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Official Signups


golden scars
waiting for the fog to roll out
  1. silvally-grass
  2. lapras
  3. golurk
Player Type: Front-lines, can switch to Support as needed, etc

Character name: Booper

Basic personality: A wooper. Wearing a bowtie. He is cheerful, optimistic, and encouraging to a fault. He has the depth of a shallow pond. Sometimes makes dad jokes. Passive perception probably close to -3, which will become canon as soon as I can purchase the Unaware ability. Life goal is to find two other wooper friends and become three wooper in a trenchcoat.

Pokémon Species: Wooper

Starting build: Shield

Talents: HP, Resistance

Weaknesses: Attack, Magic

RP notes: I have no planned character arc for this guy and am open for anything.

DM control: Full / Partial / None: Full

Front Lines only:

: Water Gun, Tail Whip

Ability: Water Absorb

Extra Move & Justification: Helping Hand. Booper likes to write reviews for people and generally tries to be a helpful presence, much like a toddler trying to help you fold laundry. Booper will probably also help with rewards and stuff if possible/needed.

anyway ftlulz here's the scrapped Zahhak signup from EoE:
Character name: Zahhak

Basic personality: Zahhak is thrilled to discover that N saved the world and created a separate world for Pokemon. How lovely! It sure is great that this happened. As a deino he's a little miffed about having to do the whole blindness thing again, but on the other hand it feels like the universe is giving him a fresh start. He is very excited to find N in this world now that N is a proper dragon. Enjoys telling stories of a longago place. Has very quickly let go of decades of pent-up anger for his fresh start and it sure is great that nothing will stop him from putting his best foot forward now. Nurturing and supportive of all pokemon; an old soul in a hatchling's body. Generally optimistic, and is very excited that his teeth are growing in again. Sometimes, he has strange dreams about a collapsing building that he does his best to ignore.

Hates all humans on sight. Luckily, there are no humans. Unluckily, he is blind.

Pokémon Species: Deino

Starting build: Strike

Talents: Attack, Stamina

Weaknesses: HP

RP notes: this option was too sad and full of dramatic irony for me to actually play

DM control: Full / Partial / None: Partial

Front Lines only:

: Tackle, Focus Energy

Ability: Hustle

Extra Move & Justification: Perish Song. Zahhak teaches N a song and then dies. This is canon. Also, Zahhak has dreams of being a champion beatboxer. This is not canon.
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Pokémon Trainer
Houston, Texas
  1. serperior
Player type: Front Lines

Character name: Astrid

Basic personality: Astrid is an immigrant who traveled to the Water Continent for her career as an explorer. She works at the Expedition Society as a member of Team Carbon, a specialized unit that tends to seek out missions that are far from home, or ones that involve local crime.

Astrid is a touch of careful and a touch of relaxed; she’s not a worry-wart, per se, but she doesn’t like the feeling of not being in control of herself either. She is very curious and will become invested in other people’s problems, big or small. It’s inevitable that she’ll want to get to know everyone, and sometimes her nosiness can get carried away in that regard. She means well, and she’s not blissfully unaware or stubborn or anything, but she does have a penchant for diving into things headfirst. Detail is not her strong suit.

Besides all that, though, Astrid is used to putting up with aloof/irresponsible teammates, so it isn’t typically in her character to lash out at that sort of thing. She’s chill—pun intended.

Pokémon Species: Vulpix-Alolan

Starting build: Boon

Talents: Big Resistance (+0.2)

Weaknesses: Big Attack (-0.2)

RP notes: I may make a suggestive joke here and there, but I’ll have that sort of thing toned down for the most part. I’m putting it out there that I’m really not a fan of godmoding, even if it’s a minor thing... though I have little issue with the DM doing it if it’s reasonable.

DM control: Full. If you have to take control of her, try to limit dialogue.

Moves: Powder Snow, Tail Whip, Freeze Dry

Ability: Snow Cloak

Extra Move & Justification: She knows Freeze Dry in GoP. It was an egg move passed onto her from her parents in her tropical tribe. It gave her a great advantage against the numerous Water Pokemon that lived in that area, and it’s one of her go-to moves on the regular. She finds the best uses for it are in underwater caves and as a way to keep Helli in check by threatening to make his Dry Skin ten times worse.

Preferred difficulty: The hardest one lol

FL / Support number: 1 — though, out of respect for new players, I am content with moving to Support on sparse occasions if someone else wants the opportunity to play, but can’t.
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Purported Virtua Tennis Cheater
Player type: Support

Character name: Seyka

Basic Personality: Somewhat of a fatalist who nevertheless loves to please.

Pokemon species: Skarmory

Starting Build: Boon

Talents: HP / Stamina

Weaknesses: Magic / Defense

RP Notes: Haha, I've not done much rp, but I'm all for learning. No preferences otherwise.

DM Control: Full

I think this is right! I need to be a more productive community member after all.
Brisa Escarpa


A cat that writes stories.
  1. custom/purrloin-salem
  2. custom/sneasel-dusk
Player Type: Front Lines (Priority 1)
Character Name: Brisa Escarpa
Aliases: Brisket, Bzzap, Breccia, Bitch
Species: Mountain Luxio
Ultra Familiar: Zeraora Luz

DM control: Full
Basic Personality: Somewhat terse, and uncomfortable with uncertainty in social interactions, but is protective of the vulnerable and fundamentally kind. Turns out that she goes real quiet in group settings, and becomes earnest and flustered in the company of a gal she likes.
RP notes: Can't abide nonconsensual intimacy but that's unlikely to come up, huh? For practical purposes I don't have RP limits.
Quick cheat sheet to writing Brisa:
Motivations are to protect others, feel wanted, be of right mind and conduct, learn new things, kick ass, bump noses with pretty gals.
There are three default modes for her in a conversation depending on the context.
Roughlander: terse, laconic, combat-oriented, distrustful. Comes out when under threat. "Keep still. Quit talking. I'm reckoning something."
Townie: polite, articulate, rambly, self conscious. Comes out when faced with a conundrum. "That's as may be, but considerin' the opportunity cost of such an enterprise, I, ah, can't say I find it a sound proposal!"
Ranger: affectionate, casual, bold, earnest. Comes out when relaxed around friends. "I oughta tell you, it was quite somethin' seein' you put the moves on that fella! You can watch my back any time."
Also just pepper her dialogue with ain'ts, fuckin's and goddamns. Sometimes swears on salt and sand, or wind and weather.

Talents: +0.1 Stamina, +0.2 Attack
Weaknesses: -0.3 Magic
Autolevel: priority to stamina, then attack, then HP.
Ability: Guts
Extra Move & Justification: Thunder Cage. Brisa is an exceptionally powerful fighter in her homeworld, the daughter of a human hero from another world and his native partner. As a Ranger, she uses a technique very like Regieleki's 'thunder cage' to restrain and subdue outlaws.
Thunder Cage​
Adds 100 to the target's Damage Trap status, which deals 1/8th HP in damage and prevents them from attacking opponents unless they interacted with them that turn.​
Wild Charge​
User receives 10% the damage it inflicts in recoil.​
Self and 3 Allies​
Raises the user and three targets' Attack by one stage.​
Helping Hand​
Ally's next damaging move is powered up by 25%​
Bright Arclight
Blacklight Boost​
Used automatically on Turn 0 only. Adds 100 to burn the user. Raises Resistance by +1. User's first Electric attack will have 50% more power on the next turn.​
Radiant Arrest
Adds 100 to the target's Paralyze status and Speed debuff.​
Shining Whiplash
Relies on the user's Attack stat, but targets Resistance. The user can also Call the target during this action.​
Shadow Maul
Does double damage if the target is afflicted by a status ailment.​
Umbral Overcharge
Chains into another move. User can apply either a Sure Crit status or a Rainbow status to the move. For the turn, all non-Blacklight moves are Electric-type.​

Round One
Brisa reveals herself in Veritas City.
Everyone gathers in Treasure Town Square.
Brisa vs Curio & Zane sparring matches
Brisa & Curio go to the beach
Brisa & Dave discuss humans
Sharpedo Fluff - Brisa & Curio bond
Arguing before the Sushi showdown
Brisa spectates Curio vs Starr
Brisa trains Cynthian in combat
Brisa hunts prey with Celeste
The fight against Sushi begins
The fight against Sushi ends

Round Two
The Posse VS Shadowed Turf
Tensions Ignited - Brisa & Starr argue
Curry lunch - befriending Astrid
Getting acquainted with Surf, Turf, & Owen
Darkwhite's grand entrance at the Guild
Brisa vs Zane sparring match
A new badge for Shinx Brisket
The Posse vs Shadowed Team Spice

Round Three
Brisa accepts the light of Radiance
Brisa & Curio spar with Radiance
Brisa in the infirmary with Thyme, Pine, et al
Heartbreak - Brisa says goodbye to Curio
A Pretty Smile - Brisa confides in Astrid
Brisa & Cynthian VS Astrid & Cabot!
Brisa gets acquainted with Cabot
Brisa demands the truth from Diyem
Is that what you tell yourself? Brisa vs Starr.
The Posse vs Shadowed Lugia & Darkwhite

Round Four
Somewhere Dark - Brisa & Starr survive
Reverse World - Brisa tries to get home
Meeting Giratina and heading home
Home at last - welcomed by Curio & Leg
Don't Starve Together - a three-mon feast
Brisa gets acquainted with Icetales
Battlefield Control - Brisa vs Owen
The Posse vs Shaymin Horde/Dark Machine
You Don't Forgive Me - vs Shadowed Brisa
A Victory, Still In Sight - Brisa's Strike against the machine

Round Five
How to Traumatise Your Daughter - Brisa confides in Curio
Visiting Hours - Brisa apologises to Astrid
Combat Addicts Anonymous - Brisa & Owen
Moving On - Brisa & Curio leave Treasure Town
Moving In - Brisa & Curio finally get a room
Bahamut's Quest for Liver
Brisa is Very Good at Texting
Brisa & Zane - Combat Training
Colosseum - Brisa vs Surf 'n' Turf
Colosseum - Astrid & Icetales
Parfait Way - Meeting Cuicatl
Guild Lobby - Brisa, Dave & Owen Discuss the Plot
X-Eye Cauldron - Dave & Brisa Discuss Fathers
Reverse World - VS Blacklight Dragon

Round Six
Destiny Tower - Safety from Mewtwo
Dave and Brisa at the infirmary
Brisa & Starr - A Familiar Conversation
Luz/Celeste/Soul/Brisa - Parfait Party Convo
Isle of Light - Rayquaza Encounter
We're Gonna Need A Bigger Psychic
Brisa & Astrid - Riverside Date
Team Spectrum VS Shield & the Weather Trio

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Now Playing: Crystal Castles - Reckless
the void
Feminine - She/Her
Player Type: Front Lines; however much like others applying for the role - if the pressure gets too much, a Support swap might be a option I won't be passing up.
Interest [FL and Support]: 2/3 - mostly because the bits of both fit me as well.
Difficulty Preference: Normal at start, then see how we feel.

Character Name: Wren

Basic Personality: Wren, as a character, is the type of girl who tries to keep her chin up even in the darkest of times. A friendly, determined and honest soul, her efforts to obtain her idea of perfection through hard work, prompt her to never give up until something is good enough, in her mind. [She's basically the Star Arcana, if you've played Persona games.]

Pokémon Species: #619 - Mienfoo

Starting build: Hex / Strike / Boon / Heal / Shield

Talents: HP / Stamina / Attack / Magic / Defense / Resistance

Weaknesses: HP / Stamina / Attack / Magic / Defense / Resistance

RP notes: No Content Warnings here for Wren's backstory.
I don't enjoy writing non-consent for intimacy (...but that won't really be a problem here i think), Excessive gore also is a no go as well. Other than those two things, i'm open for just about anything.
As a note for myself: Even though the story she comes from has not been written/uploaded yet (but that will SOON change, through the word crawl hopefully), i'm hoping to take Wren from before chapter 1.

DM control: None at the start; as I kinda want to see what direction i'm going to be taking her. Once i've settled into a niche for her and everyone's had some time to get to know her/learn the ropes of her character, i'm ok with passing the reigns to the DM for Full control.

[Front Lines]

Detect - lvl. 1 - "This move enables the user to protect itself from all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession."
Pound - lvl. 1 - "The target is physically pounded with a long tail, a foreleg, or the like."

Ability: Regenerator - "Restores a little HP when withdrawn from battle."

Extra Move:
Lash Out - Gen 8 Tutor Move [illegal move?: yes] - "The user lashes out to vent its frustration toward the target. If its stats were lowered during the turn, the power of this move is doubled."
Justification - When it comes to her emotions, Wren is...not that good with dealing with a lot of stress, despite her more determined trait. Push her to her breaking point and the combination of pressure and emotional turmoil would cause her to lash out.


Reviewing 'til I drop~
Player type: Support, because I feel I won't get in the way as much when it comes to hardcore strategising :sweats:

Character Name: Angela Springer

Basic Personality: Slightly awkward around people unfamiliar to her, but will do her best to push it aside when necessary. She will also do her best to live up to expectations she thinks others have of her, but whether she is able to actually do so is another question. When not under pressure, she has a tendency to slip into the background to observe everything and everyone (and would take pictures if she could bring a camera along :( )

Pokemon Species: Buneary (Formerly human)

Starting Build: Strike

Talents: Stamina, Attack

Weaknesses: Defence, Resistance

RP Notes: Absolutely fine with anything, although I'd like a heads-up if the other player wants to do a scene with conflict/sexual references/innuendos/undertones/anything that would require a trigger warning. I will do the same (although I don't think I will be doing it much, if at all).

DM Control: Full

Moves: Splash, Pound, Copycat (Extra)

Ability: Run Away

Extra Move & Justification: Angela normally uses photographs to be able to copy others' fighting styles when she trains, but when she loses her camera, Angela has to rely solely on her memory and sight instead. Exertion of her body and aura over the course of months eventually unlocked a new move: Copycat, a move reminiscent of how she copies others when she teaches herself.
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Friend of All Chu
Rhyme City
Player type: Front Lines

Character name: Zane

Basic personality: “Hates” everyone and everything. Just wants to go home.

Pokémon Species: zangoose

Starting build: boon/shield

Talents: Choose up to three from: HP / Stamina /

Weaknesses: Magic/Attack

RP notes: I’m down for anything. He’s a grump up front, but there’s some cadbury cream to this egg.

DM control: if you need Zane to do something, let me know, but I would rather write the post myself.

Front Lines only:

Moves: Leer and Scratch

Ability (No hidden abilities) : Immunity

Extra Move & Justification: Follow Me: he has a very punchable face.

Starlight Aurate

Ad Jesum per Mariam
Route 123
  1. mightyena
I'll bite. I might as well be a part of this, even if minimally. I see that Ethereal technically has no character role, but if you want to sue mine like OldSchoolJohto's, here's one! And if not, I'm content to just spectate from afar.

Player type: Ethereal

(Support and Front Lines)

Character name: Breloom (I never came up with a specific name for him lolz)

Basic personality: Jumpy, joyful, and always eager! If there's a problem to be solved, you can bet that Breloom will try his hardest to solve it--though he may com up with the most convoluted solution possible. He's always itching for a fight, and always loves to make new friends. He also likes cuddles (even if he's a bit too big for them now).

Pokémon Species: Breloom

Starting build: (Even if you're Front Lines, do this just in case it gets crowded) strike

Talents: Choose up to three from: Stamina / Attack

Weaknesses: Magic / Resistance

RP notes: Have at it and do as you will

DM control: Full


the cat is mightier than the pen
  1. dratini
Squeaking in before August 1st!

Player type: Support (may switch over to ethereal later on, if that's all right.)

Character name: Midnight Silk

Basic personality: Midnight Silk is a quick-talking charmer. She's trying to be reformed, but her first instincts tend towards lying her way out of difficult situations and filching anything that's not nailed down (or is nailed down, really.)

Backstory: After living an exciting, prodigious, and eventful life of crime, Midnight Silk died. She wasn't the kind of person to let a little thing like that get in her way, however, so she conned her way into becoming the assistant of Yveltal, hoping to steal her life back. Somehow, she ended up conning herself into a selfless act that set right the balance of the world. Now Yveltal and Xerneas are giving her a second chance to do something with her life and be remembered as a hero. She plans to make the most of it.

Pokémon species: Meowstic

Starting build: Shield

Talents: HP, Magic

Weaknesses: Attack, Stamina

DM control: Full

Moves: Fake-out, Disarming Voice, Mean Look

Ability: Infiltrator

Extra Move & Justification: Covet. Because she's a thief :)

The Walrein

Pokémon Trainer
  1. gulpin
Player type: Front Lines (Interest level 2)

Character name: Jaro Firesong

Basic personality: Belligerent and outspoken, Jaro often finds himself winding up in fights he can't win.
Has an obstinate streak and NEVER! GIVES! UP! when fighting for his principles, which he considers more important than loyalty to individual persons. (Lately Jaro's been wondering if that isn't just an excuse he's been using to ignore the harm he's done to people...) Long periods of time spent alone have led to him acquiring a philosophical bent, and a tendency to question everything, especially his own beliefs. He really, desperately wants to be a hero, and would jump at any chance provided to become one. Tries to be kind.

Pokémon Species: Jigglypuff (Jaro was born directly as a Jigglypuff instead of an Igglybuff; this is considered to be a sort of birth defect in his culture, as mon born this way grow up faster but have shorter lifespans, and are at greater risk of certain disabilities. In Jaro's case, he can't use the move sing, and has unusually poor special attack.)

Starting build: Shield

Talents: Stamina (+0.2), HP (+0.1)

Weaknesses: Magic (-0.2), Resistance (-0.1)

RP notes: I don't think there's anything in particular to note here, other than to say that although the personality description might make Jaro sound like a lone wolf, he is willing to work with others when they have common cause.

DM control: Partial

Preferred Difficulty: Fine with either Hard or Lunatic

Front Lines only:

Moves: Pound, Sweet Kiss, Charm, Copycat

Ability: Cute Charm

Extra Move & Justification: Technically none, but Sweet Kiss is the only move I chose that Igglybuff couldn't also get at level 1 in either Generation 7 or 8.


Die by the Sword
Player type: Ethereal

that's all lol

Character name: Nate (don't call him ███ █████ ████████ ██████)

Basic personality: Rude, sullen, and prone to angry outbursts, Nate isn't what you might call a people person. How Diyem managed to tempt him along on a cross-dimensional mission is unclear, but he must believe something dear is on the line or he wouldn't be here. As far as he's concerned, he's here to do a job and get home as quickly as possible--he certainly has no interest in making friends. He'll leave you alone as long as you don't bother him, but any attempt to strike up conversation is likely to be rebuffed in the harshest terms.

Nate's stubborn and as dogged in battle as he is in everyday life, but he's much better at strategizing and commanding than he is at actually fighting.

Pokémon Species: Mudkip

Starting build: Hex

Talents: HP, Stamina

Weaknesses: Attack

RP notes: I don't have any plans to actually RP with Nate, but in the event that I do, Nate is MEAN and will be mean to your character, so don't ask to play with him unless you think that would be fun. He also curses constantly, so avoid him if strong language makes you uncomfortable.

DM control: Full

Shadow of Antioch

Messina, Italy
Player type: Support

Character name: Flame

Basic personality: Pensive, kind, passionate when necessary

Pokémon Species: Charmander

Starting build: Heal

Talents: Stamina / Magic / Resistance

Weaknesses: Attack / HP / Defence

RP notes: I'm happy to do anything!

DM control: Full


Torchic Hugger
Bavaria, Germany
Player type: Front Line (value 2)

Character name: Cino

Basic personality: Curious, kind, gullible at times, not the smartest

Pokémon Species: Minccino

Starting build: Shield

Talents: HP, Attack, Defense (big)

Weaknesses: Magic (big), Resistance

RP notes: Normally open to do whatever, but please no sudden pvp scenes, or big (non plot) group scenes with over four other people.

DM Control: Full (because I might not be here for some of the boss fights, timezones suck)

Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Pound, Protect (extra)

Ability: Technician

Extra move & justification (Protect): Due to Cino having a shared body with a certain something (story related), his body normally would be almost indestructible. Sadly, I don't think this is possible here, so he'll use Protect to simulate the indestructibleness of him (yes I know Protect can be bypassed shut up :P )

Auto Allocating Points:
ATK -> HP -> STM -> DEF -> RES.
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The Ghost Lord
The Yangverse
  1. reshiram
Player type: Support (I dunno how active I'm gonna be, especially as I'm trying to be more active in at least one other RP, and I'm honestly more interested in the actual RPing than the fights. But I wanna give this a try.)

Character name: Mithos

Basic personality: Immature, manic collector, snarky, but willing to work with others for a common goal

Pokémon Species: Mew

Starting build: Hex

Talents: Choose up to three from: Attack / Magic

Weaknesses: Defense / Resistance

RP notes: WAAPT put me through the wringer lol, I'm good with anything

DM control: Partial, may move to full later
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the world's scariest violinist
  1. custom/skiddo-steplively
The story this character's from hasn't been written yet (said Phoenix, stating the obvious); with luck, I'll be able to get the setting and an actual plot solidified in time for NaNo, maybe, probably, a little bit, um. But I'm hoping that other people poking at me with RP things will prompt me to make some decisions!

Player type: Support

Character name: Skara

Basic personality: Skara is careful and detail-oriented—or, at least, she tries her best to be. Understanding is everything to her, and she's driven by bottomless curiosity and a need to take things apart and see how they tick. With proper study and preparation under her belt, nothing can stop her! (Without those... oops. But that won't happen, right?) Her dream is to become a knight, and to use what she's learned about how her world's "dungeons" and their denizens work in service of helping everyone reach some kind of... manageable coexistence, if not a truly friendly one. She'd be more than eager to delve into what's behind the weird goings-on in Cibus... granted that "weird" back home and "weird" here are absolutely nothing alike. But hey! Just point her toward the nearest library and she'll get to the bottom of this in no time!

wait what do you mean Diyem brought her here to fight wait no—

Pokémon species: Grubbin

Starting build: Shield

Talents: HP / Magic

Weaknesses: Stamina / Attack

RP notes: There's nothing that I as a player would be uncomfortable with that isn't already disallowed by the forum/campaign rules, aside from I guess not being terribly interested in romance. Anything else goes! Nerd buddies especially welcome to force me personally to understand/explain the things she'd normally be nerding out about! Be aware that while Skara likes to solve problems, she isn't as good at it as she thinks she is, so it's not impossible that she'll make a bad situation worse before it gets better. But hey, if that sounds fun...! (Also I apologize if her personality is a little wobbly at first; I'm tryna get what I want to do with her figured out!)

DM control: Full

Bonus Point Priority: HP -> Defense and Resistance, kept relatively equal but prioritizing Defense if needed; any leftovers Magic -> Stamina

Support "Autobattle" Permission: If I'm not available to give support commands, the DM/other players have permission to spend my points on necessary actions. Try not to spend more than 30 (one action) per battle, but if a second action is necessary then it's necessary.


(scene list coming later when i can be bothered)
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Ace Trainer
Player type: I’m gonna start with Support to get the hang of it, but may move to Front depending from future schedules and whatnot.

Character name: Vulpix Kyukon Keo’Keo X, but he is better known among his friends as Icetales.

Basic personality:
Born in an aristocratic environment, Icetales is what you would define a true dandy: reserved and respectful even toward his enemies, who masks his insecurities and inferiority complex with a carefully chiseled ice mask.

However, once you get to know him and he warms up to you, he reveals a sensible and noble heart, who is willing to stand up to bullies and perceived fiends. He is also a bit of a snarker, especially when he is displeased about a situation.

He always strides with pride and elegance, losing his composure only when said pride and his aspect are wounded / damaged. He also loses his temper when he is called with terms like “sissy“ or when he is compared to his older and more successful siblings.

Lastly, he is an expert of tea brands and tea aficionado (never suggest him to skip tea time!), and knows the etiquette of the perfect butler, which makes him great at fetching and delivering stuff without damaging the contents. His favorite tea is iced mint tea with whipped cream, served in a cup with a frosted layer on the borders.

Speech Pattern: He uses a sophisticated language in all occasions, calling all female Pokémon m’lady and all male Pokémon sirs. When dealing with nonbinary members, he courteously asks them what title they prefer. Also, he uses thou instead of you and thy instead of your. Among signature expressions, he tends to shout “Bejabers!” or “Heavens!” when he is shocked or surprised about something.

Pokémon Species: Alolan Vulpix

Starting build: Heal (He always carries with him tea bags for all occasions, which could be useful for healing purposes)

Talents: Magic / Defense

Weaknesses: HP / Attack

RP notes: Absolutely no bloody / overly violent scenes. I’m fine with some mild / limited swearing, but not too excessive: Icetales will bite, otherwise!

DM control: Full

Front Lines only (putting these here, in case I change my mind)

Moves (Level 1, No egg or TM moves) :
Powder Snow, Tail Whip (approved addition by DM)

Ability: Snow Cloak

Extra Move & Justification: Freeze-Dry
Icetales is the classic butler who knows what’s the best tea for every species, and as a lover for iced tea he has learned the technique to freeze liquids (almost) instantly.
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Bug Catcher
Player Type-Support


Personality-Shy and quiet, yet somewhat calculated when it comes to certain situations, not much of a fighter, but will be willing to fight if nessesary.Likes to help others.

Pokemon Species- Magby

Starting Build- Shield

Talents- Resistance/hp

Weaknesses- Defense/Stamina

RP Notes- This is my first time trying this out, advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

DM control- Full


Exploration Team leader
  1. swampert
Player type: Front Lines

Character name: Shiron

Basic personality: Shiron is a friendly guy, he enjoys talking to new people and making new friends. Once he has a close bond with someone he will do anything to protect them. He's very kind and merciful and would hate to kill anyone, despite all of the bad things they did. However, his kindness is also his downfall: Shiron does not have a good self-steem, so sometimes he may feel awful about himself to the point where he can be destructive and suicidal. Despite all of this, he tries to be better and heal from all of those thoughts and actions.

Pokémon Species: Mudkip

Starting build: Strike

Talents: HP, Attack, Defense

Weaknesses: Magic, Stamina, Resistance

RP notes: I like doing casual RP, as in, talking, having fun, I'm not really a fan of unplanned stuff, so all of my RPs should have at least some sort of plot. Also, please no PVP unless is for the campaign.

DM control: Full

Front Lines only:

Moves: Tackle, Growl, Aqua Jet(extra)

Ability (No hidden abilities): Torrent

Extra Move & Justification: Aqua Jet. As a member of the Mudkip line, he's not particularly fast. So he decided to train and learn a priority move that could help him out in battles and one that could have a boost based on his type(Water).


Rescue Team Member
Pokemon Paradise
  1. custom/chikorita-saltriv
Player type: Frontlines - Always

Character name: Saltriv

Basic personality: Saltriv is rather optimistic. They like to look for the best in a situation. Some situations are a bit too much for them, though. They tend to try to hide their worries. They are quick to form friendships, and care immensely about those they're close with. If unsure what to do in a situation, they tend to copy what someone else is doing. It's difficult to get them to take "no" for an answer for some things. They're also pretty creative.

Pokémon Species: Chikorita

Starting build: Boon

Talents: Choose up to three from: Stamina, Magic, Resistance

Weaknesses: Attack, Defense

RP notes: I'd rather not partake in any romancey stuff. Saltriv is aroace.

DM control: Full / Partial / None: Partial
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We can be heroes, too, right? Right?!
  1. hitmontop
Heya! I'm still deciding on who I actually want, I'm stuck between Genki and Rosemary, or my (currently) unused Tyrogue character. I'll use Genki for now, as he is absolutely adorable.

However, if there is too much of this type of character, I'll gladly switch him out for any of my other characters.

Player type: Front Lines

(Support and Front Lines)

Character name: Genki

Basic personality: The world's sweetest dumbfuck you'll ever meet. No matter what, he sees the good in everyone, believing that deep down inside every Pokémon is the will to do good. However, Genki is somewhat airheaded, and a bit of a goofball, so he may come off as childish at times.

To summarize his personality: Nature is "Naive". Characteristic is "Impetuous and silly".

Pokémon Species: Hitmontop (Starts off as a Tyrogue I assume?)

Starting build: (Even if you're Front Lines, do this just in case it gets crowded) Strike?

Talents: Choose up to three from: HP / Stamina / Attack / Magic / Defense / Resistance
(Attack + Defense: Tyrogue requires equal attack and defense to evolve into Hitmontop.)
I was going to select Stamina, as Genki is an energetic little bugger who can dance all day, but I didn't want to add another weak point.
Genki is also much, much stronger than he looks, but he isn't quite there yet. Still training and getting better every day.

Weaknesses: Like many Hitmons, Genki struggles with special moves and stuff like that. In addition to this, Genki can get a bit carried away.
(Magic: His forte isn't using elemental powers. Instead, he'd rather rely on his physical ability, like many Fighting-types.)
(HP: Species has bad HP stats.)

RP notes: Hm, not sure. Would the topic of Genki evolving into another Hitmon in his Tyrogue stage ever be brung up? Hmmm.
Not sure about language fluency, will need more information on this.

DM control: Full / Partial (Not sure about this one, either. I'll put it at full for now and see how I feel about it.)

Front Lines only:

Moves (Level 1/starting moves only, no egg or TM moves) : Tackle, Helping Hand, Fake Out, Focus Energy

Ability (No hidden abilities) : Technician (Genki's personality isn't necessarily very intimidating. However, he has the advantage of being very clever, despite his nature.)

Extra Move & Justification: Hmmmm...
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