with a grin, the rest of the questions were asked and answered easily until the sixth question where Arceus told the boys.

    “From this point on you must answer with utmost honesty, for these last answers will determine your future.” The boys looked at each other and nodded, Arceus glanced at both boys before turning to Caleb and asked him.

    “A wizard appears before you! He says he’ll transform you into anything, what would you want to be? A cute critter beloved by all, a cold-blooded reptile with strength, a freewheeling bird that wings across the sky or a wild beast that is one with nature?”

    “I would choose to be a reptile.” Caleb responded to Arceus before they both looked at Callum before Arceus started speaking again.

    “We are going to the beach, time to kick back and enjoy the breeze. What do you find yourself staring at? The glittering blue stretch of sea, the endless expanse of the sky, the sandy shore being lapped by waves or the gently swaying strands of dune grass?”

    “I would look at the sea.” Callum responded sheepishly, and suddenly Arceus spoke up. “Alright you two, one final question.” Arceus said to the boys

    “What kind of music do you prefer? Punk Rock, Pop, Classical or Marching?”

    Callum was the first to answer the question “I like Pop music!” He exclaimed, before Caleb responded with; “Marching.”

    Arceus nodded before turning around saying. “I must leave now, but I know we will meet again, just not as you are now.” he then faded leaving both Caleb and Callum standing there

    The boys then looked at each other to see that something was amiss. “Is it just me or am I way smaller than you are?” Callum asked his older brother.

    “No, it isn't, I'm quite taller.” Caleb responded, suddenly they both realized that they were both shorter than a meter.

    Callum was now 40 centimeters tall and Caleb was 61 centimeters, all of a sudden Caleb let out a scream, he turned towards his brother to reveal that he had an orange tail with a flame shooting out of the tip and he looked down to see that he had white claws on his orange feet before bringing his hands up to his face to see small stubby orange arms.

    After witnessing his brother change, Callum went pale and then noticed that he could no longer feel his fingers, so he brought his arms in front of his face which revealed that he had light blue flippers. He suddenly felt something round and pointy on his mouth and looked to see a small, yellow beak, and looked down to see that he had two yellow bird feet, and then the invisible platform that the duo were standing on disappeared and they were sent into a free fall.​
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    Chapter 3: A New World
  • ArielDiancie

    Fanfic Writer/Reader and Hardcore Pokemon Fan
    Ontario, Canada

    Chapter 3: A New World​

    Caleb awoke in an unfamiliar clearing surrounded by lush, green trees, he looked down at his hands and they were stubby and orange.

    “So it wasn’t a dream…I really have become a Charmander.” he whispered to himself before noticing a Piplup nearby that was out cold.

    Caleb walked over to him and lightly shook him, his eyes fluttered open and he quickly jumped on his feet and scurried back and put his flippers in a defensive position over his head.

    “Please don’t hurt me! I didn’t do anything to you.” He said, Caleb’s eyes widened “Callum, is that you?” Caleb asked the mysterious blue monster.

    “Yeah...wait, is that you Caleb?” Callum asked. Caleb nodded before trying to wrap his arms around Callum to give him a hug.

    “Where are we?” Callum asked, looking expectantly at Caleb.

    “You two are in the Emerald Forest.” A mysterious voice responded, the boys looked at the spot where the voice originated to see a lone Snivy wearing a green and blue scarf with a triangular pattern on it.

    “How much of our conversation did you overhear?” Caleb asked the strange Pokémon.

    “Almost all of it, by the way my name is Charlotte!” She answered, smiling.

    The boys looked at each other before Callum asked Charlotte “Did you happen to overhear our names?” She nodded “If you want I can lead you out of this Mystery Dungeon. After all, my dream is to be in a rescue team!” The boys looked at each other in confusion and then looked back at Charlotte.

    “What is a Mystery Dungeon?” They asked in unison.

    Charlotte’s eyes widened “Are you pulling my leg? Everyone knows what a Mystery Dungeon is...unless you’re from a different world or something.” she joked, causing the boys to suddenly go silent. “A Mystery Dungeon is a place that is always changing like a labyrinth. Wild Pokémon make their homes here, but they can be very territorial to the point where they will knock out any unsuspecting Mon.” Charlotte explained.

    Emerald Forest BF1

    Caleb nodded and responded “I guess we have no choice but to follow you, as we are kinda new at fighting. Charlotte nodded and led the way while the brothers followed.

    “I guess I’ll have to teach you how to attack, despite being a different type.” Charlotte mumbled to herself before looking at the duo and asking. “You know about type advantages and disadvantages, correct?”

    The boys nodded and Caleb spoke up. “Fire burns Grass, Grass absorbs Water, and Water smoulders Fire!” Charlotte nodded before the trio stumbled upon a wild Weedle.

    “Alright Caleb, you’re up! Try to spit a fireball at it!” Charlotte instructed, Caleb nodded and felt a small fireball erupt from his stomach and make its way up to the inside of his mouth, and then finally releasing it from his mouth and successfully hitting the Weedle and knocking it out cold.

    “That was extremely uncomfortable!” Caleb said gagging, then Callum came up to his brother and whispered to him.

    “What did it feel like to attack with your fire?” Caleb had to think about it for a moment before responding.

    “It felt like I was hurling, but without the awful aftertaste.” Suddenly the group was faced with an unnatural looking staircase that stuck out like a sore thumb. Charlotte turned towards the boys and beckoned them to follow.

    “This way.” She said before beginning to climb, the brothers shrugged at each other before following their new companion.

    Emerald Forest BF2

    Once the trio emerged from the staircase, Callum and Caleb turned around only to see that the staircase they had climbed had mysteriously disappeared. Callum turned to Charlotte and asked. “Where did the stairs go?”

    Charlotte thought about it for a moment before answering with a shrug. “Nobody knows, not even Arceus. It has always been one of life’s greatest mysteries.” The boys looked at each other and shared the same concerned expression before continuing on. After a few minutes of mindless wandering, the trio encountered a Geodude.

    “Callum, it’s your turn!” Charlotte exclaimed, Callum then nodded and puffed up his cheek and released a stream of water from his beak that successfully hit the opposing Geodude causing it to faint. “Excellent job, you’re a natural!” Charlotte praised, causing him to blush.

    “Th-Thanks… I-It was No-Nothing” Callum stammered nervously in response causing Caleb to giggle.

    “Alright you two, only one more floor to complete, Then I’ll show you around my hometown. It isn’t very often we get visitors!” Charlotte said excitedly before continuing to speak. “Speaking of, where are you guys from?” she asked the boys as the group climbed another set of stairs.

    Emerald Forest BF3

    Once the trio had successfully reached the third floor, the brothers managed to convince Charlotte to sit down on a stump to listen.

    “The truth is, me and my brother aren’t actually Pokémon, we are actually from a different dimension, and-“ Caleb was suddenly interrupted by Callum.

    “We were brought here by Arceus, we are actually Hu-“ Caleb covered Callum’s mouth before he could finish the sentence and gave his little brother a disapproving look, meanwhile Charlotte’s jaw dropped.

    “You… Met… Arceus!? Charlotte stammered, the brothers nodded with the utmost seriousness. “Did he say why he brought you here?” Charlotte asked the boys and they shook their heads.

    “Nope… he didn’t mention anything about why he did it.” Caleb responded to Charlotte’s question and sighed. Charlotte pondered it before resuming their journey, which was uninterrupted the rest of the way. Once the group had reached the exit, they emerged from a sizable opening in the trees, Charlotte of course being the first to emerge followed by the brothers.

    “Welcome to my home, Maple Town” Charlotte said with an outstretched hand.​
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    Chapter 4: The Maple Town
  • ArielDiancie

    Fanfic Writer/Reader and Hardcore Pokemon Fan
    Ontario, Canada
    Chapter 4: Maple Town

    The boys were flabbergasted by how bright and vibrant the colors were. It was akin to something you would see in a picture book. “You live here!? Wow this reminds me of that time we went to New York back home!” Caleb said to his little brother, before noticing a small tear forming from his left eye Caleb knelt down on one knee and faced Callum before wiping the tear off his cheek.

    “Hey, it’s Ok! We’ll find a way home! I promise!” Caleb said to his brother in a calm reassuring voice while stroking his head lovingly. Callum nodded before wiping the tears from his eyes using his blue flippers.

    “Okay! I believe you…” Callum replied before the trio began their descent down the hill that overlooked the town.

    Countless stalls lined the dirt road with the occasional fork, leading to many different buildings. “Almost there!” Charlotte said, glancing back at the boys, before the trio stopped in front of a beautiful Rose style Cottage with a roof made of hay.

    “Make yourselves at home!” She said as she swung the door open, which revealed a medium sized room with a table and three chairs, a kitchen island, a wood stove, and other kitchen necessities.

    The boys were speechless for a little bit before Caleb whispered to Callum, “I didn’t know that Pokémon live similar lifestyles to our kind.” Callum shrugged.

    “You learn something new every day.” He responded, all of a sudden the trio heard a couple noises.

    The boys looked down to their stomachs and abruptly realized that they hadn’t had supper yet. “Actually me and my brother haven’t eaten our dinner yet, so we are quite peckish.” Caleb said to Charlotte while rubbing his stomach.

    “I can cook something for you two! I make the best salads!” Charlotte responded joyfully before looking in her pantry and pulling out some ingredients and cutting them up.

    “There are two guest bedrooms, just walk down the left hallway and there should be one on either side.” Charlotte explained while using her retractable vines to point where she instructed, the boys then walked down the corridor and chose their rooms.

    Both bedrooms were pretty small and contained a circular nest made of hay and a drawer with strange indented light blue rings and blue and green scarves, just like the one Charlotte wore

    Soon Charlotte called the boys for their meal, and they made their way towards the dining room. When they sat down at the table they were both greeted with a bowl of salad with seeds, berries, lettuce and a side of applesauce. “It’s my special recipe, Enjoy!” The boys picked up their wooden utensils and absolutely devoured the salads.

    Once the trio had finished their meals, Charlotte picked up a brown duffel bag, slung the bag around her body and said “I need to go get some supplies, come with me and I’ll show you around town.”

    The boys nodded and followed her to a shop that looked like a Kecleon, where Charlotte waved at the owner who was also a Kecleon “Hello Keaton! How are you doing this fine afternoon?” She asked the bipedal green chameleon as she bolted towards him, with the boys following closely behind.

    The Kecleon smiled before responding. “Fine, Thank you! and who might you be?” he asked, turning towards Callum and Caleb who nodded and introduced themselves to the shop clerk who nodded and smiled “It’s always nice to meet new people! Welcome to the Kecleon shop, I’m Keaton!” He responded before taking a bow and continuing on.

    “I sell all sorts of useful merchandise for exploring Mystery Dungeons!” After he finished explaining to the boys, Charlotte spoke up.

    “Speaking of, do you happen to have any Reviver Seeds or Tiny Reviver Seeds in stock today?”

    Keaton nodded and asked “How many do you want?”

    Charlotte thought for a minute before answering “I’ll take a few, since I have a couple of new friends to worry about.”

    Keaton rang Charlotte in using the wooden cash register and said “That’ll be Two-Thousand, Four Hundred Poké.”

    Charlotte grumbled and took out the amount required for the purchase from the bag and handed it to the Kecleon before receiving three small seeds with a small sprout poking out, and quickly put them in the bag before walking towards a booth with a pharaoh looking structure with a Cofagrigus floating behind a pile of gold bars.

    “How are you today Charlotte? I see you have some new friends, Caleb and Callum, are their names correct?” The boys nodded looking rather shocked before the strange coffin laughed.

    “Keaton told me about you two, my name is Midas. Welcome to my Gold Bar exchange!” He bowed before Charlotte took out four bars of gold out of the satchel and said.

    “I’ll take some of your Poké in exchange for a couple of these, and I’ll also take five reviver seeds.” Midas nodded and gave Charlotte the seeds and one-thousand, one hundred and ten Poké for all of the bars which she quickly stuffed them in her bag before waving goodbye and walking back towards her residence with the boys following.

    After arriving at the house the brothers immediately went into their respective rooms that they chose earlier and fell asleep.​
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