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Pokémon PMD Blessed Protectors


The following content (The first couple chapters are nothing past PG) will have some mature content including some coarse language, violence (including multiple character deaths implied/explicit), minor drug references, and some suggestive dialogue. This is my first fanfiction series and OC goes to me. Reposting is OK as long as it is credited as LtMagnum and I have been notified of such reposting.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Why? Why in Arceus’s name am I in a Cramorant’s mouth?

That is what I was pondering. Last time I checked I was too big for that bird’s bill.

How can I be alive?

I said lightly enough to myself so the Cramorant was unlikely to hear my voice. My most recent memory was saving Kalos from the Ultimate Weapon with my battle partner, Hector the Heracross.

I looked at my feet in the darkness of the Cramorant’s mouth. I realized my feet were no longer a human and resembled a Froakie’s.

I must be dreaming.

I crawled out of the Cramorant’s mouth and I realized that the Cramorant was flying over the ocean in what seemed to be the very wee hours of the morning and land was nearly in sight. When I took a peek, I inadvertently fell several hundred feet through the sky. The Cramorant

seemed completely unaware of my fall as I was too tired to try to yell to get his attention. As I

landed, I left a huge hole on the beach that resembled a meteor crater with sand flying


“Watch it!”

A young female voice said after I accidentally woke her up. I blinked a few times to get rid of the

sand from my eyes and got up nearly unscathed except for a bruised back. I looked where the

voice is coming from and it came from an Alolan Vulpix.

“Are you ok?”

The Alolan Vulpix said. She looked more curious than worried.

“Wait a second. You, you, you talk.”

I stuttered almost in a whisper.

“Pokemon in this world do. Why are you surprised?”

Said the Alolan Vulpix.

“I was a human.”

I said.

“Human? That is a fairytale. They do not exist in this world.”

She said with a sense of sheer certainty.

Could I have perished in Kalos and have been reborn as a Froakie with the help of Xerneas?

“Kalos? What in the Giratina is Kalos? I have never heard of Kalos before.”

Interrupted the Alolan Vulpix, disrupting my soliloquy.

I proceeded to tell her in great detail about the human world and who I was during my life in the human world. After I finished giving her a not too detailed, not too concise lecture about my experiences in the human world, the Alolan Vulpix introduced herself.

“Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Poli’ahu, and you are?”


I greeted.

Then, Poli’ahu told me in great detail about this new world I was in.

“Civilization inhabited by Pokemon?” I said in sheer curiosity. “Yes. And the Pokemon world is very vast.” Poli’ahu said. “Where am I right now?” I asked her. “The Grass Continent, just at the outskirts of Treasure Town.” Poli’ahu replied. “Where do you live?” I asked.“I. I. I. do not live in any settlement. I travel a lot. All I would say is that I am not native to the Grass Continent.” She said with hesitation. She seemed to be very uncomfortable with the question I asked her, so I stopped asking her any more personal questions.

“I am getting hungry.” I told Poli’ahu, partially to get her comfortable again. She nodded in agreement and we left the beach. “Spinda’s Cafe should not be far” Poli’ahu said.

Me and Poli’ahu saw a sign for Spinda’s cafe. The cafe is in a subterranean location. We went down the stairs and was introduced by Spinda. “Have not seen either of you here before.” said the Spinda, curious and excited. “What would you like to have for breakfast?” she asked. “An Apple with Protein and Carbos” I said. “Aspear berry and Oran berry smoothie” Poli’ahu requested.

The cafe was very crowded. A Manaphy came to my table. “Is there space for one more?” He asked. “There is”, me and Poli’ahu said simultaneously. “Jynx, you owe me a drink” I playfully said to Poli’ahu, aware that it was in jest replied “I am already providing you a drink”.

“ Hello, I am Manaphy, an associate of Wigglytuff’s guild and you are?” said Manaphy. Me and Poli’ahu introduced ourselves to the Manaphy. “We are not from the Grass Continent. Is this cafe normally crowded like this?”. I asked Manaphy as Spinda came to our table to ask what Manaphy is ordering. “One moment” Manaphy said as he turned to Spinda and requested his order, which was a Blue gummi shake.

Manaphy turned back to us and said “not normally but there is an upcoming guild showcase managed by an old friend of mine, a Luxray named Princeton”. “Guild showcase? Guild? I am not a local.” I told Manaphy. “A guild is a housing arrangement where a large group of Pokemon would room and board together but to fund the arrangement, members have to do various tasks to contribute to the guild. Rescue pokemon. Capture criminals. Find treasure. House labor. I am the guild’s leading treasure hunter. A showcase is an event held by some guilds as a way to recruit prospective members. Princeton’s guild will have a sparring tourney to find the best members in 2 days.” Manaphy explained.

“How do you know about Princeton then?” I asked. “Princeton is a legend in Treasure Town. He is a former associate of Wigglytuff’s guild and 2nd in command of Team Swiftfoot. He decided a few years ago to form his own guild in the Sand Continent. 15 years ago, he and Lucca stopped the collapse of Temporal Tower, saved the world from freezing in time, and defeated Darkrai. However, I did not join their team until the defeat of Darkrai because I was just a baby.”

“What about Lucca?” I asked Manaphy. “Rumor has it that he is still near Treasure Town. He is living a private life and not much is known about his whereabouts. Lucca decided to disband Team Swiftfoot a few months after the defeat of Darkrai so he could start his own family. He has been very reclusive, so I do not much more about him.”

Spinda comes to our table and gives Manaphy, me, and Poli’ahu our drinks. Manaphy asked me and Poli’ahu “Are you up for the showcase?” asked Manaphy. “Now that you told me, I am.” I said, slamming down my empty glass in excitement. “Come on, Poli’ahu. You should participate too.” I said to Poli’ahu. “I will think about it.” Poli’ahu replied slowly.

We finished our drinks and Poli’ahu paid Spinda in the form of a ribbon in lieu of money. “That is 2,000 Poke in value, so that covers the tab for all 3 of you. Have a nice day” Spinda said as she left our table.” Me and Poli’ahu said our farewell to Manaphy and we returned to the beach.

Attempting to persuade Poli’ahu to join the showcase, I asked Poli’ahu “Why are you hesitant about joining the showcase?”. “It is a potential life changing decision for me. Most of my young life I have been a vagrant surviving by collecting treasures to sell to merchants for services. Being in a home means commitment and I am not sure I am ready for that. I also do not think I will be strong enough to participate in Princeton’s guild. It is a very selective guild that only selects the most talented.” Poli’ahu said drowned in her self-doubt.

“How do you know about Princeton’s guild?” I asked Poli’ahu. “When Princeton and Lucca decided to disband Team Swiftfoot, it was world news. The event happened shortly after I was born.”

I continued to attempt to persuade her to join the showcase. “Life is expedition without destination. Opportunity is worth seizing, even at the cost of commitment. There is no success without sacrifice. You can never know your potential if you only wander.” I said zestfully to Poli’ahu. “Weren’t you ‘killed’ in the human world by the Ultimate Weapon?” asked Poli’ahu. “If I was really killed, I would not be here talking to you right now, right?” I replied. “Good point. There is still 2 days until the showcase. Let me have some time to decide.” said Poli’ahu, sounding like I was stirring up her interest.

We decided to lay down on the beach and take a nap. It may be morning but we decided to catch up on sleep. I wanted to make sure I am well rested for the showcase. I love the very idea of it. I was a Pokemon trainer during my time in the human world and now in the Pokemon world, I can become a fighter.
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Chapter 2: Cave Foraging


After my rough ride with the Cramorant and the hard fall on the beach, I needed the rest. During my nap, I was contacted by an unknown figure through my consciousness. The voice had a melodic female charm to it.

“Ace!” said the figure. “How do you know my name?” I replied. I was very confused. The voice was too smooth and disarming to sound like Poli’ahu. It clearly was not Spinda. And besides Manaphy, who is male, I have not talked to any other Pokemon in the Pokemon world yet. “I can predict the near future and you are the hero who saved Kalos from the Ultimate Weapon. You will meet me in due time.” she replied. “Wait. Who the hell are you? Show yourself.” I said, desiring to know answers as the unknown figure faded.

“Wake up Ace! I am going to Beach Cave to forage. You should go with me so you can know your moves.” Poli’ahu said, interrupting my sleep. I felt very groggy like a frat boy during a hangover. “Gimme a moment.” I replied as I stretched my limbs and slowly got up. We proceeded to walk through the beach and went to the cave.

I talked to Poli’ahu about my odd dream during my nap. “Which Pokemon can see through the future and communicate in dreams, Poli’ahu?” I asked. “Xatu and Gardevoir can see the future but I do not think they can communicate in dreams. Absol can too but it is limited to detecting disasters. Munna, Musharna, and Cresselia can communicate through dreams but I am not sure any of them have precognition.” replied Poli’ahu. “It has to be something. The vision was vivid and the figure knew my name.” I said to Poli’ahu. “Let’s do some foraging to get this off your mind right now. You will find the answer eventually.” Poli’ahu said with confidence.

As we entered the cave, Poli’ahu whispered in my ear “A lot of the Pokemon in this cave are hostile to any outsiders. We are searching for food but it will be inevitable that we will be attacked. Please avoid any unnecessary fights because you do not know your own strength yet.”.

During my first few steps in the cave, I was suddenly attacked by a hostile Anorith. “Damn it.” I said in a voice low and quiet enough to prevent myself from drawing any further attention. “Do not worry, it is not your fault.” Poli’ahu said giving me some comfort. “Take care of that Anorith. You could use the training, not to mention, you are a water type. You should have a super effective move on it.” Poli’ahu insisted.

I opened my mouth, hoping I would use Water gun, Bubble, or Bubblebeam. But nope, when I tried to exhale to use a move, I ended using ice beam by accident. “Why didn’t you use a water type move?” asked Poli’ahu. “I don’t know any. I tried to use any water type move that came into my mind but I am not having my day today.” I countered. “Let me know if you need backup. I am going to get some apples and ribbons.” Poli’ahu said. She did not want to interfere with my fight unless it was absolutely needed because she knew that I was still getting used to my form as a Froakie.

The Anorith hit me very hard with a rock blast. My ice beam seemed to have little to no avail. I had to use another attack. I dug underground. I can dig much faster than I thought. I sprang up and hit the Anorith, who immediately hit me again with a Rock Blast. It felt much more feeble than last time. And at this moment, I realized that I had protean as my ability. I found a pebble in the cave and threw it at the Anorith. “Play stupid games. WIn stupid prizes. You just asked for a WWE Smackdown.” I shouted after the first pebble hit Anorith. It used Rock Blast again and it was just as feeble as the 2nd attempt. I threw a 2nd pebble at the Anorith and the Anorith was down. “Next time, if you mess with me, you are gonna be part of a gumbo serving.” I taunted as the Anorith was knocked out.

It was a miracle that this Anorith was the only Pokemon in the cave that attempted to attack me. I was concerned that a huge horde was going to swarm me and Poli’ahu, which would have likely been bad news because I do not perceive Poli’ahu as being a good fighter due to her lack of self-confidence in combat (she forages in a stealthy manner) and this is still my first 24 waking hours as a Froakie.

I caught up with Poli’ahu, who was about 50 yards away from me. “I knew you could do it.” Poli’ahu smiled. “A piece of Alcremie” I replied in a sarcastic manner while trying to conceal my blushing by covering my face, somewhat unaware of the difficulty of the fight. “You are going to have to a lot more of that in a couple days.” Poli’ahu said. “I know that I have a lot of work to do.” I sighed. “Let’s call it a day.” Poli’ahu said. She showed me the food and treasure she collected. “This should be enough for the 2 of us until the tourney arrives.” said Poli’ahu expressing content in her little journey with me.

After we exited the cave, we ate a nice dinner of gummies and apples at the spot we napped earlier that day. After dinner, we both decided to go to sleep for the night. Right before I fell asleep, I saw 2 Pokemon. A Houndour and a Litwick appeared. Poli’ahu was asleep. “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” I yelled at Poli’ahu. The 2 Fire Types were attempting to rob her loot. Poli’ahu woke up and immediately knew why I woke her up. “This is not as easy as I thought it would be.” The Houndour said. I confronted the two troublemakers. “It’s on now. You will not like me when I am slangry.” I said. “Slangry?” Litwick jeered. “Yep. Sleepy and Angry. Litwick. I will make it as quick and painless as possible for your two delinquents.” I declared. “Let me take them too.” Poli’ahu said.

To be continued…
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