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Spiteful Murkrow

Junior Trainer
I've been watching on the sidelines for a while, but I think that it's about time to throw my hat into the ring with one of my characters from a side project:

Player type: Support

Character name: Kate

Basic personality: Impish and thrill-seeking. Is an active outlaw in her own world, and accordingly has familiarity with bandit behaviors and techniques.

Pokémon Species: Sneasel

Starting build: Strike

Talents: Stamina (0.3) + Attack (0.3)

Weaknesses: Magic + Resistance

RP notes: Open to just about anything, though I generally plan on having a light presence in-RP on most days.

DM control: Partial

Round 8:

A Night on the Town ( +Luz )
The Mysterious Charizard (Destiny Village plot scene)
Fencing Lessons ( +Icetales )
Battle with Giovanni and the Radiant Machine (Round 8 Boss)

Round 9:

Destiny in the Balance (Round 9 Opening)
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